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Business states that the CSLB has been involved in this matterBusiness believes the situation has been resolved to consumer satisfactionRefund check along with water heater permit have been sent to the customerIt is the business' understanding that the check has been cashed

I am rejecting this response because:the response from carter plumbing is a fabricationThere have been other similar complaintsI called after the incident requesting a return callThey never called backThis is a terrible company complete with prevarications

I am rejecting this response because: I want to see the alleged signed contract that you refer to. I want to be able to review the charges.a and see if they are reasonable. I know for a fact that you jacked up the charge for the permit from $to $160.00. You are not answering any of my substantive questions. I cannot leave my tenant without a water heater. I want to know why you charged my card without my consent and why you did the work without my authroization of the charges, and why the only receipt you left my tenants did not show the prices you were charging. Basically I think that beside your dishonest business practices, you overcharged and I think yo owe me a partial refund. I can get the entire water heater for around $or less. I do not know what else you did beside strapping and permitting that would add up to an extra $
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

Attached please find information related to my complaint against *** Plumbing, ID ***. The first page is the copy of a contract sent by *** Plumbing. This contract has been doctored, as you can see by reviewing the second two pages, which is the paperwork my tenant signed for installation of a water heater to my rental property. It is signed by my tenant, not by me, and indicates that *** got payment "from the landlord." He knew that the tenant did not own the house and was not authorized to approve work or charges.Most significantly, *** sent the BB a doctored contract. He filled in the amount $in the COD calls section and also an amount of $At the bottom. These numbers are not present on the original. There is no other conclusion than *** falsified this contract after the fact in an attempt to fool the into thinking there was a signed contract authorizing work in the amount of $895.00. None of what he says is true. He did not have authorization to do this work or to charge my card for it. I would like to know what my options are because I am highly unsatisfied and I also do not think this person should be in business as he is unscrupulous

We are in no way desperate for money as we run aprox 6k in calls a year and have a percent or more customer satisfaction again we would be more than happy to refund your money as long as we can remove our water heater and parts and you can start over with the home warranty company ...and have another company do the install but its not reasonable to give you a refund and you keep the water heater and partsIf you would like to call me to make arrangements to do that you can ***

I am rejecting this response because: I never signed a contract. I specifically dispute that I did. I never spoke to anyone from *** until they called me times on 12/for payment. They appeared to be desperate for money on that date. There is no signed contract authrorizing $895.00. The only paperwork he gave my tenant - not me - is an itemization of things to be done WITH NO PRICES. I BELIEVE *** DID THIS SO THAT MY TENANT WOULD NOT ALERT ME TO THE COST. I can produce this document. I was NOT advised by the home warranty company of the non-covered charges until many days after the work was done. When I gave *** my credit card information on 12/19, it was with the understanding that I was paying the $service call fee. I had NO idea she was going to charge $895.00. When the woman from *** told me the charge was $895.00, I specifically said "Do not charge that amount. I want to investigate this first. You are not authrorized to charge $to my card." *** proceeded to charge that amount anyway WITHOUT my consent.I called *** to discuss this and he did not return my call.Show me the contract I allegedly signed and tell me the name and date of when the Home Warranty company advised me of the non-covered costs. Neither of those things happened. Further, as I said before, *** charged twice the actual cost of pulling a permit from the City of Elk Grove. I causes me to doubt all of the charges and I have not been shown the charges so that I could verify or authroize them. They were read to me by home warranty after the fact. *** has many complaints with I believe there are 19. I think his credibility should be considered in light of this

I filed with the State Contractors licensing Board. He violated the code that says whatever your invoice says is what you get paid. So, he gets paid 0. Apparently he tendered a check to CSLB but the he said the bank had reversed the $charge. I checked with my bank and that is not true- another lie.Bottom line is I will pick up the check next week and once it's cashed and the money is in my account I will let you know

We received a dispatch from the customers home warranty company on 9-and arrive to the home to diagnose on 9-30-The home owner advised that they had a gas leak below the slab that was verified by *** and another plumbing company They then showed us a Red tag ticket
from *** dated on 9-11-The policy started with the home warranty on 9-27-..Per the home warranty company we were required to call in our diagnosis before starting any work After talking to the warranty company the call was denied for a preexisting condition Per the contract we are required to collect the service fee and the home owner would of been advised of this by the warranty company We advised the home owner that she needs to call the home warranty about the service fee as they are the ones that require us to collect it
If the home warranty tells us to waive the fee we would be glad to do soWe feel we have followed every protocol and rule that her home warranty requiresplease refer file upload from *** and the Date of 9-11-14
Thanks for your time
*** ***

