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Conservation Services Group, Inc. (Headquarters)

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Hired Conservation Services Group(CSG) to do insulation work, based on their recommendation. Upon completion, interior walls were left damaged.I had a energy assessment done through Conservation Services Group (CSG) on [redacted] 2015 and then based on the recommendations from that report had insulation work done at my house [redacted] St. [redacted] by [redacted] on [redacted] CSG provides a list of approved vendors that do the actual insulation work, which is why [redacted] is mentioned in this complaint. What was not explained to me by the Conservation Services Group (or [redacted] was the damage to my interior walls that would be left by [redacted] I spoke to three different people prior to the work being done and no one told me they would have to drill holes in my living room (48 holes) and bedroom walls (24). [redacted] did put one coat of plaster in the holes at the end of the job and then left, my walls look like swiss cheese. I have spoken with [redacted] and they claim their only responsibility is to apply the one coat of plaster and that is it. I explained to Greenstamp that no one prior to the job told me this would happen, I was told all work would be done form the outside, they told me they had to take this up with CSG. [redacted] claims in the contract I signed with CSG, that it states in the fine print that this may occur. [redacted] said that it was CSG's responsibility to make me aware of this. [redacted] also went on to say that this problem occurs all the time, that customers are never informed that this problem may occur. In speaking with CSG they showed me the contract I signed and in the fine print it does states that "The homeowner is responsible for any additional work to the areas, including cleaning, dusting and painting to achieve the desired finish conditions." No where in that statement does it say I have to hire a plasterer (which [redacted] recommended I do) to come in and repair the walls. Here are the details of what I paid for this work: I wrote a check to CSG for [redacted] on [redacted] 2015 and then the remaining balance of [redacted] was paid to Greenstamp on [redacted] 2015. The most recent person I spoke to at Conservation Services Group was Brad Shuker, XXX-XXX-XXXX.Desired SettlementI think CSG should be responsible for the cost to hire a plasterer to repair the walls properly.Business Response Thank you for notifying us about your concerns. In working on behalf of the Mass Save Program, it is always CSG's desire to resolve these complaints as quickly as possible and find the resolution that is agreeable to all parties. CSG has had conversations with [redacted] about this situation, as [redacted] was the contractor performing the work. The customer signed a disclaimer acknowledging the scope of the work and that the walls would be disturbed as a part of this work. [redacted] claims they provided the customer an opportunity to inspect the work at the beginning of the job to understand the extent of the work. In both cases, customer agreed to the work moving forward. If customer feels that damages extended beyond what is "typical" for this type of work, they should continue to address with the contractor who performed the work.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)At the beginning of the job [redacted] did say there would be a "few holes in the wall", (the [redacted] person's exact words) that would need to be repaired. One wall had 24 holes in it and the other wall had 48 holes in it. That's more than a few holes. When I spoke to the Greenstamp, manager, he acknowledged that they should have been more clear about the amount holes/damage to my walls, but ultimately it was in CSG's hands now. [redacted] also told me this was a common problem with clients, that CSG does not clarify/explain to clients ahead of time the amount of repair work that will need to be done afterwards. The [redacted] manager laughed saying most of his time is spent with clients afterwards because of the damage that is left and the clients frustrations.I did sign a disclaimer saying I may have to do some sanding and painting (which I have done), but no where in the disclaimer did it say I would have as much damage as I did and that I would have to hire a plasterer to repair it.This whole process has been a nightmare and I have told everyone I can not to do this program, it is a complete scam and the amount of work/time/money that it will cost after the work is done, is not worth it. I have retained a lawyer and depending how the outcome is here, I will pursue this legally.Final Consumer Response I'm still waiting to hear back from CSG. They said they were notifying [redacted] of the situation and then would reply back to me and still no word from them.Final Business Response Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this situation and try to find a solution working with [redacted] We have continued to evaluate the claims and brought this up to [redacted] It appears that Mr. [redacted] was notified at various times about the potential impact of having wall insulation installed, and we do not feel that this situation is more than what is typically involved with this kind of work. If the customer continues to feel that the damages are beyond what is typical for this type of work, we encourage him to address it directly with the contractor who installed the insulation.Regards,[redacted]

