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Carozza's Service Center

690 Columbus Avenue, Lebanon, Ohio, United States, 45036-1606

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I called Carozza’a and spoke to a lady (the “secretary”) and told her that I had a truck that I believed needed a clutch and if I bought the clutch with me, how much would they charge for labor, she told me $500. I then asked how long the owner has been a mechanic and proceeded to tell me that he’s been doing it for many years, so I scheduled to drop it off. At drop off, we had some casual conversation that I did some work on cars but nothing big like this, I only do brakes and such, then we had some other casual conversation. At no time did they ask me if I knew for sure that my clutch was bad or why I felt that it was bad, they assumed it because I brought it in for that. I hope Doctors don’t work that way! I then told Dave that I would like for him to look at the oil pan to see if he felt that the gasket needed changed or not, he slid underneath my truck and said that he didn’t see that the oil pan gasket was really bad at all since there was not much down there and splashed around, but he did proceed to tell me that it would be good to put in a new rear main seal since they would have the transmission out already, so I asked the secretary (his wife I believe), how much is a rear main seal and she said not much at all, so I agreed to it. I said that I was in no real hurry for we were headed out on vacation and this is not my main vehicle. I went to pick up my truck about 1 week later and was told the bill was $655, I asked why, assuming that maybe it was the cost of a rear main seal and something else, but to my surprise, they didn’t even do the rear main seal, he said that it wasn’t needed yet he told me that it would be best to do since it would already be out and I agreed to it, instead I guess that I was charge $155 for a small piece to be welded that broke off? I did not argue with it because I was so happy to get back a vehicle with no gear shifting problems, yet again to my surprise, the vehicle appeared to be no different than when I dropped it off. So, I called and said that I would like to come in and talk about this and have Dave drive it, she agreed. Once I got there, Dave was not there at that moment, so I began conversations with the secretary, and I proceeded to say that the clutch must not have been bad since nothing feels or seems different, she said, that it was a little worn, I said then why would you change or not think that maybe something else is wrong, then she said, well it was pretty worn out, so the clutch got worse the more I talked with her. She said that Dave didn’t notice anything wrong when he drove it, I said that your story is now conflicting, we spoke already and because it was a mechanic that drove it and never noticed anything wrong that now we were going to have Dave drive it, this is one of the reasons I came down here, she stuttered and moved on to trying to get ahold of Dave to see when he would be in, she said 15 minutes or so and he’d be here, so I ran down the street to take care of something else. Once I walked back into the door, Dave was obviously prepared to serve up his conclusions without taking a promised test drive with me. He told me that I came in and “appeared” to know what I was talking about so he didn’t question me, yet then he proceeded to tell me that every time in the past that he’s not questioned someone, that this is where it ends up, so why, as a supposedly good mechanic with years of ownership experience in this type of situation, not ask me? He wouldn’t allow me to talk till he set the stage to his so-called closing act to not wanting to assist me in any way. Once I felt the opportunity to speak as a customer should have, he then butted in and started drilling me with questions like, what do you do for a living, I answered that I run 17 shops nationwide, we manufacture and install leather interiors and power roofs etc., and when a customer has an issue, we are there to assist them in any way possible, even at worse case, refunding their monies (this is not what I was even wanting by the way). He quickly moved to his next question, if a customer comes in and says here is what I want, do you try to talk them out of it, I answered, yes, and this is what I train all of my people, to ask and ensure that they know what their getting and why do you want to do it this or that way. I gave this example, if someone comes in and wants to order a yellow leather interior with purple stitch, you bet that we will ask them questions and many times try to sway them from it. That answer obviously wasn’t what he was looking for, so he moved on from there by standing up, moving towards me and getting even stronger in his tone. I wanted to try and resolve this somehow but he was definitely was not headed in that direction, it was all about blaming me and then saying something to the effect that he could point out all the other problems my truck has but wasn’t going to do that, although he just did. If they would’ve asked questions at the beginning or drove my truck beforehand or once they had it apart, seen that the clutch wasn’t that bad and set it aside until they got ahold of me and let me know that there must be something else wrong, but no, nothing but I’m the one at fault. This was one of the worse cases of customer service that I’ve ever experienced, he was not at all willing to resolve this besides “now” wanting to supposedly to a diagnosis on it.

