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• Sep 11, 2020

Never fly with them horrible company
I am writing because I completely understand that we are in a pandemic and things change everyday. What is the most disheartening is that I have been trying to receive my money back for trip that my fiance and I wear planning and Caribbean Airlines decided to change out flight without notice or concern of us. We received and email on Labor Day of all days that our flight had been changed from 7:30am to 4:30pm and were being routed to an airport more than 2 hours away from the resort we were to be staying and there was no reason for the change at the time of email. We had a private car service that would come to pick us up from the original airport but not the alternate one than was told if we want we could pay and additional $250 US dollar for another car service. They want to give us a voucher for another time I said absolutely not I will never use this airline again. I am still fighting to get my money back and I will be contacting corporate and the news outlets if necessary.

• Jun 30, 2020

I have to go through security
My name is Bernice Joseph, and I would like to know why each time I fly to Trinidad and Tobago, when ever I am leaving I have to go through security, is sometime you know about me that I don't have a clue off. If so please bring it to my attention so I can notify
my legal help in solving this matter. I am 75 years of age what can I be doing to be uncomfortable in such manner. I am a Trinidadian and I am treated very poorly when ever I am leaving. I never have that problem when I am leaving the USA or returning. Please advise me to whom I should direct my complain too. My email is [email protected]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved
/> this time, I have not been contacted by Caribbean Airlines regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: Caribbean Airlines flight 527 was scheduled to depart JFK

airport at 12:15 am on May **, 2014. Approximately 30 minutes

after the scheduled departure time, passengers were informed

of an indicator light in the engine that needed to be

checked prior to taking off; This problem persisted for appx

3.5 hrs. This flight did not leave JFK until appx 3:45am

during which we were forced to sit on the aircraft without

the option to exit the plane and without being offered any

food or beverages. Flight 527 was booked as a non stop

flight to Georgetown Guyana. At appx 45 minutes before

landing, we were informed that due to the earlier delay at

JFK, the flight will be landing in Trinidad. After landing

in Trinidad at appx 8:30 am, we were forced to wait until

1:30 pm for the next flight out to Georgetown Guyana on

flight 526. When we finally boarded the plane en route to

Georgetown, many passengers were able to recognized that

this was the same aircraft that we departed from; Passengers

were able to identify specific objects that was on the

floor. Prior to departing from Trinidad on flight 526, a

part the aircraft door partially separated requiring

assistance from the pilot and airport staff. During this

entire ordeal, passengers were offered a $15 Kentucky Fried

Chicken voucher to be used in Trinidad. The original flight

527 was scheduled to land in Georgetown @ 5:50 am; however,

we did not arrive into Georgetown until appx 2:39 pm.

Caribbean Airlines has not offered any compensation or

issued any statement to passengers for this inconvenience. I

paid for a non stop flight to Georgetown Guyana to attend a

Funeral, and lost appx 9 hours from this trip after paying

for a non stop flight.Desired Settlement: A refund should be issued for inconveniences and time lost. An alternative settlement would be complimentary service(s) for future travels.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved.


Review: On Monday, August [redacted] 2015, I booked three (3) airline tickets through on Caribbean Airlines to Trinidad departing JFK on Wednesday, September [redacted] at 7:45 am to attend the funeral of my aunt who passed away (my Mother’s sister) on Friday, August [redacted]. Our return flight was reserved for Saturday, September [redacted] 2015 departing at 4:35 pm.

On Wednesday morning on my way to the airport, I received an email that Caribbean Airlines cancelled my flight due to the flight being overbooked. I was very confused and upset how something like this can happen. I went to JFK airport anyway to speak to a Caribbean Airlines agent about my flight being cancelled. The agent noted Caribbean Airlines cancelled the flight but gave no explanation as to why the flight was cancelled because seats were still available. I asked the agent can she honor the online price I paid and she said no she cannot honor the price, I have to purchase new tickets paying $612 which is an additional $93 to what I originally paid.

