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Hello, We are truly sorry these good people got to the point in this project that they had to complainWe had an employee of years who stopped doing his job and this happened before we were able to identify the problemAs soon as I found out we immediately corrected all service issuesThe clients are very happy with the outcome and actually invited me over for an evening of drinks and relaxationCKBR will always stand behind all services performed

We will get a payment out to the customer by mid next week at the latest

Hello, We are truly sorry these good people got to the point in this project that they had to complain. We had an employee of 5 years who stopped doing his job and this happened before we were able to identify the problem. As soon as I found out we immediately corrected all service issues. The...

clients are very happy with the outcome and actually invited me over for an evening of drinks and relaxation. CKBR will always stand behind all services performed.
We agree with the response of that the ownership had issues.   We also think the owner was sincere in wanting to make things right.  Even though we made final payment and the project is considered completed months late we are still trying to clean up.   We have spent several days correcting numerous issues.   We have been working for 4 straight days cleaning the floors around the project and are only half completed.   We are happy that the bathrooms and kitchen look nice and are considered complete we are still a few days from what we consider finished.   We declined a cleaning service offer from the company because we did not know when that would be scheduled and needed to move forward.  We believe we could clean up and finish faster and more complete based on past experience with the work crews.

We will look into this further and make sure it gets resolved and that the customer gets a refund.

I have been speaking to the owner Don W[redacted]’ for over 2 months now. I have been promised a refund every week with interest and nothing. Empty promises. Mr.W[redacted] said he can not pay me...

because he used my deposit to pay his taxes and expected a loan that never came to fruition. I need my money back. The refund was due within 10 days it has now been almost 70. I have only received excuses and see no end to this night mare. It is not my fault the owner didn’t have money for his taxes or can not get a loan.

We feel sunk. Yes, it appears he sent the bathroom demo crew at the last min. (20 minutes notice) the next phase of our project would be due. We paid it. We now have an empty bathroom, have paid for over half of the project, and see the CKBR showroom being cleaned out this morning.

Hello,We have reached a resolution with the customer and they have informed us they will retract their complaint. The resolution was a refund in the amount of $4,916.52 which is to be paid to the customer by 10/12. Upon payment, they have agreed to contact the within 3 days to retract their...

complaint. I have attached documents that show how we arrived at this number. Please let us know if you have further question or need us to take any other actions.

Terrible service. Breached contract several ways. Didn't order enough material, changed material without our approval, didn't order material in time, did not build design as contracted. Per THEIR terms and written in contract, the job should have been 3 to 4 weeks. We are on week 9 and our bathroom is NOT done. I had to go buy floor tile myself.

I hired CKBR to do my master bathroom as well as countertops and backsplash in my kitchen. I was hesitant to embark on another remodeling journey as I had an awful experience years ago. My experience with CKBR was completely the opposite. Everyone I met was extremely respectful and the work looks amazing. The project did run a week over schedule but it didn't bother me as it was communicated to me and everything else had run so smoothly. I normally don't write reviews but this company deserves to be recognized. WOULD HIRE THEM AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT!

We contracted CKBR to partially remodel our master bathroom due to a leak we discovered in the shower.

The initial sales call went very well and we made follow-up appointment to get details and sign a contract. That meeting was a bit rocky - they didn’t really remember our bathroom and couldn’t find pictures. They also would not provide a breakdown of cost so that we could make the best, informed decisions about where to spend our budget. Despite some uneasiness in that meeting we signed the contract for the shower and later added the bathroom flooring and vanity area because our bathroom was unusable.

We had to wait over 4 weeks for CKBR to start our job. In that time, We found it difficult to get quick and/or direct answers to questions we had about the upcoming job or materials. There was very little communication about how to prep for the job or exactly what to expect. The only time we received a timely communication was in regard to payment. This held true throughout the job. Once our job started there were nothing but problems. These were the 3 major areas we had issues with CKBR:

1. False Advertising - On their website and in the initial meeting we were assured that their “over 50 years of construction experience” would be put to good use so we wouldn’t have to worry about things. Additionally, on their website and in our meeting they said they would supply drawings of the space we could approve. No such drawings were provided and we did not approve anything prior to the start date other than vague contracts and change orders. In fact the only rough sketches that were in our file the entire time had the dimensions for items from the previous bathroom layout. This led to problems with workmanship later. We were also told that they utilized an online communication tool to communicate with customers and that each trade would post photos there as they completed work. NO photos were ever posted. I brought this up to the owner, [redacted], and the project manager, [redacted], 2 weeks into our job and they apologized and promised to correct, yet nothing was ever posted. The only thing they used this communication tool for was for messages/emails and the calendar which wasn’t always up to date.