This past June we partook in the MassSave Early Boiler Replacement program and were approved for a rebate of $1750 which we have not yet received.In June we enrolled in the MassSave early boiler replacement program, contracted the work, obtained the required paperwork, signatures, model #s etc. all to specifications dictated by Conservation Services Group. I have submitted the rebate form, the invoice for work, all make and model #s as well as photographs of the new system and it's been almost 2 months and they've sent the paperwork back twice saying they needed model # of new unit which was actually on the paperwork and in the photographs already. I've called several times and only get voicemail that says they will return the call and yet I've never received a call back. I've emailed 4 times and never gotten a response? I am awaiting a $1750 rebate which I owe to my oil company and yet I don't have it or anyone who will give me status. I'm beginning to wonder if they are even a real company?Desired SettlementI want my $1750 rebate which I was promised.Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted]Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXXContact Email: [redacted]@csgrp.comI am writing on behalf of Conservation Services Group in response to the complaint you recently filed with the We appreciate your business with us and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced in having your rebate processed.After researching your complaint, we took the liberty of reaching out directly to the Contractor who performed the work at your home in order to acquire the information needed to finalize your rebate request. With this information, we were able to issue your rebate and mail the completed rebate amount to you on September 12th, 2014.At CSG, we strive to address all customer questions and concerns in a timely manner and we sincerely regret any delay you may have experienced. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any additional questions or concerns in this matter.Kind Regards,[redacted]XXX-XXX-XXXX

CSG electrician broke my electric baseboard heat and both he and CSG are refusing to repair it or pay for the repair.CSG hired an electrician to install programmable thermostats in my home. I would've done it myself but they required an electrician of their own to do it. Immediately after the install I discovered my electric baseboard heat was not working in one of the rooms. I contacted the electrician and he said immediately it was not his fault and that he would not come back to my house unless ordered to do so by CSG. So I contacted CSG and they advised the electrician to check it out. The electrician showed up unexpectedly one day, dragged dirt all over the house, fiddled with the thermostat and the baseboard, said the baseboard needed to be re-wired, and then left. Afterwards I contacted CSG and asked why the electrician would not fix/re-wire the baseboard and they said its outside the scope of the program. They told me I would have to hire an electrician at my own expense to do this and if that electrician could somehow prove that the problem was due to the thermostat then they would refund the cost. I explained that the CSG electrician already had been here to fix his errors and so there would be no way to prove that. I also explained that the CSG electrician could easily fix it himself but is refusing to unless he gets paid, even though it was caused by him. They said there was nothing more they could do. I told both CSG and the electrician [redacted] that I would proceed with formal complaints unless they fixed the wiring problem but they still refused to fix the baseboard. As a result my home has been unusually cold and the other heaters have been running over-time to compensate which has led to higher electricity usage, both things which the thermostat installation was supposed to help with.Desired SettlementI am requesting that a new electrician come back to fix the wiring of the baseboard (I do not want [redacted] to come back after this experience) and I am also requesting compensation for the additional electricity usage and workload on the other baseboards. [redacted] should be enough to compensate for those problems.Business Response I am writing on behalf of Conservation Services Group in response to the complaint you recently filed with the We appreciate your business with us and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with your electric heat thermostats.Immediately upon hearing of this complaint, we had a licensed electrician investigate the claim. The electrician determined that there was no connection between the thermostat installation and issues you are having with their baseboard heaters. CSG has encouraged you to seek your own professional second opinion from a licensed electrician and if they can find concrete evidence that the issues with the baseboard are directly linked to the thermostat installation, then CSG will take full responsibility for any damage that was caused by our actions.At CSG, we strive to address all customer questions and concerns in a timely manner and we sincerely regret any delay you may have experienced. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any additional questions or concerns in this matter.Regards,[redacted]Consumer Response CSG is claiming they've done all they can by sending out an electrician to "investigate." However, the electrician they sent out to do this is the same electrician that did the original installation which caused these problems. It is therefore not surprising that this electrician would not find any errors in his own work.Furthermore, as a result of sending this electrician out a second time to correct their original error, I no longer have the option of hiring my own electrician to "investigate" as it is unlikely they would be able to determine the original cause after the CSG electrician has had an opportunity to fix his original error.In addition, the whole point of working with CSG was to avoid spending money on an electrician as I pointed out in my complaint that I was capable of installing the thermostats myself but was told by CSG that I would not be eligible for their program unless I allowed their licensed electrician to do the work.It has now been more than two months that we've gone without working baseboard heat in this room. The longer CSG puts us off the more damages they are causing and should be responsible for. If they are not willing to send out an electrician to repair the damages then I will accept additional compensation instead. Again, the whole purpose of doing thermostat installation was to conserve energy, but as a result of this problem my energy usage has been abnormally high and I expect CSG to compensate us for that as well.

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Description: Energy Conservation Products & Services

Address: 50 Washington Street, Suite 300, Westborough, Massachusetts, United States, 01581


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