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Car City, Inc.

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On March 30,I purchased a Pontiac Aztec with a day warranty I took the car to the Mazda dealership and had them to put it on a diagnostic test some of the codes that came up through there systems as follows( Cadillac converter, Ignition switch, Transmission, Engine, etc) less than hours I took the vehicle back and I informed the gentlemen of the issueI asked can I please get my money back as I have not had the car a full hours and this car is about to fall apartThe gentleman states I will not give you your money back I can see if I can put you in another carI told the gentleman I dont want another car can I have my money back he stated No(So I am leaving the car lot without a vehicle)
Spoke with Dealership on 4/1/stated if they can put me in a running car I would greatly appreciate itGentlemen stated I have a Dodge durango great running truck no codes runs just fineI said I will be to pick it up and I will have this truck looked atOn 4/4/I picked up the Dodge Durango also day warranty As the dealership closes at 5:pm and I get off work at 4:left a little early in order to make it on timemins of leaving the dealership the brakes lock up and I am causing a Hugh smoke scene riding down the road, well the car dealership is closed so can not call for assistanceOnce car had brakes took car down to the Mazda dealership for a diagnostic test and oil change, which I was informed the truck has a misfire and Took vehicle back on 4/6/as they state they will have the mechanic from car city to look at it and check it out left car lot again with no vehiclePicked car up on 4/8/as gentlemen states everything has been fixed our mechanic checked everything out it is running greatTook car back to Mazda dealership which mechanic states they cleared the codes and that was all there was nothing worked on, on the vehicleTook the vehicle back on 4/11/2016.As I informed the gentleman (why do you keep giving me these vehicles that do not runI had no problem giving you my money why cant you give me something that works, I ride on I-as a daily commute to work and I could have died If I got on I-and the brakes locked up on me) The gentlemen stated ( this is a buy here pay here what you expected is to ride off in a there's always something wrong with a car I am tired of dealing with you.) Words where exchanged and again I am leaving off the car lot without a CARSpoke with gentlemen on 4/12/Gentleman states The only thing I can do for you is put you in another car but I will not give you a warranty as I am not going back and forth with this any longerInformed gentleman I just want a vehicle I will be able to drive at least a full month or so and not worry about it breaking down on me within hoursPlease give me a reasonable carThe gentleman states he will see what he can do at this time I am unable to pick a car of my choose he will pick the car for meGentleman states he has drove the car for four days and its a great car as his wife has the same car etc On 4/I went to the car lot and picked up a Pontiac Sunfire NO WARRANTY took car home as it was pouring down raining so when the rain stopped I went out to get food As driving I noticed there is no breaks on the left hand side of the vehicleThe break is completely goneInformed the car dealership of situation which gentlemen states I promise I did not know this which I asked how did you not know when you said you drove the car for days and it ran so goodSo here I am today with a vehicle that has not breaks and I am stuck again using someone else s car to get back and forward to work and the car lot has nothing to do with me any moreThe car lot is requesting a Payment when I actually took possession of another vehicle on 4/14/2016.Really hurt me to my heart that they can treat people this was and get away with itSHAME ON CAR CITY NONE TRUSTWORTY CAR LOTDO Not BUY HERE

bare faced liar!
do not trust!!
chris, after giving his word backed out of a purchase agreement that hurt my family financially!

bare faced liar!
do not trust!!
chris, after giving his word backed out of a purchase agreement that hurt my family financially!

I had bought a vehicle from this used car lot and it has failed to pass [redacted] 3 times for emissions.I want to return for a refund and they refuseI had bought a used 2004 [redacted] from the used car lot called car city in [redacted] XXXXX on [redacted]r on [redacted] for the amount of [redacted] dollars from the salesman [redacted].Before I had bought the vehicle from the saleseman I had asked if there were anything wrong with the vehicle and he had said not that he knew of and said he had got it on a trade in.The check engine light was on when we had gone for the test drive and he said he could fix that.I had brought the vehicle to get inspected on [redacted] XX XXXX from [redacted] and had failed the inspection for emissions front exaust leak and engine light.And shortly after driving the vehicle I notice a transmission leak.I had notified the saleman of the leak and he had said he is not respnsable for that but only the exaust leak.I had brought the vehicle for the car city to fix the leak on [redacted] X XXXX and when I had picked it up he said it was all set however when I had driven it back home I had noticed a terrable smell and I had called and asked why it smelt so bad he said it was because of the work they had done on it.I had been a patch that had burnt right through because the exaust had sounded loud again after driving the vehicle for a few days.I then called the car city and had talked about it and had tryed for another date to be fixed.And in this time I work 2 jobs full time and part time also have a family so I have little time to take time away from anything to bring this vehicle early in the morning as the car city salesman [redacted] had said that would be the only time I could bring by the vehicle to be worked on.And some times their mechanic wouldn't be there to work on it.So they made it very difficult to bring the vehicle to get fixed.They were being very uncooperative with my work schedual and famly time.I had then brought back the vehicle a second time to get it fixed on [redacted] XX XXXX.I had called several times in between the weeks to work another date but I eventualy had to take time away from work to bring it in for the 21 of [redacted] after explaining that I had a family members wedding to get to the saturday of [redacted] XX XXXX.And so I went to pick up the vehicle on the 22 [redacted] had told me its all set.The same problem had accured.It had sounded good untill the next day when it had gotten loud again. I had called agian explaining the issue and I was informed it had been another patch work on the leak. Which made no sense because if it didnt work the first time why would it the second time.But now I aslo have the transmission acting up in this time of trying to get the exaust repaired and get a passing [redacted] in this time after the second time of bringing it te get fixed I get the vehicle inspected again however the[redacted] mechanic had said as soon as he turned it on he noticed it was not fixed and would not pass [redacted] I called up car city and explained that a patch job will not work and that you need to replace the parts as what the mechanic that did the inspection had told me. I had then trying to set up another time I could bring the vehicle back and with my busy schedual and the lack of time frame and cooperation of the car city.I was finaly able to get the vehicle back there by the ** of [redacted] 2014.And on that day I was informed that they had replaced the piping so it should be good.I then picked up the vehicle by a ride from my mother inlaw on march XX XXXX.I bring the vehicle back to [redacted] XX XXXX and the results were the same.Exaust still not fixed properly and engine light still on.I then called car city tuesday and explained the situation and I said I would like to return the vehicle for a refund because of it not passing [redacted] for the same reason and having brought it back three times to get fixed and being still unfixed the unreliable unsafe vehicle that I was sold and the time and inconvenience its caused me.And they refusedDesired SettlementAll I would like is to return the vehicle and all its trouble it has caused and get my money back that I paid for.Which is the amount of two thousand dollars