I am rejecting this response because:the warranty company DID NOT go over the charges with me I cannot respond until tomorrow I am not at a location where I can review the alleged document you sent and I need to speak with the warranty company tomorrowYou have no basis to say who toms me what and to say I need to respond today is unreasonable I will review your document tomorrow and speak to AHS and get back to you by Friday

I have uploaded the invoice to the please review this with them ... All the charges have been gone over with you thru American Home Shield ... We gave them an estimate they told us what they were paying for and what they were  not . you need to review the non covered charges with them. the charge for the permit was the actual permit fee and a processing fee .. It takes time to process .. The permit has been put on hold for now pending on if you want a refund or not .. If you do not want us to pull the water heater out and start over with the warranty company I will need to know today as I need to pull the permit and the offer will need to be pulled off the table ...We do not feel a partial refund is in order as you have been made aware several times by AHS of the charges. If you feel you can get a water heater installed by a license contractor for 895.00 we invite you to do so and we will make arrangements to remove the water heater and our parts and issue a refund . Or your contractor can meet us there when we remove the water heater so your tenant does not have to go without hot water. Respectfully [redacted] 

Greetings I have investigated your complaint with your home warranty and they tell me you were made aware of the non covered charges multiple times also we have a signed contract on 12-19 before we did the install of the water heater .. Then after the install was completed we collected the...

credit card info from you and charged you for the non covered amount .. on 12-22 after the install on 12-19 you then called into to your home warranty and again disputed the charges . We feel this is a legitimate charge that the home owner authorized and after the installation of her water heater disputed the charges ... Please see signed contract. If the home owner does not want to pay the non covered charges and wants a refund we would be happy to remove the water heater and the parts we installed and refund her the money .less any parts that can't be removed .. Then she can start over with her warranty companyRespectfully[redacted]

I do not accept the offer to remove the water heater. issue a refund and "start all over with AHS".  The water heater itself was coverd by and purchased by AHS.  [redacted]'s charges were for various other thngs.  I called AHS and set forth [redacted]'s offer.  The representative said "that is not how it works" and advised me NOT to agree.  She has referred this to AHS complaint department.  The problem is if I let [redacted] remove the water heater AHS may not pay for another one.I do not trust [redacted] to give me a refund even if I did agree.  Please see the attachment, which is the actual contract that my tenant signed.  [redacted] sent the a doctored coantract that showed the $895. - although not where it should have been - in an attempt to fabricate that he had advised my tenant of the charges.  He did not, as you can see form the ACTUAL contract.  Further, there is no valid contract- my tenant was not authroized to accept charges or work.  The contract itself is void.  It refers to receiving payment "from the landlord" - so [redacted] knew this was a tenant and that I was the repsonsible party, yet he never once spoke to me.  I told them this was a rental property at the start of the project, and that they would need to contact the tenant to set up an appointment.[redacted] is not honest so I do not wish to accept his promise of repayment, even if AHS would provode another water heater from another contracotr.  I do not trust him.

Business states that the CSLB has been involved in this matter. Business believes the situation has been resolved to consumer satisfaction. Refund check along with water heater permit have been sent to  the customer. It is the business' understanding that the check has been cashed.

Greetings We were called out by the customers home warranty company on a leaking water heater . We diagnosed the water heater and what was needed for the install .. Then called our report to the warranty company and gave an estimate to do the install .. My dispatcher said the home owner did not...

want to pay for the non covered items on our estimate and wanted to do some of it himself . This is normally against company policy but the home owner was persistent to supply some of the parts himself .i.e platform' So we arrived at the home and advised what he purchased was not going to work for the install as the platform was not high enough and more modifications would need to be made . Mr Home owner became very upset and started yelling at our service tech after being yelled at for some time the tech asked the home owner to stop verbally abusing him .The tech stated if he went to go return the part and get the right one he would wait for him when the yelling continued our tech left the home as to not inflame the situation anymore . The reason we don't let the home owners purchase there own parts or do some of the labor themselves is for this exact reason  The home owner stopped payment on the check he wrote and the customer was then referred to his home warranty company . The last we heard he received a cash out In conclusion after talking to our tech we feel the matter is closed as we were not there .we do applogise for any confusion and our dispatcher as been talked to about company policy

