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Good Evening!
For some reason I am have having so much trouble with Carolina Portrait Pros LLC and Patricia Dunmire photos and I am so surprised especially after reading so many awesome reviews. After I didn't receive my graduation photos and everyone else did I decided to contact the company to see what was going on. Unfortunately they typed in the wrong card number and the order did not get processed. (I guess my 3 looked like an 8). I wish they would had contacted me and let me be aware of what had happened but they get busy so I guess I understand. Afterwards Patricia informed me that she could not type in the correct card number and I had to pay cash or money order and my order would be processed when the money was received. I'm not a fan of paying cash became it's not traceable but I paid it anyway. After I made the payment I informed Patricia by phone and email. She ignored both of my forms of communication. I decided to email another member of the team and she responded informing me that my order would be processed after the other 100s. I have been so patient and already waited a month for these amazing pictures and I know they will be worth it when they finally get here but I just wish they cared a little more about their customers.

My grandchild's Head Start took pix through this Co. The pkg I ordered $105, very messed up, asked for full refund 5 wks ago. Getting run-around.I purchased a portrait pkg on 05/12/15 w/(CPP), cash, no prior notice the order was to be picked up while we were on a field trip with my granddau's Head Start. The pictures were a rush order, delivered the next wk, the last wk of school. I could understand the insistance for the cash but did not feel comfortable paying the $105 w/o a receipt. What I ordered contained 2 pkgs, a Grad pkg w/a small amt of portraits and a 3 pose pkg w/a lgr set of each pose from 8x10's down to wallets. When the portraits came in the next Weds, the 20th, the teachers informed me to check my portraits as some of the parents had found the pkgs had missing photos or pictures of other students. The Grad pkg was fine, but we all were very taken aback at the fact that the largest part of my order contained only 7 pictures. 6 4x6's, and 1 5x7. They told me to check back at the end of the day to see if any of the pic's turned up in the other pkg's. They didn't and I was told to go to the office in the morn. I talked to admin Thurs morn 5/14, who gave me Carolina Portraits ph # "[redacted]" to call. I left a voicemail msg once I got home. I heard back that evening. I informed [redacted] that I was extremely upset about the portraits and at that point wanted a full refund. I informed her of personal stuff going on in the family that I had needed the photos ASAP for and due to the photos being messed up, there was no way to recover from that. She informed me that she would have absolutely NO problem getting them taken care of. That the place that did the portraits was closed Fri, but she would take care of it Mon herself and even call me to let me know it was taken care of and have the stuff sent to me long before the 2 wks, along with $20 to help expidite the photos overnite to where I needed them to go. I never heard anything after that. 2 wks came and went. I tried to get ahold of her numerous times at the number I had after the 1st wk. Her v-mail was full. I finally found her on FB. I left a msg there saying I was contacting the if she didn't get back to me in the next few days and I wanted a FULL REFUND. Still nothing. I searched Google and found her last name but the location was in Fuquay-Varina. I tried contacting thru there. At some point she got a msg and got back to me and told me to stop being rude and nasty to her. I told her I had been trying to get ahold of her. When I left the msg on FB, I told her I want NOTHING to do with her business, that she was very unprofessional for not getting back to me, I DON'T WANT the pictures, She can have the little bit I rec'd to begin with, I JUST WANT MY $105 BACK. I have had this convo with her almost wkly since and every time she promises the money is on the way and then it never comes. I have a bunch of text msgs from her with different lies, and no money. [redacted] calls & says shes sent me the money & to keep the pictures. She says is $50 enough? I'm like NO! I want a FULL REFUND! [redacted] says I've authorized my asst to send you $50 more. Then I get a call from the asst [redacted] She asks what is it going to take. I tell her I just want my $105. I don't want the pictures. She says what's your address so I can make sure you get your full refund. This is 6/3. I give it to her. I ask for her address so I can send her the pics back. She says KEEP THEM for all your trouble. On 6/4, my dau gets a pkg from CPP with ALMOST all the pics and $50 cash. I