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I have spoken with twc multiple times to have my internet fixed They have come Out and changed the cable to my hkuse and this has not worked I have had multiple service calls and these have not workes Most recently they sent me a new modem This modem does not work I was schedules to hVe a supervisor come To my house tonight to fox the problem I received an email confirming the appointment and I also called them and confirmed They never showed up When I called them , I was told someone called me but I have no record of a phone call nor a voicemail and tec cannot find a record of why the appointment was chnaged I receive a long list of sorrys but no help In the meantime I am charged for the service I dont receive This company does an awful job with customer service and delivering a product that people pay for They are unreliable and impersonal My children cannot do their homework and my wife and I cannot do our work as required by our employers The phone number to my account is XXX XXX-XXXX Everytine I call twc they review my record and admit what bad service they have provided

My husband and I have been customers of TWC for many years ( [redacted] ) but because of recent events, we have had to question whether our loyalty to the company is appreciatedWe are both in the IT industry (I work at [redacted] ) and often need the ability to work from our home We recently purchased a new home in [redacted] NCWe attempted to transfer our service to the new location, which is new constructionWhen my husband called the transfer we were told the address was not in your system, so there needed to be a survey completedMy husband was given an order number and we waited We received an email advising our order had been canceled, so my husband called backThey told him there was no drop by the house so there was no serviceI contacted the HOA and asked them if they had any suggestions on internet service at our addressThe president of the HOA advised that we should use TWC as they had it run throughout the subdivision previouslyI called the service availability department back and asked them what we needed to do in order to get service since all of our neighbors already had it (even our next door neighbor has access to it)When I called back I was told the cost as $before I was transferred to someone elseThe new rep on the phone advised we needed to have another survey done and they first rep should not have quoted that amountWe put in another order for them to survey for the total and she stated it would take 3-business days Last Friday (12/2/2016) the guy came out to surveyWhen he was done, he stated the distance from the box was 247' and the maximum was 250' so there should be no issue for them to drop the cableThen, on Saturday 12/3, we receive an email again stating our order was canceled and we needed to call to make payment arrangementsI called the same day but the office was closed, so I called Monday morningThe rep on the phone advised we needed to pay $to have 260' feet of cable run along with purchasing a power boxI was confused at that pointHow could the guy tell us the complete opposite and then we get this? Additionally, how can you guys really charge us 5k when there is already service in the neighborhood AND you are going to continue to make money off us for as long as we live in that houseI requested to speak to a supervisor and was told none were available, but I would receive a call within 24-hoursToday is hours and no callWhen called back to find out why no one had called, the rep advised all supervisors were in a meeting but she would have her supervisor call when he got into work at noonHorrible service!!! We have gotten the run around from this company over and overThey want us to pay $5,for equipment that we will not own; how is that right? They have been providing inconsistent information throughout this ridiculous process DO NOT USE TWC!!!!

TWC has known for years a problem with their email servers, called a latency problemThey have promised for years we are working on it but still years later, no solution They offer no "automatic" credit for down time, since their computers alert engineers of system problemsYou call and the customer reps try to put the issue back on the consumerI know the latency issue does exist because an engineer told me directly when I called to complain about the issues with a service tech present in my homeThen the month of September they raise my bill without reason

requested service 1st installer wanted to ground cable to side of power meter box told him no that it would be a improper ground and didn't follow proper grounding and bonding codesaid he had to install that way I told him no he left I asked that a supervisor come out made apt for supervisor instead 2nd installer came out still did not want to do proper install and leftboth times I told sales what need to be done for install both times installer had no ideal about what needed to be doneI have years exp installing communication cable I am also a Bicsi trained technicianIf I tried to install communication cable like TWC I would lose my job worst company I have tried to conduct business at the age of

Time Warner does not keep their install appointments as advertisedWhen they are unable to keep an appointment they place the paid customer behind those with appointments after them, delaying the install for several daysadvertisement is a regular practice of this companyI suggest that you not do business with this company unless you have no other choice!

TWC sold me services that known to be flawedThey sold me bundled services (phone, internet, and TV)All three services work in a diminished capacityMy TV is pixelating, my phone conversations are broken up, and my internet speed is not what I'm paying for (getting 17mbs vs 300mbs)They can not get a technician out to fix my issue for daysI was told I was not a priority

Time Warner Cable is extremely difficult to do business with and overcharges customers for services they never purchased TWC makes a lot of money overcharging people for cable boxes Beware in doing business with TWC They have a lot of hidden charges and make it very hard to dispute any overcharges I spent minutes on the phone with TWC working to resolve a charge on my account that I didn't agree to the service for When I thought everything was resolved and my balance was 0, I received a bill for the previously contest charge AND an $charge

For the second time they have sent out incompetent people to perform work on their services They have cut lines on [email protected] phone lines and on Direct TV lines Disrupting services until it can be restored by the affected company Time Warner is over stating their quality of services and work This complaint will be echoed to the [redacted] and also the [redacted]

This is absolutely the worst company's customer service I have ever had to "endure"The customer service representatives are the worst I have ever encountered On March 16, 2015, we requested a new cable box and wi fi modem be fed-exed to our home address We have had to make more calls from March 16, through March 29, 2015, to find out why the box was not sent to us They kept telling us the "order has been placed and closed" We have never received the box and modem, and we were then charged for the fee on our billing statement! They took our money, but gave no service They could not locate the fed ex tracking numbers to even be able to track the box In other words, in my opinion, the box was never sent When my husband and I wanted to speak to a "manager", we were told no managers are available to speak with us Then we asked that one call us, and we never received a call We have to go to their site on Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh to get our own boxWe have advised them that we will do that We then have to get them to straighten out our bill for services we never received Maybe the Attorney General's office would like a copy of this report We will be looking into other alternatives for TV cable, and internet in the near future

Yesterday a Time Warner contractor came onto our property to run a cable for one of our neighbors My wife was home but never did the contractor check with my wife to see if it was ok to access our property My wife went out to confront contractor to ask why he was on our property? I realize the Time Warner has terrible Customer Service I should know I am a Time Warner Customer Common courtesy is not something that is in their vocabulary? One would think that you would be more cautious when trespassing on peoples property?

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