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Carl Krueger Construction

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Review: I hired Carl Krueger Construction to do a complete bedroom renovation,typically a two month project. Unfortunately it took them over TEN monthsand they did not even finish it, guys would only show up one or two days a week and sometimes not at all! I had to finish it myself. During this long stretched out inconvenience the work they performed was short of marginal causing damage while they worked on the project in which I had to hire someone else or fix the damage myself. There is a long list of issues anddamages, here are some:Damage to the floor in another room-had to hire flooring company to replace the entire floor in Kitchen.Damage to my windows-had to hire window company to repair windows and screens in the bedroom.I hired a profession roofer to repair the shingles where Carl Krueger installed a roof vent.I had to repair vent/sheet metal work that leaked.I had to order/purchase a full yard (truckload) of top soil and reseed to repair my front lawn because their dumpster was sitting on it for six months.I had to hire an HVAC professional to re-install the thermostat and the doorbell that was removed during the remodel.I had to refinish the new doors because the staining on them was terrible/blotchy and they did not match one another.I had to trim the bottom of all the new doors so they would open all the way.I had to replace my gutter down spouts(2) because they crushed them by throwing the debris out the windows.I had to purchase and install shelving units in the new closets that werenot provided.I had to custom make/fabricate a new vent cover for the air return because the Carl Krueger HVAC person cut the hole to big in the wall for a standard vent/diffuser.The list could go on, nobody should have to hire someone else or have to do the work themselves when they hire a contractor to do a project. I paid them nearly $20,0000 to complete the project with professional results and received a complete nightmare, I would not wish this on any home owner.Desired Settlement: I know in many cases contractors pay a certain amount back to the customer per day past the estimated or projected completion date.All I am asking is for Carl Krueger to sign off on the job and release any lien waiver.I already paid them WAY TOO much money for the very unsatisfactory services they provided.They should not be in business.



A credit was already provided to the customer for the doors and flooring per the agreement discussed in person on 9/23/14. Carl Krueger Construction has honored the agreement. The balance due is fair and reasonable based on the work performed and the substantial credit given to customer already.



Review: [redacted] was selected to do the Restoration of my condo after a fire back in June of 2013. From the beginning, they were slow and did not communicate adequately. Even when it was time to move back in, [redacted] agency, specifically [redacted], did not even let us know. As problems arose with the completion, [redacted] told me that the project manager, [redacted], would be handling things the rest of the way. I found [redacted] to be very unhelpful and his attitude was not conducive to completing the work. I did a walk through with him to show him some items that needed to be completed and he kept saying to me, “we didn’t do that,” when referring to why some items were not fixed.

There were crowbar marks where the workers (whose I don’t know and why does it matter) had taken off the base boards to dry out the drywall. These were not fixed and I had to make multiple phone calls and send multiple emails. [redacted] also stated that the front door was not damaged by them. I was very angry after meeting with [redacted] and then called [redacted]. I asked that [redacted] be removed from fixing my condo because I questioned his ability to do it properly.

Meanwhile, workers were sent back in to fix the drywall. It was sloppily done, but I can correct it later—at my expense. They also did not fix the screen in the laundry-room, but instead took the screen. When asked where the screen went, [redacted] stated he did not know. I came home one day this week only to find that the outside door was still bent and would not properly close, and the workers had, instead of fixing the front door, painted over the dings. [redacted] told me that the doors were fixed. I told him, no they were not.

It has been like this the whole time working with [redacted]. They took the refrigerator out six months after the fire—instead of right away. The carpet was already replaced and is now damaged and I am unable to get the marks out. I had to purchase rugs to cover the damages. They also split a piece of flooring and when I asked them to fix it, they put it back together like a puzzle piece and called it good enough. I then called the flooring store and had them come fix it the right way.

I want [redacted] out of my home and want my repairs completed by someone more competent. I was told by the State Farm rep that this repairs were covered by the insurance. [redacted] has not honored this agreement. They need to pay someone more competent to complete the work.Desired Settlement: Finish the job CORRECTLY. I f they are not willing to fix the broken, they need to step out and send soeome else--or I will find some one else myself.



