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Capri Jewelers Reviews (78) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted] ***

Dear Mr [redacted] : We acknowledge receipt of your June 14, 2017, letter in which we were advised that Ms [redacted] contacted your office regarding the above referenced claimHer correspondence indicates her desire to be contacted by someone to address the frustration she experienced in the wake of the theft of her truck and subsequent filing of her claimShe was looking specifically for someone to acknowledge the situation she was experiencing, in particular the back-and-forth around whether the contents of the stolen truck were covered, as well as make a more substantive effort to help bring the claim to resolution Upon receipt of Ms [redacted] ’s complaint, I forwarded the information to our Director of Regional Claims Operations, [redacted] [redacted] engaged [redacted] , the Claims Manager for Property in the Alberta Region, to connect directly with Ms [redacted] Ms [redacted] spoke with Ms [redacted] on June 29, and followed up with an email detailing the agreed-upon actions for resolution The email sent to Ms [redacted] is enclosed within this response We believe that the outreach, subsequent activity and follow up described has sufficiently addressed Ms [redacted] ’s concernsWe thank you for the opportunity to connect with her directly to resolve the situation Yours sincerely, [redacted] Vice-President, Customer Experience Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company

[redacted] and Mr***’s policy was set to renew effective July 22, At theinception of the policy, Ms [redacted] requested to have documents sent via email to [redacted] instead of mailThe Offer to Renew and the AutomatedRecurring Payment Notice were emailed to the email address provided on June 21,This was days prior to the first payment of $being drafted from theirbank account on July 21, 2017.On the Offer to Renew cover page, it asks the customer to review the Vehicle RatingInformation Chart to ensure accuracyWe did have a rate change since their priorrenewal, but Mr [redacted] was also involved in an at-fault accident, which was now beingsurcharged effective the renewalThe accident was listed on the Vehicle RatingInformation Chart.The first time we were contacted by Mr [redacted] was on July 25, 2017, which was after therenewal dateThe agent explained the rate increase and the date that we sent all thedocumentation to Ms [redacted] ’s email addressMr [redacted] stated he would be callingback to cancel the policy.On July 26, 2017, [redacted] contacted us to email a Claims History LetterSince thisrequest must be sent to our Underwriting Department, the turnaround time is typicallyaround business daysThe Underwriter did email the letter on August 2nd.If Ms [redacted] and Mr [redacted] decide to cancel their policy with us, we will send a proratedrefundWe will not backdate the cancellation to the renewal date of July 22, 2017since we have been providing coverage since that dateWe will not pay the insufficientfunds fee as we gave a month’s notice prior to drafting the account.We do not feel this is a justified complaintThe renewal declarations and paymentschedule were emailed a month prior to the renewal date and a month prior to payment

Dear Mr***: Please be advised we have received an inquiry from the ( of San Diego regarding the above-captioned claimThis inquiry included your “Statement of the Problem” and your “Desired Settlement”In essence, these documents request that Wawanesa General Insurance Company (herein after Wawanesa) pay for damages to your vehicle, a Toyota Camry, which was struck while it was parked and unoccupiedWe acknowledge these matters can cause disruption and apologize for any inconvenience you’re experiencing The traffic accident in question is portrayed by you as one where our insured simply struck your vehicle by accident and left an apology note thereafterHowever, we have been informed that a hit and run vehicle may have initially struck our insured’s vehicle, causing it to lose control and setting into motion the chain of events which led to your vehicle also being struckIn this scenario, the hit and run vehicle’s driver might be considered the party at fault, with our insured and you both being victims of those actionsIndeed, our insured’s vehicle has been inspected, confirming a point of impact separate and distinct from its impact with your vehicle Given the information presented to Wawanesa thus far, we realize additional investigative activities need to be undertaken to resolve this matterThis includes securing a detailed statement from our insured, which has been requestedWe’ve also requested a copy of the Los Angeles Police Department reportIn the meantime, if you have any additional information to present, such as a copy of the note that was left on your vehicle, or witness information (if any exists), please forward this to our office Because our investigation is pending and active as outlined above, we are not in a position to offer payment for your vehicle damages at this timeIn the meantime, I understand a claim has been filed with your own auto insurance carrier, and you can elect to pursue your claim there if you have collision coverage for your vehicle In closing, our investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding this loss continues Please rest assured we are taking all necessary steps to resolve this matter as quickly and fairly as possible, and our decisions will be based upon the preponderance of the evidence gathered Until we are able to reach a final decision regarding your claim, we will keep you informed of the status along the way Although I appreciate your inquiry, by copy of this letter I’m informing the of San Diego of our position that our handling of this ongoing matter has been proper Sincerely, WAWANESA GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY

Dear Ms [redacted] :We received your inquiry on our website dated August 17, 2016, as well as your inquiry withthe dated August 19, We understand you are seeking an additionalpayment of $1000.00, toward your rental car billWe concluded a thorough review of our filehandling, and confirmed that no additional payments are owed toward your rental car billWeattempted to contact you by telephone to discuss this matter on August 18, 2016, but you werenot availableThe findings of our investigation are listed below.From the onset of this claim until May 17, 2016, (days), you informed our claims staff thatyou were utilizing your insurance carrier, Farmers Insurance, for the repairs to your vehicleOnMay 17, 2016, you informed the Wawanesa General Insurance Company (hereinafter Wawanesa)claims adjuster, Ms [redacted] , that you would prefer to have Wawanesa pay for the repairsto your vehicleTherefore, we completed a repair estimate on May 25, 2016, and issued fullpayment of that estimate to you in the amount of $3,796.41, on June 1, Our appraiserconfirmed your vehicle had unrelated prior damage to the entire right side of your vehicleYouconfirmed this fact with Ms [redacted] on May 24, On June 6, 2016, we issued asupplement payment to your chosen repair shop, [redacted] ***, for the front-end damagein the amount of $As of this writing, our appraiser has received no other supplementrequests from [redacted] ***As a courtesy to you, on August and 19, 2016, ourappraiser attempted to contact [redacted] with [redacted] ***, to determine if there are anyoutstanding supplements that need to be approved, but [redacted] has not returned our appraiser’scalls.We owe reasonable loss-of-use during the accident related repair of your vehicle, and as acourtesy to you we authorized the billing of your rental vehicle through Enterprise Rent-A-Carfrom May 5, 2016, through June 24, 2016, which is days, at a cost of $1,The totallabor repair hours for your vehicle are hours, and the maximum repair time would be days.As such, the amount of days of rental, which we have already paid for is reasonableIt is ourunderstanding that [redacted] has not yet completed the repairs to your vehicle, andthey are currently providing you with a rental vehicle.While we sympathize with you regarding the repair time of your vehicle, the selection of therepair facility, [redacted] ***, was made by youAs such, we have no authority with [redacted] to further intervene or expedite the repairs of your vehicleAdditionally,we can find no delay in our handling of your claim which would have delayed the repairs of yourvehicleHowever, your delay in authorizing the repairs to your vehicle for days(April 26, to June 10, 2016), contributed to the overall repair time of your vehicle, as wellas your incurred rental charges.Since we have already paid for days of your rental charges, which exceeds the maximumrepair time of days, we are unable to consider any further payment of your rental charges atthis timeWe remain ready and available to evaluate any accident related supplements submittedby [redacted] ***Should this occur, we will reevaluate our position regarding yourrental charges.Your inquiry to the indicated you are again going through FarmersInsurance for the repairs of your vehicleIf this is correct, please return our payments totaling$4,488.65, or we will deduct this amount from any reimbursement payments that we may issueto Farmers Insurance at a later time.Thank you for contacting us regarding your concernsIf you have any additional questionsregarding this claim, please feel free to contact [redacted] at 858-715-5982, Monday throughFriday, 8:a.mto 4:p.m.Sincerely,WAWANESA GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANYWe confirmed that you selected [redacted] to conduct the repairs to your vehicle, andplaced your vehicle with them on April 26, On June 10, 2016, we were advised by ***at [redacted] that you had not provided the necessary authorization to begin repairsto your vehicle because you had not decided if you were going through your own insurancecarrier, Farmers Insurance, or if you would be using Wawanesa for the repairs to your vehicle.Your repair facility was unable to confirm the specific date that they began repairs on yourvehicle