call [redacted] and tell her, WHY after all this, instead of my refund, is $50 showing up and pictures I SPECIFICALLY informed you I did not want? I told you I want NOTHING to do with your business. I want my FULL REFUND ONLY! She told me she had already sent out the $50 and this was before she talked to me. She was sending out the money that day. The next week it was the same thing. Fri the 12th, [redacted] informs me via text, she's sending me certified mail, I better be there to sign for it and never contact her again. The 14th 7pm, text msg, [redacted] says if you don't hear from me by Fri, let me know.Desired SettlementI want a FULL REFUND! I don't want anything other than what I have asked for from the start. I could care less what happens to them as a business. They can never apologize. They can go on pretending they are doing a great job. I however will make sure that the school knows not to deal with cash situations at the end of the year with them again in those circumstances without knowing they might have the same consequences possible. I would hate to see this happen to other families as well. I however will never deal with their business again.Business Response /[redacted]/Contact Name and Title: [redacted] OwnerContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@carolinaportraitpros.comGood Evening,Please accept my late response. My Partner of many years, and my business partner passed [redacted] on May 19. It was unexpected, even though she had been sick for awhile.I never ask for cash, they have the option to use credit or check as well. Ms [redacted] never asked for a receipt or the school who collects the envelopes would of given her one. Ms [redacted] called I explained what I was going to do, then my Partner passed [redacted] I did not plan this.As for asking her to stop the slanderous accusations on Facebook, yes I did. She was rude and out of line enough for me to call my attorney for advice.At this point my Associate [redacted] stepped in, only to be yelled at and cursed at. We run a Christian Based Preschool business, and this was out of line. her order was done, mailed, and refunded $45 dollars in cash. This was sent to the address on the form that Ms [redacted] filled out herself and signed.This prompted her to send a text that was inappropriate and slanderous so I told her to stop texting me.I then wrote a check for the balance, sent it Certified mail that required her to show Identification and sign for it. Again sent to the address on the envelope she filled out. [redacted] was handling all of this through my phone at this time. Ms [redacted] had no sense of compassion [redacted] the grief I was going through and still am. She now has been paid in full and I expect a letter of apology. Consumer Response /[redacted]/As always, Ms [redacted] is once again using inflammatory statements about myself. I make it a point not to lie or curse anyone when dealing with issues with people who take care of the public. Having served in a Supervisory capacity for the State and/also the Government for years and having served numerous years in the Military for Our Country, directly serving Generals, Senators and Congressman as well, from those who'd just enlisted to those who were retiring, having been an Instructor to thousands, directly being a part of why my units earned Best in the Division numerous times at multiple stations of assignment and being promoted at the earliest possible time for every advancement did not come from making up lies along the way. I know what it is to walk with tragedy in your heart. That doesn't stop life from going on. People pull themselves up and keep on walking, through tragedy and wherever life takes them. Myself and my family are dealing with unbelievable grief at the moment. But we move on. Business is business and needs to be taken care of in the same aspect.Ms [redacted] wasn't holding up to her end of the commitment. That is why I specifically asked for a refund from her. Ms. [redacted] thinks that $55 is worth lying and cursing someone over and as she puts it "committing slander." It's just a few dollars. But to me, when I purchase something through an "Legitimate Actual Associate", I expect someone who cares to give their very best, as I would care to do right by them. You expect when dealing with "Big Box Associates" to have problems like that at times. But not as much with someone with their own business. Usually if there is conflict, you can find a compromise fairly quickly. I can understand if an associate passed, there would be a holdup. I am not without compassion. But I am also not into being lied to and a game being played and let's keep it going. Ms [redacted] took a needed moment that I was looking forward to with those pictures and ruined it. I dealt with Carolina Portrait Pro's with my being vehement enough to let them know I want