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Chez Josef, Inc.

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Chez Josef refuses to work with me after numerous attempts, now they want to threaten me with legal action.On or about [redacted] my friend and I met with GM [redacted] and Sales Director [redacted] of Chez Josef to discuss menu options, pricing and deposit for a class reunion I was planning for [redacted] Since I was looking at another venue that had a well priced menu option, [redacted] said he would be willing to work something out for me because the high school I was planning the reunion for was one he currently does business with. Reunions weren't successful with my high school so I was concerned with the 150 minimum guarantee and [redacted] per bartender just in case I couldn't get that many people to attend. He agreed to lower the minimum to 95 and the bartender fee to [redacted] and a deposit of [redacted] I've also told [redacted] in the event the reunion had to be cancelled, I would need to make a payment arrangements because I do not have that kind of money to pay at once. His response was not to worry about it, everything will be fine and the reunion will happen. Feeling positive about this event and the venue, I've decided to go with Chez Josef over the other venue. Looking back on it, I wish I had gone with the other venue. Unfortunately, my class reunion had to be cancelled to due lack of ticket sales. I've called on [redacted] on my break at work about 10 am and left a message for [redacted] regarding cancelling my reunion. He called me back about and 1 1/2 hrs later which I missed so I called back on my lunch around 2pm the same day. I had explained the situation as to why I had to cancel and asked if we can set up a payment arrangement but he said they do not do that and the money I'm responsible for would need to be paid. I had informed him that I did not have [redacted] to pay all at once and asked why he could not work out any arrangement with me. I was not not trying to pay what was due but just needed time doing so. Not only did he say he cannot set up payment arrangements (which I couldn't understand that since he is the GM of the venue) but his tone had changed...trying to get loud with me. I had to ask that he lower his voice while speaking to me and not to talk to me in that tone because it was unprofessional. He said I would need to speak with his office manager [redacted] because she is the only one who can, at her discretion, make arrangements. At this point my lunch was almost over and I asked to speak with [redacted] and [redacted] rather keep the back and forth going asking why I think he was unprofessional. Since he refused to transfer me, I had to hang up and call back on my last break around 3pm. When I called, [redacted] was not available so I had to leave a message for her to CALL ME BACK regarding payment arrangement for a cancelled reunion. Several days have gone by and no call back from [redacted], something told me to my email on [redacted] and saw that she sent the cancellation paperwork as an attachment. I emailed her back on [redacted] informing her that I was looking for a call back because I had questions, not an email. She assumed that the correspondence method of choice by most customers is via email, but I'm not most customers. If I ask for a call, I expect just that. During the day, it's easier for me to respond via phone than email as I am not allowed to access personal emails from my work PC and I don't always have a good signal to access from my cell phone. After asking her to mail to me, I reviewed the documents as she said before making any arrangements and noticed a discrepancy with the bartender fee. It was [redacted] instead of [redacted] that was listed on my contract. I emailed her back on [redacted] and she said she'll look into it and get back to me either that day or the next [redacted] I received nothing. I got a notice to pay by [redacted] or legal action will occur because I never responded to their attempts to collect. I have every single email from Chez Josef regarding this matter. I don't understand how you can run a business and not respond via email or phone and not willing to work things out with their customers.Desired SettlementI'm not looking to not pay what is owed to Chez Josef but I am looking for them to set up an arrangement for me that is reasonable. I would also like for them to fix the bartender discrepancy and send me a corrected itemized bill before they receive anything from me. My work schedule have been reduced from full time to part time. Since I'm responsible for the payment, it's very hard to pay all at once when I need to pay for my living expenses, dealing with an ill mother and my own health issues at this time which is why my schedule have been reduced. I know in the contract it states that I could be liable for their legal fees, however, I do not think I should be responsible for those fees since I've been trying to work with this unprofessional business and get that bill paid. It would be different if I wasn't trying to pay at all. By the way, the last correspondence I sent to them was on [redacted] via email. I do have all of my correspondence (email & mail), including my contracts and receipts.Business Response We tried to work with her when she contacted us in [redacted] to say that sales were not going well and that she may need to cancel. At that time we advised her that her ticket price seemed to be high for this area and that we have seen ticket sales rise closer to the event and that she might want to wait a little longer before making a decision. We were willing to work with her and council her every step of the way in order to help increase her sales.When sales didn't increase she stated that she needed to cancel the event.The customer states that we refused to work with her however, when a cancellation occurs the original deposit is non refundable and therefore is not applied to any cancellation fees. In her case we did apply her deposit to the cancellation fees. We have since reverted the bartender fee which was in question to the original amount of $95 and sent her the revised invoice. We recently have been fielding calls from invitees to this event who paid her [redacted] per ticket, when we were charging her [redacted] asking how they can be refunded. They have tried reaching out to her but she has not responded to any of their emails. Please note: she only gave her email address to the invitees to contact her.It appears she has taken their money and refuses to refund them. We have names along with all their contact information and can make this available to the if requested.In our opinion we feel she is not creditable in her business tacticsConsumer Response [redacted]Document Attached[redacted]The office manager [redacted] called me yesterday, [redacted] at [redacted] pm while I was on my break. She informed me that after discussing the bartender discrepancy with [redacted] the GM, they've agreed to use the lowered price of [redacted] instead of the [redacted] I told that was nothing to discuss because it was already in my contract what the price would be and nothing mentioned in it about it only being the lower rate if the event took place. [redacted] then stated that I had made no good faith effort to pay on the balance and I had told her that yes I was and was waiting for you to provide me with the corrected bill that was never sent to me. She then proceeded to tell me that I need to stop slandering Chez Josef. I told her slandering is if I was lying on them, I was telling people of my experience with this business which is all true. I have not made up anything about this venue, as I have correspondence and a witness who attended 3 meetings with me at their venue. She then said that she had several people calling about the canceled event who claim to have not heard anything from me (which I knew about one person who was trying to help save the event but per my friend and Marc couldn't release info about the details because they weren't on the contract so if they did, Marc lied to me) and see would tell them that I've charged them $60 for a [redacted] dish (which by the way did not include 19% admin fee & [redacted] MA tax which brought price to around [redacted] pp)if I continue to slander them. I told her that I don't do extortion and not that I have to explain to her but most of the guests were refunded and the ones that were not, I have been in touch with them via email to let them know the status of their refund. Marc knew what I was planning to charge because I needed to cover the reunion, decorations, dj.[redacted] finally sends an email with a revised bill attached that was supposed to have been sent to her back in June and tells me to remit payment. Now they are not trying to discuss payment arrangements. According to her on the phone, she said she never said anything about payment arrangements until I told her that I have the email where she did...she actually got quiet! Since they know I don't have that kind of money to hand over by [redacted] they'll most likely pursue the legal action they threatened me with.Also, after reviewing my contract again, I shouldn't even be charged the bartender fee because it states that I would be responsible for food and beverages for a minimum of 95 people (beverages meaning a toast or open bar if having one). My event was a cash bar and there were no toasts. This company will write up a contract and then try to change the terms of it. This is by far the worst business and professionalism I've encountered and I wouldn't refer them to anyone even if they were the only venue in the area.I've also attached the most recent emails between [redacted] and myself since filing this complaint.

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