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Coach's Corner Bar and Grill

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to my concern, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
***, I'm only closing this case because I cannot force you to admit your wrong doing However, I can indeed reach out to community leaders in the central valley so that they are aware of your practice Had you not lied on public record about our phone conversions, or had you apologized for what you lied about; you would have gotten ride of me and closed this chapter I will not take your money or cash your check because in doing so I agree to your terms and I do not

Mr. [redacted], In regards to this matter, I consider it closed.  I have already stated the facts and stand firm on my response.  This gentleman does not want the refund and I have no time to continue to entertain his accusations.  Thank you for your time. JCS Immigration

Dear Mr. [redacted], Thank you for informing me of this complaint by Mr. [redacted]. I am very surprised that Mr. [redacted] would take this to the  He has already blasted my company on [redacted] with his lies.  I was referred to Mrs. [redacted] by [redacted],...

her relative, to do her citizenship application.  Mrs. [redacted] was not available to meet with me during the week, so I made myself available on Saturday, to assist her with her citizenship application. Mrs. [redacted] came into the office with her translator, [redacted], on November 7, 2015.  The consultation lasted two hours.  [redacted] translated my questions and explanations to her, both parties agreed, signed the contract and she paid me $700. During the consultation, I did not, nor do I ever, present myself as an attorney, or notary for that matter. The following week I started preparing the application, when Mr. [redacted] called me to request a full refund.  He asked me if I was an attorney.  I told him that I am not, but I have twenty years of experience and I assured him that his mother’s case is in good hands.  He was very irate and asked me to not do her paperwork. He said, “She is unable to become a US citizen because her father lied to Homeland Security to attain her green card and that upon her approval of citizenship, he, Mr. [redacted], would be exposed and be in a lot of trouble”. He said he had an attorney friend who did something tricky to attain his green card and he wanted his attorney do the same for her - to keep it under wraps. I explained that my contract is clear and there is no refund.  He agreed and didn’t care how much was returned. He asked me to charge my time and refund the balance.   I agreed and told him I need some time to prepare refund letter to be signed by his mother in the office.  He said his mother will not come to sign any letters. He called me continually stating he was going to blackmail me and take me to court.  Upon his threats, I chose not to be involved in his problems, and offered to return a portion of the fee less the amount to cover my time and expenses and send him a check of $450.  Now, I see he went public with his accusations on [redacted] and now reported this incident to you, just to hurt me. I have been in business since 2011 and have never received complaints from any of my clients.  I am bonded, licensed, and work directly with an immigration attorney and a business attorney for cases that are above my capacity as an Immigration Consultant. I never present myself as an attorney, even though I have over 20 years of immigration experience and was BIA accredited, working with a non- profit immigration agency.  I have attached a picture of the notice I have on my wall and my business card clearly stating that I am not an attorney, but am an Immigration Consultant.   To resolve this matter, I will return the $250 I earned to put this man at ease.  I wish to resolve this matter, but I want the truth to be told and I want Mr. [redacted] to retract his accusations and Cease and Desist with his lies on [redacted],, and any other social media.  Sincerely, [redacted] Immigration Consultant

I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] is embellishingDear [redacted],You claim to help immigrants.  However, you misconstrue our conversation, and flat out make out my mother look like a criminal!  I mentioned that my mothers case would be difficult, but never did I say I knew a shady lawyer who would cover things up-- which is what you are eluting to.  How dare you quote me and lie on public record in a way that could hurt my mother.  I wish I would have recorded our conversation so the could witness your current malice towards my family.You clearly do not understand why I did not want you to handle my mothers case.  Your current demeanor and lack of client confidentiality is are one of the many reasons why I called you not to move forward with my mothers case.   However, the main reason being that YOU ARE NOT A LAWYER, and from personal experience having a notary handle an immigration case is not the best idea.  If anyone asks any immigration lawyer about your practice, they will say the same.   My mother is illiterate and she cannot read, you tried to take advantage of her and I didn't let you. Yes [redacted], I called you at least 4 times.  That's because it took you two months to refund my mothers money.  After asking you for two months for a refund.  I told you that if you didn't find it fare to give us a refund, I would seek it from small claims court.  $750 is a lot of money for my family.  What I said was not blackmail-- do not say I blackmailed you if you clearly don't know what that means.  You misrepresented yourself.  I seeked a refund.  You didn't give it.  I did not want others who come to you to find themselves out of money.  I went to social media and stated on your profile that you are not a Lawyer and I stated facts; something you did not have the dignity to so about my mothers case in your response. I will take down my post from [redacted] if you admit in writing that you were angry and embellished things about my mothers case-- you know what is truth and what is not.  We live in world were people give reviews to business for bad practices, sorry if I didn't make it easy to take someones money.

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