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Colonial Volkswagen of Westborough, Inc

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DO NOT bring your wedding dress here to get cleaned and preserved!!! I called my bridal shop asking for a recommendation for where I could bring the dress to have it cleaned and preservedThe woman I spoke to recommended Noah's CleanersI brought my bead and lace dress here and gave EXTREMELY specific instructions to the guy who was manning the desk re: its cleaningI said the ONLY part I wanted cleaned was the hem because it was dirty (the rest of the dress was pristine), and I wanted to see it to inspect before they boxed and preserved itWhen I got the call that my dress was ready, I came in to discover that the ENTIRE dress was essentially shreddedThe delicate lace overlay was tattered and there was a hole where whoever butchered the cleaning job undid the bustle hooks (with a machete, apparently)All of the applique was fraying, and the beads and sequins were literally hanging by threads or missing altogetherThe bustle hooks had been bent, broken, and mangled, so there were MORE holes in the mesh where the pointed metal ends had ripped into the fabricTo cap the nightmare off, they had somehow shrunk the lace overlay layer and the satin underlayer was longer by a good two inchesOverall, it looked like my dress had been through the permanent press cycle of an industrial washing machineNeedless to say I was furious, and made very clear to the employee (the same one who was there when I dropped it off and the one who answers their phones every time I've called) that I was heartbroken and angry at how they had treated my dressI spent over $on this dress, and had planned on selling it post-wedding (something I also made clear to this guy)I told him that I expected to be compensated for my projected resale price of the dress, which would have been between $800-$A generous offer, in my opinion, since the dress was over twice that newI was told a manager would call me back and settle up the financial matter ASAPI have followed up with phone calls and no one gets back to me, managers are MIA...overall, they could not make it more clear how little they give a crapSo disgusted with the lack of regard or customer serviceYou might be tempted by the price tag Noah's gives for dress cleaning and preservation, but save yourself the heartache of them ruining a huge memory of your big day and go somewhere else

Vehicle was brought to have the check engine light checked, that issue was never resolved but they did work that they were told not to do, $1280 worthI took my vehicle to Colonial VW in Westborough on January 19, 2015 in the afternoon, around 4pm to be serviced due to my check engine light being on, I was told that they wouldn't be able get to it today but it would be addressed tomorrow. Around 6pm the same night I received a call from [redacted] stating that the check engine light wasn't on when they went to check it so a technician drove the car to try to see if the light would go on and while doing so heard a noise that sounded like a bad CV joint. He stated that they need to be replaced and are a safety issue. I stated to him that I do want them done but I needed to speak with my father first as he usually takes care of these things, but I would let him know in the am when they open if I do want it done or not, I promised to call when they opened at 7:30am. After getting off the phone I decided not to use them for sure, as it was going to cost me $1280. So I called back the service department, no one answered, I left a voice mail telling them I have decided to not do the work. I then called the sales department so I could reach a person in the billing, I told him that I had a car in service that I do not want the work done on and wanted to make sure Bill knew. The sales person then came back on the phone and told me that since it is a safety issue I will need to sign a paper to take my car, I told him I was okay with that.As promised I called them on time, on January 20, 2015 around 7:30am. At that time I was told by [redacted] that the service was already done and I can pick up my car. I stated that I had told him not to do anything till I called in the am and that I had left a voicemail for him telling him not to do it and also spoke with a salesman letting him know to pass on not to do the work. He stated a technician stayed after and did the job last night but he would take $120 off the bill for me. I told him I never wanted it done but I would be in to discuss this.I then went to the dealership where I was presented with a bill for over $1100 to have both CV joints replaced. I asked Bill why he did this and he told me over and over it needed to be done, that he and the other men could hear the noise, which is a safety issue and so on. At that time my girlfriend who was with me took over speaking with Bill as he became loud and confrontational with me which made me visibly shaken. Bill stated that I told him to "get the job done" which was not the truth, my girlfriend asked if anyone else had heard this conversation or if it was recorded, it was not. After at least 5 minutes of talk, nothing was resolved; Bill stated he "thought she wanted it done." My girlfriend then asked if there is someone else higher up she could speak with, after a long wait in the sales area the Manager [redacted] came out to speak with us. [redacted] stated he talked to the technician who fixed my car and he said he started it after they had closed and wasn't done till around 9pm. I told him how I had spoken with Bill and told him not to do the work till I call the next am but I had left a voice mail and spoke with a sales representative over the phone and told him as well that the work was not to be done, [redacted] stated that Bill stated he received consent over the phone which I then had to explain how that was not the truth and what had happened.[redacted] then asked me how we can resolve this issue, I stated I can pay what I would have paid to get it done elsewhere like I was planning on doing, he stated that it can't happen as that wouldn't even cover the parts never mind the labor. He then offered to put the old CV joints back in that were on the car originally and then just charge me for the labor. I stated that isn't fair for me to have to pay you to do labor I never wanted done in the first place, he stated that someone had to pay for it.Desired SettlementI am seeking to get a refund for difference between what I would have originally paid for the work to be completed and what I was forced to pay Colonial to get my car back. which is $600. Also to have this noticed as a problem, I cannot help but to feel this happened because they were dealing with two females as we felt very intimidated by [redacted]Business Response Our service manager has been working with the consumer to resolve this difference of opinion. [redacted] has agreed to make up the difference as a good will gesture however our position is that we have no nothing wrong.

