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245 S Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, Florida, United States, 33004

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Jun 12, 2020

Do not trust anything these people tell you!
This is going to be a very long but detailed review of my experience with Complete Media and Events:
My husband and I paid for the photographer, videographer and DJ package and the only part that I can say was worth purchasing was the videographer. Let me start at the beginning...
I decided to use what the venue had offered in their suggested booklet and when I went to meet with this company, I realized that it was the same company that did my sisters wedding a few years back. My sister had booked them for lighting and DJ and at the time, the DJ forgot the lighting. I obviously brought this up in our meeting because that was a big problem that my family had with this company. They assured me that they had reworked their policies and now had separate people in charge of each aspect of their packages " so if the lighting guy forgets the lighting, there is a bigger problem." I decided to give them a second chance since they promised an additional 10% discount as an apology for what happened previously.
Fast forward to making the decision for the photographer, they told me to choose from their website which photographer I would prefer and then pick 2 others as a backup just in case my first choice was not available. I asked my wedding venue for their opinion on who they think would be best and then I also had my professional wedding photographer friend (who was in my wedding party so could not do my photos) for her opinion as well and made my 3 choices: ***, *** and I believe my 3rd choice was ***. I knew I wanted someone who was fun and outgoing because my wedding was a geeky themed wedding. Then, about a couple weeks before my wedding date, I get a call from JP who was chosen to be my wedding photographer. Obviously this was none of my initial choices so I called and messaged Complete Media to figure out why my initial choices were not chosen and to voice my concerns because JP didn't seem like the right fit for my wedding theme (photos seemed too serious, has no bio on the website, and had much less photos to view in comparison to my original choices). Instead of explaining to me why I didn't get my photographer, I was told that they would "contact the artists to re-explain how epic my wedding will be". Later on I found out that they did have my original choice photographer in the system and their system is supposed to send an alert to the manager when the original choice selected is not the matched with the event so they can contact the customer and let them know ( that never happened, guess I slipped through the cracks...). My husband and I met with JP and decided to give him a chance because I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. I told him where I was going to be getting ready on the wedding day, what time I expected him, etc. He assured me that he knew exactly where the hotel was because he lived in the area.
Then came the wedding day. I got a text telling me *** was on his way to the hotel and so my bridesmaids and I had set up the hotel for photos and were waiting. I get a phone call from *** who says that he was knocking on the room door but no one was answering. He was at the wrong hotel. With time no longer on our side, I told him to just go straight to the venue and start getting photos of the groomsmen and the groom. My wedding party had to rush to move to the venue because he gave me false hope in his knowledge of the area. I know brides always have something that goes wrong on their wedding day and I anticipated it but it does not make things less stressful. My husband's best man did a fake first look, which was a lot of fun to dress him up in a wedding dress and see the reactions in the photos later and after we did an actual first look. Later on when I looked through my photos I saw that not only did the photographer not take a single full body shot of me by myself nor any details of my dress, the first look reaction was of me and the best man's reactions and not of my husband(he was capable of doing it because the best man got a full body shot in a wedding dress). I'm no photographer but the first look photos should logically be of the reaction of my husband seeing me in the dress for the first time and not of the back of his head... Then when we were doing group shots after the ceremony, my bridesmaid who was in charge of guiding the photographer repeatedly told him that we wanted to go outside for photos and we never did any of the photos outside. I told the company that I was afraid that my photos would look washed out and I did not want to look orange (I'm naturally tan). *** LOVES to use flash ( which really washes people out) and was using a giant flash stand that he would move around for every photo, including the first look photos that were outside during the golden hour of the afternoon. My photos looked more like prom photos with a greenery background than wedding photos and totally did not capture my husband and I's personalities.
On to the DJ, I did not choose who I wanted to DJ because I figured as long as we said what we wanted to hear at the party, any person in the company could do it. We received *** who definitely had the personality and energy for the party, but not the skills of a DJ. I requested that the music be clean and appropriate due to many of my church friends being present. She played "Get Low" and the only part of the song that was censored was *** She went around and asked for request but then ended up not playing any of them. I was later told that it would be impossible to fit every song (which I agree with to an extent) but then played a few songs on repeat (many guest can vouch for repeated songs) and did very long tutorials for songs that you don't need a tutorial on (ex: chacha slides, cupid shuffle, wobble song) before playing the full song. Complete will try to tell you that they don't repeat songs because they keep record of it, but when asked for proof of the records, I was never given it. My bridal party requested a song several times that they all knew was my favorite song and after the 5th time, the *** comes to me on the dance floor to ask if I want to hear the song (on the questionnaire that Complete has you fill out there is a section to check off if you want the DJ to accept request and I checked off "yes"). During the toast, she did not allow my mom to do a toast and barely let my bridesmaids do a toast. Then, after doing the send off at the end of the night, she came looking for my husband and I (who were on our way to the hotel for our wedding night) to sign some paperwork to get a review of her performance. I think something like this should either be done before a send off or the next day via email.
The videographer, as I said before, was the only person who I didn't have any complaints with. *** was my videographer and he was very professional. He was basically a ninja who captured every aspect of my wedding without disturbing the vibe of the day. The final product came out lovely and he would be the only person I recommend from this company.
A few days after the wedding I sent a message to the company stating that I had some concerns with how everything was handled before I saw any of my photos. After meeting with Arturo and explaining all the things that happened on my wedding day, I was promised that he would do a full review of each of the artist. Then a couple of weeks went by and I was continuously given the excuse that because of the facility going through a move, the photos would take a bit longer to be delivered. I don't have a problem waiting for photos to be edited, but from my experience, you usually at least get 1 or 2 preview photos. Once I saw that there were missing critical photos from a wedding (full body shots, detail dress shots), I contacted them with all my concerns. I was told that because I told them how important it was to get photos of my hand made centerpieces, there just wasn't enough time to get all the shots that I wanted (Note: remember how the photographer showed up to the wrong location...). When we requested a refund, the best they were willing to offer was either a re-shoot with the original photographer I wanted (which I would have to pay to have my hair, makeup, and a suit rented) or a 25% refund of the total cost while also having to sign a NDA that would silence not only me and my husband, but every guest that attended my wedding from any negative saying comments about the company. And as you can see by this review, my husband and I refused to sign the agreement. Overall, I would not recommend this company to my worst enemy, that's how bad this company is.