Furthermore, the agent only found a return flight to JFK on Saturday, September [redacted] departing at midnight (12 am) which was right after my Aunt’s funeral. I asked the agent to book a one-way flight to Trinidad and I will find another airline carrier for a one-way return flight to NY on Saturday afternoon as originally booked….the agent said we cannot purchase a one-way ticket because we’re American citizens and we’re purchasing tickets at the airport so we have to book a round-trip with Caribbean airlines. Leaving at 12 am caused us to rush leaving us with no time to grieve with my family after the funeral.

On September **, 2015, I emailed and faxed my complaint with the necessary paperwork attached as request from the airline. On September [redacted], a representative by the name of Stacy S[redacted] sent me an email Caribbean Airlines are in receipt of my complaint and the process may take up to 60 days. On December **, 2015, when the 60 days expired, I followed up with an email to Stacy S[redacted] letting her know I did not hear from anyone. She replied the same day letting me know someone by the name of Christopher R[redacted] will contact me regarding my claim. On January ** 2016, I followed up again with Stacy S[redacted] letting her know I did not hear from Christopher R[redacted] and spoke to my attorney in which he suggested to file a complaint with the

Caribbean Airlines ignored my complaint hoping I let it go.Desired Settlement: I am requesting a full refund of our airfare of $1,603.47 or partial refund of the $93 extra we paid per person at JFK airport for the frustration, harrowing experience and agony Caribbean Airlines caused to my family during a time of grief and bereavement. I would greatly appreciate it.



