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I tried to renew my vehicle registration through what I thought was the site and somewhere along the line I got pushed to this bogus site without even knowing that I had left the government site. Like a fool I put in my CC info. They ran my card 3 times with the $39 of additional fees / charges and a $300+ holding fee for each time they ran it. I called my bank immediately and found out that 2 more charges totaling nearly $700 were pending from the same website. All in, with one simple click of a button they almost got nearly $2000 from me. Luckily my bank flagged the transactions as scam, credited my account immediately and closed my CC.

What's the point of paying almost $40 more just to go through You're almost tricked into going to the website since it's at the top of the page and you're linked there from dmv. My wife was just about to enter our cc info but noticed all of these extra charges equaling $39.40 over our regular renewal fee. Ripoff. Just pay directly online to You have to search for it but it's there.

I did not realize I would be paying a fee for this service on October 9, 1999 with deducted out of my account and then again $3.99 I want my money back this is a scam if I don’t receive my money back I’m going to contact the Attorney General’s office. I’m being asked to rate this but I can only go from 1 to 5 it’s under a One and how do I read that so I have to put in at least one and it shouldn’t even be that high

I decided to use on May4th it's June 26 now and after paying the money I received nothing more from them. I am working on a complaint disputing it to my credit card now at this time. I have received nothing I need help on this matter

We are licensed with the DMV as an alternative for people who are in a hurry or wish to avoid the DMV altogether. Our website states that we are not the DMV.  The customer called us 3/13/17 stating that she did not receive the sticker. We verified her address and sent a replacement sticker...

via overnight service free of charge.  As a courtesy, we have refunded the $29 service fee in hopes that the customer will use our services again should the need arise.  We only wish to help those who wish to avoid the DMV and get faster service.

When we completed this order on 04/07/17, we emailed a copy of the new registration card to the customer and posted the registration fees into the DMV system.  Then, the original registration card and sticker were apparently lost in the mail by the US Postal Service.  We...

spoke to the customer today and were told that he noticed that the plate on the registration card was different than the actual plate on his vehicle.  When he purchased the vehicle, the dealer bought new plates for the vehicle and never gave them to him.  All this time, he did not have the correct plates on the vehicle. He went into the DMV this morning and confirmed that he did not have the correct plates and was able to obtain new ones along with the correct stickers.  After our conversation with the customer, we believe that the issue has now been resolved.

Hello,Regarding Complaint ID #[redacted]: I jumped the gun and complained to before giving CaReg the opportunity to rectify the situation. This situation was resolved independently. I received the refund requested.Thank you,[redacted]

I agree with Reviewer1835663. It is misleading. I was in a hurry to get my Tags done immediately before more fees were added from the DMV since I was 1 month late already. It seemed like I was paying a lot of money but I thought it was just late fees from the DMV. not until I see the receipt from CaReg in my email. DMV was $333 and CaReg service fee: $29 Convenience Fee: $2.50 Email Copy: $5.00 Total :$ 379.46. First of all I made sure I didn't get a copy through email because my car is in the shop so I have no rush of receiving my tags immediately I just didn't want no more late fees added from the DMV, didn't mind waiting to receive them through regular mail. Pretty much paid an extra $50 just to get everything done. I could of waited and gone in the office if I would of know of all these fees.

They also added an Apt number on the registration and I live at a house. I never added an APT number when filling out the forms

Well for one, my question and main concern and concerns have been answered! Is it a legit site and service. The answer is YES. Me myself see a very good service
Considering what they offer which is just what they say they do! As they say you eliminate the long lines at the DMV and they give those need it same-day documentation when and if needed. So the service is there it's up to you whether you want to use it or not. And it's only right and fair that you have to pay for their services just like you would any other organization, business or store etc. So I don't see what the complaint is about paying them for their services that they provide. They are not liable for ones incompetence or failure to read what they offer and how their proccess works fees etc.
No one is forcing or making you do anything and you don't have to if you don't want to! Its your own choice!
Besides, its only around $40.00 which isn't much for the convenience and processing your documents for you with same or next-day service that provides you with immediate documentation that you may need during a transaction with a car dealer for someone selling you a car or whatever the case may be where you need on hand documentation quickly when your schedule or where about and time won't permit you to get to a DMV at that time.

I just think that people should grow up and stop complaining and blaming others for situations that they put themselves in!
You go to school to learn how to read, if you don't understand something you ask questions and do research before acting on things or spending your money.

Simple as that!

