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Club Piscine Super Fitness Gatineau

550 De La Gappe Boulevard., Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, J8T 8A8

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I purchased a pool from Club Piscine in 2019 and it was installed in August 2019. I was informed that there would be a guarantee on both the installation and the pool. We were also "upsold" a foam base for the pool and told that this base would be far superior to a traditional sand base. This spring it was noticed that there was some damage to two side walls (panels) of the pool on opposite sides, the damage relates to installation and ground preparation. The pool was properly closed. Upon further inspection of the pool it was also noticed that at several locations, the foam base of the pool has collapsed and that the base needs to be completely replaced. I began contacting the company on May 7th and made three more calls to their office over the course of a one month period (3 calls to service desk and 1 call to reception desk). Their COVID messaging advised that due to their current circumstances I should expect a delay of 48 hours to receive a call back. One month later, I still had not received a call back from the company. I tried contacting their corporate office (but their website only directs you back to the local store), so I left a message on the company facebook page. Within a couple of hours, I was contacted by a representative. He advised me that he could not explain why no one had called but that the installer would come view the damage shortly. One week later (last week- Friday), the installer came and viewed the pool. Confirmed that the base would need to be replaced. Could not fully explain what had happened to it as the pool had not lost water, therefor the ice that would have built up over the winter should not have caused this damage. In regards to the pool side walls, he inspected the pool, reviewed the property surrounding the pool and informed us that we would have to have this fixed before the winter and that they would need to fix the underlying issue so that we do not have any repeats of this from year to year. He advised that usually issues of this nature arise because property *** re-direct water or dig around the pool but it was obvious that we had not done anything of the kind. He also advised that it was possible that the side walls of the pool would have to be completely replaced as he was uncertain if they would go back to normal once removed. We advised him that we would like a refund of our money disbursed for the foam base as it did not meet the standards which were were told it would when sold, that the base could be re-done with the traditional sand base. He also addressed the issue of some water loss from our skimmer (something that had been on-going since installation) and damaged the skimmer when trying to fix it. He advised to leave the pool filter off and that he would return to replace the skimmer. He stated that he would connect with the representative from the company and determine the next course of action to resolve these issues. I followed up with the rep on Tuesday (June 16) as we had not heard back, after going over the whole story with him again so that he could remember who I am and what we had been discussing, advised me that this was an insurance issue and that I needed to contact my insurance company. He started claiming that this damage was caused by ice in the pool a story completely different than what the installer (the person he stated what his expert) had informed us when he inspected the pool and in the same breath as he was informing me of this also stated that he actually couldn't see where the damage was or what it looked like from the pictures the installer took and provided him. He did state that the installer would be present on Sunday to replace the skimmer that he damaged.

Club Piscine Super Fitness Gatineau Response • Jun 26, 2020

As many business we were operating with very limited
resources following strict guidelines associated with the Covid threat.
Note that the service desk and the receptionist were working off site to
promote social distancing and reduce risk for our employees.
Our response time may not have been timely from your point of view . A courtesy
call from our offices to explain the situation would surely have helped to
appease your discomfort. We do apologize for this situation.

Note that your complaint was in regards to the
installation. Your file was eventually transferred to the sub-contractor so
that he could visit and provide some input on your reported damage and try to
determine probable cause.

The *** visited and noted the problem. He subsequently returned on
the 22 June to fix the minor leak at the skimmer.

His report to me differs from your understanding of the
discussion during his first visit. I’m am told that the issue was further
discussed on his second visit. According to *** our ***
the pool was installed following installation guidelines and the probable cause may be related to an improper pool closing or an
environmental issue. It would be useful if you can advise us if the
pool was closed professionally in accordance with the manufacturer’s
guidelines. In our discussion over the phone on June 16th , I
did inquire whether you had informed your insurance. This was a courtesy to you
as cause or fault had not yet been determined. Insurer will often send a
specialist to evaluate the claim, provide a report and identify to the business
and the insuree his or her conclusion. The report may help validate or
invalidate the premises to both parties facilitating further discussions.
Again, this was a suggestion and not a denial of assistance. I did attempt to explain
this to you when you question my intent during our phone conversationMy understanding is that you have filled the pool and it is
functional. The pool is not at risk for the summer but corrective actions
will have to be taken before pool closure. This may imply changing the complete
wall and refinishing the base. On the 25 June the *** visited to verify the skimmer leak and take further pics. He was not able to have access and on 26 June you indicated that you would prefer to take the pics yourself and that skimmer repair could wait til resolution of the pool issue. On the same date, an email was send identifying what specific pics were required.

Once we receive the pics we will forward to manufacturer for his analysis. Once the manufacturer's input is obtained, I propose that the next step
would be a meeting at the location where you purchase your pool, Club Piscine
Gatineau, with the Installation company owner present as well as the Director
of Club Piscine so we can discuss your complaint and hopefully find a mutually
agreeable solution.

Customer Response • Jun 27, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

I am fully aware of difficulties with working in a COVID pandemic. As an essential worker, assisting in providing health care services to the homeless in Ottawa, we have ourselves faced many challenges. I have been working 10 hr days 6 days a week since early March. I know it is hard and less than ideal circumstances for everyone right now. That being said, I am certain that customers calling in order to purchase a pool or other equipment did not have to call 4 times and wait a month to only receive a call back after leaving a negative public review of your services. This is not to blame on COVID but rather poor business practices.

The sub-contractor who installed the pool came and viewed it and I stand by my original statement in regards to what he discussed with us. Your pool expert is also the person who will likely bare the brunt of the financial burden in repairing this pool, and also was responsible for the installation of the second leaky skimmer.

I also stand by my statement regarding the content of the "courtesy" call of June 16th. Without seeing the damage (you told me you could not see the damage from the pictures you had in your possession), you immediately told me it was cause by me/my husband and that I needed to follow up with my insurance as these are insurance matters.

I am beyond myself with frustration at this time. I have little faith that your company/ installers will do a decent job repairing the pool. Club Piscine continues to only perpetuate poor business practices with your refusal to even entertain the fact that there is an issue with this pool that was not caused by the customer. The pool was closed for the winter following all manufacturer recommendations. This is not our first pool, it is however the first time that we have issues of this nature.

The only satisfactory resolution would be either the one in my original complaint or alternatively at this point, come and dig it up, take it away and refund me all my money so I can get a pool from a company that will honour its warranties and respond to their customer inquiries.


Club Piscine Super Fitness Gatineau Response • Jul 06, 2020

We are sensitive to the incredible work done by first line workers during these difficult times.

We regret that our business process do not meet your standards. Our sales team and part specialist are internal resources whereas we out-source our installation process. While the store was open in March site visits were not allowed til much later.

The team leader has since visited a few times. Your file is being processed and e-mail exchange between parties are in process in parallel to the *** exchanges. .

Our tech has been denied access to the yard to further investigate and take specific pics that are required by the pool manufacturer to provide technical advise. Customer has since taken the required pics and these have been received ( 4 July 2020) and forwarded to manufacturer. Once the file is reviewed, manufacturer technical rep will decide if pics are sufficient or a site visit is required. Approximate delay for staffing is about 10 working days.

Customer Response • Jul 09, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because: I will wait for offered resolution before determining if I am satisfied with the outcome of my complaint. The email, although informative does not offer a resolution.


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Address: 550 De La Gappe Boulevard., Gatineau, Quebec, Canada, J8T 8A8


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