At this time, I have not been contacted by Caribbean Airlines regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to inform you of my two dreadful traveling experiences with Caribbean Airlines. My first encounter was not so egregious but considering what happened to me most recently I must include it in this letter. The first incident occurred on February **, **12. I was a passenger on Caribbean Airlines Flight BW 500 from Port of Spain, Trinidad to New York, John F. Kennedy International Airport (hereafter J.F.K.). The flight was “Operated by Atlas Air.” It is my understanding that Caribbean Airlines chartered this aircraft that was experiencing some mechanical problems. The issue prevented the aircraft from providing air conditioning while passengers boarded the plane, as well as, while the aircraft was waiting to take off. All of the aircraft’s doors remained open as passengers board the plane to allow ventilation. However, once the craft was boarded and waiting to taxi, the doors were shut. The plane became extremely hot. Children were crying and adults were hyperventilating. The staff was doing everything to keep passengers calm and comfortable. The wait became unbearable. An announcement was made for a doctor on the plane to assist two women who needed medical attention. As a result, everyone had to deplane. The flight left approximately three or four hours later than scheduled. I hoped last year’s incident was a fluke, something that typically does not happen. So I did not feel like it was necessary to file a complaint or express my discontent with Caribbean Airlines at the time. However, the lack of customer service that I experienced this year was so abhorrent. I arrived at Piarco International Airport on Wednesday February **, **13 for my flight from Port of Spain, Trinidad to J.F.K on Caribbean Airlines Flight 456. I checked in for my flight at an electronic kiosk. An airport or Caribbean Airlines employee assisted people at the kiosk. By the time I arrived at the counter to check my bags, the Caribbean Airlines employee told me that I could not get on the plane because the flight was closed. Then she said I could get on the plane if I get rushed to the gate but I would have to leave my bags. I asked if my bags would be on a later flight and she said I would need my family to take them. She told me that my only other option was to fly standby. I was confused and distraught. I expressed to this employee that I had been in the airport, was checked in at the kiosk, and no one called for my flight while I was standing on line. I know this to be true because there was another couple in the same situation as myself. They were also in line and did not here anyone call for this flight. This employee was very unsympathetic, rude, and quite unconcerned about the customer service aspect of her job. The standby process was not explained to me until I approached the counter a second or third time and finally spoke to the “representative” (I assume that she was a kind of supervisor). I was in tears at this point. The “representative” took my e-ticket, that was printed from the kiosk, and explained to me that I would have to “list” for the next flight. At that time, she did tell me there might be a ticket change fee. She also told me that she would not know if it could be waived until there was a seat available on an actual flight. I “listed” for standby on all of the flights to J.F.K that day but was unsuccessful. While I was at Piarco International Airport trying to get home, I met other Caribbean Airline customers who were in worse situations than myself. I met a family who had been at Piarco for five days, yes five days, with an infant trying to get back to J.F.K. in New York. I met individuals who purchased tickets through online websites. All of those people had purchased tickets with departure dates in February. Upon arriving to the airport, those individuals were told that their departure dates were in March. Please note that those individuals have no connection to one another. Finally, I also met an elderly woman who had two deaths in her family. She too was trying to travel to New York to no avail. It is true that I do not know what the original ticketing situation was for these people. But, what I do know is that there was no customer service, the employees at the counters stared with blank faces, sometimes laughed, and didn’t care. I spent that day telling my story to numerous employees and different representatives as the shifts changed. I even tried calling the customer service line. The person on the phone was at least a little sympathetic and seemed like they wanted to help. I would also like to add that the male “representative,” working on the evening of February **, **13 literally told me that I should have just left my bags on the scale and got on the plane. He said they would have had to send them to J.F.K. He explained that once I got to J.F.K. I would have had to file a claim for my bags. I really do not know what to say about that kind of business model. I slept at the airport that evening. The family I previously mentioned who was stranded at Piarco got on the 12:45 A.M. flight to J.F.K. The next morning I “listed” for the next flight to J.F.K. but was unsuccessful again. Finally, one of the employees at the counter suggested that I “list” for the flight to Kingston, Jamaica because there were open seats on the flight from Kingston, Jamaica to JFK. I “listed” for the flight and spoke to the current “representative” (or supervisor) about the fee. She told me the same thing that the “representative” said the day before. She would not know if a waiver would be possible until there was an actual seat available on the flight. A short time later, an employee behind the counter called my last name, “[redacted].” She handed me a boarding pass, weighed my bags, and told me to rush to the gate because the flight to Kingston was boarding. I got to the gate as soon as possible. I realized that I only had a boarding pass for Port of Spain to Kingston. So when I got to the front of the line I asked the employee (the same impolite woman who told me I could not board the plane the day before) whether I would be able to get from Kingston to JFK. She asked me if I paid a fee. I told her no and that I did not have money to pay the fee. She told a gentleman standing next to her to take my bags off of the plane. I asked her to speak to her supervisor and the gentlemen told me to go ahead and get on the plane. At this point, I wrongfully assumed that everything was okay. So, I boarded the plane. When I arrived in Kingston, Jamaica. I was stuck in customs. The customs agent was concerned about my presence and my departure plans as if I was there illegally. A Caribbean Airlines employee had to come get me so I could pick up my bags and go to the ticket counter. This employee was kind and helpful. When I approached the ticket counter in Kingston the employee there once again told me I had to pay