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• Jan 07, 2021

Harassed by Owner in private messages
Client experiences extend beyond the climax of transactional associations--sale and delivery. They also extend to and through all communications post-sale.

While the "transactional" process of purchasing my puppy from this establisnment was smooth, post-interactions with the male owner have been disappointing.

On several occasions he has initiated--in my private social media messages--disparaging comments and retorts regarding his political stance. I am an African American woman on the receiving end of his remarks.

Initially, his account blamed his grandchildren, citing that they must have been playing in his message app.

After repeated unwelcomed initiations on his behalf, I advised that I did not appreciate the communications and would be sharing reviews of my experiences post-sale if they continued. They continued, and so, here we are.

My advice is that the owners of this establishment adopt better ethics and business practices that put honor, integrity, fairness, and social awareness first.
Harassed by Owner in private messages
Harassed by Owner in private messages
Harassed by Owner in private messages
Harassed by Owner in private messages

• Jan 06, 2021

October 23, 2020
We received out little "Gus" (Augustus McCrae Gray) 10/23/2020. He flew from Kansas City to Anchorage, AK. He came out of his kennel happy, active, and frisky. We've now had him a little over two months. He's housebroken, but we're still training in all other areas. Ha! Ha!
I have been very pleased with C & J Cockers! They seem to be very knowledgable, down to earth, and caring. I would, and have, recommended them to anyone looking for a beautiful, healthy, smart cockerspaniel! Thank you Joe and Heather for answering all my questions. And, I may be looking to get another puppy in the spring.

• Oct 01, 2020

Buttons and mucker
I got Buttons 5 years ago almost 6 in December she is the Love of our lives I can't wait for our other addition in November Mucker Joe and Heather are very special people and really care for there dogs.

Janis Magee

• Jun 23, 2020

Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!
I just want to express my deepest appreciation to Papa Joe Overlease, Heather, Rose, and Cherie and all the staff at CJ Cockers. I have adopted Halo 😇 (formerly known as Zigzag) which was one of Fancy LuLu and Rocket man’s pups. I got Halo When he was 5 months old and he is now almost 9 months old. He has grown from being a puppy to a young handsome boy. Let me tell you when you get a puppy it’s like having a baby, you can’t leave them alone or ignore them. They will eventually grow out of that bad things they do. At CJ Cockers they have a Facebook group with other CJ Cocker parents/friends that will help guide you. Joe is always available if you encounter any issues or just want to talk about the pup. CJ Cockers pride themselves on there dogs and I can honestly say and give this honest review that I when I lost my cocker spirit on my birthday I was so sad upset and hurt to the core of my heart, then CJ Cockers came through and I was blessed with Zigzag who is now known as Halo 😇. I am so happy and now I can continue to get the love that Halo has to give me, and I can give Halo the love that he wants and needs also. If your interested in getting a forever friend (or child as I call them) that will Forever be dedicated to you love you and never betray you. I recommend getting a cocker from CJ cockers. They get 10 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ From me.
Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!
Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!
Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!
Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!
Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!
Wouldn’t trade him for anything in the World!

• Jan 22, 2020

We brought our Brady home about two years ago and fell in love day one! He has brought us nothing but pure joy and lots of entertainment! He is a very healthy little boy. He’s never had the ear problems cockers are susceptible to. Joe and Heather educated us on all the things that need to be done to keep the pups they send home with us as healthy as they are when they leave Ft Cocker! In the early part of last year we decided we wanted Brady’s momma who Joe had retired. When we got her (Allie) home I took her to my vet who raved about how well she had been taken care of! That says so much to me about Joe and Cherri’s operation! If ever I need another pup I will head straight over to Ft Cocker! Thank you Joe and Cherri for our wonderful pups!

