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We responded to Ms*** via e-mail. We have now resolved her property damage claim. *** ** ***Claims ManagerRobert Moreno Insurance Services

We understand that it is your belief that your *** *** is covered for physical damage (comprehensive and collision)According to the documentation that you have provided this office, that vehicle is NOT covered for physical damageThat attached is highlighted in the corresponding areas, to provide clarity on this issueWe strongly urge you to contact Allstate to add that coverageThat vehicle does not have "full coverage" insurance
As stated in the previous response, this office sent a renewal offer to you for the expiring *** *** *** policyYou were also sent a renewal quote for ***, a payment schedule, and two separate letters explaining the renewal process and a letter specifically stating that unless you request in writing to stop sweeping your account for your insurance payments the account will continue to be swept to satisfy the *** renewal offer with automatic paymentsThis office received no request to stop sweeping the account and your expiring *** policy renewed to ***In this **se it appears that had the policy not renewed automatically, you would not have had insurance as required by lawIf you **n provide proof of insurance that became effective 2/20/2016, with like coverage to the *** policy, then we will refund the remainder of the money that was swept from you accountWithout that proof, there is no additional or money to be returned
If it appears that more money should have been returned, the reason is that once the liability coverage was deleted from all vehicles and the physical damage coverage from the Chevy was deleted, the *** was the only vehicle on the policyThe lone vehicle was then rated with the driver with the highest exposure, so the physical damage premium increased significantly
As stated above, if you **n provide proof that the *** had physical damage coverage when you bought the policy with Allstate, more money would be returnedWithout that proof, all money has been returned

Attached is a copy of the response we are mailing and e-mailing to Mr***

Mr***,We apologize that you have had concerns regarding the status of your claim.Review of our file indicates that the damages to your vehicle were assessed by an appraiser. The amount of the estimate is $834.77, which is below the the amount of your$insurance deductible. A
letter advising you of this was mailed to you on 9/14/15, along with a copy of the estimate. This letter also advises that if any additionaldamages are found, to please contact our office to arrange a secondary inspection. On 9/24/our office received this letter returned in the mail due to your mailing addressbeing invalid. You indicated you were receiving mail at a new P.OBox address and this information was re-sent to you. On 1/12/our office received another updatedmailing address for you and again forwarded the information to you.At this time, the damages to your vehicle do not exceed your $deductible. If you are in need of another copy of the estimate, we will gladly forward it to you again.In the event that you take the vehicle to a repair shop of your choice and it is determined that there is additional damage that was not visible at the time of the initialinspection, please contact our office as soon as possible so that the additional damage may be evaluated

Mr***,The policy for which you request your premium be refunded is a renewal of your *** *** *** auto insurance policy, which expired February 20, 2016. The premium for your policy with *** *** *** (***) was set up on an auto-payment plan.
Through this plan, your monthly premium payments were taken automatically from your bank account. That automatic payment option was set up by your broker at your request, during the term of your *** *** *** policy. About days prior to the expiration of your *** auto policy, you were mailed two renewal offers as required by ** law. One quote was to continue a policy with *** and there was also a quote to start a policy with *** *** *** *** (***). Copies of those quotes are contained in the attachment. With the quote was a document that read "You are currently set up on our auto-sweep program. The *** renewal offer enclosed includes the dates and amounts that will be automatically swept from your account unless we are notified otherwise in writing prior to the first sweep date. You **n request by email to be removed from the auto sweep program at [email protected]***.com or mail a written request to P.OBox ***, *** ***, ** ***"No request to stop the auto payment was received by this office. For that fact, the *** policy was issued on February 9, in order to make sure that you had auto insurance and that you were incompliance with the law. It was not until December 8, that you requested to cancel you auto policy. You had requested a return of the policy premium, back to the inception date of the policy. You were informed by this office that in order to back-date the cancellation of your policy we would need proof that you had another insurance policy in force with the same effective dates and coverage as the *** policy. You provided this office with proof of insurance coverage that started July 23, 2016. Due to receipt of that proof of coverage, this office cancelled your *** policy effective the same date that your coverage with Allstate began, July 23, 2016. However, the comprehensive and collision premium for the *** *** was considered earned premium through the date of request for cancellation (December 8, 2016) because this coverage was not provided for the ***, under the Allstate policy. To summarize: Premiums for the full coverage on all vehicles (***, ***, and ***) was and will be fully earned from the dates of February 20, through December 8, unless you **n provide proof that the same coverage existed for the vehicle with another insurance carrier.2. All other premium has been returned for the period of time that you have been able to provide proof of duplicate coverage 7/23/to 12/8/2016, except the physical damage (comprehensive and collision coverage) on the *** ***. If you submit proof of duplicate coverage showing that there was indeed insurance on all three vehicles back to the effective date of the *** policy 2/20/2016, the premium that was charged for that period of time will be returned. Without proof of insurance for that period of time, the premium charged is considered fully earned and will not be refunded. The attached documentation shows proof of all dates and coverage issues. Please not the asterisks on the documents that were mailed to your Bakersfield address
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
The company is hard to get a hold of you called them and it goes directly to voicemail, they will response by email, however same answer I keep getting from them unable to get a hold of the Policy holderIts been months that I my husband and my small children was ar ended with their policy holder and now there sending me that due to failure response of the policy holder that they will denied my claim were is the justice here I cant fix my car because still waiting for *** *** Insurance to pay for the damage of my car
*** ***

