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Community Management Solutions, Inc.

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Thank you for your note. The Association fees cover a wide variety of services, including maintenance of the gates. The gate system has not been functional since May 28th. We have sent a number of notices to the community informing them of the repair problems, unavailability of
parts, the decision to overhaul the entire gate system, and the bid process. We expect a final decision this week. Once repaired, the gates will still remain open in the daytime to accommodate construction/model home traffic. We have also been communicating with the community concerning the condition of the pond. The pond is a shared amenity with two other properties. *** only has 8% of the vote in the maintenance of the lake and is not the managing entity. That being said, four chemical treatments have been made to the lake this year in an effort to clear up the algae and weeds. The water pot fountains in the courtyard have been repetitive problems. We had been soliciting feedback concerning resident preference to repair or to replace the feature with something else.I am sympathetic to her frustrations, and have been frustrated with the length of time it has taken for some of these items as well. However, I have no authority to reimburse Association fees, and only limited authority for repair approval. I will pass her request for reimbursement along to the Board of Directors

I have had numerous conversations with Mr. [redacted] and have kept him updated on the status of the multiple gate repairs.  We have competitively bid a complete overhaul of the gate system.As I also told Mr. [redacted], the fountain pots in the courtyard are currently cut off from water supply due...

to construction activity.  There has also been some consideration of removal of the pots and replacement with a different feature.  We have had mixed feedback from the residents on this proposal.There have not been any problems with the pool gate lock, other than the failure by some of our residents to lock the gate behind them.

Thank you for sharing this information.  The gate has been an ongoing problem, partially due to the fact that some of the components are obsolete and finding replacement parts has been a slow process.  Additionally, we would replace one bad part, and another would...

fail.   The last repair quote was in excess of $5000.  After the last failed repair, the decision was made to solicit bids for a complete overhaul of the gate system.  Five gate companies were contacted and bids for a replacement system requested.  Those bids are currently under review and a final decision will be made by the [redacted]Once repaired, the gates will still only be closed in the evening.  They are kept open during the day for construction and model home traffic.

Thank you for your note.  The gate has been down since 5/28.  The maintenance company was unable to find the appropriate parts for an outdated system.  Ultimately the decision was made to overhaul the entire system, which was communicated to the residents.  Bids have been...

solicited from 5 different gate companies and a decision is expected this week.  Once repaired, the gates will still remain open in the daytime to accommodate construction and model home traffic.  The pool pump was replaced the same day it was stolen, so no pool time was lost.
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  
From: r[redacted] [mailto:r[redacted]] Sent: Monday, August 17, 2015 12:07 PM To: drteam Subject: complaint #[redacted] On 8-8-2015 I submitted a complaint against Community Management Solutions. I received an answer from that H O A. They did not tell the truth on the matter. Kathy D[redacted] stated that she has sent multiple e-mails to the community letting them know what was happening. This is not correct, She only responded after someone ask. I have e-mail to prove this. I have dropped by that office on a couple of occasions, only to be given the same old song and dance, that they were still taken bids. How long do you take bids on a gate repair. She also told me it may cost as much as $5000.00. I move here in January and the gate has not worked correctly from that time I know. Also if you ask five companies for bids an two missed the target date why wait on them. Kathy stated that most of the home owners have been understanding. Well I do not think you could locate two that agrees with that statement. Kathy also stated that the water to the fountains were turned off because and by the people doing the new construction. This is not the same things she has told other home owners. As I have E-mail to prove the fact. One of her e-mails stated that the fountains are old and need to be replaced and that she may be able to work that into the 2016 budgets. So is that going to be another year with broken fountains ? We want the gate and the other items fixed now. She also stated that nothing was wrong with the pool gate. The gate is bent and the lock will not line up. Llyn [redacted]

Thank you for your attempts to resolve this issue.  When Mr. [redacted] finds an unlimited supply of money with which to handle Association operations, and doesn't have to answer to anyone concerning how that money is spent, I might be more understanding of his demands.  In the meantime, I am offended by the accusations that I have lied, and will decline any further communication with him on this issue.  This community is on its fourth developer, is finally operating in the black, and the new home sales are allowing us to make repairs and improvements that have previously been unaffordable.  Mr. [redacted] has only been here a short time and has no concept of the progress that has been made or how hard it was to get to this point.  It is unfortunate that he has chosen this approach.

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Address: 2625 Bay Area Blvd. Suite 120, Houston, Texas, United States, 77058


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