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• Feb 11, 2024

Buyer beware
Do your homework before going with cavco. We haven’t even fully moved in yet so this place is brand new! We have walls out of plumb, yes wallS not one but 2! Every window in the home is either skewed or the sash is broken. Linoleum was damaged everywhere, cracks in our ceiling in two areas, molding falling off walls, random 3” crown molding pieces in the center of a 10ft wall making it have 3 pcs of molding instead of one 10ft piece! Vent hood over the stove is disjointed and skewed! Customer service is good at saying the right things but we haven’t seen anything productive yet. They have sent people out twice now with either the wrong items or Oh wait….yes the wrong items!

• Mar 30, 2023

Run Away .... Such poor quality craftsmanship
Run Away... this is the worst craftsmanship. We have trim that is not lined up and so many nail holes in our trim and wall that cannot be caulked not painted because the trim is wood covered with paper. It is also a peel-and-stick trim. When it popped apart they attempted to cover it with nails and glue. We have nail-split wood in our cabinets and particleboard for our shelves that we can break with our hands. Our Formica was chipped so they tried to cover it with glue. The vinyl tile is rollout tile that is so thin we tore a hole in it when we removed a candy our grandson dropped on it. Our home was delivered to us from the factory. It was filthy. There were dirty shoe prints in the tub and shower from the workers. Sawdust all over the house. Nasty smudged wall plated. A bedroom door that did not close because the trim was so low. There are so many poor quality and poor craftmanship errors in our home. It is an awesome floor plan, just poorly executed.


Just not impressed or happy... still fixing things after one year (BY MYSELF)
My one year evaluation of my beautiful CAVCO home.

We arrived a few weeks after our home was installed and were initially awestruck by how nice the house looked.

But each day, a new problem or disappointment.
Maybe if I share these with you, you can repair some of your company's reputation.

Sticky outlets, tape residue or ?
Hours to clean up with WD-40.

Sticky counter tops, compound, glue, etc.
Hours to clean up by carefully scrapping.

Main house drain to septic was destroyed on delivery.
Was told "they didn't know the house was occupied"... so they didn't fix it until we called to tell them about it.

Strips of wood and mesh were left remaining on the roof.
I'm too old to go up on the roof.
The guy that came to fix the drain went up on the roof to remove the stuff.

Before connecting water to the house (while using containers for a water supply):
I had to re-install all dope and gaskets in the kitchen sink drains because they were never tightened and leaked severely and made a terrible mess under the kitchen sink.
I called for warranty service on this and was told that they were too busy and asked if I could get a plumber or fix it or fixit myself. I was told that I would be re-imbursed for my time and expenses, but I was only re-imbursed about $20.00 for parts. So the ordeal kept me busy for 2 days for clean-up, 2 hours to repair, $30+ gas for a round-trip to town (much of which is on dirt roads) that takes 2.0 hours to drive EACH way.

ALL plumbing supply lines inside the house were loose.
Why were they even connected, if not connected to be tight?
I'm glad I checked that when I fixed the kitchen sink drains.

Exposed nails on side of house (for shipping covering) Nails should have been removed, holes should have been filled, covered up and painted.
Of the nails that "were" removed, holes were left to absorb rain and promote wood rot.
I filled these holes and after a lot of research was able to find the correct paint to touch up.
2 gallons at $70 each and another 4 hour round trip consuming about $30 in gas.

Back door doesn't close tight and you can see right through the weather stripping. This allows bugs, and scorpions, and a lot of rain water in the house. Even a pre-hung door needs to be installed properly and by someone with experience.

AFTER we moved into the house we were told that the settling cracks in "walls" don't get fixed, only the ceiling?
Gimme a break, a crack is a crack. If you can fix ceiling cracks, you can fix wall cracks.

I wish I knew how to fix this myself. I could go into town, 4 hour round trip, $30 in gas and a little cost for the materials, and the better part of a day or so to fix it.

