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Comfort Shoes

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These shoes were repaired exactly as askedThis part of the boots that was broken we had not even touched and when they were brought back to use one of the boots was even missing a metal shank from one of the bootsIf this was something that was broken by us or even lost (witch a part like a shank does not get lost by us because it is an important part) we would have fixed it no problem, but because this was not the case and we didn't even touch that area of the boot we can not be responsible for a part of the boots that we had nothing to do withIn order for us to do what you are claiming we did to the boots would involve us going to the inside of the boot (witch we ONLY worked on the outside), ripping out the insole, the padding, and pry out the steel shank that is glued and tacked to the midsole making it one and after doing that then we would have had to take one and just throw it away because between the pair ( boots) there was only one shank when they were brought back in to our storeWhen the boots where brought back in and where given a price of $that was to clean and glue the insoles witch were heavily worn out already from heavy useThe second price that was given was after noticing that one shank was missing and need to be replace and the second was completely detached and needed to be re attachedGlue might not cost so much but the worked involved with working with shanks is a real pain some cobblers wont even do that kind of workSo with so much work that would involve to not only fix this but to take it all apart why would we use up our time to take apart that part of the boots when we are already busy and were only working on the outside part of the boots

Review: On 3/3/13 I went into Comfort Shoes [redacted] Danbury CT - I was looking for a particular type of clog ([redacted] Style- Toole) Store was very chaotic, Sales person was very frazzled, I was given a catalog and choose that particular style and shoe, I asked sales woman if there is any issues with the shoes I can bring them back to store, sales woman said just bring them back.Nothing else was saidI received the shoes on 3/7/13 Thursday, I tried them on and did not fit right. They where very loose and my foot slip out of them3/9/13 I went back to Comfort Shoes and told the sales woman that the shoes do not fit and I would like a refund. Sales woman said we do not I would like to get my money back again she said no refunds on special orders. I was never given that information and when I told her that she became very loud and unprofessional - I asked for her name 3x's she would not give it to me she told me when I call to speak with the owner to just refer to "the girl that works here", because I said when will the owner be here she said Monday 3/11/13 and I said to her I believe the customer is always right and you need to get some peoples skills, and her answer was "not this time" with an attitude. When I walked out of the store I was very upset and my husband went back into the store and asked her why was so rude to my wife. Again the clerk became very beligerent and started to yell and cause a seen, She dropped the F bomb and told my husband to get the Hxxx out of her store 3x, then she started toward my husband and that she said she was going to slap his face. In my opinion thats an threat. The situation was getting out of controlAnd on the receipt that I was given there is nothing said that special orders shoes are not returnable for a full refund. Refunds within 7 days on unworn shoes and you must have a receipt. I called on 3/11/13 and the owner was not there.

Desired Settlement: Total amt $133.95 that I paid

Review: I specifically told the man, who I believe is the owner of the store, I was buying a gift for my mother in law and asked the return policy. He said I could return them before New Year's for a full refund. THREE days later, December 29th, I went to return the shoes, only to be told that I would only receive store credit because the shoes were on sale. I told the woman what the man told me and she said he would have written GIFT on the receipt if it was a returnable gift. They have several different return policies, all are printed out and placed on various locations on the counter. If there are other people at the counter, chances are, you may miss one of the print outs. No where on the print outs OR on the receipt does it say anything about the word "gift" needing to be written on the receipt. Their return policy is extremely misleading and contradictory, seemingly for the purpose and intention of not allowing full refunds.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund for my purchase.