a fee. I expressed to her the same thing that I told the Caribbean Airlines staff in Piarco. This employee also seemed to have a slight attitude in the beginning. I waited to speak to her supervisor. At one point the ticketing employee came out of her booth, took me over to the check-in counter, and told that person to give me a ticket for the flight. My bags were on the scale and a boarding pass was printed when the ticketing employee received a call from her supervisor telling her not to put me on the plane. The employee at the check-in counter tore up my ticket. I took my bags and asked if I could speak to the supervisor. At this point I was sobbing again. The supervisor came down and I tried to explain to her that on the morning of Wednesday, February **, **13, I checked in at the electronic kiosk. I was present in the airport and that this entire mess was not my fault. I tried to explain what happened to but the supervisor continued to interrupt me with some of the falsehoods that the Caribbean Airlines personnel at Piarco told her. This supervisor was told that I was given a “standby boarding pass,” that I took the pass, was on the plane, that no one knew where I was, and that I was supposed to pay. Furthermore, they wanted Caribbean Airlines in Jamaica to collect the fee that I allegedly was supposed to pay in Trinidad. First, I have never heard of a “standby boarding pass.” Second, in the year of **13, with maximum amounts of airport security I find it hard to believe that I made it through security and on to a plane without anyone knowing where I was and without a proper boarding pass. As I said before, the person at the counter gave me a ticket and told me to rush to the gate because the flight was boarding. I was also smart enough to realize that I did not have a boarding pass from Kingston to JFK and asked about it at that time. The gentleman at the gate told me to go ahead despite not paying the fee. No one expressed to me that I would be marooned in Jamaica. After trying to explain everything to the supervisor in Kingston, she said that if I could not pay they would just have to send me back to Trinidad. Still sobbing at this point, that seemed to be the best option since I did not know anyone in Jamaica and was virtually stranded. I took a minute to sit and calm down. I returned to the window to ask what time the flight was from Kingston to Trinidad. The ticketing employee who was much more sympathetic at this point looked at me and literally had the nerve to say well, “ The problem is you would have to pay the fee to go back to Trinidad.” Her supervisor was standing there in the background. I simply looked at her and said, “so I’m just stuck here in Jamaica.” All I could do was walk away. I felt totally defeated. I sought help at the information office. They were also unable to help me and said that one option is to get deported. Then I went to the police station to try to call a Caribbean Airlines’ office since I was stranded. While at the police station, the information assistant told me that an immigration officer wanted to talk to me. She took me to the immigration office. At this point I was completely in fear of being detained, deported, or something worse. I had no clue what was going to happen to me. After meeting the immigration officer, he took me to get a ticket, walked me through security, and took me to the gate for the flight to J.F.K. My horror story was almost over. I was so grateful to be on the flight as if someone gave me a free plane ticket. But the fact is, I did pay for a plane ticket. I was and am a paying customer and was treated horrendously by Caribbean Airlines employees. I strongly believe the Caribbean Airlines owes an apology and much more to me and the customers who were stranded as a result of overbooking, greed, and mismanagement. At the very least, your employees should provide excellent customer service if the airline is going to have such careless booking policies during the Carnival season. Over the next few months I will have to consider quite carefully whether I will ever fly with Caribbean Airlines or advise my Carnival traveling party, friends, or family to travel with Caribbean Airlines again. Considering that your airline is the only airline that provides direct flights to my father’s homeland and to Carnival, I am ashamed and embarrassed by such an operation. This caused unnecessary detention by Jamaican immigration officials, several days and nights delay and having to sleep in the airport. I know that I am not the world’s only busy person. But I am an attorney with a very busy practice in Manhattan. Not only was I very much looking forward to a relaxing vacation experience, but this interlude caused me to return to work five later than when I had intended. My delay also caused an unwarranted interference in numerous previously scheduled court appearances. Following this experience I submitted a complaint to Caribbean Airlines via their website and mailed a hardcopy. Shortly after I received a letter noting their policy that the airline would reply within 60 days. This policy is also noted on their website. I did not receive a response within 60 days. I began calling the airline, paying long distance fees, and was told that my case worker was [redacted]. I was told that I would receive a response by June **, **13. For the past few weeks I have been calling at least twice a week and leaving messages. I left my e-mail address and telephone number. Finally, around June [redacted] sent me an e-mail indicating that she would have a response by July [redacted] response was sent on July [redacted] and I found it completely unacceptable. I can provide a copy if necessary. I believe that my long description of the events that unfolded during my horrible travel experience illustrated that the Caribbean Airlines Team Members were both rude an inappropriate. They failed to provide customer service. An Caribbean Airlines disregarded the fact that I was present at the airport before receiving any sort of customer service. With respect to the fees that were waived, the Caribbean Airlines Team members put my safety and well being at risk. They put me on a plain to Jamaica with no way of getting back to the United States until a Jamaican Immigration Officer got involved. Caribbean Airlines made it sound like the fee waiver was a Caribbean Airline courtesy. Being brought to the immigration office and being escorted by an immigration officer is more than just an "unfortunate situation." Going through that process with Jamaica’s immigration does not constitute a courtesy or fee waiver. I am quite disgusted that the airline simply overlook what happened to me in February of **13! A $150 certificate as a result of the [redacted] incident hardly reflects good business and customer service. At the very least, people should be aware of what they are getting into when they fly with Caribbean Airlines!Desired Settlement: I would like a refund and an apology.



