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Review: My account has been suspended by the company with only a vague/general explanation as to why. I've tried to contact customer support for more information on numerous occasions, but have received no response after a week-- initial automated reply from company stated I should receive a response within 24 hours. Also, initial suspension was supposed to last a week; it's been over a week and my account is still suspended.Desired Settlement: I would like an email detailing the event/s that caused my account to be suspended and an update on the status of my account.

Review: I requested a refund of the remain balance of my year subscription that I know longer want the service provides company refuse to refund my subscription saying they cannot refund prorated amount I have only used 1 month of service and the company has not delivered the service that they advertised and the employees are rude and unhelpful. There is no phone number to talk to a person and they are very slow to respond to the customers and often refuse to fix issues because the are so over whelmed with tickets tthat they can not keep up with all the complaints so they just refuse to fix problems and move on to the next ticket the forums on the companies site is full of this same type complaint. They would not provide me the same refund that I know they have for other customer as my friends have received refunds for the same exact item I requested and they are not following their own written policy.Desired Settlement: I wish have the remaining amount of the one year subscription minus the one month I used so far. I am not receiving the service that the company advertised and many people have complained about the service that the company provides to their customers.

Review: Carbine Studios has one main product and it's the Massive-Multiplayer Online game titled "Wildstar." This game offers the ability to buy an item called "CREDD" for ~20 USD. You can then sell this item to other players for in-game currency. Once purchased it can be used to replace the games' $15 monthly subscription. I bought a CREDD because I love the game, wanted to support them, and it'd give me some in-game money to spend on improving my avatar. The current price of a CREDD in game is ~8 platinum (in-game currency). I was using an in-game vendor to buy some rather cheap items and accidentally clicked on an item right next to them which cost 10 platinum. I did not want this item, I had no use for it. There was no confirmation or warning. There was also no sell back option. I just lost 10 platinum, which is over 20 USD because of a simple misclick of my mouse. When I tried to submit a ticket with their support services, I was told it was a "legal" transaction and that I could not get a refund. I submitted said ticket IMMEDIATELY after the purchase. I did not use the item that I accidentally purchased. From my experience in other MMOs, a simple exchange of one item for another (or in this case currency) is an extremely easy thing to do. I kept trying to attain some help from their costumer service only to be told that there was nothing they could do. When I inquired as to who could help me, they stopped responding. I don't imagine I'm the only one who has had to deal with this. On the same vendor is an item that sells for 100 platinum. That is a ludicrous amount of money if translated to USD that has no confirmation or warning when buying it. No way to preview it or to sell it back quickly in case you accidentally click on it.Desired Settlement: I want to get my in-game currency back, or USD equivalent and have them take the item that's still sitting in my avatars inventory back. I do not need it nor have I used it. It was a simple mistake due to them not having any safety measure in place for such purchases.

Review: Issue: Forced Changed of Forum Handle Name

As a paying customer of the entertainment software "WildStar" created and produced by Carbine Studios, I pay a monthly stipend of $14.99 per month to utilize their servers and services.

As part of the package of buying the game, you have access to their forums where users are allowed to post things related from everthing to their products to off-topic actualities.

The issue rises from my using the forum handle name 'roflcaust' which was subsequently changed, without any prior warning, to '[redacted].'

Here is the given reason: "Dear [redacted], Right about now you’re probably about to open a ticket to support to find out why your account was hacked, and your screen name changed to something as awesome as [redacted]. The truth is, we changed it. Your previous display name wasn’t even fit for the ugly cousin at a Mordesh family reunion and, more importantly, it ran afoul of our Commuity Guidlines, forcing us to temporarily rename you and suspend your posting permissions. It was determined that your previous name of "roflcaust" drew unwanted parallels to the Holocaust and that really isn't something we can allow on the forums. Please message a moderator with your top three (3) alternate name choices, in order of preference, within the next 24 hours. If they are not in use or inappropriate per our Code of Conduct, we’ll be more than happy to get this sorted out for you. Thanks,Team WildStar."

Not only was this forced name changed gave me reason to panic as I thought my account's integrity was hampered by a forced name changed only to find out it was performed by a moderator called 'BusterCasey.' The handle 'roflcaust' does not mean anything. The word cannot be found in a dictionary. The moderators obviously saw the syllable "-caust" and associated it with the Holocaust. I see nowhere in their Code of Conduct that made-up parallels between a forum handle which does not mean anything and is open to any kind of disturbing association to a tragic event.

My handle's intent was never to incite any kind of negative reaction against the Holocaust. It just happened to have the syllable "-caust" in it which caused overzealous moderators to modify my handle name by forcefully entering my account.

This is unacceptable, unfair, and very unprofessional.Desired Settlement: I want my handle 'roflcaust' re-instated.

