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Corvette City Autobody

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Body work shoddy. After a year of being there for warranty work shop refuses to release vehicle without paying more to fix their poor work.On [redacted] my 1991 [redacted] was involved in an accident. Corvette City was approached to complete repairs caused by accident and repair/repaint entire body. Cost was agreed upon up front to cover labor and materials for work done beyond the scope of the accident. I was told they would stand behind their work. The work was not completed until [redacted] more than four months after received.I was initially satisfied with the body work and was assured that any quality issues would be taken care of. The final invoice, paid in full, plainly stated "SATISFACTION GUARANTEED." I found several defects with the car including a bad battery due to not keeping a charge in it, weather stripping was damaged due to improperly removing it, scratches on the glass, over spray on my rims, and hide away headlight trim panel scrubbed off paint due to it being out of adjustment. The vehicle was put in storage until the spring of 2013.In spring of 2013, the car was taken out of storage and washed for the first time. The paint started to bubble on the hood both at the top drivers side where repairs were made. Additionally, the first time I removed the top the outer trim flexed and the paint flaked off due to not being removed prior to painting the top. Shortly there after, the vehicle was brought in to show defects in the paint work. I was told that there was an issue with the paint that used and they were going to talk to their distributor about the defective product. They also acknowledged the paint was dull. I was not told I would incur any costs nor was I asked for a written authorization for any additional paid work. I was assured that they would take care of the defects in the finished product and return my vehicle. I arranged several different times to drop off the vehicle over the course of the coming months. Each time I came to drop off the vehicle on the arranged date, I was told that they weren't able to clear room for it. This delayed dropping the vehicle off until the early fall of 2013. Again, I was not told I would incur any costs nor was I asked for a written authorization for any additional paid work.After following up more than once, a couple months had gone by and some body work had been done to correct quality issues. I was told that that they wanted to allow the car to sit and ensure then were no other spots that were going bubble up in the future. I agreed providing the work was completed first thing in the spring. Once again, even after already starting the repairs to the car, I was not asked for authorization for additional work. I was told that that their paint supplier came out to look at the car and told them that they did not complete the preparation correctly prior to painting the vehicle.I checked in several times over the course of the spring and summer and no progress was made. I did find on two separate occasions that the car was stored under another car on a lift and there was transmission fluid dripping on to the hood of the car. On [redacted] after further stripping the car down in several places and roughing the entire car, I was told that I would have to pay more money to have the car fixed that I already paid for. It was at this time that they now claimed that there are defects in the original paint underneath the new paint. Per their invoice, it was the shops responsibility to notice and correct any defects in the surface of my vehicle. I was not the one that decided how to do repair work. I trusted the experts would do what was right in the first place. I have a very reasonable expectation of the work that I paid for and they have clearly fallen short. The following violations have been made: 940 CMR 5.05 (8): Right to have shoddy repair work repaired at no charge, 940 CMR 5.05 (7): Right to an agreed upon price within $10 and 940 CMR 5.05(6): Right to same day repairs. The work is now 95% complete the they refuse to release it to me without paying their ransom.Desired SettlementRelease my vehicle to me repaired per the original invoice paid in full. I should not have to pay to have them fix their own work.Business Response Answer to complaint ID # [redacted] & Corvette CityIn [redacted] of 2012 Mr [redacted] approached our shop about an auto accident he was involved in, the original invoice(enclosed) was to repair the front bumper only to Mr [redacted] car. We spoke about the procedures and the steps that we have to take In order to repair the damage correctly, I explain the supplement process which we could have the bumper replace instead of repaired. Mr [redacted]expressed he wanted to drive the car the rest of summer. Never once in our conversation did he mention the entire car to be painted until he came to drop the car of for work to done according to the original accident. We arranged to have have him drop off the car the 8 of [redacted] 2012. Upon Mr [redacted] dropping the car off we called in the Supplement to be done,the appraiser came to our shop on [redacted] he allowed us to replace the bumper instead of repairing it. We notified Mr [redacted] of the change in the estimate. Mr [redacted] came down the next day to discuss what was gonna happen to his vehicle. Upon Mr [redacted] arriving to the shop we discussed again the process of repairing his car,that's when Mr [redacted] stated wanted the car to be a different color, and wanted racing strips painted on the car.Explained the professional opinion of a color change to a car to Mr [redacted], 1' we would have to strip entire cars hood, due to bubbling at the top part of at the cowl located under windshield. witch would have cost him roughly around a [redacted] Mr [redacted] stated he did not have the money to do the car that way cause he was gonna to be selling the car after a year. he asked us if there was another solution because the prior paint job . We explain we did not know .what was causing the bubbling to his hood,so we explain the process we would take to try and correct what was happening prior to us receiving the car and the cost to have the color change done. Upon agreement of cost and the procedure we started the work on Mr. [redacted] ear. Car was completed in [redacted] of 2012 and Mr [redacted] came into pick up his car and was very happy with the outcome of the job, paid the invoice in full and left with the vehicle.