2. Poor Management - We hired CKBR because we did not want to manage our job, but in the 8 weeks (NOTE: We were originally told it would be 3-4 weeks and the only change to the scope of work was demo of a bathtub and there were NO SURPRISES you might expect in construction) that they were working on our bathroom that became our full-time job. Here is a list of some, not all, of the mistakes that occurred due to poor management: trades not showing up and no one at CKBR knowing; plumber at our home until nearly 10pm without them knowing; often they had to ask us who was sent from a specific company; the glass guys showing up on the wrong day twice; tile crew showing up and not knowing it was a second story bathroom. It was difficult to get a hold of [redacted] (for us and for trades completing the work). As a result many questions went unanswered and mistakes were made. We would like to note that we were the ones who had to catch all of the mistakes and bring them to the attention of CKBR. Ultimately, management from CKBR was only on site when there were problems. When we brought this issue up to [redacted] and told him that our idea of a project manager was someone who would be on site at least 2x/week to check progress, make sure things are running smoothly, etc. he said that wasn’t the way CKBR does it. He noted that when we needed information we should contact [redacted] in the office. We will say that [redacted] did her best to try to remedy the situation, however she didn’t have the information (or perhaps experience) necessary to be the main contact person or problem solver. For instance, [redacted] did not even know that it was a second story bathroom, she had never seen our bathroom in person, she was working off of the ghost file everyone else was, etc. In fact, when our job was “completed” no one from CKBR management had been on site for over 3 weeks.

We would also like to note that it was a bit of a battle for them to provide us with simple things every consumer is entitled to - a list of subcontractors and license numbers, updated invoices, information on credits or changes, lien release when payments were made, and the courtesy to know who was coming into our home to work and when.

3. Poor Workmanship - There were many questionable decisions made in regards to workmanship including: building the pony wall for our shower incorrectly and in the wrong spot creating a domino effect for the the vanity, mirrors and lights that can never be fully remedied; the urethane grout they sold us was used by tile installers who were not confident with it and there is a terrible residue all over the brand new tile, as well as gaps of grout that we had to go back and fill ourselves; we also discovered that they did not use the grout they sold per manufacture specifications; shower floor tile is uneven and was left unsealed; installing a vanity prior to properly caulking the baseboards they installed; scratching the new marble countertop; leaving debris in our closet and stray nails in our bedroom (which could have been very harmful to our young children). Additionally, we asked them to be careful during the renovation process as we have brand new wood floors and carpet in our home. They provided minimal protection on our carpets and only occasionally covered the hardwoods upon request after we noted some dents.

When they were “done” with the job, the bathroom was still unusable. We spend another week or two trying to clean the residue, finish grouting and sealing the tile. We are left with bathroom that looks okay if you don’t look too close. It is not the bathroom, nor the experience, we envisioned or expected.

When CKBR was notified of some of the lingering issues and that we were unhappy we received no response. This is unprofessional to say the least.

CKBR has almost finished a complete kitchen and laundry remodel in our home, as well as built in desks and cabinets in our office. Their work from the beginning has exceeded our expectations in every way. It has been a complete pleasure to interact with Don, Gayle and the wonderful designer Beth throughout the whole project. Every trades person who has been in our house has been very professional and their workmanship is exemplary. Some of the work is done by their own employees and some by subcontractors. The carpenters really took pride in their work and we were very impressed with the quality of their work assembling the cabinets in the kitchen and laundry. They also built in wall to wall desks and cabinets in the office, and the finished product is magnificent.

In the planning stages our ideas were transformed into 3D images which allowed us to easily visualize the finished product. We have followed progress on the builders trend web site, which is updated regularly, so that we know what to expect next. In fact, the completion date has moved up and we should be finished within a week. So, there certainly have been no delays in the project. Quite the reverse, the whole project has been so well coordinated, we are finishing ahead of time.

By now, you can probably see how happy we are with this whole experience. We have never been through an extensive house renovation before while we were still living in the house, and heard all the horror stories from friends and neighbors before we started. Our own experience has been very easy. Everyone at CKBR makes sure that clients are being heard and any concerns are addressed immediately, although any questions we had were minor ones. There have been no over runs on budget. We have been so happy with CKBR and the process that we have just now completed plans for them to do a complete renovation of our two bathrooms, and that work will be starting within 10 days. Obviously we would not have done this if we had not been completely happy with the work completed so far. Gayle has designed a custom entertainment unit for our living room and that will also be part of our next phase of our renovation along with the bathrooms. He put in a lot of time working on the design, and we are very excited to see it completed.

I should mention that this is the first time that I have ever posted a review online for any reason. I felt compelled to write this review because I believe that companies like CKBR who do outstanding work really deserve to be recognized. I will post a further update as the bathroom renovations progress.

We hired CKBR for a kitchen remodel after our neighbor used them for a bath remodel as we were impressed with their result. We could not be happier with our new kitchen! We highly recommend CKBR for any remodeling project.

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