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Car Body Lab

925 N La Brea Ave Fl 4, West Hollywood, California, United States, 90038-2321

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• Jun 08, 2021

No Call No Show
Had an appointment between 3:00 – 4:00 pm est today for them to come replace the grill on my bumper.
1. At 4:13 pm - I email them to check status.
2. 4:19 pm - They email back that they are going to check status with the technician and get back to me.
3. 4:31 pm - I am told the technicians morning job took longer than expected and asked if they could reschedule me for tomorrow, same time frame.
4. 4:40 pm - I emailed the same rep I have speaking with the entire time reminding him as I had told him when I made the appointment that I took off work to be here for this appointment. I let him know I was unable to leave work early again a 2nd day in a row.
5. 4:50 pm – I am told he will reach out to the technician again and see if he can still make it today.
6. 5:50 pm – Still no reply. Just got stung along for another hour.

Paid for dent repair. Job left incomplete.
I sent pictures for some small dings on the driver's side and we agreed upon a price. When I got home the night of the repair there was a drip in the paint, scratches left and a chip untouched. The technician told my husband he was coming back to fix these items. The 2nd day of repair the technician tried to buff the scratches but couldn't get them out like that. The drip he sanded down without repainting which left the surface exposed and the drip a different color then the rest of the car. He said he wouldn't touch the chip because it wasn't in his work order. We sent pictures of these issues in and *** also confirmed her technician had taken pictures of the problem areas, but are now stating they only agreed to fix the one door. Why would we fix dings in a door and leave large swirl scratches and a chip just a few inches to the right? She claimed she never got my pictures which are clearly in the text communication. She states in that communication that she said she couldn't get pictures via text but that was a lie. She states only the rear door was being addressed but the technician did try buffing our scratches on the quarter panel, as agreed, if there was supposed to be separate charges for that. Obviously he just missed the chip.

Desired Outcome

Finalize the repair.

Car Body Lab Response • May 01, 2020

This client sent us a picture of a dent while our technician was in her driveway fixing another vehicle of her. We informed her that the number we're using does not receive images and to email them instead which she never did.

Instead our technicians sent us the pictures and we sent her a quote that she agreed to. We are attaching Screenshots of the conversation from both sides, the one the client emailed us as well as the one from the software we use to text our customers.

Both show the exact same thing: we quoted her $295 to fix her door only. The client was also emailed a work order/invoice outlining what work will be done and it clearly specified we were only repairing her door

This client is claiming the picture she sent us by SMS shows a chip in her quarter panel, but she later sent a screenshot of it. See attached, chip on the quarter panel is not shown.

It's really unclear why this client keeps saying we should've fixed her quarter panel when everything in our conversations and work order referenced the door only. We are not going to fix two panels for the price of one.

Please refer to all screenshots attached for more context.

Customer Response • May 07, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The technician did work on the quarter panel and mostly removed the chipped paint after I escalated with the owner, but still never removed the swirl scratches.

I have sent them screenshots multiple times that in the chain where I sent pictures, nowhere did it show they couldn't receive messages on that number. Instead of just moving forward appropriately the owner then began harassing me by sending me multiple messages a day.

Car Body Lab Response • May 13, 2020

We sent the client multiple emails a day in response to her multiple emails a day.

The quote we gave her was for the rear door and we fixed the rear door. The quote is in the text message thread and work order/invoice that was emailed to her.

The picture the client claims we have received was shared in a screenshot with us and did not include any scratches or chips on the quarter panel so it's still unclear to us why the customer still thinks this would be a valid argument for including the quarter panel.

We will not repair this customer's quarter panel for free. This is our final decision. The customer can take this up with us in small claims if she'd like to. We've shared screenshots of our conversation with the customer and her invoice that show exactly what we were hired to repair.

Customer Response • May 19, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
There are so many factual errors in this response. The technician was in my driveway fixing the car in question.

The owner has yet to address why the technician did attempt to repair the scratches and dent after the onslaught of messages, however continues to claim they would not and did not agree to work on that part of the car. He buffed the scratches and did touch up paint the chip, but what's left is not optimal as these were not the proper remedies.

I sent 2 initial complaint emails and received 10 in response including several responses to the Yelp post.

I will be reversing the charges entirely with my bank.

I hired this company to paint my 2009 Acura and repair dents, etc. I noticed hairline scratches in various locations after the technician (***) left. I immediately called ***. He said he would return to repair them after checking his schedule, adding that he hadn't noticed them. However, *** called thereafter ***. She was extremely argumentative and denied the *** would return to remedy the matter. Repeatedly, *** made comments such as "when you order a meal in a restaurant... blah blah blah." It was ridiculous. She tried to make the point that they merely spot paint. *** had not requested PROFESSIONAL photos of my car. For the price of $999 + $100 gratuity, one would reasonably assume the entire car would be painted -- not just portions thereof. I had just a few photos of my car from my cell phone. Little did I know this company would be so petty. The scratches that remain are very small. But they matter! *** was sincere enough to acknowledge to *** that he had indeed promised to return to fix the scratches. *** called back and reluctantly "squeezed" in an appointment next Thursday, January 23. However, she stated that this repair would be be covered by warranty. I demand that it be covered.
Product_Or_Service: Paint, repair

Desired Outcome

Repair This was a very unpleasant experience. I expect that the remaining scratches be repaired on my car. The amount charged in similar to what another company estimated for my ENTIRE CAR to be painted and repaired. Not just in spots.

Car Body Lab Response • Feb 12, 2020

Contact Name and Title: ***
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
The customer was quoted $995.33 for the following repairs

Front Bumper // Repair & Refinish
Rear Bumper Repair & Refinish
Passenger Side // Repair & Refinish

The customer wanted additional work done to other panels for free. The customer is referring to hairline scratches in various locations without referencing any panels.

The Work Order that was emailed to the customer as well as the Final Invoice both have an exact description of the work done on her vehicle.

In the customers' own words: "one would reasonably assume the entire car would be painted".

There is no need to make any assumptions as everything was described in writing on the Customer's Work Order and Final Invoice. It's unclear why the customer is assuming her whole vehicle would be painted.

The client is also admitting that *** (contractor) did go back on 1/23/20 (out of the kindness if his heart) for a follow up appointment to take care of the scratches. Given this was an agreement between her and the contractor outside of our company approval and no payment was made towards the additional work, we informed the customer this would not be covered by our warranty.

The client is also comparing our prices to what another company has quoted for the "Entire Car". It looks like she had all the information necessary to make a decision on what service to use. Just because another quote she got was lower than ours does not mean we have to honor the other company's price.

Please find attached her, work order, final paid invoice and SMS conversation outlining the work being performed on her vehicle.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

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