* He states in his claim he was initially satisfied but after a full inspection at home after taking and paying for vehicle, he states in his claim he found several defects, he first states the battery was bad, due to not charging ,when we received the car in he was joking about having to keep jumping the battery, he stated he had put a new radio in himself and something must be drawing on it, stated he would be buying anew battery upon completion, and asked if we minded jumping the battery for now if we had to more the car, we replied no it was okay.2nd Back glass was never removed prior to painting ( Mr [redacted] had installed weatherstripping prior to dropping the car off.)3rd States glass was scratched (glass in car never removed)4th Paint on rim and dash lens( Rims are covered at painting time with special is taped and sealed with paper cant even enter car after being prep for paint). In 60 years in business never have had heard of paint on the dash lens only and on nothing else in cars interiors) Mr [redacted] also prior to dropping car off installed new leather seating, as he stated paint only got on the inside lens of car.5th Headlights were never taken out headlight covers are stationary The Mr [redacted] states he noticed bubbling, the bubbling was in different area then the one repair that was discussed. As far as the outer trim Mr [redacted] purchased himself in and tried to install when he brought the car back the box is in the car.Mr [redacted] brought the car back to us to discuss more bubbling appearing. Never once was the issue a dull paint job. We agreed to see if the new bubbling was our product, so the paint rep came to the shop and assured us it was nothing on us ,it was due to the past ten paint jobs .So we called Mr [redacted] he came to shop and we discussed we would strip the hood and try and resolve the issue. At that point Mr [redacted] asked if we could darken the racing strips on the car. I told him the would be a cost for the materials and labor which he agreed upon due to wanting the racing strips darker. We arranged several drop off dates during the summer in which Mr [redacted] never complied with" then in the fall of 2013 he came and dropped the car off agreed upon material cost for darker strips.In [redacted] 2014 after several attempts to reach Mr [redacted] sent him a letter concerning his car and the monies owed. Never heard back until receiving a letter from the and we still have the car,ANY QUESTION PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL ME Thank youConsumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)The only thing I can do is laugh at this response because after two plus years of nonsense this response truly upsets me. If you want to deal with a business that will hold your car hostage because they messed up and fabricate a story to escape their responsibility I suggest hiring Corvette City...The fact is they never told me the hood should be totally stripped. They were the ones that decided how the job needed to be done. I don't do auto body work. That is why I hired them...Before I allowed them to start the work I was given a price to do the entire job right. There was no conversation about cutting corners. I never asked them to do that. If I didn't want to spend any money I would have just let the insurance company pay to fix the accident damage rather then spending [redacted] to have the entire car redone. I originally had no intention of selling the car. After this whole experience, I will probably sell it so I don't have to relive what they put me through assuming I ever see it again. If the car has been painted 10 times according to them then why would a professional just paint over it rather than doing the prep correctly? The truth is that I paid for a "Complete Paint and Repair." That is what the invoice states. That is what we all know happened.The car was brought back to Corvette City to have only warranty work done. A year later I owe them storage fees because I refuse you pay ransom to get my vehicle back? The fact is that I have been in touch with them. Over and over I have popped in their shop and called to receive only excuses. I have never received a letter from them about storage fees with a bill for work. It took them two months to respond to this complaint. I filed a complaint with the Attorney General as well to try to mediate the situation which has been fruitless to this point. In [redacted] they received a demand letter from me in which they were given the opportunity to resolve this before I had no choice but to file in small claims court. Now it will be [redacted] 2015, three years after their shoddy work, before this matter is resolved in court.Final Business Response I really don't know where to go from here to countiue defending our company that has been in business for 60 year plus and have never have had a complaint As stated in our first response [redacted] was giving the steps in involved in a complete paint job. [redacted] stated he didn't the money to to strip and paint the entire car, [redacted] was given other options in which he agreed upon. The car was done according to what [redacted] agreed upon. He was explained the process that was going to take place, upon picking the car up was very happy and paid his bill. Never heard from again until a year later we don't know what he did to the car, where it was keep,so when he came back we agreed to fixed a different area of car to his disliking, he also stated he would like us to paint the stripes darker we agreed there would be a material cost only and we would handle the labor. When car was completed he would not return any phone calls so we sent customer a letter and that's when we stared receiving letters from the and another agency. We at corvette city have tried every way possible to resolve this complaint including storing his car for the winter. He states he will probably selling the car because of this, which the reason he stated to us he was painting the car was because he owed the [redacted] money. Never once was our work questioned when we saved him [redacted] and he drove the car away any made final payment. So please let me know how we can get to the bottom of this false complaint.thank you for your time with this matter. [redacted]

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Description: Auto Body Repair & Painting

Address: 330 Southbridge St, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States, 01608-2138


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