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• Sep 14, 2021

A poor DME company
I never seem to get my CGM supplies without some kind of issue coming up. They lose MD orders or need the orders sent over and over before acting. This, as others have complained, leaves me hanging for my CGM supplies. In the beginning, I was being charged a different co-payment each time I received my order. Finally, CCS medical had to refund me money because I had overpaid several times. Their excuse is, "We have a new computer system and it doesn't always give the rep the correct payment amount." Well, then this new system doesn't work! Duh! This time my August claim from Humana was denied. I called Humana to find out why and was informed that CCS Medical had added additional charges on the claim and it was submitted incorrectly. I called CCS Medical today and got transferred to billing. I asked the gentleman why it had been submitted incorrectly. All the person needed to do was look back at previous claims and file the same way. First of all, he didn't quite understand what I was saying about the denied claim. I provided him with word-for-word comments by Humana about the denial. I asked him to please look at the previous claim that was not denied to see what was so different that it was denied this time. He said they would wait until the denial was received, if it was going to be denied, and then refile. If the client is already telling you that the claim was denied and all you have to do is look at previous claims and find out what was done wrong, then resubmit with the corrected information, why not do it before you get the actual paper denial. He was totally disinterested in correcting this error and said he'd make a note in my record. What? What is a note in my record going to do? All I know is that in the end, the only people who suffer are their clients, who have no choice in DME providers if they want supplies covered. Humana needs to find another DME company. I am not pleased with CCS Medical.

• Jul 03, 2021

Dawn guy
This company doesn’t even deserve a one star. Their promises are empty. I’ve been without my transmitter for over two weeks and they have known of the need for my order for 4 weeks. I do not recommend this company at at!

• Jun 23, 2021

Poor Customer Service
I Ordered a Continuous Glucose Monitor. One month later I have not received the order. I called customer service and numerous times they said the order was "in process'. It is the worst customer service and worst Company I have ever dealt with. I recommend that you NOT order anything from them.

• Apr 07, 2021

So Very Frustrated!
If you have any other option at all please do not order your diabetic supplies through CCS Medical. When Dexcom converted it's Medicare patients to CCS Medical I had to go months without CGM supplies. Each time I called them the process had to be started over again. I'm surprised my doctor didn't drop me as a patient because his office had to resend forms to CCS so many times. Finally after three months I did receive supplies. I've been approving my monthly CGM sensor orders on line for nine months and shipments have been delivered up until this month. When I called to ask why I was told CCS needs insurance confirmation from my insurance companies. Nothing has changed with my insurance. They never let me know they needed more confirmations and had cancelled my order and now I will be out of CGN sensors for heaven knows how long. The rep told me they aren't able to let me know when they receive the confirmations. I just need to keep checking back with them. :-(
As so many others have said CCS Medical has NO customer service.

An evil enterprise that does not deserve your business.
Company consistently lies to me about the status of my diabetes supplies. They just will not send them. A nightmarish scenario on my part--calling corporate, speaking with supervisor, speaking logic, still can't get through to them that my supplies are late and critically needed. NOTHING MOVES. This company is most unethical, incompetent and just plain cruel. They routinely put many, many tricky obstacles in your way to getting desperately needed Dexcom sensors. Confuse you with phony emails, snail mail, phone calls.

Concurrent problem is that Medicare no longer pays for expensive test strips if you have the Dexcom G6; theoretically, with a decent supply company, you should not need them. CCS Medical KNOWS that a) you have no test strips and they still refuse to supply your sensors and b) your pancreas does not produce any insulin. Hence, you have absolutely NO IDEA what your blood sugar is. Can I eat something? Can I go bicycling? Can I go to sleep? I guess I'll just shoot up and wait for an insulin reaction and hope I can reverse it in a timely fashion without ruining my brain. If my glucose is 450, guess I'll have to keep shooting up and waiting, not eat anything. Exercise out of question.