R. Gordon
Customer & Client

I "paid" my registration months prior expiration date but was sucked into this 3rd party.
because my address was to a place more convenient for me, my registration payment was rejected without my knowledge. Here I am with a $200 bill (late) that should have been paid months in advance. I called in and was told my payment was reimburse into my account without my knowledge because they had "sent" me a address conformation notice which I have yet to see. Though I did not see the notice I never received. my registration is late and $80 more than what it should be. I'm driving around with expired tags/registration. All because I didn't confirm my address from their email I never received.
do not use third parties, they charge for service fee which is about 25% of my dmv fee on top of a silly convenience fee. I've never been through such horrible service and to be affiliated with DMV I expect a higher service accountability for minor details such as several "emails" of a address confirmation. Hope I don't get a ticket because I got places to be an no time for Communist cali I will be driving regardless.

Review: I paid my vehicle registration through this company's website not realizing they are a 3rd party and not the [redacted]. When I realized my mistake I contacted this company and asked for a refund. I also explained I did not care to do business with a 3rd party and would deal directly with the [redacted]. They refused to issue the refund and placed a "Stop" on my registration which means I cannot pay the [redacted] directly until they release the stop or 60 days has past. So I am unable to drive my vehicle because of the expired registration. I have email correspondence that I am happy to provide to help resolve this issue.Desired Settlement: I would like the "stop" removed from my vehicle registration.



In order to resolve this dispute, we have agreed to accommodate the customer and remove the VLT stop today with the [redacted]. This may take up to 3 business days for the [redacted] to complete the process.

Please note: On 01/31/2016, we transmitted $186.00 to the California [redacted] on the customer's behalf (proof attached). The registration was due on 01/08/2016 and our action of posting fees at that time prevented additional [redacted] penalties for the customer. On or about 02/01/2016, the customer filed a chargeback on her credit card causing us to lose $186.00 and the VLT stop to be placed. Now that we have agreed to remove the VLT stop, This transaction is on us.

By law, the CA [redacted] required a smog test in order to finalize the registration renewal. It appears that the smog test was completed on 03/10/2016, so the customer will need to follow up with the [redacted] directly to obtain the sticker.



I am rejecting this response because :I will be going to the DMV on Friday to give them the documents to release your registration. I takes approximately 72 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and hope that this resolves your situation. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. We are always happy to help.

Review: Hello,I was trying to renew my car registration with and got sucked into the website They now have my License Plate Number, last 5 digits of my VIN Number, my Zip Code, and email address.I received a confirmation email below. I know my DMV fee so I don't know what they could possibly think their calculating. I did not share credit card information. I did not click on the "You may click here to review your order at any time" link.Desired Settlement: Provide a copy of this fake orderProve there is no outstanding order with a pending payment in their recordsDelete all personal data from their system - guarantee they didn't sell my data to anyone.



We are a licensed vehicle registration service with the California DMV and legally permitted to issue vehicle registrations to the public for a processing fee. We provide consumers with an alternative to standing in line at the DMV along expedited delivery options. We serve those who are in a hurry or wish to avoid the DMV. The customer chose not to complete a transaction with our company. We have deleted all information related to the order. We do not share consumer information with any third parties.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

Review: My car registration is due so I went online here to pay for it: [redacted]The DMV website sent me to It's a licensed business by California DMV.My registration was supposed to be $152, but when I went to go pay, I saw all these fees:DMV Fees: $152.00Service Fee: $29.00Convenience Fee: $4.98Shipping: $2.00E-Mail Copy: $0.00Total: $187.98I copied and pasted this information onto my Facebook account as a rant against the DMV but after a few comments left by friends, something seemed fishy. I went online to do a search and turns out all the fees after the single DMV fee are CaReg's OWN fees, not the DMVs.Had I known these were their fees and not the DMV's, I would have opted out of paying for it.This is misleading. I went to my receipt page and the information is more accurate after the fact I paid:DMV Fees: $152.00 CaReg Service Fee: $29.00 ConvenienceFee: $4.98 Shipping: $2.00 E-Mail Copy: $0.00 Total: $187.98Only NOW does it say "CaReg Service Fee".Having two separate fees for services, service fee and convenience fee, is ridiculous and I would have opted out to pay if they made this CLEAR before making my payment.Both DMV and CaReg are responsible for this confusion. I never would have thought that a government website would send me to a NON-government website to make a purchase.Desired Settlement: I want refunds of ALL my non-DMV fees and for CaReg to make it perfectly clear that all the fees are *theirs* and NOT the DMV's.



Hello,Regarding Complaint ID #[redacted]: I jumped the gun and complained to before giving CaReg the opportunity to rectify the situation. This situation was resolved independently. I received the refund requested.Thank you,[redacted]

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