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Corner to Corner Irrigation, Inc.

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Review: On August of 2013 corner to corner install a sprinkler system at my property . The sprinkler system is great , Mr [redacted] its one of the finest in the bussiness , but unfortunaly one of the electrical cable that feed my front lights were cut by there machinary. I been trying to solve this issue since November with no avail. [redacted] (owner) contact me wanted requesting full payment of the balance for $1000.00 witch I refused to pay.

I explain to [redacted] that went we survey the property he knew theres was an electrical line located in front of the house and also I personnally explain to his worker at the time of installation of mention electrical cable. [redacted] claims that his worker dont speak english only spanish and they couldnt understand my concern.

His employers represent the company and owner at the time of installation , also I dont understand and beleive thats and issue because I speak spanish, and I was able to comunicate with Juan personally and over the phone went I remind him about the mention electrical line.

We able to save the eletrical wyring locate in the backyard of my house obecause I explain to Juan and others my concern. But it seen that they neglect or didnt pay attention went they made the installation in front and these is your responsibility.

They told me February that you will dig out the electrical wyre so I can fix , but first I need to pay the full balance. I refused becaused thats what your secretary told me on November and nothing was done and I dont trust there promises.

Today 4/2/14 I learn that they will not turn on my sprikler system and if I deceided to get another company to turn on the system you will void my warranty. This actitud make me feel that I chosse the wrong company and also an irresponsible one that will not assume there wrong doing.Desired Settlement: To repair damage to my front lights



This is in response to Mr. [redacted]'s complaint, which will be decided by the small claims division of the NJ courts. We have a tentative date for sometime at the beginning of May. Mr. [redacted] is a fraud. There hasn't been a customer that I have this much of a problem with in the 20 plus years I have been in business. First and foremost, when our salesman Michael, sold the installation to [redacted], we offered him a no money down, no interest, 3 equal payment plan, in which he has yet to fullfill due to the issue he is claiming. He did not mail us his final payment for $1000.00 and now has since, disputed his 2nd payment of $900.00 with his credit card company that has reversed the payment and now owes us $1,900 plus the return payment fee that we were charged. After the job was sold, I myself [redacted], the owner of Corner to Corner Irrigation, met with [redacted] to walk the property before the installation commenced. His property was under construction with a different landscape company. As we walked the property, I had asked him if there were any wires, cables, gas lines, or anything else for that matter that he needs to make me aware of so we didn't break anything as he is accusing us of doing in the front. He spoke of the electrical lines in the rear as well as the gas line in the rear along the patio. [redacted], NEVER mentioned anything about an electrical line in the front. He reluctantly forgot to tell me about it, has admitted that to me personally on the phone and expected us to pay for its repair. I suggested that he look at the contract he signed and how it says that anything we are not told of is not our responsibility as digging underground brings a bit of uncertainty if we are not told. He "claims" he told my guys, however, he did not, and they will attend the court with me to testify. A month or two after the install, [redacted] calls my office and says we broke a line in the front and I tell him you didn't tell me about any lines in the front and he admitted that he had forgotten, but then "claims" to have told my guys. If he had told my guys, they wouldn't have broken anything. This isn't our first rodeo, we have been in business for 20 years and most of my men have been with me for 6 years or more. The bottom line is that [redacted] wants to blame us for an oversight on his part. This is the exact reason why I do ALL the walk through's on all of our installations. To be sure we aren't held responsible for something a homeowner negates to tell us. It happens all the time, which is why we have the terms in the fine print of our contract. It shows less of this individual, that not only did he decide not to pay his final payment, but to then go and dispute his second payment after we allowed him the courtesy to pay over 3 months with no interest, shows his true intentions. The broken line doesn't constitute anywhere near $1,900. He is just trying to get out of paying for anything at this time. Something a court of law will decide. I did offer to dig the trench for his line repair, but not repair of the line, only if he would have sent the final payment and gotten his account current, bu he declined. he refused to pay unless we repaired it. Again, something that was due to his oversight. With my men in court, as well as myself, I am confident that he will not only be responsible for the balance he owes us, which is now $1,900, but we will have no responsibility in repairing anything he didn't make us privy to. Learned the lesson the hard way on this one and now my other potential customers will suffer and we will not be able to extend anyone terms moving forward as dead beats like this ruin it for the good ones. A program that we have been using for the last 3 years with no issues that's spoiled by one bad apple.

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Description: Lawn & Garden Sprinkler Systems, Landscape Lighting, Landscape Contractors

Address: 263 S River St, Hackensack, New Jersey, United States, 07601


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