They do not even deserve 1 star. I got my initial order (90 days) of infusion pump supplies from them but when I need a refill, they refused to abide by the Medicare refill requirements that specify that they could refill my supplies when I was down to a 10 day supply. They would ONLY ship on the same date as the previous order was shipped. which in this case would have been 92 days (I only had a 90 day supply). They said if I was going to run out (and I was) to contact the pump company and get an emergency order from them (out of pocket). I sent them the Medicare document concerning DME, their response was that it did not apply to them and that they were tired of people complaining. I found another supply company that does adhere to the Medicare refill rules, no more worries about running out. Check out New England Home Medical Equipment -- great customer service and they know the Medicare rules.

STILL WAITING, now 2 months!
Since Decom dumped all Medicare patients in June over to ccs I have tried and tried to get sensors for my G-6. I have run out waiting for them. My Dr. has tried several times and faxed them pages several times. ccs says did not get or not signed or pages missing. I am now testing with finger pking again.
What the hell is ccs doing. Do they make more money not giving out the prescribed and Medicare supported insulin supplies. Probably going bankrupt!
They seem to be totally incompetent.

Couldn't agree more. Have made 8 phone calls in the past 4 weeks trying to get a prescription for Dexcom sensors filled. Out of the 8 calls, 5 have been disconnected after waiting an average of 40 minutes each. The other three said they had all needed information from the Dr.'s office and supplies would be sent . Last call ( #9) was today. We'll see what happens this time but I'm not hopeful.

Very Poor
Run away from CCS Medical. They can't get their act together. No follow up or follow through, Poor customer service. I have been trying to get supplies for over 30 days. Always some excuse. The doctors offices tell me this is common and hate to deal with them. I have ask to talk to supervisor several times, with no luck. Always the run around

Dave Mayers

Timely Service, Great Communication, Delivered the Product

I am writing to let you know that the CCS Medical Team succeeded in getting me my Dexcom G6 when nobody else seemed able to make it happen. In fact, I worked almost 7 months with representatives of Walgreens and had all but given up as they could never get the insurance to approve the device. Only after calling Dexcom in San Diego and CCS’ involvement (starting in early March) did things change. In just a few weeks time, CCS succeeded in delivering this amazing device to my home.

CCS Medical kept me informed, proved highly responsive to my inquiries, and delivered the product in a timely manner. I had the Dexcom G6 attached and reporting results shortly after the package was delivered yesterday afternoon.

I can see how the data is going to help me and my Doctor to make decisions that will improve the quality of my life and reduce the frequency of Glucose highs and lows. I cannot begin to assign a value to Your services but I will tell you that I am a Customer for Life! As far as I’m concerned, all of you “walk on water.” Thank you for your time, patience, and professional execution of services on my behalf. I am MOST GRATEFUL.

With Respect,

Alachua, FL

CCS Medical company does not listen! I will call and review my supply order over the phone and when my shipment comes, they are missing items. I go online and review the order and things l had shipped and its wrong again. They must not update what is said over the phone and never correct it to their website. Even when l contact them and go over exactly what l need they still will not ship what l ask. I doubt they review the order forms from the online site either. It is so frustrating to get the wrong supplies and also not get what l need! Save yourself the hassle and go with Edgepark instead. You won’t be sorry!

Jan – I received insulin pump from CCS I did not receive a bill and contacted them in May and was informed the insurance company had paid in full Approximately every months from January I received insulin supplies and paid consistently promptly my $to $copay July - received bill from CCS for pump ($1600) and supplies ($1290) that were received in May I immediately called CCS and was informed that insurance left that balance on the pump received in January and did not pay anything for May supplies I immediately called BlueCross BlueShield of California who stated that they had paid on the pump (my share was $1100) but that BCBS never received a bill for the May suppliesBCBS requested a new itemized bill from CCS despite being beyond the allotted year claim time frameI reported this to CCS CCS did not provide this I immediately began making payments to CCS for $per month since I knew I should have a bill of $plus $to $