nothing to do with their business and insisted on asking for a refund. That's not cursing or lying to them. I gave the assoc [redacted] my address on 4 June. Our conversation was genial and did not get verbally ignited. I was courteous and straightforward about wanting my refund. [redacted] stated she understood my frustration and insisted I keep the portraits and would be remitting the refund the next day after giving her my address and informing me there was no need for me to have their address to return the pictures I had. I just rec'd the certified letter via my daughter (whom it was mailed to at her former address *given by the school, not by me, sent around the 14th of June). She moved and the check had to be forwarded so is just catching up to her. If the check had been mailed to my address I had given [redacted] on the 4th of June, it would have been here long ago. As for paying cash, I did bring a check, but was told it was not acceptable, it had to be cash only. I had to go get cash. I asked for a receipt and was told the director was not there to give me one. As I stated the school was in the process of leaving for a field trip that had everyone running around trying to get on buses, etc and pandemonium abounded. There was no one to go to get any receipt or anyone from the Portrait Company to talk to about the portraits or answer questions either. As for contacting my lawyers, as I stated, for $55 I wouldn't waste their time over such nonsense. Although I feel sorry for the loss of life to the person who passed [redacted] an apology to Ms [redacted] is unacceptable. She has brought this upon herself. As I stated, she has been entirely unprofessional to myself. She has been quite the liar, making me out to be lying and has had no qualms about presenting drama to myself. As I stated to her, "writing a check, money order or etc for the $55 and sending it off could have this taken care of in minutes instead of letting this drag out for weeks on end".As for her statement about her feeling the need to contact her lawyer concerning my slanderous, accusatory, rude and out of line Facebook post, I am including the only Facebook post I sent to her as follows (I did not see how to send a jpeg, so this is an actual copy and paste): "[redacted]This is [redacted] yet again. I have tried calling you and leaving msgs. You do not return my calls. It is going on 3 weeks that I have not rec'd my pictures or my partial refund for the pictures I did not receive for the $105 pkgs I purchased at [redacted] in Cary, NC of my Granddaughter. I stated to you I no longer want the pictures but a full refund of my money. I am extremely disgusted with your service and unprofessionalism and want my money refunded. I will be contacting the about your service if I do not hear from you within the next day or two. Please contact me through Facebook msgs and I will remit my phone number again to you if you no longer have it. [redacted]"I can see how she would feel I was being slanderous, and out of line. Her saying she needed to contact a lawyer over this is nonsense. :\ Her drama towards me is boundless. Where is it "Professional" to not contact a person for weeks on end over something they've purchased that you've promised to take care of in a timely manner? Even if you have a passing ** someone you care for, you could put up a voicemail at your number to let people know, so there is something to let people know there is a hold up, or have an associate call people and take care of things, anything would've helped. I am only glad I never have to do business with this company again.As for texts between Ms [redacted] and myself. I have copies of her texts to myself as follows (not all are included as they do not include anything towards this case):"Is $50 enough?" (sorry, I accidentally deleted the text with the date and time on this one, but this was sent most likely on 06/03)On 06/03/XXXX XX:XX pm I texted..Ms [redacted], In no way does $50 come close to compensating for paying for $105 worth of portraits and then getting screwed out of the shots that are the ones you hold most dear by hanging them so you can see them all the time.On 06/03/XXXX XX:XX pm I texted..I have not been disrespectful. I HAVE LEFT MSGS WITH MY NO. AND NOT REC'D A RETURN CALL. YOU ARE RUNNING A BUSINESS AND I DEPENDED ON YOU FOR SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT IN MY LIFE AS WELL. WE CAN'T ALL STOP EVERYTHING BECAUSE WE WANT TOO! MY CONDOLENCES ON YOUR LOSS THO!!After having a phone conversation on 06/03 with Ms [redacted] about me not wanting anything but my refund, on 06/04/2015 I received a bunch of pictures I specifically had told Ms [redacted] I was not interested in thru my daughter along w/$50. I wasn't even aware the pictures were even coming, so was completely furious that instead of receiving my money, I was getting pictures