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Competitive Flooring Contractors

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We recently received a letter from you guys, case ID [redacted].  I have read the customers complaint.  And lets just say that his description of what happened is not the way it happened, specifically when Mr. [redacted] states that I was not required to help him.  This is what happened....

 They bought a memory foam mattress that was supposed to be 11" thick.  It is a memory foam mattress that is comes in a box.  It even states in the paperwork that comes in the mattress that It may take up to 24/48 hours to fully expand.  So After receiving the mattress the customer called and informed us that it hadn't fully expanded to the full 11 inches.  So we told them to give it a few more days and if it was still the same to call us back and we would contract the manufacture to see about getting it replaced for them.  It all started when I tried to explain to the customer that if the mattress was actually 11" thick like it was supposed to be, then it wouldn't really be considered defective, and there would be a reselection "Comfort exchange" Fee of 15%, However if the mattress had not fully expanded to 11" then it would be considered defective and we would be able to replace it for them.  The problem is that Mr. [redacted] didn't listen to what I was trying to say and as soon as I started talking about the possibility of there being a 15% fee, he started using profanity, threatening to take me to small claims court, he accused me of laying about the fact we the had never the this problem before with that brand of mattress, basically just being rude and disrepectful.  So at the point I said look im trying to help you here but if you going to continue speaking to me this way then I wont.  So he says, Ok what the [redacted] do I have to do to get it replaced then.  So I then informed them to send us pictures, which they did so I could send them to the manufacturer.  Whinin a day or two the manufacture approved us to switchout their mattress for them, so I contacted them immediately set it up for us to switchout there mattress for them, which we did a few days later, and when I spoke to Mrs [redacted], she was very nice and wasn't upset or anything, in fact we figured she was embarrassed by her husbands behavior.  So honestly im very surprised to have received this letter from you guys.  Mr. [redacted] is a Police officer and because of that he got an extra 20% off which saved him 200 bucks since we give a 20% discount to police officers and Fire Fighters, None of this should of ever happened.  Mr [redacted] had no reason to get upset in the first place.  I was simply just trying to tell him that if the mattress was no considered defective, then there would be a charge for him to exchange it for a different mattress.  Which is what any mattress store would of told him.  As soon as I said anything about the possibility of there being a restocking fee, he got mad and stopped listening, and started cussing and accusing of us lying, and threatening to take us to small claims court etc.  But again, the next sentence out of my mouth was that if the mattress was considered defective, because it hadn't fully expanded, then we were going to replace it for them.  We are locally owned and operated have a 5 star recommendation on facebook and have been in business since 2010 and have never had a complaint with the  We depend on good word of mouth as far as our advertising.  But This issue has been resolved, as I stated we replaced their mattress for them.

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