Paint/compound splatter on installed floor, we paid extra for this floor and it would look alot nicer if someone cared enough to use a drop-cloth. Now I have to worry that I could damage the floor's finish by attempting to remove the splatter. So the splatter is still there.

Chalking around toilet is the worst I've ever seen. I don't do chalking well, that's why I pay professionals to do that for me. You should hire or train someone that can do this correctly for your company's reputation.

2 windows were stuck and needed to be lubricated.

Screen for slider door, was never installed, was DAMAGED and left in the living room.
Took me awhile to fabricate a spring to fix the runner wheel and re-install it.

The bedroom door edge and/or hinge squeaks so loud that you can hear it outside the house. After lubricating the hinge a couple times, I discover that the door was not hung plumb or square and it rubs against the finished wood trim making the noise.
Still haven't figured out how I might fix this and we don't use the door as a result.

2 of 4 main piers (that we were told would be present) were not installed, and so the house wiggles when someone walks in it.
Also, the house sways when the wind blows.
This house is in the middle of the desert- we get high winds 25+MPH almost daily, 50+MPH almost weekly.
One of my neighbors asked me why there are no anchor straps to hold the house down. Sheds in this neighborhood are secured to the ground better than my home.

One of the 4 screw holes on the 200-amp load center box panel (threads were stripped) - There is never a reason for someone who is not both electrically and mechanically qualified to touch these! I paid extra for this 200amp box and I see now that I should have upgraded it myself.

A couple days after connecting a well pump to the plumbing, I discovered that the water heater has a slow leak and leaked enough to fill the over-flow pan and water was running out of the overflow tube. Mold started to develop on the inside of the water heater access door. This (sheet rock) type of door promotes mold, and is easily damaged when you try to remove the mold. Maybe you could have painted it? OR Maybe you could have installed the HW heater correctly.
Maybe after I save a little money, I can replace the water heater and add a plastic panel to the inside of the door.

The kitchen sink hot and cold water were reversed, I thought that it might be an accident but then I discovered that the bathroom sink was connected backwards as well! I'm sure that BOTH being hooked up backwards was NOT a mistake. The wrong length hoses were installed. The installer could have used longer connecting hoses! I can't fix it because I can't afford the special tool to do the plumbing and I don't know how to do that type of plumbing anyway.

The faucet in the bathtub was not installed properly, the stem had way too much slack and wiggle. Eventually it fell off and I discovered that the screw was too short, and someone glued the cap with construction glue and that ruined the o-ring. So I had to find a screw and another o-ring for it. That was another ( 4 hour, $30/gas) trip to town!

There are two "chips" in the tub. Maybe someone dropped a tool, or maybe you got a discount on a damaged tub and put it in MY house. Either way, maybe you could have someone that knows how, actually use some kind of epoxy resin and repair it to a point that is doesn't look bad and I won't worry that it might be leaking.

A couple of the light switches are "soft" and do not operate correctly. Anyone that knows a little about electricity or fire safety knows that a bad connection is a HOT connection. You should put better quality electrical gear in house JUST for the safety of it. I will replace ALL those switches because they are cheap ones and don't feel right at all.

We arrived here about 4 weeks after the house was delivered. Our neighbor (lives a mile away) came over to introduce themselves one day and in our conversation they said that they came by a week after the house was installed to meet us only to find that the door was not only unlocked, but WIDE open! So they mopped up the (rain) water in the living room area near the door and closed the door.


Purchase date 12/11/, end warranty date 12/11/We do a one time cosmetic visit to our homes at the beginning of occupancy and the remainder of the one year limited warranty is structural and mechanicalI have completed work orders for [redacted] 's homeWe wholesale the homes to retail locations and they sell directly to the consumerWe do not set , level or relevel homesNor do we address any issues relating to settlingIn our industry we are governed by the Texas Department Of Housing And Community Affairs at [redacted] I have given this number to [redacted] and suggested he request an inspection and they will contact the factory and the retail location and we will all meet at his house on the inspection dateI have attached an e-mail from April 13, where I asked [redacted] to request the inspectionIf the inspector sees any item that is the responsibility of the factory or retail location he will require it be done within days of his written assignment of that itemI think this is a fair unbiased solution to [redacted] 's concernsPlease do forward this e-mail so the enclosed number for the inspection request goes to [redacted] Let me know if you need additional information

• Apr 11, 2023

Oh wow, this company really doesn't care about their clients... Beautiful homes on website. But I think I will have to pass. I was interested until reading the responses to consumer issues. I have no time nor patience for abuse of my time & money.