Company did not deliver what they promised, they were late to their delivery and they presented low quality customer service.
I hired Complete for videography for my wedding this past August.

When we walked through their doors, my husband and I were very impressed their presentation. They showed us a beautifully edited video and we really enjoyed the experience. We ended up booking them with a 2-3 min highlight clip as well as a Documentary video (30 min-1 hour) with chapters. The total was $1,400.

I was quoted 10-12 weeks for my video and it ended up being late-not a few days, but weeks. I actually had to be the one to follow up several times to check on the status. They kept making excuses as to why it was late. I finally receive it and I could not believe what I see. It's a completely unedited video, music/sound is cut off at different stages of the video, its two hours long and there are no chapters. Also, there was no highlight clip.

So I went back to them. They quickly apologized and said that I would get the highlight video in a few days. They also told me that my video is two hours long and that they don't have the time to sit and watch the entire video. They also said that they've never done chapters before so they couldn't provide that (when this was part of my deal with them). They promised that they would have it back to me shortly. WEEKS later after following up on the status of the video, I get the next version. They sent it with a $100 check which was nice but didn't cover nearly what I went through and what the quality of the video ended up being. It was honestly sub par. Same things as before-poorly edited, bad sound, etc. That is when I asked for a refund. They did not budge. So I asked for the raw footage and 50% off. They said that they don't offer that. So they asked me to tell them the mistakes from the video and how to fix it.

I ended up compiling a list of what to cut/edit/add/etc hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. I even offered to go over it on the phone, I offered to go in there and sit with the editor on my own time. They asked for another month for their "top" editor to work on it. They then changed their mind and offered to give me the raw footage and "break their rules" to provide it. I said yes but with a 50% off refund. They said no because I already have an "edited version" so I said to continue with the edits. Over a month passes *** I (of course) have to be the one to follow up on the status. They said its ready and asked me if I wanted to see the link first before they send me the video and I say yes. They never provided it and end up sending me the video in the mail. I start to watch the video and every single edit that I requested was not even done. It was like I got the same video back from before.

So I asked for the raw footage again. They came back to me with an "agreement" for me to sign that says that they will provide the raw footage as long as I don't leave a bad review, tell my friends and family and sue them. I did not sign that and that is when I decided to leave my claim with

That video that they showed me the day I walked through their doors was a complete fake. The video I received in the end (7 months later) was again so unprofessionally done. This whole experience made me feel like customer service is non-existent. It felt like I gave them my hard earned money away and they completely ignored my wishes, treated me poorly and presented me with really low quality work.

Desired Outcome

After I received low quality service, I requested a 50% refund as well as the raw footage so that I can get it edited properly elsewhere. I would like to stick to my original request.

Complete Weddings + Events Response time Apr 08, 2019

We never promise a specific amount of time for the final video because we don't know how much usable footage we will be able to record. We never provide a chapterized video because the video is on USB so there is no way to create chapters.

The client is correct. Our normal delivery time is 10-12 weeks. We did have delays but provided a partial refund for the inconvenience.

We do not provide a highlight video a few days after the wedding, nor did we ever offer to do so. We provide the fully edited video and the highlight video at the same time. This is the way we have done business since inception.

