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Century Termite & Pest Control

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• Feb 20, 2021

Stay away from Century!
I want the managers to know how displeased I am with the quality of their recent service. I have been a customer of this locally owned and operated business for the last seven years with quarterly treatment of my yard. When I felt I might have rodents, I signed a second contract on February 5 (with Gary Irving, Jr., account representative) for “seal up for mice on front and rear exterior of home” and “check interior for any areas inside that may need seal up.” The company accomplished the netting seal on February 8, the inspector (Kent Fajardo) walked through my house casually, did no sealing, and set up ten traps (snap traps with cheese). I had previously placed ten traps of my own before Century’s work began. To date, none of these traps—Century’s or mine—have yet to catch anything. I was told to be patient, that the mice would leave the premises for food and water and be blocked by the seal from returning to my home. I asked about the attic and was told that there were indications of mice activity in channels in the insulation.

I requested on numerous times, of Kent Fajardo, to have a manager or the account representative contact me to discuss future options. Kent responded that he was trying to get them to call me but would not give me their contact numbers. On Wednesday, February 10, I worked for four hours alongside my cleaning lady to remove dropping under sofa seats, in my bed, moving aside heavy furniture to vacuum up mice “s[censored]”. I showed Kent the photos I had taken of the numerous dropping on tables, upholstery, baseboards, etc. and he relayed the pictures on to his managers. In frustration, I had asked my fifty-year-old son to help me get redress; and on Thursday, February 11, he began trying to make contact with the company for additional guidance—to no avail!

At this juncture, I just want to terminate my contracts with Century Termite and Pest Control and engage another contractor who will fumigate my attic, do the job more effectively, and be more responsive to my concerns. I am speaking to the Maryland Home Improvement Commission about my displeasure with your services or lack thereof.

Rebecca Tran

Dear [redacted] , Enclosed please find a copy of the contract for the Quarterly services that was started on February 15, I have highlighted that section that states is a day written notice is not received then the contact will continue on a month to month basisI am showing that we had sent correspondence to you on 6/10/7/8/and 8/6/to no availOn the 15th of each month, Century Termite & Pest has sent you a pre bill notification stating we would be out to perform the contracted service, if you do not contract us we will be out to perform the exterior.When you called the office on August 26, at 2:PM, you spoke with Stephanie, she was able to assist you in getting the account cancelled as well as she was able to credit off the May service (exterior only performed) as well as the August that had not been performed yetCentury Termite & Pest feel that we have not been fraudulent in any capacityWe have sent documentation as we do with all our customers, approximately 25,in the Washington Metropolitan AreaWe are showing that the your account was closed on August 26, Thank you for your time and attention in this matter, Respectfully, Brett NPresident/CEO Century Termite & Pest

I would likely recommend this company to someone if I didn't like themThis company gives a 'discount' for properties involved in real estate transactionsThe people working there don't know what the discount amount is and don't know what the full price is for repair of 1/inch deep carpenter bee holesThe property in question for sale has two 1/inch deep carpenter bee holes that have since been painted overThese holes were present when the property was purchased years agoA WDi report prior to selling this property shows the insects as an active problem needing repairThe Century Termite price is $I was told this was price set by the inspector, because he can set the price where he wants, which sounds ridiculousA quick call to two other local companies charges less than 1/this price without any real estate transaction discount

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved] Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Treatment on the property was already performed by another company( [redacted] of [redacted] , VA) prior to Century's re-treatment of the property...The original treatment included replacing studs, walls, stills and trim The modifications and restoration of the property were significant and the treatment performed by the other company should have been noticed and called into question by an attentive Century Termite technician When I spoke to [redacted] , she represented that the funds would be refunded Furthermore, the contract was never signed, initialed or endorsed by the property owner [redacted] did mistakenly pay Century Termite and Pest When it was brought to our attention, [redacted] contacted Century Termite and Pest and was told that our erroneous payment would be refunded It is unfortunate that the President of the company does not stand behind the decisions made by his staff It appears, that some of us are as good as our "word" while others are not Regards, [redacted] Owner, [redacted] ***

Dear I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Thank you very much for your assistance with this issue! Your service as moderator is greatly appreciated and highly valued.Sincerely, [redacted]

January 20, Dear **and [redacted] ; Thank you for your patronageIt has been an unfortunately situation with your floor repairsCentury Termite and Pest is prepared to give the refund of $for the floor repairsIf you would please return the previous check of $100.00, we can have the refund check mailed or you may pick up the check in person at our officeThe refund check is ready.Thank you for your time and attention in this matterRespectfully, Brett N

June 4, Dear [redacted] ;Again as per your conversation with [redacted] , the Office Manager for Century Termite and Pest, on May 15, she listened to your situation and was empathetic and stated to you that she did not make those decisions but she would get with the Owner about a refund.Century Termite and Pest gave all parties copies of the termite proposal and the repair proposalA check for the termite treatment proposal was the only monies received, therefore, that is the only work that was performedThis being said, only the exterior of the property was treated so our attentive technician would not have seen the work performed on the interior of the propertyAttached please find all copies of the paperwork.Furthermore, payment was received, this giving Century Termite & Pest the authority to perform the proposed termite treatment

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