and a partial refund. Especially after having talked to Ms [redacted] the previous evening. She could have relayed that the money and partial refund was on the way and she would be straightening everything out forthwith.I also had talked with her partner [redacted] early on the 4th (before my daughter brought the pictures *after getting off work) who also hadn't said anything about the pictures coming or the money and who had gotten my address from me and told me to keep the pictures, so thought she was talking about the pictures I had already received up to that point. I had every intention of returning what pictures I had once I had an actual address from them. When I rec'd the addt'l pkg with so many pictures it made me furious thinking, "I'm not paying to ship all these pictures back after having stated I've already said I don't want these!"On 06/04/XXXX XX:XX pm I texted.."This is [redacted] yet again. Why am I getting pictures when I expressly relayed I AM NOT INTERESTED IN DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU, SO DON'T WANT!! I ALSO ASKED FOR A FULL REFUND OF $105, NOT THE $50 I REC'D. PLS RTN A CALL YET AGAIN." (Along with my phone no & name)On 06/14/XXXX XX:XX pm Ms [redacted] texted.."We will be sending a certified letter on Monday morning. If you don't receive it by the end of the week just let me." It's 07/07/15, I am just getting my check and it is in the bank processing. I wish they sent the check to my address I gave [redacted] June 4th 2015.Final Business Response /[redacted]/On June 3rd a envelope with $50 dollars cash was sent to the address on the portrait envelope. The account for the business was being held in estate and therefore a check unavailable. It was sent priority mail. On June 25, a check was mailed to the same address on the envelope provided for Picture Day. I sent it RESTRICTED DELIVERY and it was signed for on June 30, 2015 by [redacted]. She has a full refund to include photos. Per my attorney, I will not get into a contest to see who can write the best email. I am a Christian and run a Faith Based business. Best Regards,[redacted]Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Tryig to order PortraitsDesired SettlementMy granddaughter had her portraits taken at her school by Carolina Portrait Pros and the deadline for payment was missed. When I tried to contact company regarding ordering and paying late fees, email sent on December 13, we have not heard from them. We had an issue witht hem last year as well as far as order processing and collecting payment! Me personally, I would think twice before using this company and I personally wouldn't use them. Business Response My name is [redacted], owner of Carolina Portrait Pros. I am responding to the complaint. We had a deadline for the pictures to be turned in to the school. On the order form is a mailing address, phone number and a email. We actually picked up twice at the school to accomodate parents, therefore saving them the expense of mailing them to us. I had a conversation with this person, not sure of the date, but do know a conversation took place. The call was returned to the number she originally called from which was her work place. Our hours of operation are from 4:30 a.m to 5 P.m Monday through Friday and therefore we do make every effort to provide outstanding customer service. As for last year once again, the deadline was set, and after that we have provided a email, plus a studio address to mail orders to us. I am sorry but do not feel like this complaint is valid.Final Consumer Response [redacted] and I did not talk regarding this portrait order issue. We talked when my granddaughter attended pre-k at [redacted] and we had a portrait issue then which was with the school as well as Carolina Portraits. This issue was for my granddaughters Pre-K School Pictures and I sent [redacted] and Email as well attempted to call. I sent the original email on December 13th asking for a price on prints, I gave the photo numbers as well as what I wanted. I did not hear back so I initiated a complaint, even thought the issue with my granddaughters portrait was solved, eventually, this is now 2 years in a row. Final Business Response First I will state that we did have a conversation, otherwise no one would of known to provide the PJD numbers in the email. I have an assistant that reads and responds to all my email,and to phone calls, and this was something that was being addressed by someone else. Unfortunately it falls in behind all the other orders and schools that have been on schedule and therefore it does take longer to produce. There is a cut-off date and after that it becomes the parents responsibility to mail the form to me. I am not making excuses. I have yet to receive any payment, once a payment has been received, and processed, I will be more than glad to mail the images to the school.