We have e-mailed Ms. Rainbolt with an updated status. Unfortunately, to date, we have not been able to secure the insured's cooperation to confirm the facts of the accident and secure her statement, despite numerousrequests (both in writing and by telephone).  We will continue our efforts...

to secure her cooperation so that we can move forward with Ms. [redacted] claim. Regards,  [redacted]Claims Manager
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[My consent was never given for a new policy to be opened with a different insurance company. My broker provided me with a document that states that my insurance with (Robert Moreno Insurance) was **ncelled since February 20, 2016. The deceleration of my new insurance with All State faxed over to Rober Moreno Insurance lists the 2015 [redacted] and 2005 Chevy Subarban with full coverage, leaving the 1998 Chevy Silverado with liability insurance. I have confirmed my coverage with Allstate, and my coverage is as said above. The check of $74 sent to cover the premium is not what was drafted from my account. From February 2016 to December 2016 over $2.000.00 were drafted from my account by Rober Moreno Insurance. Regards,

The loss was reported to Robert Moreno Insurance Services on 06/28/17 and assigned to a liability adjuster and collision adjuster on 06/29/17.  Both adjusters attempted contact with Ms. [redacted]l on the date of assignment.  After inspection, Ms. M[redacted]'s vehicle was deemed a total loss....

 She was notified by the salvage department on 07/05/17.  The vehicle was released from the shop and picked-up by the salvage company.  We received confirmation of the pick-up on 07/11/17.  The total loss documents were mailed to the insured on 07/17/17.  On 07/19/17, I had a long telephone conversation with Ms. M[redacted] regarding the total loss process and addressed many of the concerns raised in her complaint with her on the telephone.  On 07/24/17, we received the title guarantee from Nissan as well as the signed DMV documents from Ms. M[redacted].  on 07/26/17, we mailed the lienholder and Ms. M[redacted] their respective payments.  The total loss was resolved in less than 30 days from notice of loss. [redacted] J. [redacted]Claims ManagerRobert Moreno Insurance Services
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed...

appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution. Please respond in this space ONLY]

Attached is a copy of our written response.

Based on your request, it appears you believe there has been
undue delay in the handling of your claim and that calls and emails are not
While your request for assistance indicates you had been
trying to resolve the claim in excess of one month, our file reflects that

receipt of the notice of this loss on 10/14/15, our office inspected your
damages, obtained your statement, evaluated the vehicle as a total loss, and
sent our offer of settlement to you on 11/5/15, which is 23 days after report
of the loss.  Total loss documents were
included in our offer that required your signature and the return of the
documents thereafter.
Upon receipt of the necessary information from your lien
holder on 11/17/15, our office sent payment to [redacted] Dealer Services on
11/19/15.  The necessary total loss
settlement documents were not received from you until 12/7/15.
In regards to your allegations regarding a lack of return
calls and a lack of response to email correspondence, our records reflect telephone
communication with you or the insured driver on 10/15/15, 10/19/15, 10/23/15
and 10/28/15 via your insurance broker; our file also reflects email
correspondence with you on 11/4/15, 11/6/15 and 11/11/15.
Total loss claims sometimes are a bit prolonged due to
needed paperwork, which includes dependence on lien holder response, and it
does not appear that there was any undue delay in the handling of your
As to a credit for any unused premium, this issue will be
accounted for once you have removed the vehicle from the policy if you have not
yet done so.  Attached is a separate
letter which explains this process and is normally sent out once the necessary
total loss settlement documents are in file.
We appreciate you as a customer and hope that we can continue to serve you.
Physical Damage Supervisor
714/[redacted] ext. [redacted]
California Department of Insurance/[redacted]/Enclosure
Americas Insurance Company/S[redacted]/[redacted]/[redacted] Insurance Svcs. /[redacted]

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