Sold and forced to keep a damaged car, along with being screamed at, use of profanity and threats.My husband and I have had the WORST experience ever buying cars.My husband signed the leasing paper work on Wed (7/9). He picked up both cars on Thursday (7/10) and we were both without our cars as of Friday (7/11) because they were damaged. Mine was given to me with 5 scratches on it...that then we were told after they took it in to take care of them that they could not find them. I am not sure why you would even let a "brand new" (I question what goes on), car leave the lot with scratches...and a lease that if I returned with them I would be asked to pay to fix them. My husband's car is even worse. He had to bring it back on Friday to get the inspection sticker. While it was in for service it was involved in a car accident and the whole back panel was scratched and damaged to the point where they told him it had to go to a body shop. Personally I have NO faith in this dealership and really wished we hadn't done business there. I hate that we now have 2 brand new cars that have already been damaged. I do not want to do business there...and someone needs to deal with the service individuals that both damage cars and overlook damaged cars. This is so disappointing. I am so disgusted and unhappy with everything about this experience and the 2 leases we are in. They were willing to replace my husbands vehicle because the damaged was so great that it had to be sent to a body shop for repair. They forced me to accept my vehicle with scratches, offering me additional warrenties on it but then never following through. When my husband went to pick up my car today the sales manage [redacted] and 5 other salesman were outside screaming, threatening and trying to intimidate my husband as if they were going to fight him. This is just ridiculous behavior. To top everything off the car that they gave to my husband as a replacement they never registered he has been driving an unregistered car for 2 days and they don't seem to see a problem with it.Desired SettlementMy husband's car has been replaced and that is fine. I however am forced to own a "brand new" damaged car that when I return it on the lease will need repairs that I will now have to pay for. I would like the warranty put on the car/lease as promised by the sales manager [redacted] and also a refund for the cost that the car as now depreciated due to damage because that really should have been the price I paid. Looking at KBB it seems that a 2014 Golf in "very good" (I think that is being generous) condition is worth $16,036 - it would not allow me to factor in the fact that mine is a TDI. Given that it would be fair to say it is probably worth closer to $20,000 with the damage. Purchase price was $25,000 so I am looking for a refund of $5000 and the warranty that was promised upon taking the vehicle. I think this is fair given what they have put us through and also being without a new car that I am now paying for, for a week.Business Response At this time we decline to respond to these inacuate claims.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The [redacted] admitted to seeing all damage. My car is now in a body shop having to get fixed.This was simply the worst car buying experience coupled with bad business practices shown by [redacted]'s unwillingness to help make things right for his customers coupled with swearing and making it so I am genuinely scared to [redacted] foot in that dealership again.At this point I will have to take legal.action seeing as Colonial VW does not intend to make things right.Thank you.Final Business Response Colonial Volkswagen wishes to apologize for this poor experience and believes that the issue has been resolved at this time.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Everything ended badly. Although after swearing at me and refusing to do anything to help with my vehicle I went to the dealership owner and he agreed to finally fix my car and help with the extended warranty that Colonial VW management was refusing to do. I will never do business with this dealership again. I already cannot wait till this lease is up or until I get an offer from a competitor to move on from this.I strongly believe that I was due money back but understand that the dealership does not value their customers and I will simply have to do with that.There is one further investigation being done by Corp Customer Care around the[redacted] at Colonial VW taking our surveys for us.If it comes back that they did there will be legal action around identity fraud - with them pretending to be my husband and I.Thank You

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Address: 89 Turnpike Road, Westborough, Massachusetts, United States, 01581-1729


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