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• Apr 06, 2021

I have been trying to reach and speak to any agent of this health insurance as after my husband started to pay them, it is so difficult to reach them for problems and concerns and we are receiving bills from ER which to my understanding is included in the insurance we are paying for. I only spoke one time when we were applying for it and they sounded nice on the phone but after than never heard from any of them. Charlie and staff needs to at least email and respond as although doctors visits are covered we are wondering why ER visits are not. Then we receive this check in the main for a hundred dollars without explanation on what it is. If any of this agent can reach out to us please do so as I am contemplating on cancelling this insurance and looking for another one that might feel for legit.

• Mar 08, 2021

This company is fraudulent
These people are fraudulent they called as if they are nystate of health but they scan your calls from nystateofhealth to sale you insurance under the assumption that they are nystate of health. False pretense. I got my letter in the mail from nystate of health thankfully and I called them and they assured me they will never reach out to you for benefits.. Don't be scammed! this time, I have not been contacted by Coast to Coast Agents Incregarding complaint ID [redacted] .Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: If they keep their word and issue a refund, then I am willing to say this issue is resolved I am beyond tired of them keeping up with this rant that because someone cannot - or would not - agree to a higher priced plan that they should be scammed and/or penalized with a fake 'health' plan that is really an accident indemnity planAs I said earlier, they refused to send me any information in writing about the so-called 'plan', saying that they would only AFTER I signed the payment formOf course, they still never did, but that is besides the pointThey did NOT offer me any other plans, but did provide emailed PDF files on $500-$a month plans - but to say that they 'offer' those plans, one cannot say, as there was no discussion on the content of the plans in the pdf'sAs you can see from the documents, the wording and information on what the 'plan' is or what it covers is vague and very sparseThis is pure subterfuge and part of the larger con game they playThey push this low priced $a month plan as if it is a real health insurance plan until the person actually has heath issues then the person finds themselves screwedI see or more complaints on the website, am I the only person,then, who is wrong for complaining about their con game? These guys seem to have a history of this In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

I searched for an affordable medical insurance on New York State health website last OctoberAn agent names Gary called me up shortly after the searchHe offered a health plan to me for a premium of close to $a month for a family of threeThe agent failed to inform me that the plan did not cover the annual physical for the first three months after enrollmentSo my wife did the annual in November and we ended up paying for the whole bill as a resultBesides, after I bought the insurance, the agent was not answering phone calls or replying emails when I had questions for himI just feel so bad about the way they do business

After this client decided not to have the policy go into effect for april [redacted] He is being issued a full refundAs far as saying he was mislead this client new exactly what plan he was purchasing as he stated thats why he canceledhe was informed by the agent and the insurgence company when he called them that it was not a major medical plan he was told that numerous times and decided not to move forwardHow can he blame an agent for something he cant afford, we offered and emailed him numerous plans and he made the final decision based on affordabilityThe payment authorization form that he signed also states the terms and condition of the plan.He was informed by the authorization form he signed ,the agent, and the insurance company thats this plan is not a major medical plan he called them directly! thats 3xs he was infromed so his statements are inconsistenet with the truth! He was offered a major medical plan and simply could not afford it

This client was offered numerous medical plans to choose from,the only way her account would be charged is if she signed a "payment authorization form" to start the plan which clearly states the terms and condition of each plan We will forward the signed document for your review Her statements are inconsistent with the truth of the matter

At this time, I have been contacted directly by Coast to Coast Agents Incregarding complaint ID [redacted] , however my complaint has NOT been resolved because: I have been contacted about canceling my membership but nothing was stated about the complaint In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: Here is the only information regarding the so-called 'Health' plan in small print on the payment form: This plan does not meet the minimum requirements of the affordable care actThis plan is not major medical insurancebut is a hour accident indemnity plan with prescription benefits and dental through GAC accessMembers are entitles to six doctor visits perperson with a reimbursement from CTC Inc up to 100%, not to exceed $per visitDoctor visits are limited to visit per day time frameand are not an insured benefit.They refused to send ANY other information on the 'plan' to me in writing BEFORE I would sign the payment formIn effect, anything they told me over the phone they could deny, change or refuse to confirm because nothing was in writing beforehandThey also make it seem that since I could not - or was not able to - afford the other plans they actually sent information on, that I should be at some type of fault and lose my money to themThe agent never went over any other plans in detail, but did state a few other plans by company name and sent PDF files detailing those from the likes of BlueCross, etcThe agent pushed hard the lesser 'plan' as a better choice and would only talk about his 'plan' and it was clearly his main spiel towards uninformed cold call takersI was charged $on the same day as our conversation and I feel entitled to a refund as - 1.) I have not and never used their services2.) I asked for a refund in writing, email and over the telephone on same day3.) As the so-called 'policy' was not to go into effect until April ***, why not give me the refund ? This goes back to reason #& # Any service or product a consumer is not satisfied with is protected by law regarding refunds of moniesHere is the site claim for refunds (this seems to be for physical stores but can be applied to virtual stores as well, by law): [redacted] I want my money back as a refund$I am already going to dispute this with my credit card company if the cant resolve thisThese guys are pure crooks and scammers.Period In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted]

