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Charles Sherman Movers

3210 Hibiscus Ave, Fort Pierce, Florida, United States, 34947

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On Dec. 19th, 2018 I hired *** to move by household belongings to Extra Space Storage, not 10 minutes from my home in Tradition, in Port St. Lucy, Fla.. They were scheduled to show and start packing my things at 12pm, they arrived at 5:30pm to start with! A month prior he quoted me in person the move would cost me $120/hr for 2 men for 4 hours=$480 for total time and labor "IF" I packed all my boxed myself which I did to save $ and time. That week I alone packed 89 individual boxes myself AND numbered each box consecutively. Due to the late hour upon their arrival he sent 4 men. I asked about ins. and upon every attempt to inquiry about this to sign for each time I did so I was approached and distracted by one or more of the men at the time with questions of some kind!. Ultimately by end of move I had NO ins.signed to use in case of loss or damage. I feel this was premeditated in advance and never offered to me prior to this time when it rightfully should have been to insure against this very thing! When transferring my boxes to truck, now in the dark, there was NO ATTENTION WHATSOEVER PAID TO MY NUMBERING OF MY BOXED PROPERTY and arbitrarily ALL ITEMS were placed on the truck. Regarding this lack of attention to my suggested efforts (by *** at time of viewing a month prior)when I went to pick up my items from the storage unit by number I counted 9 boxes missing by number from my next move to Vero Beach,Fla. where I now reside. I was the only person with the key to this storage location at *** Blvd. in PSL, Fla, from Dec. 19th, 2018 to Jan,. 16th, 2019, preventing access to my belongings from anyone else accessibility for 28 days until I picked up and moved from there to Vero Bea. Upon this move these boxes were blatantly missing in count by number. Realizing this I called ***, explained the items were missing recall items like clothing, medication, jewelry, family heirlooms and would he honor this loss and he said "I would have to take him to court!".
Product_Or_Service: Moving Household Property
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Desired Outcome

Refund Through mediation I want some degree of satisfaction as I now have 4 stents placed in my heart (3front,1back) and cannot endure the stress & aggravation of a court appearance alone. Having no family nor friends for support here I am now on medication indefinitely for Shingles,due to the stress of losing family items I now will never see nor have again because of this individual's negligence and DISHONEST attitude and practices.He boasts in being a 'Good Christian' CORRUPTLY he is ANYTHING BUT!!!

Charles Sherman Movers Response time Mar 21, 2019

Ms. I am very sorry for your lost and all the stress you are experiencing. However I can assure you that my employees 2 which are my children did not take any of your personal belongings.

When you called me only about 2 pieces of small glass and a small step stool were missing. I indicated to you then we did not have those items.

Later on you find them You called me back and told me that the moving company you hired to move you out of your storage had broke you chair damaged other furniture and even bust a hole in your wall and you wanted my insurance company information because some has to reimburse you for the damages.

At that time I said I am done with this conversation. I prefer you take me to court and let a judge. here this matter you said fine give me your address and I gave you *** Ave. Fort Pierce FL. XXXXX.

As I said then and say again I rather let a judge hear the matter. I honestly think you have me confused with the second moving company.

Customer Response time Mar 30, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Mr., when it comes to the issue of my personal property that I have owned, looked at, cherished, relished and savored in the delight and appreciation of for the last 50 years now being missing and then with what remains is grossly damaged I assure you I do not have ANY facts misconstrued. confused or otherwise! YOU AND ANYBODY ELSE MAY REST COMPLETELY ASSURED OF THIS!!!