Carozza's Service Center Response

Mr. contacted Carozza's Service Center by phone for an estimate on the installation of a complete clutch kit that he had purchased and deciding after thinking about the repairs of a 22 yr old truck clutch assembly and slave cylinder being more than he wanted to handle at home. This is what he stated after his rebuilding of the steering column and bearings that this job was more than he wanted to tackle. Carozza's Service Center at this time priced Mr. the labor only . He was told very specifically that this truck being a 1995 Ford there could be extra expenses due to excessive rust and worn parts. The installation price would be an estimated $500.00 plus any unknown rusted or broken components that would be added cost at that time. Mr. agreed to these conditions. At this time he was being very to the point and straight forward with his language and his automotive knowledge. He has also self proclaimed that he runs 17 shops nationwide in the automotive field and he trains his people to ask all the right questions as per his own statements. This is another conflicting and confusing facts about Mr. contesting of our signed agreement . Our work was completed in a professional time and fashion. The clutch system installed works perfectly and as per factory specifications . This is exactly what our agreement and repair orders states and agreed upon. This 1995 Ford F-150 truck has several concerns as you can imagine a 22 year old work truck would have. Mr. had several boxes of what looked to be different types of parts in the front of his truck. I assumed these parts were purchased for future work that he had planned to also do himself. In my learning several days after his picking up the vehicle that he had a potential problem that was unrelated to our agreed repair . Mr. visited our repair shop on 11-21-2017 and was seeming to be very angry and confused as to the clutch replacement of his request. I was not in the office at the time of his return. I was immediately notified that there was a customer that was angry and confused about his bill and or his possible needed repairs. I personally called and reached out to Mr. , invited him back to the office to discuss the matter. When he returned I could tell right away that Mr. was in fact angry and this situation would have to be defused. We began to discuss once again having our facility complete a professional diagnosis of a possible engine misfire problems, front suspension problems, and oil leaks or any other concerns that he may have. He was extremely adamant about going on a test drive immediately, I could not do this at that time. I would have had my technician ride with him but he stormed out. This whole situation should be very cut and dry. Mr. called for an estimate on replacing a clutch kit and slave cylinder of which he had already purchased and diagnosed, was given a fair estimate and the work was agreed upon and completed exactly as requested. I strongly believe this man is painting a picture of being the victim but that is far from the truth. I have full faith in the and our 17 years plus in business in the same location and being an accredited business speaks for itself. I value all our customers and I as an owner strongly believe this was a fair and honest deal that rewards no refund. This was our first and only dealing with Mr.. I would like to personally reach out to him at this time and say I would be glad to complete any diagnostics on this vehicle but make it known that their is a $75.00 diagnostic fee.


David S. C

Carozza's Service Center, Owner

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Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]


Customer Response

There has been no direct contact to me from Carozza's since I left their place of business as a way to resolve anything with me. He made mention of a diagnostic being done in his report back to you for $75, and as a professional, this should have been done before they ever performed the work, but was never offered.

I am far from perfect but I do know one thing, if I went into a Doctor and said that I broke my ankle because that's the feeling I had, would he immediately do the surgery for a broken ankle or would he diagnose it himself first? If I went into a Dentist and said that I have a whole lot of pain and feel that my wisdom teeth need pulled, would they immediately pull my wisdom teeth or would they first diagnose it for themselves first? To do a diagnostic test now does not solve where we are at this point, so again, no, he has offered no solution to solving my concerns.

Thank you for your time!

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Address: 690 Columbus Avenue, Lebanon, Ohio, United States, 45036-1606


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