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Chris Goodnow Auto Sales

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I just purchased a Grand Jeep Cherokee with a Hemi from Chris Goodnow DealershipIt was the best hassle free experience I have ever hadWhen they say you will be approved no matter your credit, they mean itI have a jeep and on my way to imIproving my creditVery friendly and helpful staffThey support the military fully and show it and I appreciate it thatI will be a returning customer and recommend them highlyThank you Todd and MrGood now for all your help and support

Sold me a vehicle that had issues from the beginning of purchase on [redacted] to [redacted]On [redacted] I did application for purchase I Purchased a 2008 [redacted] on [redacted] the dealer had vehicle being fixed prior to I purchasing it for issue it had before I purchase on the same day dealership called me to tell me vehicle was all fixed to come pick up on [redacted] while I was in dealership waiting for associated from dealership to go & put inspection sticker on he comes back that as soon as he drove off from getting truck inspection sticker( all the lights on dash turned on) indicating something was wrong I left vehicle at dealership to get fixed again on [redacted] I picked up vehicle from dealership on [redacted] I brought back vehicle do to noises coming from underneath vehicle front & rear & lights on dash were on again on [redacted] dealership called to pick up. On [redacted] lights on dash turns on again called dealership was told to bring in on following day only if lights was still on the next day [redacted] lights had turned off. On [redacted] lights turned on indicated that transmission was slipping & abs lights on called dealership again spoke with owner he advised that when lights on to bring it in the next day if it's still on. On [redacted] lights were off again on [redacted] I brought vehicle to Nissan dealership do to lights kept turning on & off but every time vehicle gets turned off lights would shut off they inspected entire vehicle & notified me that vehicle had a defect that the radiator & transmision were no good & needed to be repaired that's why lights kept going on & off indicating transmision was slippingDesired SettlementWould like vehicle fixed in Nissan dealership for accurate maintenance from qualified technicians or replace vehicle with other vehicle in the same price range or similar price Business Response on [redacted] the vehicle was returned to the customer, the lights on the dash had been an abs and traction light. The vehicle was fixed and given back to the customer. Customer called stating light had come on and gone off, we told him that it was an intermittent issue and we would be more than happy to look at it the next time it came back on. On [redacted] the customer called stating that the abs light was on. there was no mention of a check engine light at this time. Customer was once again advised to drop the vehicle off so we could look at it. Customer never dropped the vehicle off. On [redacted] customer called stating he had brought the vehicle to a [redacted] dealership and dealer had told him that there may have been an intermix of transmission and coolant fluid. Customer stated that he needed a new transmission and the intermix of the fluids is what was causing the lights on the dash to come on. He was asked to drop the vehicle off so we could look at it, The vehicle at this time was out of warranty, but we value our reputation and asked him to let us look at it. While we waited to to hear back from customer, we called [redacted] and they informed us of a class action lawsuit that covered this problem. Due the vehicle mileage there would be a [redacted] deductible. Even though the vehicle was out of warranty we wanted to rectify the issue. Customer never called back to schedule an appointment. The complaint from the was received on [redacted] The owner called customer and left message to set up appointment for vehicle to be looked at. Customer never called back. was contacted on [redacted] and was informed complaint had been resolved already. Consumer Response I would like to let you know [redacted] Autosale has resolved problem & no further action is required thanks for all the help. Sincerely [redacted] & [redacted]

They lied to us, delaying the solution to the problem so that enough time went by for the warranty to run out.We bought a Chevy Silverado truck from this dealership a couple months ago. A week in, the check engine light came on. We called the dealership, bought the truck in. They said to let the gas run out, fill it up again making sure the lid is closed tightly afterward, and if the problem persists, call again. The problem did persist and we called again and were told by the secretary that we would get a call back. Waited a couple days for a call back and nothing. When we called again, [redacted] the manager told us that the one month warranty had expired by now so all we can do is bring the truck in and pay for the repairs, when we actually brought the truck in within 2 weeks of the date of purchase and they did nothing but delay us and kill time so that the month passed.Desired SettlementAcknowledge their wrong doing, conduct business professionally in the future and reimburse us the amount we pay to fix the car. I do not trust this business to take care of the fixing.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] OwnerContact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]After receiving complaint from owner [redacted] was made aware of a complaint of a check engine light on a 09 [redacted] sold to [redacted]. After receiving the letter Mr [redacted] called on [redacted] afternoon and left a message, and he called again on [redacted] morning and left another message. There has been to response from complainant. The customers warranty was up on the vehicle on [redacted] 2015 [redacted] warranty covers safety issues, a check engine light is normally not a safety issue. When the customer called the vehicle had been out of warranty. The customer was told by [redacted] to come down and we would plug the truck in and scan the check engine light, the light was for a small evap leak, (which would not be covered even if the vehicle was still under warranty). We did not ask customer to pay diagnostic fee. At this time we would like to address the fact that the complainant Mr [redacted] of [redacted] is not the customer who purchased the vehicle in question. Due to the fact that they are trying to tarnish our reputation and the complaintant will not contact [redacted] back we are looking into contacting legal counseling in regards to the slanderous and erroneous behavior on the complainants behalf. We strive for perfection and we sell 30 to 40 vehicles a month and have had no complaints prior to this event and now we have a complaint from [redacted] and also one from his sister. He and his sister both went on[redacted] and [redacted] and stated the each purchased vehicles and slandered our dealership however neither of them purchased the vehicle in question. . As the confusion continues the vehicle is in [redacted] name who is the father. This is due to a question with financing with [redacted] and [redacted]. At this time we would like the have this complaint dismissed on the accounts of false statements. Consumer Response The car was sold to me. The check that was written to purchase the car was in my name, all the dealings were with me, I was the one to test drive it. My MOTHER'S (not father's like they state, shows what kind of business they run) was only put on the registration so that plates could be transferred without having to get new ones. There were never any messages left from them either; that can easily be checked with the phone company. Their story is absolutely false and this complaint should most definitely never be closed as "Invalid".Final Business Response The truck can be dropped off at [redacted] and service on [redacted] s We are being more then accommodating at this point. for something that is not a lemon law issue and was not under warranty and out of the warranty period.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)You have done absolutely nothing up to this point so there is no accommodation that has happened. I will research this place and drop the truck there once I am sure this business on [redacted] is run well. Forgive my skepticism about a business recommended by these guys at this point. I will update my answer here once I deal with them.

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Description: Auto Dealers-Used Cars

Address: 241 Grove St, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01605-3923


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