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Classic Plumbing

1301 10th St, Plano, Texas, United States, 75074-8647

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Plumber should not have attempted to install something he didn't know how to install.
I called Classic Plumbing to install a new dishwasher. When I called to make the appointment I asked what it would cost and what if they needed extra parts. The man told me it would absolutely not take more than an hour to install a dishwasher and that if parts were needed, he would have "one of his guys run them out" but that it still wouldn't take more than an hour which would be $140. Since it was comparable to Lowe's or Home Depot, I decided to have them do it.

The first time he came, he said he needed parts and needed to talk to his supervisor. He took the installation instructions with him. The next day he came back and spent 3.5 hours trying to install the dishwasher. Some of that time was spent on the phone with his boss. My mother was there while I was at work or I wouldn't have let him go that long. They couldn't complete the installation because the previous dishwasher was hardwired and there was no plug. That's not their fault and I completely understand that. When I found out what it cost, I was livid. I called the owner and said if they didn't know how to do it, even the plumbing part, they should have said so right away. I would never have spent that kind of money to install a dishwasher. When they gave me the quote, they didn't ask what kind of dishwasher it was or anything like that. They just said it would take no more than an hour.

When I called the owner, he said he would look at the invoice. I called him 8 hrs later and he said he would call me when he looked at it. Three days later, I still hadn't received a call back. Then I noticed there was a leak under my sink from what the plumber attempted to do. I called and they said they'd come out the same day but didn't give me a time. Originally, I wanted the difference back from what it should have cost and what it did cost. $467.99 minus the $140 plus a $12 part. However, now that I have a leak I didn't have before and will need to call another plumber, I want a full refund. The service was terrible and then I was ignored. They certainly looked at the invoice long enough to run the card!

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund of $467.99 since I now have a leak I didn't have before and the plumber should have been up front that he didn't know how to install and that just trying would take so long.

Classic Plumbing Response • Dec 12, 2018

Thank you for your feedback on this matter. Your input, and the feedback from all of our customers are vitally important to us, and we always want every customer's expectations to be met upon completion of the job.

The customer requested an estimate to "install a dishwasher." On a normal install, we do provide the estimate at $140/hr. + parts that includes unhooking the old, removal and rehooking up new and install and continues to remain our cost to do one.

However, when the technician arrived, he discovered that the customer actually was going from a regular dishwasher to a double dishwasher installation (it is two dishwashers combined into one, but has requires two drain lines and two separate electrical outlets). The technician communicated to the customer's Mother that "this was not going to be a normal install and would take more than an hour to install, plus he would need additional parts, and this rare install request would also require him to converse with the Master Plumber to draw up a plan for install that would be cost-saving to them (i.e., since the type of dishwasher requires two drain lines and they only have one + the customer would need a licensed electrician to install a second outlet). He left and returned the following day without any negative feedback from the customer. The customer was not charged any travel time or time spent developing a plan of install with the Master Plumber, but only time spent performing the install at the job site.

After the install, the customer complained about a leak and the cost of the install. The Master Plumber went back to the job site during after hours to meet the customer's availability of only after 6:00 p.m. or on Sunday, free of charge. The Master Plumber did not find a leak, but did reseal all joints in an effort to accommodate the customer.

Later the customer called in to complain again about the price and was adamant that Lowe's or Home Depot would have installed this exact same dishwasher for $140, and that an acquaintance of hers had done so. In an effort to work with this customer, we informed her if she would send a paid invoice over that showed this exact same dishwasher being installed for $140 by either Home Depot or Lowe's, then we would try and work with her on a reduction to keep her happy. She was not able produce such an invoice, but did produce a receipt that only showed parts charged out on a dishwasher install, which did not show what kind of a dishwasher was installed. However, we went the extra step and called Lowe's and Home Depot and asked what the install cost would be to for either of them to install this exact dishwasher and both stated, "We cannot give a price over the phone, as it is not a normal install, but one that requires a technician to first perform an on-site inspection to provide an estimate for installation."

Unfortunately it can be difficult to explain the differences between a non-licensed technician's and a licensed technician's installation costs to consumers, which we believe this was the case here, along with this particular customer not understanding the differences between installing a regular dishwasher and a 2-in-1 dishwasher.

