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Cargill Quick Lube and Car Wash

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Transmission fluid drained and not replaced during an oil change.While the overall experience at this shop was ok, I've had some SERIOUS problems with them after the fact.As soon as I drove off their lot and turned onto the highway I noticed my transmission was shifting with a fair amount of difficulty. Something just seemed 'off' to me.Driving to work the next day wasn't much better. I noticed the transmission would have a VERY hard time going from 1st gear to 2nd...especially when I was cornering.I called another auto service place [redacted] in Dayville, CT) on my way home from work and set up an appointment for the next day at 8:00AM.The problem was diagnosed as the transmission fluid was drained from my vehicle. According to the 2nd auto service shop there was indication on the drain plug of recent removal.So to summarize: Before I had my oil changed my car was running fine. There were no transmission problems at all.Immediately after the oil change I experienced problems with the transmission.After spending $250 at the second repair shop the transmission problems were miracuously resolved.So it doesn't really take a brain surgeon to figure out where the transmission fluid was drained, or so it would seemI stopped into Cargill Quick Lube the same day my car was fixed at [redacted] The [redacted] wasn't in so the 2 auto techs I spoke with told me they'd give the [redacted] the details and that he would call me back.He actually called back within a couple hours but that was the last bit of satisfaction I was to receive in this affair.He told me his techs said they showed me a sample of the transmission fluid from my car but that I decline to have that service provided by them.He went on to say that he wasn't authorized to approve an outside invoice in the amount of $250 and that he'd have to talk to his superior (presumably at the Cargil Auto Dealership) and he'd get back to me.I never heard another word from him until I called him this morning. He basically reiterated his position that I was offered transmission service and declined it...which is absolutely wrong and bordering on untruthful.I have my receipt from this transaction that states they checked my transmission fluid and it was OK. There are other services listed on the reciept that indicate that I, in fact, declined them.So I have to wonder why the transmission fluid service wasn't marked as 'Declined' as well.The long and short of it all is that I completely understand mistakes happen. But when faced with resolving a mistake that it's important to 'man up' and take responsibility.So now it's off to small claims court for me. I hope everyone that reads this review carefully considers whether or not this is the type of establishment with which you'd like to do business.I know that I will NEVER go there to have any type of work performed on my car.Desired SettlementI had to spend $250 at another auto service center to flush my transmission fluid and refill.I'd like to have that amount reimbursed to my by Cargill Quick Lube.Business' Initial Response If when upon leaving a facility and problems were noticed, why wouldn't a person immediately return and address said issue? Why wait 2 days if something was "off" and then go another facility.Looks like a classic case of shift the blame.As for "indication of drain plug removal", I would like to know the criteria for said observation. The technicians that worked on said vehicle remember working on it and insist that the transmission plug was never removed or any fluid was removed. In fact the top tech showed the customer the condition of the fluid and based upon the mileage and fluid condition recommended a transmission service.The technician that worked on the vehicle simply forgot to change the field next to transmission fluid from Checked-OK to Recommended.Since all procedures were followed and questionable maintenance schedules were utilized by the customer, the responsibility falls on the consumer(The vehicle had a Cargill QL Oil sticker on it that was 17000 miles overdue.) So as for "MANNING UP" one should take responsibilty for ones lack of vehicle maintenance!

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Description: Car Wash & Polish

Address: 16 Providence Street, Putnam, Connecticut, United States, 06260


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