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Coconut Club Vacations

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• Mar 11, 2022

Cancelled membership
I cancelled membership years ago but they continued to bill me saying they have to agree with my cancellation.. Never used their services. This is a SCAM. Stay away. Need to engage the better business bureau to stop this SCAM.

We bought this service for $6,000 and are so very sorry. Customer service intimidates, and that we found out after our check cleared that the sales presentation was full of lies. We have tried to make this service work, but there is no real value there besides the occasional hotel room and car rental, which I can do on my own. Now they demand $1000 to get out. They are a scam operation. Stay away.


Do not have any dealings with Coconut Club
We never used them and still had to pay to cancel. My husband died of cancer and I had to pay Five hundred dollars to cancel a membership we never used. They are rude disrespectful and threatening. Stay away.


Is this a scam?
I have the same experiences with this company and cancelled my membership via email in 2016 and now they say I owe $249 bc I didn't sign a cancellation form. What can they do legally? Why haven't they reported me to the credit bureau if I've owed them since 2016?


Dues notice 5 years after cancelling
Canceled our plan the first year by phone. Now 5 years later we get a overdue notice for 5 years of dues $1100. Now they say we should have signed a Cancellation Agreement which we were never told about. But they are willing to settle for $600. The company is a huge SCAM.


Yes the same thing is happing to me, after 5 Yrs. They are asking for $398. to op out.
what did you do? please help

I received one a month ago claiming I owed them 10 years (approximately $2,800.00). I am ignoring them completely since I don't know who they are, I never joined a club called Coconut Club. Did you actually call them or write to them and get this response? It sounds like they are grasping at straws to find free money.

I didn’t even know this exists until I received a mail asking me to pay off my overdue dues , $149 per year from 2012 - 2020. Are they serious ? I have nothing to do with them. No emails nor other letters until this one. Beware !


Hello Mimi, I just received this as well this week. I have never done business with them, don't know who they are. Have you had anything come up since, is this just a scam? They say I owe 10 years of dues and want me to catch this up, it like $2,870 usd. I have done nothing with this at this time.

Stay AWAY from Coconut Club - ITS A SCAM
Do NOT sign anything with Coconut Club Vacations. They are a RIP OFF and are DISHONEST! They pull the ole bait and switch on people who don't know any better. Was told we were to pay a one time fee $299 which we agreed however they are continuing to harass me via phone stating that I owe more money. The salesperson was so pushy that he refused to give up until we gave in. He even went as far as to grab my husband's hand and beg us to make the deal which would help him out. I believe his name is Tom. AGAIN DO NOT DEAL WITH COCONUT CLUB VACATIONS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF AND OR HARASSED!


Avoid Time to discover vacations owned by Aric Celeste in Seminole, Fl. It's a big scam, the deals yoi actually can get are comparable to what you can find online yourself. Then they won't give you your money back when you try to cancel your membership.


First off, In totally agree with the reviewer(Negative) regarding this companies immoral approach to business.
Moreover, I like to add to the list of their scam! here goes... if you choose to forego the purchasing of the trips through ultimate excursions at the invitation only meeting, and instead decide to take the FREE CRUISE! well... you will still be disappointed, as you will later find out that you will need to pay $200 up front for processing the cruise ect., all of which they claim will go towards the cruise port fees. not the case at all! after they waist more of your time and money, your trip quote gets emailed to you, and no joke... its more expensive than if you were to book it yourself on the internet! so, you say, i'll get a refund, because it claims you can, but apparently in the smaller writing somewhere? you actually cant:(
[redacted], Coconut club vacations, and [redacted] are all scams!
Stay far far away!
Fortunately i've only donated $200 to these bottom feeders... dont make the same mistake!!!


Be aware that Coconut Club Vacations has hired a company called Ultimate Excursions and they are working a scam. They promise up to 6 one week vacations at top notch resorts for under $1,000 per week world wide. Truth is it doesn't work that way. The nice vacation planners at Coconut Club have no idea what you are talking about when you ask for your special one week rates.

I have a complaint in about Ultimate Excursions as they go from town to town promising trips that exist in maybe Las Vegas or some place similar but not world wide and rarely under $1,000. Don't fall for their sales pitch.


My family and I bought a membership into Coconut Club on 7/12/12 through one of their authorized distributors in Louisville, KY. Our first trip was for my wedding with a group of 15 family and friends. We booked our entire trip through Coconut Club to the tune of over $40,000. On that first trip we received a cash rebate check for more than $5300.00. After the cost of the membership, we actually made a profit ! Many thanks to [redacted] and her fine crew for watching over every detail. It made a most memorable honey moon.

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