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CKS Auto Sales

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CKS Auto sold me a car and never disclosed the car was once totaled, I did not find out until I attempted to register the car at the DMV. CKS financed me a 2003 Ford Mustang, they at no time disclosed that the car was once totaled,It was not until I went to the registry to register the car that I found out it had a salvage title. This would have been fine if the car was properly fixed but CKS insisted I go to get a sticker at nearby [redacted] auto because "they do all our inspections" I found out this is because [redacted] overlooks most of the defects in cars that CKS auto sell. a few days after the vehicle was inspected both the check engine light and battery light came on. after taking the car back to CKS the mechanic reset the light and said that it was just an 02 sensor. upon his resetting the light it came back on 50 miles later. Shortly after that the car began to make creaking sounds in the front end, again I took the car back to CKS and they informed me that it just needed lubrication and lubricated the front end. Later that day they called me back to tell me that the noise was from needing a ball joint and I needed to bring it in ASAP, you guessed it not covered by the warranty. on taking the car for an oil change shortly after taking it home the technician found that the car had bad rear breaks, a transmission seal leak, bad fuel and air filters all of which I had to replace, I was also informed that the alternator was going to be replaced. The car also had several issues with the front end causing it to go through tires in just 3,000 miles, after replacing the ball joints, tire rods, tires twice and getting an alignment I was told that the car likely had a bent frame from it being totaled. Over the course of the 14 months that I had possession of the car I had $2,000.00 worth of work done to the car along with it's regular maintenance. After moving this past March out of Massachusetts and into Maine I contacted CKS to see if I could defer my car payment for 30 days (since my new job was just starting), they said that since I had always been on time with my payments that this would be fine with them. 29 days later I canceled my Insurance so that I could register and insure the vehicle in Main, Cks Auto contacted me to see why my insurance was cancelled and I explained that I was registering and insuring the vehicle in Maine, they then asked for my address to "update their records" they did this so that they could send someone to repossess the car later that day which they did. I really at this point was done with the car and CKS they can keep their lemon of a car, the impound lot contacted me and said if I register and insure the car as well as pay prepossession fee as well as storage fee that I can pick up the car which had been taken to New Hampshire, I told the guy that I did not want anything to do with the car since CKS hired them to take it then they can pay for it. Two weeks later CKS Auto sent me a certified letter informing me that I had 7 days to pay the fees and two months worth of car payments for a car that I no longer had or else they would auction off the car and I would be responsible for the balance. (I had already paid $over 4,000.00 for a $7,000.00 car along with over $2,000.00 in repairs) Desired SettlementAt this point after All the issues with the car, along with not disclosing that the car was totaled in an accident I do not feel that I owe anything to CKS I purchased a car, made the payments even though I dealt with all of the issues and they repossessed it. It is their problem once again so why are they trying to make me pay for any loss. I am not paying them one more cent. This is my last option before taking legal action.

Was sent here after purchasing a vehicle at a car dealership nearby after fixing half of the problem was told to come back to complete it. After waiting 3 hours what I was told would be a15 minute repair and was told it would cost me $100 even though they had already been compensated for the repair when I said no this was part of the original problem was told they weren't going to deal wIth this this was not included and proceeded to remove the part.

Completely unprofessional. Lied about cost of vehicles and financing. Then tried pushing to take a vehicle that was out of price range. Neither vehicle purchased from them was reliable, passed inspection and within a year no longer running. First car they sold was rotted. Told me they were going to have to send it to a scrap yard, then turned around and resold it! Buyer beware

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Description: Auto Dealers-Used Cars

Address: 46 Wilbraham Street, Palmer, Massachusetts, United States, 01069


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