Our Branch Manager, [redacted], contacted [redacted] to discuss her project and concerns outlined in the complaint. He apologized to Ms [redacted] for the lack of communication throughout the job. They came to an agreed plan of action to properly resolve the items in question in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Carl Krueger Construction took care of the demolition, cleanup and put in a new subfloor in our main bathroom for a very reasonable cost. They did not insist on adding extra services we did not need. After I installed new ceramic tiles, they returned to help re-install our fixtures. The inconvenience was minimal and the workers very professional, prompt and courteous.

Am I glad I used Carl Krueger Restoration.
When a water leak destroyed an engineered wood floor in my condo, Krueger's staff was onsite within an hour and they removed the floor and quarter rounds along the wall, treated the underlying cement slab and behind wall boards that had to be removed. They also had dryers blowing for a couple of days.
I decided to keep Krueger as general contractor for installation of the new floor. (Krueger communicated with the insurance company on my behalf for all of this.) Not only did a new floor have to be installed, but cabinetry, a sink, countertops, etc had to be removed. Krueger hired subs for these different jobs. I also decided to have painting done, almost all of which was beyond what insurance covered.
The subs who removed the cabinetry and counters were "artistes," fully dedicated to their work, as was the painter and his crew.
The flooring sub was a nightmare, a total disaster. I chose to replace the engineered wood floor with tile because the wood floor, being in the kitchen would have been at risk for repeated damage if the sink or dishwasher overflowed. The tile company themselves subbed an installer and neither communicated with nor supervised him. He was a loose canon. He installed a pattern that was different from the one I specified in writing, and the tile was so uneven that edges and corners stuck up like icebergs. They were a hazard and certainly would have made my condo impossible to sell in the future.
Krueger demanded the flooring company remove the tile and reinstall new tile and to do so at their complete expense--and they prevented them from taking short cuts.
I had paid Krueger about 3 % of the job early on, and they assured me I would not have to pay additional until the job was done satisfactorily. They said that was company policy. I was surprised because I've heard that contractors often ask for up front money and progressive payments before advancing to subsequent phases.
Because tile was substituted for engineered wood, and was installed beneath kitchen cabinets, this required ordering new toe kicks from Italy where the cabinets were made, a delay of several weeks. I nevertheless offered to pay Krueger a significant chunk of the remaining cost when the tile re installation was finished. I wound up not having to pay for the replacement toe kicks for which I am grateful because they weren't cheap.
I asked a lot of questions during the whole process, and their estimator and project coordinator were patient and good communicators. My only objection was that they did not alert me to the need to order new toe kicks until late in the project, but the fact they did not cost me extra certainly made up for the delay.
I was also reimbursed for "loss of use" of the condo (motel and restaurants) for several days. The insurance company covered this the first time. The second time, Krueger made the flooring company cover the cost.
The whole project, done twice, took 11 months. Not pleasant. But I would have sued the flooring sub had Krueger not stood by me and insisted the flooring sub complete their work properly and to my satisfaction.
What a relief to have had Krueger Restoration on my side.
I would not hesitate to use them again and I recommend them to anyone.

Review: I did belowDesired Settlement: I had my roof replaced due to the hail storm last year and for whatever reason, they put in the wrong color shingles. I was offered compensation, window wraps & gutters for free or painting my house, and now they're not acknowledging that they even made a mistake. I asked for the correct colored shingles, I was ignored. I asked for them to honor THEIR offer of correction, I was ignored. I asked, the mortgage company asked for paperwork to close the claim, we were ignored. I was then issued the payment in my name due to their refusal to respond. Now I don't understand why I'm paying them my deductible and their full invoice price while I don't have what I ordered. I feel they took advantage of me in order to receive the full amount of the insurance claim. This is my first home and I didn't know you're not suppose to show them the insurance quote, they told me what I didn't use I had to give back anyway, and when I only wanted my roof done things just went downhill from there. I've had to literally beg them for interaction through this whole process. I just want what's legal and fair, I want it to be known that manipulation and lies are never good business practices, and ignoring your customers after your mistake is the worst customer service practices ever. Please help me get some resolution out of this demeaning situation. Thank you



The roof was replaced with shingles that matched the original color, when the color was caught, compensation was offered to Ms [redacted] by our [redacted], which she refused. She then signed our Punch List and Completion Certificate stating she was satisfied with the work. I spoke with her on July 22nd, 2015 which she asked to verify the amount of the invoice and she stated she would send payment. We will work with Ms [redacted] to resolve this issue.



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