• Jan 20, 2020

I purchased a puppy from Joe [redacted] this Spring and he not only met he exceeded my expectations My puppy was in excellent condition and clean when he arrived at the airport Joe sent food and water for him to have when he arrived as well as enough of the food Conner was receiving in his kennel that I could transition him to the food I feed without making Conner sick in the process There were even toys for Conner in the roomy travel kennel he was in He has been supportive and answers my questions when I need help and has even called me on occasion to check on Conners progress Conner is a healthy happy puppy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a great cocker puppy and support beyond what anyone could reasonably expect I can't get the drop down menu to respond so it does not reflect the fact that I would definitely recommend C&J Cockers to anyone looking for a puppy

I had a few devastating dog experiences in the past few years, but I was lucky enough to have found (Joe), who saved the day! I blindly took a risk buying a puppy across the country and I am so glad I did! Joe's team made the buying experience flawless and my puppy is the most docile, sweet dog I have ever seen. My pup likes to be picked up and carried around like a baby! He likes any attention I can give, but also is happy to play by himself. He is smart and athletic too! My pup is almost 6 months old, and I have yet to take him to the vet because he is a healthy little guy! Joe is always available for help with the pup if needed and he has this great talk show full of helpful info too! I honestly, don't know how anyone buys a dog anywhere else. #JoeCockerspaniels

I purchased my pup from Joe [redacted] What a great an caring breeder.He was so very kind,an gave me so much information about my pup, complete shot records,chip records, how the pup would be flown and any other questions I hadI would recomed this breeder to anyone!!!My experience with him was so niceLooking forward to buying my next puppy soon from himWould not ever buy from anyone Else!!!!

, is the most professional, respectful, credible, kind and caring Breeder in the world! Having two of their Outstanding Cockers over the last years, and many friends that have their pups that are just as thrilled with the health and excellent Nature of their pups from Cocker-spaniels as well.I stand in awe of how much they care about the entire relationships with his pups and clients, including the Vets that we all have.The huge family umbrella of owners will verify that each pup is extremely well cared for and followed up with on their commitment for life care! Joe [redacted] and team bends over backwards to make the most professional communicative relationship between all of his clients and their pups thru the life of them and beyond! Thank You from the bottom of my heart for your integrity, Joe! [redacted] Business Owner and Chsmber of Commerce Member Port Townsend, WashMember,

I recently purchased a Cocker Spaniel from Joe [redacted] my puppy is almost months old now My vet gave this dog an outstanding grade I have never met anyone over the phone to purchase anything as honest, helpful and truly a caring person C & J Cocker Spaniels is best experience everI know if I have any questions he will be there for me Thanks Joe

I have owned many dogs and especially Cocker-Spaniels in my years of life and can I say I have never had a Cocker that has such a loving disposition as I have been blessed to have then the one I received from CJ Cockers ( From the beginning of the process, the price and the continual after care and concern that Joe [redacted] and his staff provide it is the best experience I have ever had in my life My vet was beyond impressed with the care that the puppy received while in their care, during the flight and just how healthy this girl is I have had her for almost years and I still have daily contact with the breeder and she is absolutely fabulous I would recommend their business to anyone wanting to have the best puppy/dog in the world They also continue their care and concern for the life of the dog In addition should there be any problems they also want to know and will even fly the dog back to them if the pairing doesn't work