Carolina Portrait Pros came to Childcare Network and took pictures of my daughter in February 2015 which I prepaid and never received.I paid for a package and never got the pictures from Carolina Portrait Pros. This company has been giving me the run around and even sent me pictures of the wrong child. They have promised to send me funds and pictures on several different occasions I never received either. . They are very unprofessional and yet today I was literally called a [redacted] by one of the professionals at this establishment.Desired SettlementThe resolution for this matter would be to send the pictures of my daughter and a refund for the harrasment and unprofessionalism that I have had to endure. These are the only professional pictures that I have of my young daughter at this age. My memories have been destroyed by insufficient professionalism and courtesy.Business Response /[redacted]/To whom this may concern,This has been an ordeal. I am going to bullet point facts.1. We took pictures at the school. Forms turned and NO FORM was turned in for the child in question. 2.I get a email or text from staff asking for some help with this parent that is causing issues. 3. We want them to have their photos, so I asked for more detail. With no order form, I have no idea who the child is.4. The parent sends photos of child and said " This is outfit she had on for pictures". There was no child with that outfit on so we tried to fill the order on what the baby looks like. There are two tiny babies that had on similiar outfits so we sent off the order on what we thought.It was wrong and the parent is one of the rudest people I know.5. At this point all she wants is her money and so my accountant cut a check for $35 dollars even though this is not even an option. 6. This customer has blown up my phone with texts at times we are not even open. I have been on bereavement leave since my partner has passed and she seems to think and put it in a text business goes on. 7. On 8/18/2015 she continues to rant and rave and I turned over the slanderous messages to my attorney. I refunded her the money, not my issue if she has not gotten the check. I have text messages where my I was sending a message It said MY ACCOUNTANT HAS SENT THE CHECK. I HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THIS then the letter b inserted like a typo and I hit send. She said are you calling me a [redacted] and I immediately said it was a typo on my phone. It was not implying her that at all. 8. I asked her to stop with the slander and the texts and the threats. I have sent a personal check off today Priority Mail. 9. She then ask for who I billed under and I have no idea what that means. This parent sent a photo of her child saying this is what the child had on for pictures and had she had the order form and the correct description, none of this would of went this far. Her money for a refund that is not just is on the way. Consumer Response /[redacted]/1)The school has confirmed that you never sent the pictures. Also you sent me a text from the form of my daughter. If you did not have my credit card information which was on the form then why would you have sent these texts below;Fwd: Good evening, I am [redacted] from Carolina Portrait Pros. I'm trying to order pics for you and your card has declined. How would you like to proceed?Aug 18 3:08pmGood evening, I am [redacted] from Carolina Portrait Pros. I'm trying to order pics for you and your card has declined. How would you like to proceed?Apr 12 2:25pmIm not sure how it had declined Apr 12 2:39pmWhat numbers are you seeing for the card Apr 12 2:39pmIt went through. My assistant was doing them and just told me she did it wrong the first time. You are good to go!Apr 12 3:32pmI'm sorry wrong person. Yes I tried it twice and it did not go through.Apr 12 3:32pmDo you have another card?Apr 12 3:32pmHuh?Apr 12 3:33pmThe first text was for someone elseApr 12 3:34pmWhere are my pictures?May 30 4:40pm2) You company never gave me any type of resolve and I have all communication between your assistance. No one ever asked me for a description or details. This all happened before your partner passed away. This situation took place in April. Not on May the 19th.3) I sent you several photos and you even sent me a picture saying this is the outfit you had me look for.4) You sent me this text stating that I could have my pictures and my refund. 5) I never made any threats to you after you called and implied that I was a [redacted]. I expected more from a Christian Company. That is why I chose to send you a form which you sent me a picture of and captured my credit card information on the form for you to contact me.6) You then sent me pictures of another child saying oh just shred those after I sent you countless pictures of my daughter and I text you this. I did fire her not long ago. Over the next day or so I will send to the lab and get you some cash back.Jul 06 5:54pmI'm all for supporting small. businesses but to this magnitude I'm really upset. Picture capture the essence of time they are keepsakes that my daughter will always have life is extremely short ma'am and pictures help us to remember that.I just want some type of resolve.Jul 06 5:54pmAppreciated!7) You never sent a refund or the pictures that you said that you had and now will not provide. You took a picture from the form and sent it to me. I want my pictures and a refund as promised. Final Business Response /[redacted] had no order form because she lost or misplaced it. Therefore we have no file numbers to identify the child. She sent photos saying over and over THIS IS THE OUTFIT SHE HAD ON. That was untrue. After spending my time searching for that out fit I sent her another photo informing her that she had the outfit wrong, and all she said was okay. If she would of not done that repeatedly then this might of been resolved sooner. She demanded the money saying she did not want the photos so I had the accountant cut her a check. I have no control over the mail. After repeated harassment, to include nasty messages on my phone and my assistant's, I wrote her a personal check and it says it will be there Friday. Then yesterday from a different phone number, she starts leaving other messages. This is now harassment, and I will no longer have any communication with her. She has exactly what she ask for.Thank you,[redacted]

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