We have received a letter from the, regarding the additional damages to your Honda S2000, while stored at our storage facility, Insurance Auto AuctionsYou notified me of these additional damages on March 23, At that time, I advised you, I would contact the manager of that yard to inquire if they would accept liability for the additional damagesIn speaking with the manager she informed me she would review the matter and let me know if this damage occurred while in their possessionI also requested she contact you directly as I believed that would be the best first step to take in this situationUnfortunately, the salvage yard only took responsibility for the forklift damage to the rear bumper, and claimed the rest of the damage was pre-existing.On March 29, 2016, in order to resolve the situation, I felt it was best to have our re-inspector meet with you at a shop to complete a more thorough inspection, and determine if these damages could have occurred while at our salvage yardOur re-inspector met with you on March 31, 2016, per your request and was able to determine that the damages did occur while stored at Insurance Auto Auction, mainly from being forklifted while in their possession.Our re-inspector will write a complete estimate on all the additional damage, so that you may have these damages repaired at the same time as your original collision claim related damagesWe will then look to IAA, to reimburse us for such damagesWe will also cover any additional rental needed for the additional time it will take make these additional repairsWe sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has Caused you.Sincerely,Wawanesa General Insurance Company [redacted] Material Damage Supervisor

Dear Mr***:Please be advised we have reviewed your renewed inquiry with the ( San Diego regarding the above-mentioned claimFor reasons described below, we respectfullydisagree with your various critiques and stand on our denial of your claimA copy of ourApril 13, denial letter is enclosed for your review.Despite your contentions to the contrary, our office did undertake a thorough and reasonableinvestigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding this lossThis included confirmingthe facts of the loss with our insured, inspecting our insured’s vehicle and yours, and securing acopy of the police report filed by our insuredThe results of this investigation lead us to concludethat an unidentified hit and run vehicle collided with our insured’s vehicle, subsequently causingour insured’s vehicle to collide with your parked and unoccupied vehicleIndeed, our insured’svehicle has damage to its’ drivers side, which provides physical evidence supporting our insured’scontention that a hit and run vehicle was involved.The fact that our insured left a note on your vehicle does not equate to an admission of liabilityon the part of our insured, but it does provide evidence that this was not a hit and run automobileaccident as you suggest.While it is true that the police were not immediately called to the scene of the loss, the lack ofimmediate police involvement is not an uncommon occurrence for a traffic accident of this nature.Your suggestions that our insured was a hit and run driver in this matter, was unreliable in herreport to the police regarding this event, or that she actually created the hit and run damage toher own vehicle, are potentially libelous statements which are completely unfounded.In actuality, both you and our insured are victims of the same hit and run vehicle which initiallycollided into our insured’s vehicle and caused the subsequent loss with your vehicleWhile weempathize and regret that you too were an innocent victim in this event, we are not in a positionto pay for your damages and stand on our prior liability denial as outlined above