I also want to speak the to the superior of the individual named 'BusterCasey' who I believe is not a good fit to be a moderator of forum boards.

He obviously went ahead and proceeded with the name change without any given warning thus making the decision by himself without any prior warning to change my handle to '[redacted]' which I find deeply offensive.

If anything, at the very least, an apology of acting very unprofessionally would be the minimal I request.

Review: I was playing the game and had gotten banned out of nowhere for no reason claiming I was cheating and refuse to tell me what I have done and refuse to give me my money back after I had spent 140 on two editions of the game for me and my girlfriend and heres all the log for the support I have gotten also note the devs I spoke to on twitter have gotten pissy towards me this is such terrible customer support

so this is gonna be long as im gonna post everything ive gotten from support they arent helpful at all they refuse to tell me what ive dont and refuse to give me my account back ive liked the game but this is straight bs but here we go first I got this


This message is being sent to notify you that a violation of the WildStar User Agreement and Rules of Conduct has occurred on your account. Due to this violation the following action was placed on the account:

Account: Action: Suspended Violation: Third Party Exploit

Please be aware that repeated or serious violations of the rules may lead to more serious measures, which could include a temporary suspension or even permanent termination of the account. I’ve included links to the User Agreement and Rules of Conduct below for your reference. If you have additional questions, please let us know.

User Agreement: Rules of Conduct:

Pour voir ce message en français, cliquez sur ce lien : Um diesen Text in Deutsch zu sehen, folge bitte diesem Link:[redacted] Thank you,

Agent [redacted] WildStar Support Team

now this is our conversation since then

This is a follow-up to your previous request #[redacted] "WildStar Account Notificati..."

umm can you please explain what I did and why im suspended the only thing im guilty of is using addons from curse besides that I havent done anything eDesired Settlement: I would like this to be over with and be able to play the game again if not id like my money back since I paid for a game thats only playable online and im not getting that service at all

Review: Anyone who preordered the game was guaranteed a chance to reserve a character name. The website we were to log into for name reservation was bugged which resulted in some people being able to reserve a name while others never had a chance. Thus far the the developer has decided to keep things as is.So what was to work as a first come first serve setup was actually not that fair as some people never even had chance to attempt a go at getting their character or guild name. I've been using a specific character and guild name for years. I was ready log in at the time it was going live. Instead I was greeted by 404s, crashed pages, never able to log in, etc. This went on for hours. When I finally logged in, the character name I was going after and the guild name were both gone because of bugs.Desired Settlement: Make it fair for all consumers of the product.

Review: I purchased a video game called Wildstar that is produced and supported by the companies Carbine Studios, and NCsoft. After a couple days of having the program installed, my PC began experiencing blue screen errors, internet connectivity issues, and slower processing speeds. After determing that Wildstar was the cause of the problems since they were not occuring before the software was installed - I uninstalled the game and requested a refund. I had already run through all of the technical support steps on my own and determined the only course of action was to completely uninstall the game and request a refund since it was still within a week of the purchase and I was extremely unsatisfied that they sold me a product that could have potentially caused damage to my PC. After uninstalling, the PC issues stopped immediately. The technical support representative I was put in contact with ignored my request for a refund, or even acknowledge the idea that their company would give a refund. Instead, the representative provided the same diagnostic process to follow that I had already followed and determined was not a viable solution. However in addition to ignoring the initial request, the representative provided a link to website where he asked me to download a program called "Hijack-this" that was flagged as dangerous by my anti-virus protection. The program was completely unnecessary to any refund process. The representative has since ignored my continued inquiries about a possible refund, and has not even bothered to deny my request.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of the $60.00 cost of the game Wildstar. The product caused severe PC issues despite the minimum hardware requirements being met. The PC issues have since been resolved via uninstalling the Wildstar program from my computer. I do not desire any fixes or solutions to continue using the Wildstar product.

Review: This studio offers a subscription-based access to their videogame "Wildstar". At this time, the cost is $19.99 USD per month and sent to your in-game account as an "item". Under most circumstances this has worked as I have contacted other individuals who have purchased the subscription. However, when I purchased my own subscription, the "item" was lost as a result of a "bug" or "glitch" in their software. I understand that these issues happen and usually companies try to remedy the situation via their support system. I, however, have submitted 2 requests via their support system and posted in their developer forums. The first support request regarded explaining the issue of losing the "item" and just received automated responses; the second being ask of refund about 7 days after not having a resolution, and the second was immediately "archived" without response.

At this point, I have paid the company $19.99 USD and have NOT received the item I have purchased due to their bug. They have NOT answered my request for the item itself OR the money back for the item.

Support numbers for their system are #[redacted] and #[redacted]. A direct link to the post in their forum is Settlement: I'd prefer to receive my subscription item that I paid for, as I do like the product the studio has provided. However, if they are still unwilling to give me the item I will be satisfied with a refund.

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