Review: Originally purchased a pair of [redacted] shoes in August of 2013 but had to return. I Was told I had to take store credit for unworn shoes after 7 days per store policy. I could not find another pair in the store I liked or that fit properly. I was told to come back in a few weeks when the store was to get new stock. I returned more than once and still they had nothing in my size. So on December 21, 2013, I was told I could order a model they had in the store but again not in my size and it would be delivered to the store in a week and I would get a phone call when they came in. I had to pay an additional $30.84 on top of the store credit of $118.00 for them to be ordered. The store was given multiple contact numbers and I never received a call that the order came in. With the holidays and some bad weather I gave them 2 extra weeks and still heard nothing. I contacted them again at the beginning of Feb 2014 and was told a manager would call me back in 2 days. No one ever called back again. I again contacted the store today on Feb. 22, 2014 and was told by the manager(who wouldn't give his name)that there will be no refund and asked if I knew how to read. He then said it would be a few more weeks to order the same pair of shoes again. The manager was nasty, arrogant, and implied I should have been able to find something that fit in the store or a pair that "worked". When I said I wanted a refund he said "No. Read the receipt." he then offered a $30 refund and then hung up on me. The store is about a half hour away and I have had to make multiple trips to try and find a pair of shoes to resolve this. I also had to go to another store and had to purchase another pair of shoes while waiting for this store to satisfy my order.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of $148.84 for the stores inability to complete the order in over 2 months and failed to contact me about any problems with the order that they were already paid for. I would also like an additional $50.00 for the gas, time, and wear and tear on my car to keep going back and forth to this store.

They would not offer a refund or credit for a defected pair of very expensive shoes.Shoes were $75.00. They would not give me my money back.Desired SettlementRefund for the price of the shoes.Business' Initial Response According to our computer, longer than one year ago on March 26, 2012, the named customer purchased a pair of shoes for $75. The shoes were a pair of reasonably priced Soft Spots Classics made of leather uppers and other quality materials.3 days ago on April 10, 2013, she returns to our South Hadley store and demands to return the shoes and a refund. Our sales associate reminds her that we could not accept the return. Asking to learn the problem with the shoes, she states that the right arch doesn't feel the same as some other shoes she has worn. The customer was treated fairly and respectfully in spite of her very offensive language and curses. Being a small business, we have never had a policy of accepting returns of worn shoes, specially after such a long time. As such, we have always had a very visible sign hanging at eye level at the cash register to that effect. Additionally, customer receipts contains the same message near the payment amount.Finally, we don't believe that the shoes had any defects when purchased.Sincerely,Consumer's Final Response April 23,2013Dear [redacted]This letter is in response to your letter and the merchants.Please excuse the handwritten letter as my old Dell computer is waiting for a part.I received this notice on April 23rd. I am [redacted]. old and work parttime at a job that requires me to stand a great deal of time. I purchased the shoes March 2012 to help my feet while standing. I paid $75 for the shoes. I tried the shoes out in my home and found there was a lump when I stood on them for any length of time. I brought the shoes back to the store and informed the woman who sold them to me of the problem. She played with them and said she didn't feel anything and to take them home and try them again and if I still had a to BRING THEM BACK!When you use your hand to find the lump you do not feel them as you would feel them when a full body weight is pressed against the shoe!!!After trying them again I still had a problem and I again went back to the store and this time encountered her [redacted]. It was awful!!!He put his finger in my face and pointed to a sign hanging from the ceiling that said No Returns. Please note that the store is just a short time from the time I had originally purchased the shoes had changed. Instead of it being a two room store it was now only one room with SALE signs everywhere. It appears they were either closing or down-sizing. He refused to refund my $75 and was very nasty.I live in [redacted] and don't get to South Hadley very often. However I made many attempts to see if she was working so I could try to talk to her because she was the one who said "Bring them back" if I still had problems.Several weeks ago I saw her. She seemed pleasant until I mentioned the nasty encounter I had with her [redacted]. She implied I was stupid and couldn't read. She said I had worn the shoes and refused to give me a refund!The shoes are brand new, never been worn except to try them in my home. I have been trying for one year to get my refund for shoes I can't wear. I do not have an arch problem. Please note that I have bought shoes there and never never saw any signs saying NO RETURNS! I feel I am entitled to a refund and will gladly return the never worn shoes.Thank you for your attention to the matter.I work parttime but my telephone # is X-XXX-XXX-XXXXSincerely, [redacted]P.S I didn't swear as they claim!Business' Final Response Respectfully, we have nothing to add to our initial response.Sincerely,

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Description: Shoes - Orthopedic

Address: 523 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, V1Y 6N9


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