At approximately a week prior to Thanksgiving, 2018 at my request Mr. *** came to my house to view my household belongings for a monetary estimate of costs for moving my home belongings to Extra Space Storage, on Gatlin Ave. in PSL, Fla.. In seeing my belongings, I SPECIFICALLY POINTED TO OUT TO HIM MY ANTIQUE SPANISH CLIPPER SHIP, MADE IN SPAIN IN 1956, picture provided, THAT I SAID WOULD REQUIRE NO LESS THAN A WOODEN CRATE DUE TO ITS AGE AND FRAGILITY! Mr. assured me "he could provide that without fail!". When his men arrived 5 hours late at my house ON THE 19TH OF Dec., 2018,...THEY DID SO WITH "NOTHING" FOLLOWING MY SPECIFIC secure the safety of this extremely delicate antique in transporting it to the storage place!!! Totally a negligent, unprofessional, uncaring and mindless act on their part to JUST START WITH!
He then quoted me the cost of $120/hr. for 2 men for three hours work, totaling $720. I then asked him about insurance I could take out in case of damages or loss on my property and he said, "That would be done at time of move". I said alright. I was prepared to sign and pay for it sooner for "the peace of mind" it would provide me before the move but he disagreed. However, he DID explain to me that "if I packed all of my boxes myself with all that I could pick up and move personally, and SPECIFICALLY, NUMBER EACH BOX MYSELF, it would save me time and money, as one of his prior and younger client did, "making for a quicker and more efficient and systematic move for his men to move on to the truck. At 71 years of age, I now, PHYSICALLY, ACUTELY EXHAUSTINGLY AND TIME-CONSUMABLY" packed and NUMBERED ALL of 82 boxes taking me 7-8 days to complete in its entirety, in taking the advice of this alleged, "Strong *** and professional", he boasted himself in being, numerous times on the phone prior to hiring he and his sons to move my belongings.
Following this meeting and after everything was already packed by myself and ready for loading BY NUMBER (as I COMPLETELY EXPECTED they would use per his own PRIOR ADVICE) I then called him for my moving date on the 19th of December, 2018. He said that would be fine and would be at my home at 12:30pm that Wednesday to begin the move. Waiting all day WITH NOONE SHOWING and contacting him several times to see what their delay was in not showing sooner, his men FINALLY arrived at my home at 5:30pm, after dark. As they began disassembling my belongings, one man in each individual room, I first asked about my insurance! They told me, "there were no arrangements made for that, prior to their arrival!". Hearing this news I was very anxious, disturbed, and worried in remembering what *** had ORIGINALLY promised me a month ago, that "ins. is done at time of move!". At this point I was beside myself with worry, saying, "no, this is not what I was told by ***!". They then continued beginning to simultaneously distract me with different questions from different rooms at the same time, like "where are the screws to take this apart appearing unfamiliar with what they were doing, where should I put these screws they DID locate, etc., etc., and questions I had never experienced before. By then I was already overwhelmed by the first upsetting issue, the ins. revelation, and before I knew it they were loading THINGS into the truck in the dark AND PAYING NO ATTENTION WHATSOEVER TO THE NUMBERS I HAD PLACED ON EACH BOX (TO BE CALLED OUT AND/OR CHECKED OFF AND VISIBLY SEEN ON EACH BOX AS THEY LOADED EVERYTHING) SO I COULD CHECK IT OFF IN ASCERTAINING EACH BOX'S DEFINITE ARRIVAL IN ONE PIECE TO THE STORAGE PLACE AFTER GETTING THERE! LEAVING ME WITH NO IDEA OF WHAT WAS OR WHAT WASN'T PLACED ONTO THEIR TRUCK...AND IN THE DARK NOW BECAUSE OF THEIR 5 HOUR DELAY IN ARRIVING TO BEGIN WITH! BY THIS TIME I WAS INWARDLY FRANTIC IN WORRY FOR MY BELONGINGS! ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE WAS NOTHING PROVIDED FOR THE SAFE TRANSPORT OF MY SPANISH CLIPPER SHIP THAT NOW>>>>>HAD TO BE HAND HELD AND CARRIED ON THE LAP OF ONE OF HIS MOVERS AS THEY DECIDED TO DO IN GETTING IT THERE SAFELY...THEN EVEN MORE WORRIED WITH THE THOUGHT OF, "WHAT IF THEY HAVE AN ACCIDENT OR THE FRONT OF THE TRUCK GETS HIT?". BY THIS TIME I WAS OVERROUGHT WITH WORRY AND DISTRESS but I could not take it in my car because there was no accommodating for its fragility anywhere inside my vehicle or I assure you I definitely WOULD HAVE! To load everything it took 4 men instead, *** had to send because it was so late and they were tired due to other previous jobs that day and made no OTHER arrangements for before they arrived to my house, and 2 hours to unload my belongings. Because It was so late and at the end he expected me to pay the full $720 (for 4 men) which was not what he originally described to me as having to pay a month prior, only 2 men at $120/hr. Not my fault other jobs detained him that day.
In arriving at the storage facility they unloaded and again NOTHING WAS BY NUMBER to provide me still any sense of peace of mind. They put everything in the storage bin and as I stood by watching I remember them sliding and shoving smaller pieces against and into the drawers of a larger dresser drawers causing the cracking I now have (but was unaware of then) on the face of my 2nd bedroom sets dresser drawer, I have also provided to the When everything was finally loaded from the truck into the storage bin I locked it and kept the key with no access by anybody else's entering until it came time to move to my present residence in Vero Beach. Because of their negligence, uncaring, irresponsible and unprofessional treatment and handling of my belongings I was NOT about to call *** Movers to move me again to Vero Beach! I instead called Lux Moving, in WPB, FLA.. They moved all of storage contents from the bin in PSL and before they left I checked everything I visibly could in their truck, unpacked the boxes and by the next week found that there were boxes number 73 to 82 MISSING...9 nine of my numbered boxes were missing from my property not to mention damages in breakages with pictures I have provided the of items. I called *** and explained about the damages and he blamed Lux Movers for the damages and the missing boxes! I climbed into their truck myself before they left to check and see if there was still any property remaining AND THERE WAS NOTHING LEFT BEHIND OF MY PROPERTY LEFT INSIDE THAT TRUCK... WHATSOEVER! I PHYSICALLY AND PERSONALLY INSPECTED THE TRUCK MYSELF! This being noticed I called *** and explained about the numbered missing boxes and asked if he would honor my losses? He insisted "it was the other moving people company who took everything and was at fault" and that not only was he not going to honor ANYTHING he did do but I would have to take him to court for what I'm asking and let a judge decide! AGAIN, I COULD ONLY REMOVE WHAT WAS PLACED INSIDE MY STORAGE BIN THE FIRST TIME, WHEN *** MOVED MY BELONGINGS IN! NOBODY OPENED THE STORAGE BINEVERUNTIL I OPENED IT, MYSELF, TO MOVE TO VERO BEACH...26 DAYS LATER!!!! Being forthright l also called and told *** when I DID find something, in question, and that's when he said, "I have to take him to court, because he would NOT honor anything else!!!".
I am 71 years old, and do not, at this point in life have either the stamina, because of a fall down 19 metal steps in my stairwell on Feb 8, 2018 causing me Shingles with severe neuropathy and possible blindness which I am under my dr.'s care for, now nor the resilience to withstand the stress and trauma of a court appearance of any kind, not to mention the leg-work I will have to endure on foot in just ascertaining to the correct address notifications (alone) and expense necessary to appear in court effectively. This being said I do feel that I was totally taken advantage of in being alone and elderly by *** MOVERS, INC., FOR ALLEGEDLY TAKING AND/OR LOSING MY POPERTY I HAVE ACCUMULATED, OWNED AND GROWN TO CHERISH AND LOVE, I.E., FAMILY HEIRLOOMS, PICTURES, CLOTHING, MEDICATIONS, JEWELRY AND MEMEORIES THAT I WILL NEVER BE SURROUNDED BY AGAIN. THINGS THAT I HAVE HAD FOR AT LEAST THE LAST 50 YEARS....AND ALL BECAUSE OF HIS ALLEGED NEGLIGENCE, IRRESPONSIBILITY, LACK OF RESPECT AND CONCERN AND QUITE POSSIBLY AND ALLEGEDLY THEFT (FOR ALL I KNOW) TOWARD MY PERSONAL PROPERTY ALL OF WHICH I WILL NEVER SEE NOR ENJOY AGAIN!