Dear [redacted],

Thank you for your patience. Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused on this occasion.

It must be explained that all passengers are advised at time of booking that check-in beings three hours prior to flight and ceases one hour before the flight leaves. This allows for the processing of passengers

and baggage along with the necessary security checks. Our records indicate that you checked in at the Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago kiosk at 6:50am however, presented your baggage at our

counter at 7:35am after check in closure. Accordingly, our agents at Trinidad could not accept your baggage without incurring a delay to this service. Hence, you were offered the option to leave your luggage with your relatives or travel stand-by on another service.

We wish to assure you that our team members are trained to communicate with our guests in a

professional and courteous manner. They are also expected to assist when things do not go as planned. We regret that your experience did not meet your expectation or indeed our standard.

In instances when a passenger travels on a flight other than as per their ticket, a fee is attached. If was noted that on a customer service basis. the applicable fees were waived at both Trinidad and Jamaica.

We do appreciate that this was an unfortunate situation. However, in light or the above we regret to advise that we are unable the entertain the claim presented.

Our investigation notes that BW 500 on February **, 2012 was delayed due to a mechanical issue. As a measure of our concern and regret, we have approved a transportation voucher valued USD 150.00 in settlement of' your claim. This voucher can be used towards the purchase of a ticket (excluding taxes) for further travel on Caribbean Airlines, is valid for one year from the date of issue and non-transferable. It cannot be extended or redeemed for cash and must he presented to one or our Ticket Offices when being utilized. Lost or damaged vouchers will not he re-issued. Kindly provide your mailing address in order that we may post this voucher to you.

Once again, we extend our apologies to you. It is our hope that this unfortunate incident will not continue to mar your opinion of Caribbean Airlines but that you will allow us another opportunity to provide you with service to your entire satisfaction when next you travel.


Customer Experience Officer



Dear [redacted]

We acknowledge your response and again apologize for the inconvenience experienced on this occasion.

We understand that our answer was not as you had anticipated and regret that our decision remains unchanged. We assure you that is always our intention to provide a hassle free safe and comfortable service to our travelers.

[redacted], we would like to again express our apologies. We hope that this unfortunate incident will not continue to reflect adversely on Caribbean Airlines Limited and we look forward to the opportunity to prove that we are capable of provide excellent service.





I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[redacted] response to my complaint basically says that because I accepted the flight to Jamaica it's my own fault that I was nearly deported. I do not want to fly with Carribean airlines ever again after being traumatized and laughed at. I cannot express in writing how traumatized and afraid I was when I thought I was going to be stranded in Jamaica.

The voucher offer is a slap in the face. No one who was nearly departed from a country because of an airline would fly with that airline again. I would like a monetary refund to utilize with an airline of my choosing that cares for the well being of it's passengers. A few weeks ago I flew with American Airlines who was quite accommodating. That airline provided a safe and comfortable transport for me from New York to Trinidad.

Carriers like Caribbean Airlines have heightened responsibility for the safety and well being of it's passengers. Putting a passenger on a plane and failing to inform them that when they get to another foreign country (Jamaica) that they will have to pay a fee or remain stranded is unacceptable. Waiving the after the passenger is nearly deported and taken to the counter by an immigration officer does not constitute doing the passenger a favor. The Caribbean Airlines is notorious for mistreating it's passengers an they need to improve. As I mentioned in my first letter I thought the first incident was a fluke. But two unpleasant and more importantly, UNSAFE experiences, is unacceptable.

The fact that Caribbean Airlines is repeatedly apologizing for the faults of its business without offering recourse indicates that (1) There is a problem and (2) is unacceptable when passengers pay them money for safe transport.

Review: hello and good evening. to whom it may concern, in 4/**/13 I traveled to guyana from jfk new york. upon arrival at geo guyana. I noticed my bag opened and items were missing. 2 blackberry bold 4 phones and two phone chargers. I filled out a complaint and still have not recieved a call or letter as of yet. Please contact me at cell # ###-###-####. I have had no success in making contact with this business over the past 4 months. My emails or phone messages have not been returned.Desired Settlement: Cash or Airline Credit in the total amount of missing estimated value ($920.00)



Dear [redacted],

We acknowledge receipt of your correspondence and wish to advise a formal response was sent to [redacted]' mailing address on May **, 2013.


Customer Experience

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