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CJ'S Towing Unlimited, Inc.

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Our 2007 Beetle was damaged during a tow. Broke the Baffle. Damaged do to improper loading onto the Flatbed. Asked for help getting it fixed. They jerry-rigged and glued it without authorization. This issue is still unresolved. Also cracked our Front Bumper.

My vehicle was damaged during the towing process from [redacted] commuter Lot. The vehicle was damaged in the towing process in which I payed 177.50. The vehicle was then brought to [redacted] with the understanding that the owner of the company would compensate me for the damage done to the vehicle. The vehicle was appraised at 1,547.46. The vehicle required 2-3 days in the shop in which I am unable to go without a vehicle while in graduate school and need the use of my car. I opted to get the appraised value in the form of a check. The [redacted] of the company did not respond to many calls and messages over the following 3 weeks. The [redacted] then said he would not be willing to pay for it and hung up the phone. The front end and bumper and light was smashed when lifted on the tow truck, the [redacted] left a voicemail, which was saved, stating that they are aware the company did the damage and he was sorry and was going to make due on it. Not only did he not take care of the issue, but he was rude, ignored several phone calls and disregarded the entire issue. The Vehicle was damaged September 25,2013 and it was not until today, October 16, 2013, that the owner got back to me only to tell me he won't pay for the damage his company did to my vehicle.Desired SettlementThe amount in full of the appraised damage done to the vehicle by the towing company. 1,547.46. Also the 177.50 fee for the service provided that was unsatisfactory and ended up in 3 weeks of incessant calling and messaging to speak with the owner.Business Response I spoke to Mr. [redacted] immediately after his vehicle was damaged, I sincerely apologized and told him I would take care of the repair. Mr. [redacted] stated he would like to bring the car to his own body shop, I agreed, then I made contact with the [redacted] and I sent them a $1000.00 deposit for parts and to set up an appointment and rental car to ensure Mr. [redacted] was not further inconvenienced. About a week later I received a call from [redacted], the [redacted] told me that Mr. [redacted] wanted to cancel the repair and pocket the cash, she also said she would void the $1000.00 check and mail it back. Mr. [redacted] left me a few voice messages while I was on a short vacation, when I returned I called him back, this time at my convenience. Mr. [redacted] then demanded I pay him $1547.00 directly, I advised him that the price is well in excessive for his needed repairs. I then advised Mr. [redacted] to contact his insurance company and I would deal with them directly.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Firstly, when I had continued to contact the [redacted], his office staff had said he would be in only for a few hours each day and that he would return my calls. Which he did not ,for over 15 days. Also he did not make an attempt to contact me, it was when I called the office that his secretary said that he may be in and that is when he rudely answered back replying that the appraisal was too much and for "new parts." Neither myself nor he have the professional ability to appraise damage done to a vehicle and I believe that if damage is done to a vehicle, it is fair to assume that new parts would be placed in the vehicle rather than used or refurbished parts. It is to my understanding that the [redacted] called [redacted] and made a deal with them to use cheaper parts and or labor and that is the reason he sent them a check for 1,000.00 rather than 1,547.46 which was the appraised value. Regardless if I had intended to get just the light fixed now and the rest done later when I was not as busy, or if the work was done immediately, it is the duty of the person responsible for the damage to pay, in full for the appraised amount. In contacting the Attorney General office, I have been advised to file a complaint with the Transportation Oversight Division who is responsible for licensing and overseeing Towing companies in Massachusetts, and in turn filing a complaint with the attorney general office itself. This issue is troubling and more so than anything it has required time and effort that is not of an abundance presently.Final Business Response I did NOT make any type of deal with [redacted],Mr [redacted] picked that shop. The 1000 check was for deposit only because I have never done business with them before! Again I advised Mr [redacted] to contact his insurance company about the incident and I will deal with them directly. It appears to me that Mr [redacted] is the type that would rather waste time making complaints to defame my company,rather then to just handle the problem correctly!! Again please advise Mr [redacted] to have his insurance company contact me directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX EX15 I will NOT respond to this complaint again!!