Review: I have a home warranty with [redacted] ([redacted]), they had Carter Plumbing came to my house for issue with water heater. [redacted] acknowledges water heater needed to be replaced. Carter Plumbing came to house to install water heater, after installing tech said I owed $411 or $416 (it was on a work order, I was looking at it upside down so was not exactly sure of the amount) I told him I was not aware of any additional charges and ask him to include the cost of each item he had on the list. He said no, that is how he writes up all his paperwork. He said to pay or he was going to take the water heater out. At that time I called [redacted] asked them about the charges and [redacted] said there was no notation on file of any additional costs. I then told the tech what [redacted] had said and he got verbally inappropriate, called someone on the phone, he was cursing and being harsh. I told him to stop and he looked threating at me and yelled, I am not talking to you. He then went to get his hose to empty the water heater before removing. Then he changed his mind, said he was done working for the day. At some point the tech must have turned the gas valve off, because there was no hot water that evening or by the next morning. When I contacted [redacted] the next day, they had paperwork that showed $750 additional costs. I have called [redacted] every day last week except Friday and they have made no effort to contact me and resolve this issue. I had another plumbing company come out to light the water heater, they found it had internal leakage that was dripping on the pilot light putting it out. Carter Plumbing installed water heater without telling me I would own money when completed and I am still without hot water.Desired Settlement: A working water heater and for them to not demand paying for something I didn't authorize.



The home owner had been made aware of the non covered charges many times By her home warranty company. After the job was completed and installed she refused to pay .. We talked to our tech about what she was saying and he said none of what she said was true and he never said he was rude nor he was ever going to remove the water heater .. We then came out to her home to see if the new water heater was defective or leaking , What we found was normal condensation and normal operation of the heater

The home owner finally paid what was owed and the problem was resolved

Review: On November 15, 2013 I had a plumbing problem and my home warranty is with [redacted] whom contacts with Carter Plumbing. Carter Plumbing was called out to fix a leak and the plumber ([redacted]) proceeded to cut a hole in the ceiling where the leak was coming from and then told me he had to stop because there was mold present. The following day my home insurance adjustor came out and took photos of the entire area which showed no mold present. I then immediately called Carter plumbing to get their plumber back to my house and Carter stated they would have someone there first thing in the morning which would have been November 18, 2013. I called [redacted] and Carter Plumbing several times that morning complaining because the plumber was not available in the morning and did not get to my house until after 2pm on the 18 NOV 13. The second plumber ([redacted]) fixed the leak within 15 mins. My complaint is the first plumber ([redacted]) failed to do due diligence regarding my leak and I now have secondary damage which is mold. I spoke to [redacted] and Carter Plumbing and no one wants to be responsible for the secondary damages. However, I feel since Carter was referred they should be liable for the damages. If the first plumber ([redacted]) had taken more time instead of rushing then he would have saw there was no mold present and I wouldn't have mold growing today.Desired Settlement: I would like for Carter Plumbing to pay for the removal of the mold.



Our Tech was out and diagnosed encased leak and noticed signs of mold and stated this in his invoice and the home owner signed .. 3 days later after home owner opened sheetrock and cleanup mold we repaired the line .. If we find mold present our techs have been informed to stop .. What we dont understand is that the home owner stated that she had an adjuster out the next day and there was no mold present ! .. But she wants us to pay for mold cleanup .. So we were out on the 15th she had the adjuster out on the 16th and we fixed the pipe on the 18th .. We stand by our diagnoses that there was mold present at the time of service and stopped work

We did not cause the mold she had a leak in her ceiling that we repaired mold doesn't grow in 2 days we feel we did nothing wrong in the case



