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Champion Windows, Siding & Patio Rooms

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The four remaining windows for [redacted] were reordered with high priority the moment it was realized that the windows were manufactured incorrectly.   We appreciate the patience [redacted] and his congregation have demonstrated thus far in the process and are sorry and...

embarrassed for the mistake.  We agree that every mistake is a negative reflection on our organization but we are very proud of our dedication to getting it correct as we will for [redacted].

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:I did not speak with anyone from champion window. He must have spoken with my brother [redacted]. i would like to add an additional comment. I signed contracts under pressure. It was definitely a high pressure sales tactic they have going on over there. The contract may state 6-8 weeks, but we were convinced by the sales rep that standard sized windows go faster. Again, I just want my window as soon as possible so I can finish my GHASTLY experience with champion once and for all. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11107202, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

As Ms. [redacted] states in her complaint; she did make Champion aware that she had mushrooms growing on her siding (the siding was not installed by Champion) and near her Champion windows (installed in 2013) and was concerned about the cause of the apparent water damage causing the fungus...

growth.   Our field supervisor visited Ms. [redacted]' home to address her concern and to inspect both the damaged areas presenting the fungus as well as the Champion windows and installation.  It was noted that prior to the scheduled inspection, Ms. [redacted] had removed trim around 3 of the windows in question.  During the inspection, Champion's field supervisor also observed water damage on other areas of the home's exterior where it did not appear that the siding was properly caulked, sealed, or maintained.  Based on the inspection and observation, Champion's field supervisor determined, in his professional opinion, that the leak was not caused by the Champion window or the installation but rather appeared to be a result of poor, or lack of, exterior maintenance on the siding.  Ms. [redacted] was not satisfied with Champion's finding and at her request we willingly and immediately filed an insurance claim.  The insurance company scheduled an independent inspection and performed their own evaluation of the damage in question.  After their review of the claim and damage to the property; the insurance company also concluded that the damage was not caused by the Champion window or installation and denied the claim.  Ms. [redacted] was sent a copy of the denial letter describing their findings and their conclusion that there was no liability on the part of Champion.  While we understand and appreciate Ms. [redacted] frustration with the issues she has encountering, the damage is not a result of her Champion windows.  We take our commitment to our customers very seriously and remain ready, willing, and able to address any concerns Ms. [redacted] may have that fall under her Champion warranty; however this claim is not one of those. We respectfully request that this complaint be closed due to the fact that case has already been reviewed, independently inspected and determined that Champion, the Champion windows or installation are not the cause of the water damage on Ms. [redacted]' home.

We are equally disappointed that the custom sliding glass patio door that we manufactured for Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] was slightly too wide for the opening in which it was manufactured to be installed.  Immediate action has been taken to re-manufacture the door to the required size and that...

process will be expedited to the best of our ability.  Mistakes like this are unfortunate but do happen on rare occasions as is the nature of manufacturing custom products.  The potential for additional delays are outlined on our contracts (attached) for this very reason.  Mr. [redacted] spoke with 3 different Champion representatives within hours on the same day the issue was originally identified.  While those conversations did not correct the issue, it is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction and responding to customer concerns with urgency and importance.  Mr. [redacted] made demands for a $2000 discount to our receptionist, our factory representative and one of our field supervisors, none of which are authorized to offer discounts or compensation of any kind.  Our field supervisor did suggest an alternate means of installation which would have allowed us to complete the project and would not have effected Mr. [redacted]'s product or workmanship warranty in any way.  As an option, this alternative has an associated charge but that charge would not have applied due to the situation.  Mr. [redacted] exercised his right and denied that alternative suggestion and demanded to speak with someone of higher authority.  I personally obliged Mr. [redacted]'s request by calling him at 11:04 the following day and was greeted with a voice mail.  Later in the afternoon, with the same field supervisor present, I was able to reach Mr. [redacted] and discussed the project.  During our conversation, Mr. [redacted] was very complimentary about the project, the product and the crew.  There we some minor aesthetic issues that Mr. [redacted] was comfortable with but I insisted that we take the time to correct them when we return with the new door.  I committed to Mr. [redacted] that I would expedite the replacement door as quickly as I could but that we would need more than two weeks to complete the process of procuring the materials, manufacture, ship, receive, and schedule the installation of the new door.  When Mr. [redacted] inquired about compensation, I explained to him that we do not adjust contract amounts provided we can complete the scope of work outlined on our contracts and asked for the opportunity to complete the project before discussing any compensation for the inconvenience of not being able to complete the project on the same day.  Mr. [redacted]’s tone changed, he declined my request and demanded compensation.  When I again explained our policy, he began threatening to publicly criticize Champion if I wasn’t willing to provide compensation.  I again reiterated our policy and referenced the contract language and then offered to deliver a $150 restaurant gift card for a nice dinner once the project was complete as a form of apology for the mistake and an effort to demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Mr. [redacted] scoffed at the offer and continued his demands for greater compensation and threats of public criticism.  I am sorry Mr. [redacted] was not willing to give us the opportunity to complete the project before reaching out to the  Despite his demands and threats, we remain committed to providing Mr. [redacted] with the quality of product that he is contracted for and entitled to.  We will complete the project as quickly as we can.  Specifically, If Mr. [redacted] would like us to return immediately to improve the appearance and security of the existing door that we temporarily re-installed, we would be happy to do so, to the best of our ability upon his request.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11083788, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
 I hope and pray, that this does not drag on for two (2) more weeks -- before the correct windows arrive for installation.   As I have personally relayed to multiple representatives at Champion Windows, these windows' installation are but one part of a sequential exterior church improvement project that has had to be repeatedly delayed (i.e., re-stucco of the exterior wall surfaces of the church (including around the yet to be installed 4 windows); repainting of the church's wooden gutter and roof works (which can't be started until the windows and stucco are finished)(, etc. 

