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Computer Phone Repair

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Computer Phone Repair Reviews (6) At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Computer Phone Repair has been resolved (By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.) Sincerely, [redacted] *** this time, I have not been contacted by Computer Phone Repair regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]
At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Computer Phone Repair has been resolved.
(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as...


Review: I went to this place of business to get my sons phone fix. paid 108.72 first ime to get the screen replaced

about 2 months later the screen came out went back to see what he could do I paid again 108.72. the mang stated if it happens again come back

two weeks later the screen popped out and the glas broke again and they refuse to fix or honor me with a replacement. asked me to pay again

they quality of service was awful the first time if so I wouldnt be there 3 time in less than 2 months.

the never fix or replace my sons phone for the awful and bad job they did replacing his screen!Desired Settlement: urgent



At this time, I have not been contacted by Computer Phone Repair regarding complaint ID [redacted].Sincerely,[redacted]

Review: I entered Computer Phone Repair (CPR) to get my phones repaired. Both Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4. Because I was repairing 2 phone I was offered a deal of $200 to repair both phones... I agreed.

-Galaxy S3 was repaired 1st. It has a bubble under the screen. To me, this is not a sufficient job. The personel that did the job ([redacted] I believe) gave me an excuse that he got burned/cut and he shifted his hand and thats why the bubble is there. Because I dubbed this my "back-up" phone, I took the phone into my position stating that my primary phone (Galaxy S4) should not/better not have any bubbles behind the screen.

-Galaxy S4 was given for repair. Upon receipt of this item after repair, there was bubbles behind the screen. I was not at all pleased. I said something to CPR and they shrugged it off and tried to make it seem like it's a normal thing for them to do shotty work. I ended up leaving with my phone and the bubbles...and a new case as to not cracked the screen again. The very next I'm in class... I notice the screen on the S4 beginning to pull apart. The loca (adhesive) behind the screen is dried with UV-rays. The screen is separating from the phone starting from the top left corner and as the minutes pass, the more it seperates. My guess is the phone was not properly cured in the 1st place. When I finally get in contact with CPR, I fill them in on the situation and take the phone back later that day. I wait while they fix it and again I'm off with my S4. No bubbles this time...great! A few days pass and the issue arises again. This time it's smaller bubbles and not as pronounced. Also not separating at the speed in which it was the 1st time the problem occured. I bring the phone back to CPR. While there, we start to discuss options to fix the phone. Another screen replacement for free... A pre sealed screen and LCD replacement for an additional charge (I believe $100) or basically all the parts to make a new phone besides my motherboard/camera etc. I opted to just have them replace the screen like I paid them to do originally. I leave the phone overnight with them.

Just to come back and there are multiple bubbles in the phone. They tell me they can't do anything else for me. They blame the phone. Something must be in the phone causing it etc. If the resin dries and hardens after under UV light, how can it ever separate on its own. They say they've never had any complaints and this is the 1st time they've tried to fix a phone 3 times. They tell me they don't have the equipment Samsung has to do a factory job and they're are Goin to be bubbles. Basically finding any excuse not to do the job correctly. This is not true because I know people that have fixed their phones and they were flawless. I chose this shop because of its location. Major mistake.Desired Settlement: I would like for CPR to complete the job that they started and that I paid for. I want a screen on my Galaxy S4 bubble free. If they are not competent enough to apply the resin and cure it bubble free, then fix my phone with the next best thing... The factory sealed screen and LCD already attached to each other.

I have made 4 extra trips back and forth and have wasted many hours waiting at this CPR location. All just to have them do a poor job, give me excuses as to why it should be tolerable and then basically turn their back on me. This is unacceptable.

Review: • Synopsis: Brought iPhone in for screen replacement, had it returned with two functions screen not working, brought it back in, had it returned with iPhone unable to boot into operating system, 3rd party technician confirmed fault of shop, shop refused to issue refund or provide any apology/customer service. Took several visits for even a partial refund.

• Shop: Computer Phone Repair (CPR), [redacted], [redacted], Work order #[redacted]

• Full details

(These details + pictures can be found here: [redacted]

• 7/** - brought in 32GB iPhone 5S for screen replacement on a cracked screen.

• 7/** - Realized thumbprint reader and call sensor (which dims the screen when up to your face) were not working.

• 8/* - Returned to shop to address. They said they would look at it. [redacted] called me later that day to tell me that both sensors had water damage, were corroded off, and that there would be a charge to replace the two. I explained that the phone was in full working order prior to me bringing it in, and after several minutes on the phone, convinced them to make the repair at no charge.

• 8/* - Received another call to explain that the phone was stuck in DFU mode (stuck with Apple logo, will not boot into iOS operating system), and that it will cost ~$300 to repair. I requested that they take no further action, and returned to pick up my phone.

• 8/** - Shipped phone to "iPhone [redacted]" in [redacted] to evaluate. Due to 5 successful repairs through his shop and a lot of trust in the quality of his work.

• 8/** -

? Received email from [redacted] to call him regarding repair. He explained damage was done by repair, and fully emailed specifics [email can be provided, pictures attached]. In short: phone was removed without properly disconnecting cable, broke components, and with visible scratches to the internal circuits. He provided pictures, and an overall assessment that the damage was caused by an inexperienced technician.

? Went to shop that evening to address, and was told they remember me, and could not look up my order. Provided picture of receipt and still claimed they could not lookup order without the full barcode on the paper receipt, despite providing work order #, name, and phone number. They insisted that without the notes on my account to confirm the condition they returned it to me in, they cannot help me. Insisted the assessment by [redacted] was incorrect. Looked up his info to assess the legitimacy of the shop, then listed several technical explanations about what is actually shown in the picture, and how the description is not factual. Insisted that he is incorrect and misleading me, and that they must see the phone. I explained that A) I'm not willing to ship the phone back to NYC, and B) since both the price tag and damage escalated each time I brought the phone to the shop, I was not going to bring the phone back in. At the end of the day, regardless of the technical details, I brought a fully functional phone in for a screen replacement, had it returned to me with 2 functions broken, brought it back, and had it returned to me in DFU mode (unable to boot into the phone's operating system).

§ I returned with the receipt after finding the copy, and they said there are no notes in my account at all (despite verbally acknowledging most of the details I recited in person). They refused to issue a refund on the work done, stating that the phone's screen is still operating. I explained that the phone is now unusable, and the quality of the screen does not matter anymore. They refused to issue more than a 50% refund without me giving the phone back for them to take the screen back, which A) I refuse to do, and B) has already been sent in for insurance claim.

§ [redacted] ([redacted]) told me he'll call the [redacted] and call me back with 1-2 days to see if the [redacted] will approve the 50% refund.

• 8/**: Never heard back from [redacted] or any store representative. Returned in person, and he said he was not working the past few days. Somehow despite not calling me, he still had the authority to issue me the 50% refund, so he did. Was given $50 (not $54.62), and when I called him on it, he insisted he would not refund the tax. I just took the cash and walked out.Desired Settlement: Desired resolution: at minimum, refund of the original $108.86. Ideal: refund of a total of $175 to fully recover costs via repairs/insurance. Total cost: $283 ($175 claim + original $108.86 repair, which I should still be responsible for). I have another repair of $97.99 that the other $66.14 could be credited to.

Since $50 cash was refunded, I am requesting a minimum of 58.86, and an ideal refund of $125.00



At this time, my complaint, ID [redacted] regarding Computer Phone Repair has been resolved.

(By clicking "OK", your complaint will be closed as Resolved.)


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