Worst company ever, worst customer services. I have been trying to get my insulin pump supplies for almost two months I even received a voice mail from them letting me know that my supplies were ready to go and that I needed to call them so they could ship them. That was a month and half ago and still no pump supplies. Today I put on my last POD which means in three days I have no way to use my insulin pump. Obviously Charlie who works in the Humana department of CCS is not a Type 1 diabetic and does not understand the importance of insulin pump supplies because, after telling me that they are still waiting on the doctors order (which the doctor has sent over three times to two different fax number 1-800-804-5240 and 1-877-448-1710) they apparently still have not received. I explained to Charlie for the 10th time in two weeks that I am almost out of pump supplies and that as of today I put on my last POD and have three days left her response was "sorry, is there anything else I can help you with" I ended up hanging up on her before I said something that would cause me never to get supplies. It seems to be a small department when calling over there because I always seem to get Charlie when I call. I asked her with her knowing that I am in desperate need of the supplies (I even had her put the pump supplies and the LIbre supplies on separate orders because she said it was the Libre sensors holding up the order over a week ago) why she would not call me or reach out. she said "they have to many patients to reach out" (probably not for too long with this customer service) This is the worst company ever and I am not sure why Humana signed up with them and force us to use them. If there is ANY other company you can use I would suggest you use them and stay as far away from this one as you can get. These are the most incompetent people I have ever come across and I will be cross posting this review everywhere I can. I also will be calling Humana and filing a complaint with them as well. I suggest anyone else having trouble with them that have Humana and is being forced to use them to do the same. If this sight would let me give them no stars I would. When calling in today Charlie informed me for the first time in two months that they now need the work order for the POD's (I specifically asked her a month ago if she needed the work order for the POD's and she said no, that is why we put them on separated orders so the PODS would not be held up). I am very frustrated as well as worried that in three days I will be without insulin.

for a company that deals with something as important as medical supplies, specifically diabetic insulin pump supplies, they are very unprofessional and fail to do follow through on what they say. I have contacted this company several times recently trying to renew my prescription. the first time they sent my request to the wrong doctor, even thought the reason I called was to give them the new drs info and asked that they be contacted to renew supplies, the second time I contacted them I pleaded that they help me complete this reorder, they insisted that I needed to contact the dr. myself, and I was given a fax number to help expedite my order, two weeks later, I still have no supplies. Frustration does not begin to express my feelings. They should no longer be in business!!!

CCS Medical has been a pain to deal with from the very start! I'm diabetic and use an insulin pump. Originally, I went straight through the pump maker - Medtronic to order supplies. Then, Humana decides to "improve" things and contracts with CCS for pump supplies. It took half a dozen phone calls just to set up my first order of supplies. Very frustrating. Most recently, I had the pleasure of purchasing a new insulin pump through them after my old one quit working. I was given misinformation about my what my insurance plan covered, they billed incorrect amounts to Humana and me. I've been given the run around about exactly how and when I would receive credits for returning my old pump. No one will call me back and give me a straight answer!!

would like to compliment an associate in your billing department. Her name is Jackie ext was [redacted]. I had the ever so frustrating experience of asking several other employees a question and my call kept getting transfered to the next employee. By the time it got to Jackie in billing it was more frustrating because I was trying to order supplies and did not have a billing issue. Jackie was wonderful. She handled my call with the most professionalism, gave me her call back number in case we got disconnected. stayed on the line until the correct person who could solve my problems was found. This is an employee that I would hire. Her customer service skills far exceeded what I expected. She is an asset to your company. As for the rest of your staff. They could use some training.

This is a terrible company. They have failed to have one order sent correctly out of three orders. They have charged me twice for something they sent once and will not fix the problem. Stay away from this company.

Some how, I got on this company's call list. I don need diabetic supplies, but they call me several times a week about my diabetic supplies. I have repeatedly aske them not to call me, to take my name off their list, etc. Any time I have tried to find out how I got on their list, they hang up. I consider it harassment at this point. This has gone on for months, and they won't stop.

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