I am sorry that Mr. [redacted] did not thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract before signing it on 8/14/2017.  Mr. [redacted]'s contract states "Start installation approximately 6-8 weeks from contract date, or the date on which Champion obtains all HOA permissions,...

permits, final change orders and other contingencies necessary to complete the project....".  Mr. [redacted] acknowledged that his contract does state a 6-8 week lead time.We would certainly like to be able to fulfill all of our customer's window orders soon that later, but without emergent circumstances, it is not fair or reasonable to give priority to one customer over the hundreds of other customers waiting patiently for their own orders.I spoke with Mr. [redacted] on 9/8/2017.  I reiterated the terms of the contract to Mr. [redacted], I explained that I would not be able to expedite the manufacturing process to meet his perceived lead time or demand and that I would not be providing additional discounts or compensation.  When Mr. [redacted] became belligerent in his tone and language, I offered to cancel the order and refund 100% of any dollars paid.  Mr. [redacted] neither accepted or declined the offer.For now, we will proceed with the manufacturing process and notify Mr. [redacted] when his window is ready for installation.I apologize for any misunderstandings Mr. [redacted] my have regarding the scope and time frame of his project.Sincerely,[redacted]

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Champion keeps referring to my insurance company and how it doesn’t have any effect on what they do. I couldn’t agree more. I reference my insurance company as they are an independent 3rd party with immense experience in roofing. Based on...

their opinion and disappointment I reached out to Champion to attempt to get answers why they are billing us for items not received. Based on the detailed invoice received the amounts and products are not correct to what we received. I have asked repeatedly to receive a corrected invoice for the products and services we did receive, with correct amounts, but Champion refuses to do so. They have proceeded with collections process, and that is their choice. I will gladly and instantly pay for the correct quantity of goods services received. I do not understand why Champion refuses to accept my offer to pay. I also do not understand why they insist on attempting to defraud us with goods we didn’t receive.I have offered to have an independent 3rd party assess the damage to bathroom ceiling but they deny that as well.Here is my offer: Send an updated invoice with the correct quantities of goods and services received. Acknowledge that a 3rd party was used to do the install, and this in effect breached the contract. I will pay for what we received, less time and effort spent on this. In addition, the bathroom ceiling will be fixed to my satisfaction by a party I designate. Champion must cease and desist all collections, liens, and contact. 

I have personally spoken with Mr. [redacted] regarding this matter and while the $76 balance was outstanding, I did apologize for the process we undertook to collect that balance.  I have already instructed my office manager ([redacted]) to send Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] a dinner gift certificate valued at...

an amount greater than the balance as a gesture of good faith and and effort to reconcile a good customer relationship with our customers.  I do hope that Mr. and Mrs. [redacted] will accept this gift card as an acceptable means to resolving this complaint.

Champion also entered into a contract in good faith for replacement windows and patio doors with [redacted].  Presently Champion has manufactured all units requested within those contracts and is prepared to proceed with the installation and complete the project without exception. ...

There was a temporary setback early in the process when one of the windows on the order was rejected by our manufacturing facility because the window fell outside of our standard size limitations.  The size of that particular window increases the risk of future seal failure and is the reason it was initially rejected.  The immediate solution that was presented to the [redacted] was to split that one particular window into two separate windows at no additional cost.  The [redacted] objected to that solution for 3 primary reasons:  1) there is an identical window, which was not part of the initial contract, that the [redacted] intend to replace in the future and were concerned that that window would also be rejected.  2)  The [redacted] did not want to obstruct their existing view by splitting the window into two windows and 3) The [redacted] wanted to maintain the aesthetic and style of the windows they currently have.  Understanding the [redacted]’ objections, it was explained that Champion would likely need to exercise our contractual right to cancel the particular window in question but that a consult would be done with our manufacturing facility to determine if an exception could be made.  Within one hour of initially speaking with the [redacted], I personally spoke with our VP of manufacturing during which it was determined that Champion would indeed manufacture the large window (and the identical one in the future upon the [redacted]’ request), Champion would install the window(s) and Champion would warranty the window(s) without exception.  [redacted] are a very kind and friendly couple and I regret that I wasn’t able to consult with our manufacturing facility prior to addressing the potential of removing one window from the contract.  I hope the [redacted] will be willing to allow Champion to proceed with the project and am very confident that the quality, aesthetic, performance and workmanship of their new Champion Windows will exceed their expectations.

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