I am rejecting this response because: Carter Plumbing states "I opened up the sheetrock." Which is not true. Carter Plumbing sent two Tech to my house on two different days. The first Tech cut a whole in the top of my ceiling and stopped because he said there was mold present. The receipt was signed only to acknowledge the Tech was at my residence not to confirm the prensence of mold. Carter Plumbing also states "3 days later I cleaned up mold which is impossible because my inusrance adjustor took picture on Novemeber 17, 2013 showing no mold present but rat dropping were prensent. Now, had I cleaned up I would have also cleaned up the rat droppings as well. The first Tech turned off water and said the water would stop leaking after all the pressure was out of the lines but the leaking never stopped. Being that he had already cut a whole in the sheetrock the moisture got in and that is what caused the mold to start developiong. The question I have is why did Carter Plumbing repaid the leaking line because as the second Tech stated "being that a rat chewed the line he should not have repaired it." So, why did Carter Pluming repaid the leaking line?? Is it because they knew they were at fault or is because the second Tech should have been at my house earlier that morning and did not get to my house until later that afternoon. I called Carter Plumbing serveral times the morning of November 18, 2013 and [redacted] infomed me she could only send the Tech that came because he was small enough to be able to fit into the hole that the first Tech cut into the ceiling. I told [redacted] it didn't matter whom they sent because the sheetrock would need to be replaced. I stand by my insurance adjustor diagnoses as the proof of no mold being present is in the pictures provided.

Review: Carter plumbing was assigned to my service request from [redacted] home warranty company for a replacement of a circulator pump on my hot water heater. They initially came to my home on August 22, 2014. I am still waiting for the service to be completed 65 days later. They have scheduled service 3 times with confirmation that the parts were available. 2 times they no called no showed, after my husband took the days off from work. When I called they said the parts didn't arrive. Again today after confirmation that the parts were available I recieved a call from the plumber and he said when he went to get the part it hadn't arrived. I am very frustrated with this situation. I have called the home warranty company several times as well and they have not assisted to rectify the problem.Desired Settlement: I want the work completed! It's been 65 days! Unexceptable

Review: Carter Plumbing was assigned to my case through American Home Shield (AHS). It took them 4 days to contact me initially, when AHS says it should not take longer than 24-48 hours.The company scheduled an appointment without telling me, and I only found out because I called them because I hadn't heard anything; 3 days later, they finally came out. The driver said that he should have the part on the truck, and then found that he didn't. He told me that the company would be calling me before the end of business that day and that someone would be coming out the next day (4-17). When I hadn't heard anything, I called the company and they told me that they didn't have the paperwork so they had no way of knowing what the part was. I read them the part and they said it didn't matter. I was told I would hear back first thing in the morning regarding the part.I again had to call them. When I expressed my dissatisfaction and frustration, the owner of the company insulted me by saying that I was wasting the time of her employees and that I was "being overly dramatic" and "acting like the world was going to end."A week later, I still hadn't heard back, so I called. The part had come in, and they didn't call me with the tracking information once it was ordered or when it came in, both of which they promised to do. Again they scheduled an appointment without telling me (again I called). It is 2 weeks later, and they have not shown at all and it is past the appointment window.Desired Settlement: I want a refund of the fee I paid to this company. I think that is fair, especially since I am not asking them to pay for my fees for missing work.




We do not feel we did anything wrong in this situation .. The service fee of 75.00 is Required by Her Home Warranty Company not by us





I am rejecting this response because:

While that may be the case, it should not come out of my pocket. Your staff is incompetent and unknowledgeable. You close your office early, and your workers arrive late. That fee should come out of your pocket, not mine. The time I had to take off work when your worker didn't bother to say he was running late exceeds that amount. This amount is a partial refund for my time, and will hopefully track you a lesson. You provided poor service and frustration, YOU need to take care of the fee. Especially since I got a bill for another $75 for your substandard job.

Review: Technician stated that I told the technician that I would be available to be at my house within 25 minutes. I never spoke to the technician. I placed a call with American home shields on 01/27/2014. They have a 24-48 hr response time. According to American home shields, the technician stated that he called me on 02/06 (10 days ) later to schedule an appointment. They are trying to bill me for not being there which I never even spoke to the technician about setting up an appointment. My toilet issue was resolved by [redacted] on 01/28/2014 (which I have a receipt), so why would I setup an appointment with Carter Plumbing on 02/06/2014.Desired Settlement: Carter Plumbing is still trying to bill me. I feel it's unethical for a business to try to collect on a service that they never performed.

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