Dear Mr [redacted] :This letter is in response to your request for additional information regarding Mr***’scomplaint.I reviewed the call recordings that transpired between Mr [redacted] and our Customer Service Agentsfrom June 15, to October 18, During the multiple conversations between Mr***and the agents in this time span, there is only one call wherein he requested to speak with asupervisorThis was on October 17, 2017.On October 17, 2017, Mr [redacted] expressed his frustration that he had not received a phone callfrom our inspection vendor to schedule the appointment to inspect the Mercedes Benz.Upon Mr***’s request to speak with a supervisor, the Agent advised she would need to take amessage for a supervisor to call him back as no one was available at that timeAs he wanted tospeak with someone at that moment, the call was to be transferred to the UnderwritingDepartment to speak with a Senior Underwriter in lieu of waiting for a call back from a CustomerService SupervisorHowever, Mr [redacted] terminated the phone call before the transfer wascomplete.The Underwriter then attempted to contact Mr [redacted] by using the phone numbers on file.Messages were left providing him with a direct contact phone number and the hours ofavailabilityOn October 18, 2017, Mr [redacted] returned the phone call and spoke to the Underwriterwho had left the messagesDuring this call, the Underwriter was able to address Mr***’sconcerns by adding the Comprehensive and Collision Coverages and ordering an expeditedinspection for the Mercedes BenzThe inspection has since been received by ourUnderwriting Department.The concerns Mr [redacted] references regarding his request to add “full coverage” each time hecalled were addressed in the prior responseWhile Mr [redacted] did inquire about the additionalcoverages and received quotes to add the coverages, he did not want to complete the transactionWAWANESA GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANYFriars Road, San Diego, CA 92108-[redacted] Toll Free [redacted] Claims Services Toll Free [redacted] without having specific information about the value of the vehicleThus, the coverages were notadded until he spoke to the Underwriter on October 18, 2017.I hope this additional response further explains and addresses the complaint and ask that it beclassified as invalid.If you need further assistance, please contact me.Sincerely, [redacted] ***, CPCU, API, AINSUnderwriting Division SupervisorWawanesa General Insurance Company [redacted] Ext [redacted]

Dear Mr [redacted] :We are in receipt of letters from both the California Department of Insurance and the wherein you request their assistanceYou provided them with a lengthy description of your version of how the claim was handledSpecifically you are not happy with the offer to resolve your bodily injury claim.As you are well aware Wawanesa General Insurance Company immediately accepted liability on behalf of our insured, Mr [redacted] Upon receiving the appraisal for your [redacted] a payment for your property damage was sent to you, five days after the date of lossWawanesa General Insurance Company arranged for a rental vehicle, for your convenience, and paid that bill in full immediately upon receipt.The only item remaining in this matter is to resolve your bodily injury claimIn your description of the problem to the Department of Insurance there appears to be a great issue with regard to the bruising to your backIn review of your [redacted] records, a copy of page is included with this letter, we noted that Dr [redacted] was very clear in his findings with regard to your complaints of any bruising or hematomaIn fact, Dr [redacted] placed those comments in bold that there was a lack of bruising notedYou provided us with a photograph to demonstrate a bruise in your left shoulder area of your backWe took this into consideration as we evaluated your claim for injury.Please be advised that our offer of $includes compensation for all medical bills, to include your co-payments, and any and all bruising you may have sustained in the accidentThis evaluation is reasonable given all medical records we have regarding this minor accident.Please be advised that your claim has been thoroughly reviewed by additional Wawanesa General Insurance Company staff since your Department of Insurance and complaints and all reviewers find the offer of $to be a reasonable amount.Furthermore, in my review of your file I do not find any justification for your complaints that you were not fairly treated by any of our staffYou claim was timely and fairly adjusted.Finally, you state to the of San Diego that you would like a refund from WawanesaWe can find no records where you have paid any money to Wawanesa General Insurance Company that would require a refundTherefore, I am unable to address this concern with you.At this time we are requesting you return the signed release in the amount of $1,if you wish to resolve your claim.Should you require any further information with regard to this claim, please feel free to contact [redacted] at [redacted] between the hours of 7:a.mand 3:p.m., Mondaythrough Friday.Sincerely,WAWANESA GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved Regards, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below [I was contacted via telephone during my work hours, and I do not have time to take phone calls while I am at work, especially during month end close, which is exactly what it is right nowI have been working hour days for days straight trying to close an Accounting cycle at workMy entire complaint is about missing work due to this accidentTime is money while I am workingI can't be expected to drop everything I am doing while I am at workIt is absolutely unfair of Wawanesa to expect me to miss any further work, especially when they are denying approximately $of lost wagesRIDICULOUS! My claim for the lost wages due to taking my vehicle standsUnfortunately for Wawanesa, I am not going to drop this.] Regards, [redacted]

