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I love this place they gave me a chance when no one else would thank you capital Motors... thanks [redacted]

Purchased a vehicle that was falsely inspected by the companyWe purchased an NC inspected, 2004 BMW X5 "as is" for 6,500 dollars on June 14 2016, drove it off the lot to the gas station, and could not open the driver's side door from the outside, which would fail an NC inspection. We took the vehicle back the dealer on June 15, 2006, I told them that I had a complaint of noise in the front wheel section. They kept the vehicle until July 5 2016, said that they forgot they had the vehicle on the lot. The door handle was repaired, and I was told that the noise was repaired also. When I drove the vehicle for a few days the noise in the front came back, and louder. I took the vehicle to my mechanic, I was told that the vehicle has front end differential problems that was quoted at 1,000 dollars to repair, and I was told by my mechanic that the vehicle showed that this problem has been present for a while. I understand that used cars has problems, but if the cars are inspected improperly by the dealer and they know of the issues before the sale then it is a false/fraud inspection. I have spoken with the sale person several times, and I have asked to speak with the dealer in which he "[redacted]" will not speak with me. I have asked to return the vehicle for a different vehicle of the same price or even a little more, they will not hear of it. My temporary tag expired July 14, and they would not call me to pickup my tags, so I could not drive the vehicle to the shop. Today July 18, I picked up my tag, While at the dealership I could hear [redacted] in his office yelling about the vehicle being sold 'as is'. (poor customer service) Then I put my vehicle in the shop.Desired SettlementThis company can satisfy my complaint by offering to refund my mechanic bill, or lower my interest rate. It seems that this vehicle was not properly checked, and NC inspected over before soldBusiness Response Please be advised that we are not the ones who inspect the vehicles on our lot. Also, we give all our customers the choice of taking our vehicles to the mechanic of their choice, and to test drive it as well. The reason for this is so that our customers can see and are satisfied with theIr purchase. With this said, as Ms. [redacted] stated, we did do our best to keep the vehicle and address any issues that Ms. [redacted] had issues with; we were very accommodating. We are very sorry Ms [redacted] was not satisfied but we did do our very best. We try very hard to satisfy all our customers but do understand we cannot satisfy all; we can only do so much. Thank you for your understanding.

I have purchased two vehicles from Capital Motors in the last two years. One for myself which is a 2003 Lexus RX300 and one for my daughter which is a 2008 Saturn Vue. Both vehicles are the best used vehicles I have ever purchased. The owner and mechanics have provided me with outstanding expertise that is beyond what I have relieved at other locations in the past. I love the honesty and guarantee options available. They even went the extra mile and fixed an intenna my daughter broke at a car wash which no one else would help me with. I love this business and hope they stay around for an extremely long time.

Company failed to return unused portion of cancelled extended warranty.On 3/21/14 I purchased a [redacted] (Vehicle ID[redacted]) from Capital Motors, 2757-A Capital Blvd., Raleigh, NC 27604. I also purchased an extended warranty from them through [redacted], [redacted].[redacted] - Telephone [redacted] for $895 for 24 months (Contract # [redacted]). On 5/26/14 there was an accident with the car. My insurance company declared the car a total loss on 6/5/14. I contacted [redacted] to cancel the warranty and they informed me that I needed to go through the dealer to get the contract cancelled. I called Capital Motors and was informed by their insurance rep that he did not know anything about the form but would find out and call me back. Several days when by, no phone call from Capital Motors so I called them again and was informed that they had gotten a copy of the form from [redacted] and had mailed it out to me. I never got it and I have lived at this address for more than 40 years and never had a problem receiving mail. I again called Capital and was told that they would mail the form again. Never got it. Got in contact with [redacted] and they sent the form to me on 6/23/14. I completed the form and returned it to [redacted]. Numerous phone calls to them and I was finally told on 7/17/14 that the refund check had been cut and sent to Capital Motors on 7/15. I questioned this and was told that they had to issue the check to the entity that issued the original check to them. I talked with [redacted] -[redacted] - [redacted] extension[redacted]. I also asked how much the check was for and was told that she ([redacted]) did not know even though she's the person who worked the cancellation. She said that Capital Motors would be the one to tell me how much the check was for. She gave me the name of a local [redacted] rep [redacted] at [redacted]. He and I have talked several times and he refers me to [redacted] at Capital Motors. Everytime I call, [redacted] is not in and will not be in until 4. I call at 4, 4:30,etc and he's not there. I have left my name and phone number and no one from Capital Motors has called me. I only had the warranty for 2 months and a few days before the car was totaled. I believe that Capital Motors does not intend to reimburse me. I also believe that if I am reimbursed it will not be for the true amount. If you can help in any way I would appreciate it. Thanking you in advance. Desired SettlementI don't know how [redacted] came up with a refund amount but I divided $895 by 24 months and came up with $37.29 per month. I had the insurance for 2 months and 5 days. $37.29 x 22 = $820.38. I figured I should be refunded between $750 -$800. The Cancellation/Refunds section of the warranty contract states under item 7 "Only in the event Your Vehicle has been declared a total loss or has been repossessed or if you fail to pay the lien holder the Contract purchase price as agreed We will refund a pro-rata portion of the Contract purchase price. The rights under this Contract are transferred to the lienholder in which the lienholder would be entitled to a pro-rata refund reflecting the greater of the days in force or the mileage elapsed based on the term of the Contract. " [redacted] had been the lienholder but the loan has been paid in full.Business Response Greetings. Ms. [redacted] complaint has already been resolved. She received her check and already cashed it. We are sorry for the miscommunication but happy to know the issue has been resolved. If you need a copy of the cashed check, we will be more than happy to submit it. Thank you.

