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Review: What the company promises at their hyped-up sales presentation is not what the company was willing or able to deliver.

On Nov. 26, 2013 My Wife and I were Invited to attend a seminar with Cost U less Travel aka MSG Travel. Prior to that date, Cost U less Travel had called us on several occasions to convince us to attend their seminar on less expensive travel. They said if we attend (just by attending) we would receive a free Tablet ($200 value) and a free airline ticket. On our first schedule date (their schedule date) we did not attend, we ignored it because we said, that it is too good to be true and nothing is free. After 2 weeks Cost U Less travel called again wanting to know why we didn't attend and trying once more to convince us to attend to claim the free $200 Tablet & airline ticket that they promised. We challenged those freebees that they are giving away by asking questions like: Why are you giving those tablets and airline tickets for free even we don't become a member they believe after attending their seminar we would tell friends and family about their company. So, in their 2nd call they booked us again and we attended the seminar. It was held in [redacted] XXXX[redacted] Federal Way, WA XXXXX. we were also told that it is important to bring a credit card to attend for identification (smells). The meeting started at 6:00 PM. Each attendee was assigned a Sales Rep. (our sales rep was [redacted]), for delivering the sales pitch & A&Q. Now it's time to get the commitment from the potential customer. In order to "sweeten the deal" our sales rep said that he would include a free trip to any of their domestic destination resorts. We stated that we would like to go to Maui for the 8 days/7 nights pkg. to include a 2 bedroom condo that had disabled access, as my wife is disabled. 12/10/XX- XX:XX PM My wife called customer service here in Seattle, spoke with a lady named [redacted] informs my wife that we needed to wait for at least 4 to 6 months before we could book a trip to Maui. We were told at the sales presentation that we out about 60 days, meaning that we could book anytime late January 2014. The phone conversation ended with [redacted] telling my wife that she would get back to her the next day. That was the last we ever heard from [redacted]. I made an effort to contact [redacted] on the phone, never receive a return phone call but did receive an email from [redacted] listing four 1-bedroom condos that might be available during the next 4 months. I mailed [redacted] back stating that we might be able to make a 1-bedroom work but that we were promised a 2-bedroom. I contacted a company rep in South Carolina regarding our needs and promises given. She said that there were simply no 2-bedroom condos on the island of Maui available that they had contractual arrangements with. I was shocked when she mentioned this because our sales person stated that that have arrangements with a multitude of complexes on the island and that finding one that fitted our needs would not be an issue. We made numerous attempts to contact someone in North Carolina to speak to us regarding the promises made. Only one phone call was ever returned and that was after about 10 days. We attempted to contact the company by mail, no response. Only after our attorney contacted them did we get a response and that was 0n April 7th, 2014 - More than 4 months after we first attended their meeting. A phone call from [redacted] was attempting to reconcile the issue that we were very dissatisfied with their company service and wanted our money returned in full. On the phone, [redacted] did offer us an acceptable resolution, but when it came to following it up in writing, he was not able to do so. In the end, there was no tablet, no airline ticket, no promised trip to Maui. These folks have a difficult time even returning phone calls. To my wife and myself we feel that this company is operating some sort of a fraud, a scam of some nature. We have absolutely no trust of confidence in this company based on their past behavior, we have no desire to continue to do business withDesired Settlement: We want a full refund of our $ 5,900.00. "Right to Cancel" We fully appreciate that clause in the contract: how is it that someone would choose to cancel a contract within 3 days without knowing that Cost U Less Travel Aka MSG Travel is a non-service company. It was not our intent to cancel an agreement that we just recently signed. We were in fact, eager to continue with the agreement Cost U Less Travel aka MSG Travel is in material breach of their agreement with us. As they have not provided to us the services promised, we believe that we are entitled to a full refund immediately. What we did receive besides a run-a-round; we filled out a form for discounted air from an entirely different company than MSG Travel, and along with $5.00 U.S.mailed in form/voucher. In return we received an "Airfare Offer Registration Activation Form." So now, I have this form, along with an additional $50.00 U.S. I am able to apply for a discounted air fare ticket. "IF" I am able to meet all the restrictions printed out on the form-Basically Worthless, duped again. We have never received the mysterious electronic