Dear Mr [redacted] :This letter is written in response to the complaint filed by Ms [redacted] with the Better BusinessBureau.Ms [redacted] is correct that on November 17, 2017, she did contact our Customer ServiceDepartment to update her address and make a paymentWhen Ms [redacted] contacted our officeon November 27, it was the first time we were made aware that six payments were debitedfrom her account on November 20, There have been rare instances where our system haspresented the same payment to the bank multiple timesWe have researched the issue and are inthe process of implementing a fix so this issue does not continue to occurIn some cases, thepayments are returned and in other cases the payments clearOur procedure of handling thesituation is to ask the insured for proof that the payments have cleared their bank and oncereceived we can either rush a refund check or wire transfer fundsIn addition, we send a letterto the bank asking them to forgive any fees that they have charged the insured due to our systemerrorIf the bank is not willing to do so we will reimburse the fees to our insuredThe CustomerService Representative asked Ms [redacted] to email a copy of her bank statement so we could getthese returned.On November 29, 2017, Ms [redacted] contacted us stating she emailed her statement and wantedto know the statusAt that time, we did not have the email, so the representative stated she woulddo some research and call her backThe email was received on November 28, 2017, but it hadnot been uploaded to the policy yetIt can take a few days for emails to processOurrepresentative did make an error by not following up with Ms [redacted] and rushing the refundwhen she realized the email was receivedOur refund process is days; however, inthis case, our Accounting Department should have been made aware of the error so that we couldhave ensured a refund was sent immediately by either wire transfer or checkMs [redacted] calledback on December 4, to follow upOur representative explained that the refund check hadbeen mailed on November 30, 2017, which was incorrectSince there was no rush placed on therefund, the refund was mailed on December 14, On December 15, 2017, Ms [redacted] wasadvised that the refund check had been mailed and that if she had any additional fees, we wouldreimburse themWe sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has causedThis is not the customer experiencewe want any of our customers to haveAll the representatives involved with this transaction willbe coached to ensure this type of thing does not happen againI looked at the bank statementMs [redacted] provided and I do not see any insufficient fund fees applied to her accountHowever,if there were any additional charges that were a result of our company error, I would be morethan happy to refund those.If you need further assistance regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Please see attached, thank you.Dear Ms [redacted] :This office is in receipt of a letter from the, dated October 2, 2016, advising us you lodged a complaint on October 1, 2016.The loss occurred September 6, 2016, and the claim was reported to us by your insurance company, *** Insurance, on that same dateThe claim was assigned to Adjuster, [redacted] , who immediately initiated the investigationBased on the information available to us, liability was accepted and we made arrangements to appraise the damage to your vehicle.The initial inspection of your [redacted] revealed it sustained damage to the right corner of the front bumper in the amount of $1,We issued payment to you in this amount on September 16, We subsequently received a supplement repair invoice in the amount of $and issued payment in this amount to your shop, [redacted] .When I reviewed the claim file, I found the appraiser who inspected your vehicle inadvertently used a hyphen instead of an underscore after your first name when emailing the damage estimate to youI suspect this is the reason you did not immediately receive the estimate from him.On September 21, 2016, you contacted Ms [redacted] to notify her you did not receive the initial damage estimate and the estimate was emailed to you that date.With respect to the rental car portion of your claim, I found that on September 23, 2016, you notified Ms [redacted] you had an appointment with [redacted] As such, she made a reservation for you with [redacted] , and authorized $per day for a comparable vehicleMs [redacted] does not select the [redacted] , location when making the reservation, as the [redacted] , computer system automatically selects the branch closest to the customer’s residenceThe reservation is valid at any [redacted] , location [redacted] , can access the reservation by the reservation number and/or the customer’s name and address, if the customer does not have a reservation number availableMs [redacted] sent you an email with the reservation number; unfortunately, there was a typo in her emailThe [redacted] , was able to look up your reservation under your name and home addressMs [redacted] sent you an email on September 29, 2016, apologizing for any inconvenience she may have caused you.October 4, 2016, the repairs to your vehicle were completed and you returned the rental vehicleWe issued payment to [redacted] , in the amount of $535.78, which effectively resolved your property damage and rental claims.Please be advised it is our position that your claim for lost wages from this property damage claim is not legally compensablePlease understand that as an insurance company we do not pay all claims, but only those claims for which our insured is legally liableIn this particular case, you are not owed compensation for missed time from work due to the property damage.I apologize for the mistakes made by us when emailing you during the course of your claim and for the rude manner of your adjusterIt is our goal to provide the best possible service to all our customers and I agree the service you received was below our company standards.If you feel your claim has been wrongfully denied or rejected, please contact the undersigned at [redacted] , extension ***If we are unable to resolve this matter amicably, you may elect to have the entire matter reviewed by the California Department of Insurance, Claims Services Bureau, [redacted] ***, [redacted] ***, telephone number [redacted] .Sincerely,Wawanesa General Insurance Company