We recently purchased a car from this dealership and immediately started having issues with the air conditioner. Now the car will not start.In September 2014 we purchased a [redacted]. One week later, the air conditioner stopped working. My fiancé had to take it back to the dealership to get it repaired. Next, the bolts loosened on the car which caused the car to shake from side to side and eventually he had to take it right back to Capital Motors. After six months of having the car, the car starting smoking through the vents and now it will not start. Although the car is covered under warranty, we had to pay to get the car diagnosed, which was not successful as the mechanic stated that the car has so many issues that he can't see the real reason why it started smoking. The 2nd mechanic, which specialized in electrical work could not determine what was wrong with the car also. After contacting Capital Motors, the owner stated that "Cars are man made and made to breakdown". He also asked was I the lady from Greenville after I told him that I was going to contact the What a company?Desired SettlementWe are seeking either a full refund from dealership and/or a replacement. We feel that we were sold a car that had a lot of issues. Business Response Greetings. To clarify, please be advised that all our customers are allowed to take their vehicles to their mechanics if they so desire. As Ms.[redacted] has stated, it has been six months since she purchased this vehicle; This vehicle was purchased in September of last year (2014).We, since, have been extremely fair and accommodating with Ms.[redacted]. When Ms.[redacted] brought the car back to us to be checked, we repaired it with no problem; It has been six months since then. Ms.[redacted]'s did purchase a warranty; warranty does take care of issues that we do not. We try very hard to please all our customers and take care of issues that might first arise- as we have tried to help Ms.[redacted]. However, these types of issues should be taken care by the warranty; We can only do so much. Thank you.

THESE PEOPLE DID NOT ADD TAXES TO MY CAR BC I TOLD THEM I WANTED IT RED IN GA. IM A STUDENT. AND I HAVE NO TITLE. I CANT GET TAGS OR REG MY CARthe dealership (Capital Motors) didnt add taxes to my car. they didnt give the bank rr me a copy of my title instead they sent the original to GA and the post office lost it. the owner of the dealership ([redacted]) was suppose to be getting a duplicate title but its been about 3 months and I still have no title to register my car so I STILL dont have tags. they are very unprofessional people. they yell at me everytime I call and they wont give me any information about when my duplicate will come. I TRIED TO RETURN THE CAR THEY WOULDNT TAKE IT BACK. THEY GAVE ME A BROKE KEYLESS ENTRY so I cant use my trunk. AND REFUSED TO GIVE ME A NEW ONE OR FIX IT. they sold the car to me for more than the advertising price. I called the DMV and DMV enforcement and every one is saying there's nothing they can do. I dont understand whats taking so long to get a duplicate title sent. im paying on a car that I cant even drive. The guy who sold the car to me his name is [redacted], the owner is [redacted] I believe. They exteneded my tags a extra 30 days. but nobody is doing anything to help me. I gave these people a $8500 check and they're just being ridiculous. I dont know what else to do to get my tags. Like I said im a college student and I cant cant even get home for the holidays. Nobody from the dealership ever keeps in contact I have heard from them twice within the 3 months they were suppose to be getting a duplicate.Desired SettlementThey need to either hurry up with my title, give me my check back so that I can get another car from somewhere else plus the money I have been paying out to my bank or I feel like they need to pay for my taxes as well. honeslty, I'd rather just not deal with these people at all. I just want my title so that I can get my car registered and get my tags!Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/consumer called to state issue is resolved.