The sound and music cut off during the first dance because something happened during the first dance that caused a jolt or surge. We had the audio recorder plugged directly into the DJ mixer. You can see that exact point during your first dance where there is a pop. Your husband turned and looks at the DJ as you are standing with no music. Then the person singing says "I need everybody to be quiet" because she is playing an acoustic guitar and singing without a microphone. The videographer is capturing the first dance while you are in the middle of the floor. The person singing is on the edge with the rest of the crowd. Since audio is not working from the DJ booth, the only audio is recorded from the camera. There is no way to capture perfect audio and record your first dance correctly at this point. Therefore, the videographer chose to record your first dance correctly.

We do not offer any client to sit with the editor. We asked for details, in writing so we could make all of the corrections.

We sent the link to her the following day with all of the changes. She asked for more changes to be made. We made the changes and sent the USB to her.

We explained that we made several changes to her video, per her request. We had multiple editors work on her video. After doing all of this work for her, she asked us for raw footage so she can create her own video. We do not provide raw footage and if a client creates a video using our footage, it could damage the company. We sent a letter to her stating that we would break our rules if she holds us harmless from damages that could happen with a video that she could create. The letter also states that she will not post any negative comments.

We provide the client with 2 highlight videos. We provided the client with a fully edited video and made all of the changes that they requested.

We can make any changes for the client but will not offer raw footage or refund.

Customer Response time Apr 14, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
They actually never provided the highlight video. I had to remind them when I received the first unedited version since it wasn't provided.
They never sent me a link so that I can review the videos as promised. They just mailed the USB to be-and the video came back almost the same as the second version so clearly they did not even read through my second by second edits that took me hours to do. I basically did their work for them and they didn't even follow instructions.
At the end of the day, this company should not be offering a service that they don't specialize in. It's honestly very unprofessional and it looks really bad on them. I'll make sure NOT to recommend this company to all of my friends and family that are in need of a video company. Clearly, this company does not meet expectations and does not follow through with their contractual promises. It was a waste of money and time and an extremely frustrating experience. I guess you get what you pay for.

Complete Weddings + Events Response time Apr 25, 2019

I'm sorry that you are not happy with the video.

We provided a partial refund. We re-edited the video several times. The highlight was included in the initial USB that included the original edited video. If you did not receive the highlight, I will send a link for you to download it.

Your contract does not include raw footage and we are not able to provide that.

Customer Response time Apr 26, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I don't accept this "proposed resolution" as they did not propose anything to resolve this issue. I hope that they don't offer this service in the future and that they follow through with their promises and return people's money that they practically stole

I am so disgusted and disappointed with this company it's unbelievable.. The lowest level of customer service I've ever received.. In the beginning this company was great, they call you with deals, advertised as a nation wide company, and great communication being that I was an out of town bride. Things started to go down hill, the closer I got to My wedding date. I call and requested a certain DJ which they said might not be available, so I said ok I'll go with someone else. Then come to find out that DJ ended up being available. But I said no worries just give me someone good. Then here comes Hurricane Irma, which cancelled my original wedding date of 09/09/17. I was so disappointed, and I contacted Complete Media The hurricane wasn't there fault. I was so hurt, I didn't want to give up my wedding date, so since all my guests flights were cancelled I decided to have my wedding in Detroit. Since Complete Media advertising themselves as a national company, and they have a location in Lansing, I figured it would be no problem to switch my money over to the Michigan location. I spoke with Arturo, and he told me, No that wasn't an option.. Even though they're the same company, they don't do business with other locations. I asked even though when I signed my contract, and you guys advertised as a national company that means nothing? And he said yes.. I was outraged! I got over that and had to reschedule my wedding for 2 weeks later 09/23. My wedding was still beautiful, the photographer, the videographer, and The DJ were all great. Myself and my parents, had such a bitter taste in our mouth from The company, we expected the people they sent out to be terrible, but they weren't.With the wedding over, I thought great I can get my pictures and business done with this company. I then received an email from Arturo asking, where I would like my pictures sent, and how much it would be to send them out.. The company stated I would receive my video/pictures within 30 days of my wedding, I still haven't.
Product_Or_Service: Video, photography, dj

Desired Outcome

Billing Adjustment I would like my bill adjusted and my pictures immediately.

Complete Weddings + Events Response time Apr 25, 2019

Every franchise is individually owned and operated. Although there is a franchise in Michigan, the contract states that services cannot be transferred. We did offer to transfer it to Michigan but she would have to pay the rates of the Michigan, which were higher than ours. She would also have to pay mileage from the Grand Rapids to Detroit. She did not want to pay any additional fees.

The client moved the date and we agreed to move the date and provide the services for the client.

The video takes 10-12 weeks to be edited but the pictures take about a month. on 10/16 (2 weeks after the wedding) we notified the client that the pictures were ready and she said she wanted us to mail the pictures and the video together. Since the video takes 10-12 weeks (and she wanted to wait for the pictures), we did not ship her pictures until December

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