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Color Brite Awning Company, Inc.

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I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does satisfy my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint #[redacted]. I understand that by choosing to accept the business response that my complaint will be closed as resolved. 
I have reviewed the response submitted by the business and have determined that the response does not...

satisfy or resolve my issues and/or concerns in reference to complaint # [redacted].  
. ]I realize the guarantee is for 10 years but the contract states " then on a pro-rated basis for 30 years total if the shingles becomes defective".  I had to replace shingles because of leaking.

RE: Complaint ID-[redacted]Ms. [redacted],I am writing this letter in response to complaint ID-[redacted], received by us on October 20,2015.I have spoken to the customer concerning their complaint. The customer sold us their 2011 Chevy Camaro through the Autotrader Trade In Marketplace website. Through...

the website customers can input information about their vehicle and it will give them an estimate of what Autotrader or certain dealers will give them for their vehicle. The customer can then come into on of the buying center dealers to have a condition report done on the vehicle and sell it if they wish. The vehicle must be gone over, and any imperfections must be noted on the Autotrader website. The dealer can then buy the vehicle and if they don’t want it Autotrader will buy it Autotrader will do the same inspection as the dealer does if the dealer does not want the vehicle.When we inspected the vehicle we light scratches on the drives and passenger door that were not noted on the customers description of the vehicle. We also noted two front tires that needed replaced and on rear tire that was less than 50% tread. The customer only noted two front tires under 50% tread. Once we put this information into the website the value of the vehicle was adjusted. The customer agreed to the value and sold us the vehicle,I spoke to the customer and explained the process to him and that if Autotrader buys the vehicle from us they do the same inspection as we do to confirm condition and value. I asked the customer if there was anything I could do as a goodwill jesture, and he said no.If there is anything I can do to be of further assistance I can be contacted at ###-###-####.Thank you,Larry K[redacted] General Manager West Hills Nissan

August 26, 2016Attention: [redacted]In opening I will refer you back to my initial response to this matter. Color Brite Awning Company has responded properlyfrom start to finish. I did not tell Mr. [redacted] in our phone conversation that Color Brite Awning Company wasn’t going todo anymore for them; I said that Color Brite Awning Company did the best it could under the circumstances. In furtherconversation over the phone I did tell Mr. [redacted] what type of paint we used and where it came from. I mentioned toMrs. [redacted] that she could or should think about purchasing a new awning because their awning is damaged. I did not sayto purchase an awning from Color Brite Awning Company. Mrs. [redacted]’s solution to this matter does not work. Therewill still be a color mismatch due to the 8 years of weathering. Color Brite Awning Company does not factory enamel refinishold awnings anymore, we continue to only manufacture new products. Access to the exact paint used to refinish the awningsis no longer available to us. However, our new awning colors match our refinished awning colors 8 years ago and our newawning colors have not changed. Therefore, the white color used to touch up would be the same anyways. Color BriteAwning Company only has access to that paint in very small touch up bottles. Mrs. [redacted] tries to make it sound like theonly reason I called back again was because she threatened to call the, and that is absolutely FALSE!! Color Brite AwningCompany has been responding to every single one of Mr. & Mrs. [redacted]’s phone calls up until this point. So why wouldn’twe make one last attempt to try and explain that this is not a warranty issue and Color Brite Awning Company did the bestwe could. Mrs. [redacted] just doesn’t want to hear that and is being totally unreasonable. Mr. & Mrs. [redacted] paidColor Brite Awning company $1,598.00, 8 years ago, for some work and Color Brite Awning Company worked hard and did anexcellent job of factory enamel refinishing their awnings, shutters and rails. In closing and on behalf of Color Brite Awning Company I would like to say that Mrs. [redacted] should read the warrantyshe has. THIS IS NOT A WARRANTY ISSUE!! It can’t be stressed enough. Maybe they caused the damage by accident whencleaning the awning or maybe Mother Nature did, I just can’t tell you. What I can tell you is that nothing Color Brite AwningCompany did caused the original problem or there would be problems with the rest of the awnings. We only came out totouch up the areas in question to prevent peeling. Sincerely,Charles P[redacted]President

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