What a wonderful opportunity to give written praise and validation to a Breeder who has consistently gone above and beyond the scope of any breeder I have ever dealt with! JOE [redacted] and CJ are potentially one of , if not THE most honest, ethical, caring, compassionate person/group if you even consider purchasing a cocker spanielJoe, Cherie and Heather share their cumulative knowledge and experience with every potential new ownerJoe has spent HOURS on the phone with me, personally, answering questions or suggestions as neededThe attention given to finding "just the right puppy" for new owners is not a small task, but it is done here The cost of purchasing a puppy and shipping with the airlines can be a difficult process, but Joe takes this very important step personallyHe cannot, unfortunately , always predict that when making a reservation for a puppy delivery, that the airline may change their fees, schedules, etc...and he has to drive to the airport to make sure all goes as smoothly as possibleIf he finds out any changes, he will inform the new ownersIf there are any issues ,he will do his very best to resolve them directlyHe asks each new owner to call him personally to report on how the pup is doing upon arrivalIf you don't call , he will call you...these are HIS babies first! I read a negative comment from a buyer who suggests they were overcharged in delivery...I might suggest to that new owner: you WERE contacted ( as you state),received a wonderful puppy who will love you unconditionally and have a lifetime of support from CJ cockersIf you had any real knowledge of the breeders who are only interested in profits and sales, you would have THANKED Joe for being sure your puppy was shipped in ther BEST way possibleIf you were overcharged by your standards, why not talk it out with Joe, the Breeder, who will help expalin and resolve the issue vswrite negative comments? I personally feel that there is NO OTHER BREEDER I would purchase or recommend for cocker spaniels, than Joe [redacted] and CJ Cockers Please feel free to contact me : [redacted] Cumberland, Maine This is a personal review written after knowlege of over years of contact with the business and is not a paid or in any way influenced review

In May we purchased our first cocker spaniel through Cocker-Spaniels.comWe were so in love with our puppy that we went back in July and bought a second puppy Joe is absolutely fantastic and is always there to answer any questions we have about our new puppiesOur vet has commented about how healthy our puppies are and how good tempered they both seem to be

My puppy arrived healthy, happy, and on the day I was supposed to pick her upThe only complication was a later flight due to heat index which is the airlines rules for safety of the dog, not the businessesI would recommend this business to anyone looking for a great, healthy, adorable companion

I received my puppy a year and a half ago from C&J and the experience was very pleasant Parker was flown to me while I was living in Chicago and all of his travel plans and documentation were handled expertly He arrived happy and healthy! He has been the most amazing little cocker and when and if we decide he needs a brother, I won't hesitate to go back to C&J Whenever I am asked where I got Parker, I always refer them Joe!

Joe & Cherri [redacted] & Heather have been a blessing for me to findI've always had Cocker Spaniels and after losing my last one, I searched and searched for a reputable breeder.I have Cocker fur babies from themMy girls have the best personalities and are happy and healthyIf I ever have a problem, Joe & Heather are always available with advice and to helpThey really care about their pups, their long term well being, and the new ownersTruly a blessing to find themI highly recommend this breeder!!

Awesome Breeder of Cocker Spaniels He goes above and beyond to help you My puppy was just perfect! He and his staff are there to answer any questions AAA+++ Don't hesitate to buy from C & J Cockers

The [redacted] are awesome breeders of cocker spanielsI can't say enough about themNo matter when you have a concern or question Joe is there ready to help Don't hesitate to buy from C & J Cockers

I found by searching the internet for a cocker when my baby passed away I called the number and spoke to Joe [redacted] personally for over an hour about my precious baby girl and his puppies and the history of C&J Cockers He was very compassionate and understanding of my loss I told him what I was looking for and immediately had pics of new babies available I picked out a baby and his staff continued to send updated pics and, before long, my new spaniel puppy was on her way to Texas It was a wonderful experience My puppy arrived safe and sound and healthy and I am over the moon Joe and everyone at C&J Cockers continues to offer support and answer questions 24/and I am grateful to everyone there for their love and concern Whenever I am ready for another puppy, I will not look anyplace else I would recommend ANYBODY looking for a cocker spaniel to contact and watch your dreams come true

I have bought dogs from One years ago and one 1/years ago Both were very positive experiences Both dogs are very healthy All papers were received with the dogs with instructions to see my vet My vet has very good things to say regarding my dogs as well as everything being very good with regard to their care before me obtaining them I would highly recommend this business to anyone looking for a top quality cocker spaniel Also, Mr [redacted] is always available to converse and offer help and information for any questions that may occur over the life of the dogs

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