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Cosner's Heating and Air Conditioning

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Cosners Heating and Air Conditioning installed a heat pump
system for this customer in 4/2015, as soon as the installed was finished and
we on our way back to office this customer began accusing us of selling him a
different unit than we had promised and that we did not leave warranty

and that it was all wrong and this was within hours of finishing the
job and this is where the all the accusations began. We had left all paperwork
for the system with the customer that came with the system. We had even began
registration for the system which we do as a courtesy for our customers all in
the same day as installation. After several heated conversations and a sending
out paperwork to prove that we had done everything correct the customer finally
agreed we had done as we were supposed to. Later on in the fall I had
communication with the customer complaining of the unit not working quite
right, so we went out to see what we could find. On initial trips we really did
not find anything wrong with the system, but the calls and emails kept coming
saying the unit was still not right so we made more service calls on this
system and still had no luck really finding anything and while we were on the
calls we had been in contact with the manufacturer and our local distributors
service technician trying to find something wrong but really was having no
luck. While we were working on system was also when the customer said the unit
began to make loud "shotgun bang" type of sound at the outdoor unit
so we were also trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. We had
asked customer to pay attention the when the unit made sound and to pay
attention to temperature outside if possible to help us try to figure out
problem. The information from the customer was that it made the noise at all
different temperatures, he had even said he heard it make the sound in cooling
mode once.(which is stated in customers emails) We made at least 10+ trips out
and spent quite a few hours at customers home running system in every situation
we could think of to try to reproduce the "shotgun" bang sound(which
is the customers original description of the sound). After many tries never
could reproduce the sound customer was hearing so we had our distributor send
out their service technician to see what he could find. Technician came out and
after many tests never could produce the sound customer was hearing but we did
find that one of the service valves seemed to have an issue and was not letting
refrigerant through correctly, so we replaced the valve (which is the repair
customer is referring to in 4/16) and returned system operation. and did not
hear back from that customer till this November when I received email saying
the sound had returned except this time saying it sounded like a moose.
Customer informed me he had read about units making the moose call sound and
was sure that was the sound his unit was making which was totally different
from previous descriptions that said it sounded like a shotgun. Once received
this information on the issue I contacted my distributors service technician
again to come out and look at when I talked to him he was very behind and was
trying to catch up on his work and told me he would be in contact as soon as
possible. It took him a few weeks to get back in touch and by this time I
started receiving emails from customer accusing us of everything he could think
of. I finally got a date of Dec 28th for him to come out by this time customer
was sending emails still accusing us of trying to get out of the repair, after
I told him about the tech coming on the 28th even accused me of misleading him
saying he called the manufacturer and there was no one coming and that this was
all an attempt to deceive the customer and that he needed the name of my tech
that was supposed to be coming out and wanted his contact info, which I
declined to pass out because the distributor service tech is for the contractor
to use only and is in no way customer service. The customer had contacted the
manufacturer about this appointment which was not the people he should have
contacted because the service tech is an employee of the local distributor. At
this point after emails of accusations and name calling I informed customer
that we would rather he get someone else to repair. After some thought I
decided to go ahead with our 28th date to check out system with service tech
just to bring this to an end. On the 28th I sent the service tech with my
assistant to run tests on system to try to find out the problem but after
several hours with the system no noise and system was working correctly. Tech
at that point began series of calls to manufacturer to try to come up with a
solution. The distributor tech was not aware of the "moose call"
issue and several of the techs at the manufacturer were not aware of it either.
Finally one of the tech had heard of it and said they have had several cases of
the "moose call" but was in colder locations not in our area at which
point they recommend trying to change out the reversing valve which may fix
system. We have provided customer with repair part and suggested to have
someone else do the repair. We have made numerous attempts to fix this system
but have never heard the noise the customer has complained about despite our
best efforts. With the unit never making the sounds referred to by customer has
made repairing impossible to figure out a 100% guarantee fix. At no point have
we ever told customer that system needed to "break in" the only
reference to this was said by the customer in an email that he sent. At one
point we did add some refrigerant additive to try help refrigerant flow and we
told him would take a couple days to see if the additive would make any
difference. We have been at this customers home many hours and made many trips
to try to resolve the sound that we have never heard and despite our efforts
the customer keeps accusing us of everything they can think of. The system has
never had a failure has worked from the time we put in till now with only issue
being that the customer says it makes loud noises at night which started out as
"shotgun" like sounds, to sounding like a "moose call"
which neither we have heard and we have never billed customer or been
compensated by manufacturer for any of our time. Attached will be the emails
the customer is referring to.
I have reviewed the offer and/or response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[Provide details of why you are not satisfied with this resolution.]
re: case ID [redacted], I reject Cosner's “offer.” The issue has NOT been resolved. Cosner did not provide the reversing valve (as he claimed in his response). This is from his last email to me: “[redacted] recommends trying reversing valve which can be picked up at [redacted] on [redacted].  Ask for [redacted], as for repair you will have to find someone to do...  Here is your solution do with as you would like.” So he admits that the manufacturer suggested changing the reversing valve (which has never been done) and says I will have to pick it up and find someone else to install it. Also, when I called [redacted], he said he could not tell me if I would have to pay for it or if [redacted] would. So he gave me the tech's email who has been working on it. I emailed him to find how all this would work but have not heard back. It is unfortunate that the manufacturer has not so far provided Cosner with the parts/labor to do their suggested repair – seems to me they should since the unit has been defective since it was installed. But as I understand it (which was confirmed in my phone conversation with the manufacturer) the installer (Cosner) is responsible for workingwith the distributor and the manufacturer to identify the source of the problem so that the manufacturer can make appropriate parts available to the installer. One reason this has taken so long is that when the distributor came out on 12/28/16 he informed me that Cosner had never told him I was complaining of a noise. Had he actually done so, the manufacturer could have recommended replacing the reversing valve a year ago instead of making that recommendation after the tech's visit on 12/28. Cosner says that during the tech's visit on the 28th, they found nothing wrong. This is not true. The tech noticed that the flow was at only 50% of what it should be and explained that this could explain why the reversing valve was sticking which wouldcause the noise. He then adjusted the flow and assured me that if that didn't work, then the reversing valve might need to be replaced and that even if that didn't do it, “they” would make sure that one way or another I wouldn't have to deal with the noise any more. But as of this writing, that's not happening.As for the rest of Cosner's response, it is full of wrong statements. I can only hope you ask him for the proof of things he says which conflict with what I have told you and provided emails to prove. But even if the bulk of his accusations were true (they aren't), the bottom line is that on 2 separate occasions he promised me that if the noise continued he would replace the unit. Not only has he not replaced the unit, but he hasn't even replaced the reversing valve. (He did replace another valve which while looking for the source of the noise was found to be defective – and had also removed excess frost from the unit which should not have been there - and refilled the coolant because that level was found to be lower than it should be – all evidence that this unit was simply a lemon that should have been replaced and not the working just fine unit he seems to suggest it was). He suggests in his response that he will not take any responsibility for this because he is sick. But this is from his email to me on 12/20 where he says his reason for not doing his job is that I have been constantly accusing him of things, not because he is sick:Mac C[redacted]

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