This letter is in response to the inquiry made by our insured regarding his inability to contact ourCustomer Service DepartmentA copy of my response is enclosed.We are currently experiencing, on a monthly average, an increase of calls to our Customer Servicequeue of approximately 25%That combined with training and implementation of a new processingsystem has hindered our ability to provide the type of service our policyholders are used to receiving.We are actively working on solutions to improve serviceWe have recently just had new CSRcomplete training and start taking live calls this weekWe will continue with the hiring processOurtraining program takes a minimum of weeks to completeFinding qualified applicants has beenchallenging with the improvement in the unemployment rateOur employees are working extra hours;supervisors and managers are taking calls; departments with employees who previously had experiencein our call center are offering help; and we have worked with our IS Department to extend systemsoperations.As you can see in our response, our sincere apologies have been extended to Mr***I have providedhim with my direct contact information.If I you have any additional questions or if I can be of any service, please do not hesitate to contact me.Sincerely [redacted] Customer Service Manager

We are in receipt of your inquiry based on a complaint submitted to us via email on8/3/Our office registered your inquiry 08/03/2015.In this complaint, you raised a few issues surrounding the handling of your claim around thedates of 7/10/to 7/17/In particular, your concerns surrounded the completion of yourappraisal for damages related to this covered loss as well as the service received from our staff.Please be aware that Wawanesa completed the necessary appraisal of damages on 7/17/2015and issued full payment for settlement of this claim on 07/17/Since that date, we haveissued two additional supplemental payments for previously unknown costs.To our knowledge, and as of this date 8/12/2015, Wawanesa has resolved all known physicaldamage matters to your satisfaction and advised your repair facility on the proper process forsubmitting claims for additional damageAdditionally, we have addressed the service issuesreferenced in the complaint directly with youIt is our understanding that these matters are nowresolved based on all known information

