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Carolyn Adams' Country Barn

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We have a home insurance policy for our house in Florida We've paid a six month cost and all over sudden, received a letter that our insurance policy will be cancelled and also it claimed that it was a second notice Never received any previous notices Had to follow up with our agent who also claimed did not receive any notices Somehow we feel it will be a rocky ride Will definitely look for alternative insurance provider

I've had this company for over years, I filed claim for a broken pipe that cost $and they decided to cancel my insurance !!!! ISN'T THIS WHAT INSURANCE IS FOR ???????? This company has a bunch of corrupt [redacted] that only pocket the moneyI will write and downgrade this company for as long as I can

I sustained roof damage during hurricane Mathew I have had FedNat for about years and carry hurricane insurance This is the first time I have filed a claim The day after the hurricane, FedNat sent a roofer out to tarp my roof I thought boy they are on the ball! That was the last and only positive interaction I have had Immediately, (before they even sent an adjuster) my home had to be inspected After years, two days after a hurricane! The person was very rude, he took pictures of the interior and exterior of my home I then got a letter in the mail saying my roof was damaged and I had days to fix it! To date, I have had three adjusters The first two no longer work there None of the three adjusters have returned phone calls and my roof is still tarped When the current adjuster took over my claim, she told me a year old woman, I needed to climb on the roof, untarp it and take more pictures for them! I politely declined and told her, the previous adjuster had already taken pictures as well as the roofing company I had first contacted and since her people tarped it they could pay to have the tarp removed, photographed and re applied I am at the point I am filing a formal complaint with the Department of Financial Office of Insurance Regulations, in [redacted] office With 100% negative reviews on I don't understand how they have an A+ rating?? If the customer service I have received is indicative of this company's response, RUN don't walk away from giving them your business

My story is differentAn agent charged my credit card and paid themselves for a policy I never signed and did not agree to in various emailsThe reason why is that one of the names on the homeowners policy is a person on that is neither on the deed or titleI told them they had to correct that and they said they would only AFTER I signedI refused to sign until corrected and they charged my card for the year and refuse to give me my money backI think thats a felonyThis happened yesterdayThey charged me for the full year and are now refusing to give me back my money until I sign a paper I have to write up cancelling a policy I never agreed to payMy attorney will be looking into this fraud on Monday if my money is not returned to my cardI now have Lloyd's as my insurance agent so they are now keeping my money for a policy I never agreed to pay and never signed for insuring someone who is not on the deed or titleIf this is how they treat those looking to get insured I can only fear if I had a claim!

I had the owner of a dealerships' car door blow into my car on 04/03/I called the claim in on 04/04/As of today, 04/29/I had not heard from an adjusterI called to follow up and was told they could not find the claim in spite of my having a "First Notice of Loss" numberI was also hung up on times even after asking for a supervisorAs an insurance agent I have to say that this company is horrible at customer service and I can't imagine how they managed to secure an A+ ratingI would never recommend this company to anyone under any circumstances

I hit d deer on Dec My car had to be towed to a tow yard beacusenof the damage.I never had anyone call to check on me, never knew the adjuster's name until I called together her infoMyriam never called me no matter how many times I called and left messagesShe finally called me back after I sent her an email demanding to have an updateAt this point my car had sat on the tow yard lot for weeksShe informed me she would have someone pick up my carIt took another week for someone to pick up my car and it was taken to CopartAfter asking about a rental car it was explained to me that I had to pay out of pocket and get reimbursed and couldn't go over a limitThere it was put on a public website without my permissionThere they removed my tag and never told me where it wasAfter I tried again to get info about my car I was told Myriam was out for another weeks after just taking week offThat would make me have a loss of a car now for weeks without any knowledge of where it is atI finally got in touch with her supervisor ***She will not return any phone callsThe only way she will have any contact with me is emailAfter finally getting an estimate for my car, I gave permission on Dec for my car to be worked on locally, even sent the address, and the shop would call me when they received itI never heard anything and called the shop to see if my car was delivered and it wasn'tI emailed [redacted] and she didn't know where my car wasFor a full week my car was lost [redacted] never tried to contact me nor the shop to find my carTurns out it was delivered to the wrong place for a full weekHad I not asked [redacted] where my car was, it would still be lostShe should have been keeping up with itI finally laid eyes on my car days after my wreck, still not repaired, still undrivable, still waiting on this companyMy car has sat on a lot long, it has mold and mildew growing inside it

How do you think is Okay to cancel a customer and put them in a HIGH RISK category when they haven't missed a payment, have excellent credit, and haven't submitted a claim (we submitted one but cancelled it due to the large deductible)that you guys had to pay out on?? Do you realize what type of business your in We've had many insurances companies over the years and the majority have been good You guy are not one of those At the least, you should have had someone contact us directly (since we are your customers and deserve that respect) and explained your reasoning behind dropping us Not at all impressed w you guys, and will NOT recommend you in the future

When trying to make a claim with this company following an auto accident (they are the insurers for the at fault driver), I have had to call multiple times to follow up on the claimThe most recent call, I have been on hold for over hours and have yet to speak with anyoneMy car has yet to be repaired and I have yet to actually speak to someone to find out what is going on

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