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Causeway Sporting Goods

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I recently paid a bill at Kentucky Utilities in Richmond, KentuckyMy cousin had moved from her address and used my address for her cut off bill.When I went to pay my electric bill I grabbed the wrong bill and paid her cut off bill in the amount of $260.08.This was paid with a check from my checking account.When I realized what I had done and the amount I paid was not applied to my account but someone elseI go in person to KU and try to get them to apply the $to my account because I was sent a bill for $and some odd centsI have had to get heating assistance for a couple of my bills and tried to explain to KU that they should be able to apply the money to my accountThey said they couldn't My question to you is how can they allow someone to use your address to send their bill to without getting your permissionI have been virtually sick over this matter since it has happenedI realize it was my mistake but it was an honest oneWhy should my money go to pay a cut

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I was $dollars behind on my bill, an they told me that my bill was coming out on the 29th of Nov an told me to pay the that I was behind an I paid the behind bill of dollars, an thought I was alright,then they came out an shut off my elect with a dying child that is living there that needed his oxygen machine an breathing machine an they have been told this for a long timei called them an they said they would not turn it back on until I paid them that was just due an after I paid the dollars I made an online prepay of for the 19th an they refused to take that as a payment to be taking out of my accountthen my daughter paid them an they told me it would cancel the online prepay, an what did they dothey took both payments an they refused to give it back to methen they turn around, made me prove it was paid out of my account when it went in on debit its automatic paid out of the account,had me an my daughter go to our banks an get proof it was pai

Hi, I called KU regarding our past due balance on our account for September totalling in the ball park of $and then the following bill of roughly $to be paid in October By as the bill states w disconnect possible ON Oct On Oct our utilities were cut offAfter I had talked with KU the month before explaining our situation w money, lost of job, inability to work at the time And that we would pay our bills but NEEDED time 7/I lost my job 7/I broke my ankle 7/I had surgery and almost died I weeks to weeks ago have been cleared to work I AM in the last stages of being hired as a school bus driver Which would allow us to pay our bills in full, but they still cut everything off after I had previously explained to them On top of this I never get a bill until it is a DISCONNECT notice which makes it hard to keep up WITHOUT having to pay late feesI don't feel I should have to pay a reconnection fee Which is not just bad business but unethica

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My service was interrupted and I did not know my service would be cut November and my service was cut off on November at 12:I hurriedly had to make a payment so I had a friend run over to a paying facility and made a paymentAfter I made a payment I called and they came out withing to minutes to turn it back onIt must have been a neighbor or someone in close proximity that does that in other wordsSo for that they charged me about approximately for the reconnect charge and because my service was interrupted, which was the first time ever they are charging me a deposit of which will be broken up in to a month payment processSo I made a payment in the beginning of January this month and now I'm suppose to pay another by January and I believe I still will owe over odd dollars after thatWowI don't see owe they expect me to pay for a deposit of which I shouldn't be charged for because I never received a notice that specified

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My bill is electronically paid and since they did not process my bill in the right amount of time my service was shut off in winter and I have children My service was shut off in winter without warning because of a mistake of the companies side my bill was paid and is always paid on time electronically and then when they found the problem they still told me pm for a reconnect and I have a year old and month old child it is in the afternoon now not to mention then food and things that can go bad in my refrigerator this is very poor service and a mistake by them should be corrected sooner

Electric shut off for a $overdue bill I currently am working out of town since October 31stApparently I had an outstanding balance of $and today 12/12/kentucky utilities shut off my electricSince I am currently in Pennsylvania I did not know about the outstanding balance My partner (whome is a nurse) called me after she got home from work telling me the power is outI immediately call ku at 5:pm make the $payment which is now going to be an additional $fine to turn the power back on The agent I talked too assured me the technician works until 11pm tonight and the power would be turned back on because we have an infant at home At 9pm I call ku back to get an update for when they would be at the house to turn the power back on, the agent told me they wouldn't be there till tomorrow When I told her about talking to an agent earlier she told me that unfortunately even though I have an infant at home nothing was going to be done tonight I am flabbergasted

The customer went to pay a bill on June 1, The customer paid more than the bill due, and the transaction was handled professionallyLater that day, the customer noticed some confusing verbage on the statementThe customer notified the company about the problem, but they said the verbage could not be changedThe consumer asked to speak with a supervisor, but the call was disconnected

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