I purchased a CAVCO home in The management was courteous and business likeI ordered a sq ftmodular homeI made some changes to the standard home that management told me they could provideThey were major changes: The front exterior was to have a Dormer with pillars and I specifically requested that the water heater be installed inside of the home instead of outsideCAVCO agreed to provide the changesThese were the two major changesThere were other minor requests that were also not madeWhen the home arrived on my site neither of the major changes had been providedThey offered me no other words 'take it or leave it.' Because they didn't install my hot water heater inside and instead put the heater on the outside wall, the electric hot water heater runs continuously during the winter costing me hundreds of $$ more each winter than it would have cost me had it been installed insideThe carpets throughout the house have wrinkled up in every room in the home were there is carpetIt is very unsightly and will cost me hundreds of $$ to replace the carpet and I've only lived in it for three yearsOnly my wife and I use the home and an occasional visitor once or twice each yearNo way should the carpet be wrinkled up after three years of very minimal trafficThe other major problem I have with the home is that the cabinet doors and most of the doors in the house swing open or close by themselves if opened part wayThe paint is peeling off all of the trim outsideThere are other minor problems alsoNonetheless if you decide to purchase a home from CAVCO make sure that if you make any changes that they sign the changes to be made and initial themThey will have you sign or initial in certain parts of the purchase so it's important to make them be responsible for any changes agreed upon but not madeI would rate our experience so far a C-


Purchase date 12/11/13 , end warranty date 12/11/14. We do a one time cosmetic visit to our homes at the beginning of occupancy and the remainder of the one year limited warranty is structural and mechanical. I have 7 completed work orders for [redacted]'s home. We wholesale the homes to...

retail locations and they sell directly to the consumer. We do not set , level or relevel homes. Nor do we address any issues relating to settling. In our industry we are governed by the Texas Department Of Housing And Community Affairs at [redacted]. I have given this number to [redacted] and suggested he request an inspection and they will contact the factory and the retail location and we will all meet at his house on the inspection date. I have attached an e-mail from April 13, 2015 where I asked [redacted] to request the inspection. If the inspector sees any item that is the responsibility of the factory or retail location he will require it be done within 30 days of his written assignment of that item. I think this is a fair unbiased solution to [redacted]'s concerns. Please do forward this e-mail so the enclosed number for the inspection request goes to [redacted]. Let me know if you need additional information.

I am now just under 8 years in my Cavco manufactured home. The inside space is great and because it is a triple wide it feels like a stick built home.
My problem with the CAVCO product goes to the quality of plumbing, heat vents, and electrical. Eventually, I am finding that I need to repair things that simply get old and need replacement. This is where I find CAVCO materials abundantly troublesome.
The windows are a big problem. They stick over time, the slides dislodge, and you have a major replacement issue if needing a new window. If you want to replace a light switch, do not plan on getting a replacement from Home Depot. You must order one from a specialty supplier. If you need to replace plumbing fixtures, you will find that trying to get out the old fixture is next to a miracle if doing it yourself. Never mind that replacing a plastic water line holds all kinds of unpleasant challenges. When you have to go under the home because ducting has been compromised, you will find it a harrowing experience working your way through a tangle of pipes, venting tubes, and support stands.
Even when I first moved into the house, the followup customer service was mediocre at best, but with persistence they did respond to my problems.
So, as nice as these places look on the surface, be very aware that the systems are not do it yourself friendly. For that reason, I would not buy this home again which is a shame considering its many fine features.

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