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Coolidge Family Farm, LLC

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Dear, In an attempt to respond to this complaint in an organized manner, I will comment on each item individually.   I've owned this property for approximately two (2) years and have rented it to numerous families who have enjoyed their stay claiming that it is a ‘quintessential...

Maine cottage’ that steps you back in time with a classic vintage feel.  Currently I have two traveling nurses renting the house for three (3) months who has expressed how 'adorable' the house is and how much they are enjoying their stay.   Admittedly, there are some projects remaining to be completed such as installing new windows and siding to the exterior, but those items will come with time and as the budget allows.  My goal is to tackle one large project each spring (last spring it was the roof and appliances).  I only charge $1,000 for a three (3) day stay for eight (8) people making it extremely affordable at $125 pp.  Most venues charge upwards of $2-3,000 for their additional properties so I feel that my rate is very reasonable and fair.     Mrs. [redacted] did indeed rent our Gambrel style cottage next to our wedding venue on the dates stated, but at a reduced rate.  Normally my three (3) day contract is $1,000 Fri-Sun, but since the bride is a dear friend of mine, upon Mrs. [redacted] request to come earlier, I granted her request for an additional $200 commencing on Monday 11/28 (for four more nights). Complaint responses:1.  The door to the house is not too large.  The ceiling above the door was recently replaced (because it was stained from a previous roof leak prior to my acquisition) and the sheetrock that was installed is a tad too thick causing the door to rub on the ceiling.  Therefore, it is not ‘plaster’ that the door rubs on but paint that has peeled away.  This spring one of my to-do items is to have a contractor remove the door, shave the corner down, and repaint the ceiling; however, this issue has never been a concern for any prior guests. 2.  Lack of salt.  Due to the fact that their wedding was the first of December and we hadn't gotten any ice or snow yet, salt had not yet been purchased for the properties.  This was NOT brought to my attention until this complaint and would have been rectified during their stay if I had known the stairs were slippery. 3.  Broken (cold water) sink handle.  This was brought to my attention later in the week and my plumber was called immediately.   I conveyed that he was unavailable due to the last minute call late in the week, but I was told that it wasn't a huge deal and that they were using the shutoff under the sink.  My plumber made it to the property the following Monday and it was repaired.  4.   Lack of non-slip shower mat.  Their request for a non-slip shower mat was received on Wednesday and it was asked that it be delivered before her sister's arrival on Friday due to her handicap.  There were not 'several' requests for this and her text regarding this was answered promptly that it would be rectified.  On Thursday I made a special trip to [redacted] to purchase a mat and dropped it off that day which she thanked me for.   Note:  Mrs. [redacted] also requested to have ‘fresh towels’ daily, and despite this never being requested by prior guests, I also accommodated this and dropped off extra towels with the shower mat.   5.  Window with crack.  The window in the bathroom shower is covered with a non-see-thru shower curtain and yes there is a crack in it that the previous owner put a sticker on.  As stated above, the windows will be replaced and this crack (being hidden) has never been noticed by any previous guests or been a concern.  6.  Light in shower.  The issue of having a light fixture in the shower was mentioned to me upon their departure.  This is not an electrical hazard as it is several feet away from the shower head.  It is quite common in older homes to have a light overhead in the shower as I had the same in my previous home in Portland.   7.  Broken lamp.  I was unaware of the frayed lamp cord and this lamp has since been removed from the property. 8.  Dirty linens.  This is another issue that was not brought to my attention until the formal complaint.  I have cleaners that come in every Monday to clean the house and the linens.  The comforters on the beds are rotated every other visitor (unlike any hotel), and are checked for stains and discarded in the event of any.   9.  Cracked linoleum flooring.  One of the four bedrooms has a crack in the linoleum at the foot of the bed that I was aware of, however, this has never posed an issue before and is something that I will be fixed.  This was also not brought up until their departure and after their stay I placed a non-skid area rug over the area until it can be repaired.  10.  Lack of heat in the neighboring Barn.  This is not an accurate statement.  In the afternoon of the wedding (right before the ceremony), the propane tank did indeed run out of propane despite my having automatic delivery service (so I've never had to check the tank).  However, [redacted] was called immediately and a delivery driver arrived within 15 minutes after the ceremony, filled and primed the tank, and heat was supplied to the Barn for the rest of the night.  When I arrived in the early evening the Barn was warm and everyone was enjoying themselves.  Guests near the back of the barn even asked if the heat could be turned down.  [redacted] has since apologized for their mistake in allowing the tank to run empty.   Mrs. [redacted] only addressed some of these issues with me prior to her departure on Sunday.  As a professional business owner who works extremely hard at maintaining her properties, I apologized profusely for her dissatisfaction with her stay at the Gambrel.  I also offered to rectify the situation and asked if she'd like a return of some money and she said she'd let my 'conscious decide'.  After the weekend was over, I discussed her complaints with two (2) other wedding professionals who advised me not to return any money because (a) she had already received a discount, (b) some of her complaints were never brought to my attention until her departure, and (c) complaints that I was made aware of were addressed immediately.   So, needless to say, I was surprised when I received this complaint as I feel like I did everything in my power to fix the items she had issues with during her stay.  I'm a very passionate and devoted business owner and have never received such a complaint before and it still, to this day, upsets me that I have an unhappy customer, especially when I went above and beyond to satisfy her requests and fix problems that were brought to my attention.     This matter has also been addressed with her daughter-in-law (the bride), since she is a dear friend of mine, because I wanted her to know the magnitude of the complaint and make sure that our friendship would not be affected.  I also wanted to apologize to her for Mrs. [redacted] unhappiness.  The bride appreciated my openness and apology.  She relayed that she had the most fabulous wedding weekend and that this would not affect our friendship.     In closing, I again apologize to Mrs. [redacted] for her dislike of the Gambrel and unhappiness with her stay.   [redacted] CoolidgeCoolidge Family Farm    [redacted]Real Estate ParalegalDead River PropertiesA Division of [redacted] – Delivering on A Promise.[redacted]
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