I gave a deposit down on a car, the car was sold and now they are refusing to five me back my deposit.On [redacted] 2015 I test drove a 2005 [redacted] asking price [redacted] After the test drive I spoke with [redacted] and asked what did I need to do to hold this vehicle, he stated just leave a deposit and I asked how much he stated a [redacted] I told [redacted] ok I will be back in about a hour. I went back to the lot and the door was locked, so I came back the next morning and gave [redacted] the [redacted] deposit to hold a 2005 [redacted] then gave me a receipt # XXXXXX noting the [redacted] deposit, [redacted] then asked for my number before he ripped the receipt from the receipt book and wrote it on the receipt. He then asked when did I think I would be taking of the balance I expressed a few weeks, [redacted] said okay.It is now a month and half later on [redacted] 2015 I go in to get my deposit after noticing the car was no longer on the lot, so I was assuming the car was sold (which it was). Every time I would go in I was told [redacted] would be there at certain times, each time I came back he was not there. I finally made actual contact with [redacted] on [redacted] 2015.When I shared with [redacted] I was there to get the deposit from the 2005 [redacted] he stated I would have to talk with the manager. I then asked him is it the same guy who told me I needed to speak with you ([redacted]) when he seen your name on the receipt. He then stated Im not sure why he would tell you that cause we do not give back refunds. I asked really, how did it change from you need to speak with the manager, and if that is the case why wasn't that explained or given in writing when the deposit was given. He then said well you had me holding the car for 2 months.I shared with [redacted] my argument is not that he sold the car, Im just looking for my [redacted] deposit back. He stated it was disrespectful to never come back and hes not giving back my deposit because he held the car for 2 months. I stated to [redacted] if the time limit why not call and say hey are you still interested in the vehicle because I have customers interested, and if not Im going to sell. He stated that was not his responsibility. I shared with him If you have a deposit and this is your business it should be. As I told [redacted] you have sold the vehicle and you didn't loose any money, so please just give me back my [redacted] he refused.I shared with [redacted], you sold the car thats fine Im not making that a deal just give me back the deposit. He asked how was he to call me I told him with the number you asked me for and as I went to show him in his writing my number on receipt he told me he was not interested in seeing it. At no time ever did [redacted] mention refunds were non refundable. I shared with [redacted] they should make their customers aware of this. He stated not after two months! I again stated well that should be in writing and made known to the customers. I was only given a receipt from a receipt book. I am only looking for my deposit back.Thank youDesired SettlementIm seeking my [redacted] deposit that I gave on [redacted] 2015.

Sold defective Jeep. Horrible. Sold my 8 month pregnant girlfriend a Jeep that is 100% unsafe to drive, won't do anything to fix it either.Not even a week old wont pass [redacted] due to safety issues.Do not buy anything from them.Do not waste you're time,they will lie, cheat and basically steal from you.This place should be closed down.Desired SettlementI would just like them to at least be honest and fix the vehicle up to safety standards. Business Response Mr [redacted] is a childhood friend who was looking for a thousand dollar car. He brought his friend with him, who is a jeep specialist and we had a jeep that was cheap. I informed mr [redacted] after he told me he had only a thousand dollars to spend and I told him that its tough to sell a car for 1000 dollars because they all need work or else they would be more money. He then told me in front of a witness that if I sold it to him for a thousand dollars than he would be responsible for any issues that may arise. I agreed to help him out because he was in need quickly and couldn't afford any more. He then came back weeks later after he had it inspected( after the seven days required by the state) and said that it needed work including ball joints and a tail light. I then told him that we had an agreement and he said that he didnt care because I sold him a junk. I then asked why is it a junk? is it because I told him already before purchase that he would have to do some work. I felt bad for him because of his situation so I offered to pay the parts if he paid the labor. He then agreed in front of a witness that that would settle it. I didnt have to buy the parts but I did to the amount of 133.46. I then received a letter from the He DID NOT get it inspected in the alloted time period required by the state after registration, therefore it is on him. I paid for the ball joints out of good faith.[redacted]XXXXXXXXXX

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Description: Auto Dealers-Used Cars

Address: 1021 Boston Road, Springfield, Massachusetts, United States, 01119


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