Customer Response • Dec 13, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
This plumber is acting like they went above and beyond but it's simply not true. There WAS a leak from the work they did even after they came back to "fix" it. I had to have someone else come out and fix it so it wouldn't leak and would work properly. Two separate drains were not used, only one that combined the two drain lines into one. Two outlets were not used, only one. While the technician did say the project would take longer, he did not say it would cost more since the quote wasn't per hour but the price to install a dishwasher. I provided two invoices, one from Lowe's, to the company. They charged $125 plus parts to install the exact same dishwasher. The invoice was from my friend who got the EXACT SAME dishwasher installed by Lowe's. It is clearly from Lowe's so I don't know who the company spoke to but there's obviously something amiss from their communication with Lowe's, assuming they even contacted them. The other invoice specifically states the type of dishwasher and was for $130. I submitted both to as well. This plumber couldn't install it properly and never should have tried, especially if they were up front that it would cost so much more than their quote. They attempted to do something they'd never done before and failed at it. They should have been up front about their abilities and just admitted they couldn't do it instead of attempting to do something they didn't know how to do. Instead, they spent hour trying to install it and then just charged us for their attempt. My elderly mother was shocked at the cost but figured I'd deal with it later. What was she supposed to do? Argue with a young service technician and say she wasn't going to pay? They took advantage of the situation and got paid for nothing. They are dishonest and cheats. They should be ashamed of themselves. It's no way to run a business and I'm sorry I trusted them. We will be pursuing other action and are extremely disatisfied.

Classic Plumbing Response • Dec 19, 2018

Again, we are very disappointed that we were unable to satisfy this customer. It is always our primary focus to do so with each and every customer, within reason.

Attached is the customer's email to us stating that "We had the contractor from Lowe's come out and install the dishwasher. He also installed the wall socket, which required them to disconnect what your guys did, reinstalled the dishwasher with two separate drains..." On our first visit to the site, they were informed that this double dishwasher would require an additional electrical plug. We were instructed to move forward with the install, but to leave the dishwasher "unsecured for the electrician," which we did.

Upon further investigation, the installer the customer used to, disconnect our installation, remove the dishwasher to install the additional electrical outlet and reinstall the dishwasher and install two separate drain lines on 12/4/18 was NOT a licensed plumber in the State of Texas, but an Electrical Apprentice. If the customer had an electrical apprentice perform plumbing services (run two separate drain lines), that is any customer's personal choice, but one that is not authorized as a legal install through the licensing board for the State of Texas. However, it is noted that no where on Mr. Sierra's invoice does he depict that he installed two separate drain lines. The manufacturer of the Fisher & Paykel dishwasher provides 3 options for install. We performed Option 3 as the most cost-effective means for the customer.

The customer has used our services prior to the install of the dishwasher and had prior knowledge of our hourly labor fee, without incident.

Upon completion of the work, we presented our invoice, which was signed off in acceptance for the services performed.

Customer Response • Dec 20, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The Lowe's contractor who installed our dishwasher had two people present to do the work, one of which was a plumber. And the two people who did the job were able to do it faster and more effectively than the plumber who's been in business for 30 years and didn't even know two door dishwashers existed. The contractor also didn't need to take the instructions to study how to install it and did not leave me with a leak. I have had zero issues since they fixed what Classic Plumbing did and now have a perfectly working dishwasher. Perhaps this company should focus more on customer service and updated training rather than trying to discredit other businesses who have trained workers who know what they're doing. Considering they were not able to do the job and the contractor was, you would think they would not sink so low as to judge another business's credentials.

While I may have used this plumber prior and knew their pricing, my mother who was present at the time did not. She knew what was quoted and was only informed that the install would take longer, not that it would cost more. The plumber did not inform her of that but assumed she knew. When it came time to pay, she nearly fell over but what was she supposed to do? Is the plumber suggesting they would have preferred a grandmother watching two little boys should stand there and argue with a plumber and refuse to pay? That that would have been better? In hindsight, considering the dishonesty of the company and their behavior, she would not have given them payment.