Charles Sherman Movers Response time Apr 24, 2019

Ms. once again I humbly apologize for your lost of these 9 boxes you now accusing me of and any other items you are missing. I'm sorry for all the stress you are experiencing.

For the last and final time we did not take your personal items you are a *** and I'm and African American man your personal Heirlooms and clothes Etc. you constantly accuse my family for taking will do us no good and for the record we do not steal and don't have to our God has been very good to us.

Now you continue to bring my faith into this. Now you being a Jewish woman Knows That according to Exodus 20:16 You should not bear false witness against your neighbor so please stop the game playing and wasting my precious time and take me to court and let a Judge hear this case. further more you claim I don't have insurance which is a lie you signed on the Bill of Lading under the Heading Of Valuation, next you said I told you a 120.00 per hour I estimated the job for 750.00 for 3 guys and yes I said I would adjust the cost if we did the job in lesser time frame. now looking at your bill for 4.5 hours which is 540.00 you paid and signed for 480.00 in which case you ole me $60.00 more dollars.

This is my final Response I continue to stand by what I said Please let a Judge hear this case or else I will have my attorney file a harassing complaint against you.

Thank you and May Gods Choice blessings be upon you ***.

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Address: 3210 Hibiscus Ave, Fort Pierce, Florida, United States, 34947


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