pad that we were again promised (kinda like the Maui trip) Worthless Promises. As of this date, my non-participitation with MSG Travel has cost the company NOTHING. However dealing with this worthless company has not only taken cash out of my pocket, it has cost me valuable time out of my life. We demand that MSG Travel/Cost U Less Travel return to us the full amount of $5,900. U.S.

Review: The presentation lied to us and said Member Services Group, a.k.a. Cost U Less Travel was A+ rated with the They are NOT rated at all.

On Sept. 12, 2013, We signed up with Member Services Group a.k.a. Cost U Less Travel to purchase a life time membership into their travel/vacation package. If we turned over the ownership of a timeshare membership that we own then they would reduce the cost to $3,500.00 down from $9,999.00 They passed out a sheet showing and telling us they were rated A+ with the They are NOT rated with the at all. They committed fraud by lying to us and deceiving us of their credibility. Our owner/membership number with them is XXXXX. We had to pay a fee of $199 document preparation and the first years annual dues of $199 for a total of $3,898.00 which we put on our credit card. Cost U Less Travel they said were out of Myrtle Beach SC but the paperwork shows Member Services Group is [redacted] SC 29566. I believe Member Services Group is the holding company for Cost U Less Travel.Desired Settlement: At the least I would like to have this transaction become null and voided; our membership cancelled with NO further obligation to them financially and if possible the $3,898.00 refunded or any part of it refunded.

Review: We were contacted to attend a vacation seminar with Cost U Less Travel. We attended the 2 hour talk April 2014 and was guaranteed a airline voucher for anywhere in the United States even if we didn't buy any packages. We were given the voucher & May 2014 we submitted to wanted to fly to Phoenix October 21st. We received an email 5-7 14 from the [redacted] stating that the time & date met the guidelines. We went ahead & scheduled time off work & reserved a hotel. On 8-8-14, we received an email from the [redacted] stating that when processing our final details that the airfare had not been funded by Cost U less Travel and & it was cancelled. I have tried calling and emailing Cost U Less travel,the email returns undeliverable. [redacted] said they aren't affliated with the sponsor Cost U Less Travel. This is totally false advertising and they didn't deliver on a guarantee for 2 airline tickets.Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

We want 2 paid airline tickets anywhere in the United States as promised.

Review: An addendum to the contract listed a [redacted] for $1,449.00 per person. They will not honor this addendum or void the contract.

purchase date 8/31/13 member#XXXXX

My husband and I signed up with Cost U Less Travel for $3,800.00. An addendum on the contract was for a [redacted] 15 day cruise for $1,449.00 per person. When we went to book the cruise 2 days later we were told they would not honor that price. [redacted] told us to take it up with the sales office in Seattle where we signed the contract. We dealt with[redacted] and [redacted]. We were told the price on the contract was "a mistake". We were offered the cruise at a much higher price ($7,448.00). We asked for the contract to be cancelled and our $3800.00 refunded. They refused, ducked our calls, were rude, sarcastic, and we were finally lied to by [redacted] who told me on 9/24/13 that my $3800.00 would be refunded in 7-10 days. When the refund was not forthcoming, I called [redacted], who did not return my calls. So I approached my credit card company to dispute the charge. The letter faxed to my credit card company by [redacted] 11/28/13 is full of inaccurate statements: nothing has been worked out, no agreement has ever been reached. We have never been offered or refused any [redacted] for $1,449.00. There was no mention of a specific category of cabin on the addendum.

If Cost U Less Travel cannot or will not honor the contract I want it cancelled and a full refund. Desired Settlement: A voided contract and a full refund of $3800.00

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