Please see attached response to ID: [redacted] , thank you I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I did not accept business response because it did not provide proof of their claim that their customer is not at faultBusiness claims their investigation supports their customer's version of events of innocence, however, their investigation is biased and flawed1st, their investigation is biased because they have an incentive to not pay and thus find their customer innocent2nd, as evidence to support their argument they provided me with a police report which shows that no investigation has been conducted by a neutral third party (i.epolice) and is based entirely on their customer's retelling of the event at a police station after the incidentThe report was not taken at the scene and therefore would be inadmissible in the court or any serious investigation because it is so unreliable as to fall under the category of hearsayTheir customer failed to call the police to document the event and/or take pictures at the incident, and therefore under CA law could be liable for hit and run as she removed herself from the accident without making a reasonable effort to locate the owner of the vehicle, a.k.a meThey also claim there's damage to their customer's vehicle which supports her argument, however, they never provided any verification that the damage was not inflicted by their own customer or existed prior to the accidentNo pictures were taken of their customer's vehicle at the scene of the incident and/or provided to meOn the contrary, their customer accepted the blame in her note and then changed her story after a legal counselIn other words, the business failed to provide any concrete evidence to their customer's version of events that would have any legal standing in the courtsIf anything, their customer has removed herself from the incident without calling the police and therefore is potentially liable for hit and run.Lastly, the damage inflicted to my vehicle does not support their customer's version of eventsThe damage to my vehicle is across the entire length of the vehicle on the driver's side, which, to support their customer's version of events, means she would have had to be speeding or have had to be pushed into my vehicle for a protracted length of time to cause such wide damage.In conclusion, I do not accept Wawanesa's investigation because it is not impartial and flawed without any supporting documentationBecause their client fled the accident without calling police and documenting everything by impartial third party, their client is at fault and the company is liable to make me whole for the damages causedI'm attaching their client's note of culpability, the police report I was provided as "evidence," and pictures of my damaged vehicle as it was discovered at the scene after their customer has fled without a reasonable effort to locate the owner Regards, [redacted] ***

I telephoned our insured on May 5, 2015. I was able to leave a message for him. I apologized for hisextensive hold time.I explained that we were experiencing a much unexpected increase in our phone volume and that weare actively hiring and training to add new Customer Service Representatives to our... Call Center.I also informed our insured that his policy would be canceled as he requested. Since he did not providea cancellation date in his complaint, I advised that the policy would be cancelled effective May 2, 2015,the day after he reported talking to us.I left my name and number for him to callback if he had any questions. He has not responded.His policy refund was issued and mailed on May 8, 2015. He received a refund for the full amount ofpayment made towards his 2015- 2016 policy period. As well, there was a refund due on the priorterm since it was cancelled before the expiration date.Enclosed is a copy of our Call Tracking Report. Using the number our insured provided, I can onlyconfirm that he called us between April 24 and April 30. The report was run using the time period ofMarch 1 through May 1.We sincerely apologize for not being able to provide and meet expected_customer service.Sincerely, [redacted] Customer Service Manager

Thank you for the information Mr***I'm very happy to see this and glad I could resolve this for youI apologize again for the issue, and the service you receivedI will address the agent you spoke with on January 5thI will be responding to the this week to address the complaint.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Ms. [redacted] contacted our office on December 15, 2016 to inquire about her renewal amount anddue date. We sent an offer to renew, so if a payment is not received by the due date we send a lapsenotice that lets the customer know the policy has expired, but we would reinstate the policy... withoutinterruption if the payment is received within a certain time frame. If a payment is never made, thepolicy remains cancelled and there is no fee or premium associated with it. Ms. [redacted] contactedour office on January 04, 2017 when she received the lapse notice. Ms. [redacted] advised therepresentative that she had thought she cancelled the policy already as she had purchased insuranceelsewhere. The representative she spoke to cancelled the policy effective January 5, 2017 instead ofbackdating it to the renewal date, which generated a bill for $34.71. Ms. [redacted] sent an emailthrough our website on January 11, 2017 explaining that our agent had made an error. Afterreviewing the policy and listening to the phone calls, I replied to her email and provided anexplanation of what had happened. I apologized and assured her I would make the appropriatecorrections. After making the corrections in the system, I emailed Ms. [redacted] and sent her a copyof the corrected cancellation notice that reflected no premium was due. Ms. [redacted] respondedthanking me for a prompt response to her email and that she appreciated the help.If you need further assistance regarding this matter, please feel free to contact me.Sincerely, [redacted] ***Customer Service Division SupervisorWawanesa General Insurance Company

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