The statements being made are completely inconsistent with the truth in so many ways.This client was offered many plans to choose from and depending on the plan he/she choose there maybe some waiting periods that are applied or deductibles depending on the plan There are many licensed agents at the firm and all have there own phone #s and emails in addition to the main # and company email we pride ourselves on our customer serviceAs far as being billed ASAP the only way for any policy to go into effect is for a "payment authorization form "to be signed outlining the terms and conditions of any payments that will be made for the policyIn addition the clients are sent welcome packages from the carriers for there review and it is there resonsibilty to understand the terms and conditions of the plan they decided on.If the plan they choose does not suit them they can cancel and change at any time.we have many satisfied clients and try to help everyone to the best of our ability to find a plan that suits there needs at a price they can affordas far as a scam or fraud those statements couldnt be farther from the truth of the matter we understand the health care industry can be very frustrating but its not a scam.if this client can fax or email any issues that have to be addressed we will be more then happy to assist,however making allegations is not necessary

this client signed a termination form on [redacted] which we can email you for a termination of [redacted] she was billed on [redacted] for the month of may coverage,all terminations as per the payment authorization form that this client sign to start plan clearly state"all termination must be made days before your billing date of the 16th of every month she requested to terminate on [redacted] the after she was billed for her may coverage

You did recieve the first one, however Many times the provider or Drdoes not confirm visit or fax and email certain information we apologies for the delay the last two reimbursements are being processed and you should receive within business days

If you sign up for a "basic plan" that is less than $600/month, you will STILL have to pay a fee when you do your taxes as CTC DOES NOT provide a 1095-A or B tax form This is NOT insurance, it's a discount plan that the IRS will not recognize as 'insurance' I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted] , and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because: What information was not included in the paperwork I signed and I didn't receive until the [redacted] of June, days after the policy went into effect was that I cannot go see my Primary Care Physician or a Specialist within the first days of the policy and use my plan I would be responsible for the total cost of the visit(s) Which means that I am paying for a policy I can't use It is deception and a lack of providing pertinent information In order for the to appropriately process your response, you MUST answer the question above Sincerely, [redacted] ***

all clients must send cancellations by via fax or email or US mail it clearly states that on the payment authorization form that this client signed with all three ways to contact the company There are no verbal cancellations in the health care industry this is in place for the protection of the clients medical benefits

this client was offered numerous plans to choose from,unfortunately he could not afford a plan that suited his needs and he and only he decided on the plan,he signed a payment authorization form before the policywent into effect that clearly states the terms &conditions of the Accident indemnity planThe agent went over in detail many options and plans for him to choose from ehealth and the state web siteMany people take there frustration out on the health care industry and high prices of health care on everyone,the companies,the state,the government and agents! The bottom line is he pick a plan that he could afford and wanted it too work like the ones he was offered that he could not affordyou cant test drive and buy a KIA and expect it to drive like a LEXUS I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me and the matter has been resolved Sincerely, [redacted]

the plan this client decided to purchase after being offered many plans to choose from is NOT A FAKE plan it is an accident indemnity plan through [redacted] As far as her dental is was though AETNA dental access and she was sent a letter informing her it was rolled over to the nea/vba dentalmax networkAs far as the numerous #s she has is simply because there are many agents and phone #s at the agency,how she got them can only be answered by her (maybe off internet) This client also signed a authorization form and received numerous welcome packages by mail and email explaining the terms and conditions of the plan she decided on,all agents go over every plan in as much detail as possible however each individual is responsible to read and review all the terms and conditions of the plan they purchasedas far as fake you can check [redacted] , and [redacted] for her dentalThe plan she choose was based on her affordability she was offered many plans and decided on this one

This clients statements are inconsistent with the truth she was offered many plans to choose fromMajor medical plans such as [redacted] are to per month for a familyUnfortunately this was not affordable for this particular person so she choose a LIMITED IMDEMITY PLAN that cost per month for a familyThe policy has limitations that were explained to her and she also was recieved a welcome package to read and review her coverageshe reviewed and sign a authorization form acknowledging the monthly premium and all the terms and conditions and limits of the planAs far as her policy being terminated that simply is not the case,the only way a plan can terminate is by written notice from the insured or non paymentIf a client sends written notice to terminate an email MUST be sent to that clients original email address that was provided on the original application for them to sign and confirm they want to cancel this procedure is in place to protect all parties, especially the insuredThis client signed a termination form on 5/*/and was then taken out of the billing system and the policy terminatedAS per the terms and conditions of the plan she choose all this client had to do was fax,or mail the drbill to the information that was provided to her and she would be reimbursed the funds for her drvisit as per the terms and conditions and limitations of the planIF she wanted the or plans that do not work this way all she had do was purchases a major medical plan this way the dror provider gets paid directlyAgain we offer many plans and products to choose from and in the health care industry all plans work differentlyIt is the insureds responsibility to understand and review how there plan works all we can do is advise and assists in helping an individual find a plan that suits there needs at a PRICE they can afford,however you cannot expect a per month plan for a family to give you the same coverage or work the same way as a 2,a month plan,and to blame us for that is not correct

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