MY CAR BROKE DOWN ON BOSTON RD I WAS ON THE PHONE WITH AAA,WHEN A POLICE OFFICER SHOWED UP AND CALLED CJ'S TOWING AFTER EVEN TELLING THE OFFICER I HAD CALLED AAA.WELL CJ'S TOWED MY CAR 1/2 MILE DOWN THE ROAD FROM BOSTON RD TO [redacted] IS IS A 1 MINUATE DR.THEY CHARGED ME FOR 10 MILES,R U SERIOUS?? WHEN I GOT TO THE TOWING PLACE, THE LADY WAS VERY RUDE,WHEN I WAS TRYING TO EXPLAIN TO THE LADY THAT I HAD [redacted] AND I WAS TOLD I WAS LUCKY THAT SHE DIDNT HAVE IT DROPPED OFF THE TOW CUZ IT WOULD OF COST ME DOUBLE.WAS THAT A THREAT??AFTER PAYING THE OUTRAGOUS PRICE TO GET BACK ,THE LADY JUST THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY.I WAS SOO MAD THAT I AM TAX PAYING CITIZEN AND IT TAKES EVERYTHING INSIDE YOU NOT TO LOSE IT ON THESE KIND OF PEOPLE.WE WORK HARD FOR OUR MONEY ,THEY SHOULD JUST LET AAA HANDLE IT!IT WAS ALSO FATHER'S DAY!I GOT [redacted] FOR THE TOW TRUCK TO DRIVE FROM BOSTON RD TO PASCO RD NOT EVEN 1/2 MILE AWAY.TAKE MY MONEY AND THEN DROP OFF MY CAR AT HOME.Desired SettlementI WOULD LIKE A REFUND BECOUSE THERE IS NO WAY IT WAS 10 MILES!!THEY SHOULD OF JUST TOOK MY [redacted] CARD.AND THIER COSTUMER SERVICE WAS SOO BAD!!THEY SHOULD BE FURTHER INVESTIGATED ON HOW THEY BILL FOR TOWING SERVICES.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] J. [redacted], [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@aol.comOn [redacted] 2015 we received a call from the [redacted] to tow a vehicle that was on [redacted] in [redacted] that was disabled, since it was requested by the [redacted] and was already issued a tow number by them we are required to tow the vehicle upon their request. The vehicle that belonged to Mr. [redacted] was towed to [redacted] not to our storage facility as said by Mr. [redacted], the rates that Mr. [redacted] is complaining about are contracted rates by the [redacted] of [redacted] and approved by the [redacted] of [redacted] The total miles for this call was ** miles which is calculated round trip from our terminal, but 5 miles were free and Mr. [redacted] was only charged for 5 miles at [redacted] p/mile, a [redacted] tow fee, a $30.00 city fee and [redacted] fuel surcharge fee which is also approved by the [redacted] the total for this tow was [redacted] Mr. [redacted] has applied for reimbursement from [redacted] for a refund for this tow because he had initially called them before the Police ordered the tow from us, I spoke with [redacted] and they will be issuing Mr. [redacted] 100% for this tow fee. Any further concerns please feel free to contact me. Thank you. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I am requesting restitution for my vehicle that was illegally crushed when stolen from my place of employment and requesting they send me an issurance claim form. They should have ran the vin which clearly was not done and crushed my car with no notification then turn around and try to bill me for a storage fee!!! Absolutely not. The next action will be through a lawyer and the police if this is not rectified.Product_Or_Service: illegal towDesired SettlementLooking for Insurance claim form or [redacted] to purchase a new vehicle.Business Response [redacted],Mr. [redacted] 1994 [redacted] Pickup was requested to be towed off private property belonging to [redacted] on [redacted] Street in [redacted] on [redacted] at [redacted] The [redacted] Pickup was abandoned on this lot with heavy body damage and multiple parts missing or stripped from the vehicle. Upon towing the vehicle [redacted] Police was first notified via telephone and then via fax reporting the tow and year, make, vin number and registration to the police department. At this time the [redacted] Police Department advised us the vehicle was negative on stolen. The vehicle was placed in our storage yard with a towing rate authorized by [redacted] DPU at a rate of [redacted] hook-up, [redacted] mileage and [redacted] fuel surcharge as well as [redacted] per day storage. Also per state law a certified registered letter was sent to the last registered owner which was [redacted] Street, Apt [redacted] Ma XXXXX. All letters were returned undeliverable with no forwarding address. During the first week of [redacted] I personally spoke with Mr. [redacted] and advised him that his car has been in our storage yard since [redacted] Mr. [redacted] also asked me if his car had been junked and I advised him that it was not. I personally went out to our storage yard and took photos of the vehicle and sent them from my personal cell phone directly to Mr. [redacted] phone and then to an email address that he provided. During our conversation I also advised Mr. [redacted] that his bill was accumulating storage over [redacted] and given the condition of his vehicle I did not expect full payment and I offered to substantially reduce the bill if he wished to retrieve his damaged vehicle, I asked him to let me know ASAP. I never heard back from Mr. [redacted] until I received this correspondence from the In closing Mr. [redacted] vehicle could have been legally junked for abandonment by my company after 102 days but I kept it in storage until [redacted] totaling 154 days waiting for a call back from Mr. [redacted]. The total outstanding bill is [redacted] owed to CJ's Towing, Mr. [redacted] claim for [redacted] for a heavily damaged vehicle is ludicrous. This vehicle is not worth [redacted] even in pristine condition. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)First of all my address has not changed just went to a!! Secondly, I feel that this is not correct unless Cj's Towning is calling the both Police Departments liars since neither one was notified. There was NO horrific damage done to the vehicle except the crushing from CJ's towing if you see my attached documents shows police reports and so forth that his statement is incorrect can he provide the return to sender letters would love that proof!! The vehicle was in driving condition and it is lutacrus that he would charge myself [redacted] to get the vehicle that he crushed so I think restitution from him is reasonable. I think asking for [redacted] is not insane due to that is what he wants to charge me to receive it from him so oviously he thinks its worth that much. Love to have picutres of the vehicle it will clearly show he crushed it!!!!!!!!!!Final Business Response Regarding Mr. [redacted] second response on [redacted] 2014 I never insisted his address was changed I only advised that the registered mail was returned to us. I have no control over the USPS also, CJ's is not calling either Police Department liars, on [redacted] 2014 at [redacted] we faxed a private property tow form listing the vehicle information to the [redacted] Police Department as required by law, also in the beginning of [redacted] I received a call from Brimfield Police Department requesting their help on the whereabouts of this vehicle, I advised them I would check into it and contact the owner directly. On or about [redacted] 2014 I spoke to Mr. [redacted] and sent him photos of his damaged, stolen vehicle, all towed vehicles are inventoried and have photos taken upon arrival of our yard. Again Mr. [redacted] vehicle was stolen, crashed and stripped before it was abandoned in our customers lot, CJ's does not crush cars or have any crushing equipment Mr. [redacted] claims are ridiculous. Also when speaking to Mr. [redacted] I advised him his vehicle was heavily damaged and stripped and was obviously not worth the price for towing and storage I advised him to let me know ASAP and I would help him out with the charges, Mr. [redacted] never contacted me again so I sent him an additional registered letter on [redacted] advising him that if I did not hear back the vehicle would be sent to the scrap yard. With no response from Mr. [redacted] I sent the car to a local scrap yard on [redacted] the vehicle had been here a total of 149 days which is 47 days longer than the Mass State Laws minimum of 102 days. I retain copies of photos, inventory sheets, tow slip, police fax, letters and letter receipts etc. proving Mr. [redacted] claims are false. Thank you. Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)please attach your insurance claim form your information provided does not agree with the attached police reports provided by the [redacted] police department and I feel they are false.

Drivers asked for a cash bribe. The two operators shoved me as they continued on after I refused.2/9/15 @ approx. 2:50PM, two CJ's towing vehicles drive down the street towing everyone (private street, private homes, etc..). My vehicle is towed, and I caught up with them at the end of the street. I asked them to drop the vehicle as I cannot afford the tow. They said they would take a bribe to drop the car, but otherwise would need to 'pay hundreds at the shop'. As I pleaded with them to drop the vehicle (how can I pay the fee if I can't get to work), one of them shouldered "shoved" me on his way to his next victim.Desired SettlementI would like a refund of the 'towing' charge.Business Response Multiple vehicles were towed on Somerset Street as well as the Forest Park neighborhood and the entire City of Springfield for tow ban parking violations. Snow Ban is advertised on the Cities Website, all local news stations, the internet, the newspaper as well as flashing lights at major intersections throughout the City. During the snow tow operation there were six police officers on every street as vehicles were being towed as well as a Police Sergeant and a CJ's supervisor riding together, there was absolutely no incidents on Somerset Street at all. The bribe that this person speaks of is the fee to drop a previously hooked vehicle in order to avoid being towed to the storage yard incurring more charges such as storage and mileage. As far as any type of assault is an absolute lie.

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