The right thing to do is refund monies paid for a service that was not completed and that had to be redone by another company. Again, this company left me with a leak that was not completely fixed until the contractor redid the installation. I can even provide a picture of the piping Classic Plumbing used that they removed that wasn't necessary and was contributing to the leak. We literally paid for NOTHING. All they did was take advantage of an older woman by not providing her with all the information to make a sound decision. If the plumber had told her it was going to cost more as well as take longer, she never would have let him do anything. However, they said it would be no more than $140 plus parts to install the dishwasher. Period. They want to blame everyone else for what they did and didn't do but they need to take some responsibility as well.

First visit for stopped up sink - plunged it. We could have done that ourselves. But they did replace the faucet. Didn't fit correctly so base n
First visit for stopped up sink - plunged it. We could have done that ourselves. But they did replace the faucet. Didn't fit correctly so base now sits 1/4 inch above the counter. Second visit for stopped up sink - yep, first visit didn't resolve the problem. Ran cable down the vent pipe. It got stuck so they assumed there must be a hole in the pipe - only a couple thousand dollars to fix - just need to jackhammer the kitchen floor. But wait! What if there's not a hole? Can you send down a camera like other plumbers do?! Third visit was to try to unstick the cable from our pipe. No luck so they cut the cable and took their expensive equipment with them, leaving us with a stopped up sink (yeah....still) and now with a cable stuck in our vent pipe. But they agreed to come back for a fourth visit to let us know where the end of the cable is at so we could determine the cost for removing it. No visit. I definitely don't recommend this company!

Desired Outcome

Remove cable from our vent pipe.

Classic Plumbing Response

Contact Name and Title: *** L. ***
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
On 11/13/17 we initially serviced Mr. & Mrs. by replacing a hose bib, unstopping the kitchen sink (Mr. told the plumber that they poured a lot of gumbo down the drain). We were able to clear it by stopping up the other side drain and plunging. We also poured several gallons of boiling water down to clean the line. We offered to snake the line, but Mr. declined, as the drain had been unclogged and after running water for several minutes, it was continued to remain clear. We also installed a new faucet. The plumber instructed Mrs. that when the new countertops had been installed that the individual who cut the holes did not do so to standard width. Therefore the no new faucet would sit flat. We are not trained nor licensed to drill holes into granite. He gave her a number of a granite specialist to call to redrill the existing holes to standard width and then any new faucet would fit. The faucet we removed was leaking and could not be repaired.

30 days later the kitchen sink clogged up and we returned to snake the main drain. This house does not have any clean outs on the side of the house, so we climbed up on the roof to run the cable. In an attempt to clear the line, the cable got stuck. When this occurs, the cause is from a break, which can result in cast iron lines, as they corrode over the year, which is why cast iron is not the preferred piping used in today's market. Over time cast iron will corrode and severely weaken the line. If the ground surrounding the pipe has contracted and shifted, a case iron line will break. Tree roots are also another culprit that causes lines to clog as the roots break through lines. We informed Mr. & Mrs. that the only way to resolve her issue would be to either: 1) jack hammer through the slab to the broken line and repair it; or 2) tunnel under the home to the broken line and repair it. We have not been able to get Mr. & Mrs. to make a decision as to which direction they wanted to go. While another plumbing company is correct that the cable line is behind the kitchen wall, cutting out the wall in the kitchen will not resolve the issue due to the fact that the cable is stuck UNDER the slab. Cutting the kitchen wall would only produce the results of additional repairs but would not rectify the cable line that is stuck in the line that is broken under the slab. At this time it is not conducive to run a camera line down the broken line, as it too will get stuck. We are more than happy to agree to Mr. & Mrs. that whichever direction they want to go to reach the broken line (tunnel or jackhammer), that if we find there is no broken line, we will complete the repairs free of charge. However, if we remove the pipe that clearly shows the line was broken, that they will be responsible for the repairs.

We are willing to complete the necessary repairs, but need Mr. & Mrs. to guide us as to which direction they wish to go. We have attempted to contact Mr. & Mrs. by telephone, but there was no answer nor any voicemail box to leave a message.

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