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Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University

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Review: I am enrolled in the May-January full-time session for the Professional Photography Certificate, and I took out a student loan from [redacted] to cover the costs associated with attending CDIA, to include the $26,400 tuition, the $450 lab fee, and equipment. The total loan came to $40,300, and it was dispersed, in full, to the school on February 26, 2013.

When I originally consulted with [redacted] about financing options for CDIA, she told me that I would have the overpayment refund from my loan within "a few weeks of dispersement." Based on that conversation, I expected to receive my money ($13,450) around mid to late March. I was very comfortable with that time table, because it would offer me ample time to order my necessary supplies well prior to the start of classes on May 20.

When I hadn't received my money by April 4, I sent [redacted] an email inquiring about when I would see the money. She informed me that she was part-time with CDIA now, and that I should speak with [redacted] or [redacted]. I left voicemails for each of them repeatedly, and did not get a call back. I finally spoke with [redacted] around the middle of April, and she told me that "overpayment refunds are processed at the end of the month, but I will see if I can expedite yours."

I thought that was a little odd, considering both February and March had ended since my loan had been dispersed. I expressed to her my concern that if any of my equipment was backordered, I was running out of time to gather the items I would need prior to the start of classes.

I waited until the Monday May 6, and I called again to find out the status of my refund. At this point I had made two payments, with interest, on the money that I borrowed for my schooling and equipment, and I was still waiting to see the $13,450 portion that belongs to me.

At that time, [redacted] informed me that refunds would be processed on May 16, leaving me just four days to receive and deposit the money, order and receive equipment. As you can understand, I was quite angry. Now, not only am I paying interest on money that I have yet to be able to use, but I am being told that access to that money has been delayed two months beyond when it was originally promised, and I will arrive to class on May 20 utterly unprepared.

I asked [redacted] to please transfer me to someone above her, and I ended up speaking to [redacted], who informed me that the money was "not available at this time." She seemed flustered when I asked where exactly my money was if it was "unavailable." She did not provide an answer, except to say something about "accounting and commingled funds."

I explained to her that, as a small business owner and former landlord, I have, on many occasions, come into possession of money that is temporarily entrusted to me. Good basic business and financial practices dictate that that money is not for my use in my operating budget. In fact, it never even gets commingled in the same account. It remains completely separate, as if it did not exist, because, from a budgetary standpoint, it dosen't. She agreed with me that this is the way it should be.

[redacted] promised to call me back by 3pm that afternoon with an update about when I would be paid.

When I did not receive a call, I left messages, and sent an email asking that she call me first thing Tuesday May 7. When I didn't hear from anyone by 9:45, I called to speak with [redacted] again. She informed me that the money wouldn't be available until the "end of May."

She mentioned that she was looking at the business bank accounts, and stated that "the money just isn't here." I inquired as to my money's whereabouts, and she couldn't give me an answer, except to say that "We have cash flow problems." She did confirm that the school received $40,300 from [redacted] in my name on February 26, and she confirmed that CDIA does, indeed, owe me a refund of $13,450. It's just that CDIA spent my equipment money instead of refunding it in a timely manner.

This $13,450 is money that I borrowed, in my name, for my educational equipment. This loan began accruing interest at a rate of 7.5% on February 26, 2013. I have been required to make two payments to begin paying back this loan to [redacted]. I made all of the arrangements to have my tuition fees paid in a timely fashion, and made arrangements to have my portion of the loan money well in advance of classes to allow me time to choose and order the appropriate equipment. I made time to account for backorders and mistakes. I made time to account for possible damage in shipping. I made time to familiarize myself with some of the equipment prior to school starting.

CDIA has not only stolen that time from me, but they have spent money that I borrowed and am paying interest on. They have created a situation where I will show up on May 20 unprepared to get the most out of a $26,850 education, for which I also paid. If CDIA has cash flow problems, maybe they should take out their own loan instead of stealing mine while I make payments and accrue interest.Desired Settlement: I want my $13,450 refunded in full prior to the start of classes on May 20, and if that can't be done, and I have to resort to paying for equipment on a credit card, that any fees or interest associated with that credit card purchase be covered by the school in full.

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