My 30 Day tags went out on the 30th of July and I still have not recieved my tags from them. My 30 day tags went out and I have not recieved my tags from them. When I call all I get told I'll call you back but they never does. Then when I email them they never responds back. I went to the NC License Plate Agency and was told that they have the tags by now so I called them and they said let me call you back and they never do. They cashed that check from my bank with no delay so bring me my tags it's been a week and I can't drive my car.Desired SettlementI want my tags so that I can drive my car I paid for my tags too.Business Response Dear Ms. [redacted],Greetings; we are so very sorry to hear about your tag. Tags usually take from 2 to 3 weeks from your purchase date. I do not know who you spoke to, but we never did receive your message. With this said, you are more than welcome any time to come pick up your tag. We do not like to mail tags, since they can get lost in the mail, but if you would prefer us to mail it to you, we will be more than happy to do so. Again, we are so very sorry for the miscommunication. Please let us know what you would prefer to do.Capital Motors

Over charged for a replacement keyI bought a car from Capital Motors for my daughter on July 18, 2015 and I bought a replacement key through Capital Motors as the key that they gave us was busted. The salesperson ([redacted]) said the key would cost an extra $500 so I PAID THE EXTRA $500 LIKE A FOOL. After several attempts to get the replacement key, my husband receives a call from Capital Motors salesperson ([redacted]) tonight (8/28/15) and [redacted] has the Volvo dealership on the speaker phone so my husband can hear their conversation. The Volvo dealership said the cost of the key would be $189.00 so [redacted] tells my husband that Capital Motors will write us a check for $189.00 KEEP IN MIND THAT WE PAID AN EXTRA $500.00 BECAUSE [redacted] SAID THAT WE WERE GETTING A DEAL GOING THROUGH CAPITAL MOTORS FOR THE KEY BECAUSE THEY HAVE A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE VOLVO DEALER.THE BIGGEST RIP OFF OF THIS ENTIRE DEAL IS WHEN I LOOKED AT THE BILL OF SALES PAPERWORK THERE IS NO MENTION OF THE REPLACEMENT KEY OR THE REPLACEMENT KEY COST SO THEY HAVE BASICALLY RIPPED US OFF FOR $311.00. THE ONLY PAPER THAT WE HAVE IS AN "I OWE YOU A REPLACEMENT KEY" SHEET.Desired SettlementI want this fraudulent company exposed and my money that owed to me.Business Response /[redacted]/Dear Ms. [redacted], There must be some kind of misunderstanding. We never said the key would cost $500. We cannot give a specific price beforehand, since we do not know what the price would be. With this said, please keep in mind that the price of the key includes the actual key and the programming of the particular key. If we were trying to "rip you off", we would not have had the speaker phone on. We are mailing you the price of the key $189.00 and whatever they will charge you to program the key...just let us know and we will send you a check for this as well. We are very sorry for this miscommunication. Thank you.Consumer Response /[redacted]/First of all, there was no misunderstanding of the amount TOLD to us. There is no way that 3 out of the 4 people (ME, MY HUSBAND, MY DAUGHTER, AND SALESPERSON [redacted]) involved in the conversation would misunderstand and I definitely am not lying about what was said; Why would I? I'M NOT THE RICHEST PERSON IN THE WORLD BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY LACK. I came with a pre-approved loan; CHECK IN MY HAND through my bank. WHY WOULD YOU PURPOSELY CHEAT A CUSTOMER LIKE THAT, really? JUST ALITTLE ANGRY AND YOU WOULD BE TOO IF SOMEONE STOLE MONEY FROM YOU. CAPITAL MOTORS response is also a LOAD OF BULL. THEY KNOW THAT THE VOLVO DEALER SAID THAT THE COST OF THE REPLACEMENT KEY AND PROGRAMMING WOULD BE $189. I WAS GIVING THIS COMPANY A CHANCE TO RECTIFY THE ISSUE BEFORE CALLING MY BANK TO HAVE THEM REMOVED AS A PREFERRED DEALER BUT I SEE THE TYPE OF BUSINESS THAT THEY ARE RUNNING. HERE'S AN IDEA CAPITAL MOTORS: WHY DON'T YOU GET YOUR NO GOOD SALESMAN TO PAY ME BACK MY MONEY?

I love this place they gave me a chance when no one else would thank you capital Motors... thanks [redacted]

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