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I understand your frustration on getting your truck to stop leaking Now again we can go back and forth about what happened, or we can work on getting your issue resolved We are not in business for bad business, so I wanted to insure you that it is in our best interest that you are completely happy and satisfied Now for that I would need the truck back here to diagnose the issue and set forth what needs to be done Like you said before, its a pretty simple job when it came to the sensor swap We work on many cars a day and rarely do we have a issue as you stated As for your comments on the alignment issues, sir we have the newest alignment machine by Hunter Alignment Systems, and a technician that has completed the course So your comments are about not having the right equipment/techs to compete the job We actually have an account that brings us many lifted trucks to align a week And again we have rarely have issues on that side So this leads to the fact that your truck sir is actually not a brand new truck and has a lot of miles on it, therefore you cannot expect everything to run smooth Bolts are harder to take off, gaskets are more sensitive Now we cannot be responsible for the condition on your truck, and not required to refund any money I could again offer you to come by and check the problem and agree on a amiable resolution The work has been completed more than once, and we have yet to have the truck leak here in our garageThank you, [redacted] *** I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my dispute Please enter your reason(s) for rejecting the business response below[redacted] ***,The only reason that I had your shop attempt to fix the oil leak is because you were already doing the lift on my truck and had the cross member off and it would be easy for you guys to access I will admit I am a hack shade tree mechanic but I have accomplished a lot I have rebuilt a few engines including a out of a dodge charger, small block Chevy 350's, AMC and 360, and a few foreign engines Most recently I did some work on an jeep that I had that had an AMC Vconversion in it I swapped the with a It had an exhaust leak in one of the cylinders so I had to get one of the heads machined, corrected the positioning of the engine mounts, installed HEI distributor, barrel intake and carburetor, headers and duel exhaust, tuned and timed it, and fixed all of the oil leaks including front and rear main seals, oil pan, timing cover, and valve covers On a model Chevy truck I am extremely confident that I can fix anything Fixing this oil leak was on my list of to do's and again I only asked your shop to try to perform it because your shop had the cross members off and it was easy to access My biggest complaints with your shop is the amount of time that my truck sat in a parking lot not being touched and your shops inability to find and fix an oil leak The last time my truck was at your shop it was there for about three weeks and your mechanics did not touch it until the last two days it was at your shop I fully understand the nature of working on an older vehicle and I fully understood and was prepared for your mechanics to come back to me and tell me that the oil leak was going to cost a lot more than what I thought it would cost I had no issues spending more money to fix the oil leak I just wanted it fixed At the end of the day I paid your shop to fix an oil leak, regardless of the age of my truck your shop accepted the job, took almost four weeks to complete the job in all after continually having to come back, and it is still leaking oil I appreciate your offer to bring my truck in 'one more time' but that is too little too late and [redacted] should have escalated this to you after my second visit of bringing the truck back as I was already not happy As I mentioned in a previous response I have no interest in ever doing business with your shop again I want my money back for a job that was not completed satisfactorily or in a timely manner after trips to your shop and about weeks of total shop time to fix everybody elses car seemed more important than mine and thats why it sat there so long [redacted] kept telling me they were busy on other cars at this point I will either get another shop to fix it or I will fix it myself I think I'm being very reasonable in my request I could add in my request for a new fan setup as your mechanics used a pipe wrench to get the fan nut off and now you cannot even use a wrench to take it off Your shop should have the proper tools on hand and knowledge to prevent such damage Picture included...Additionally, I would like to add that your shop could have made a lot more money off of me in labor costs I specifically told [redacted] that I had just purchased the truck and requested to let me know if anything else that might be wrong under the hood It would have taken your shop just a few additional minutes to replace the water pump and hoses which it now needs as it is overheating and the water pump looks like the culprit Due to the mileage and age of the truck you would think that your shop would automatically recommend a water pump replacement, especially due to the low cost of a water pump for a Chevy After taking in my truck to four wheel parts they advised me that I need new ball joints and control arm bushings, all of which your shop could have and should have replaced when they performed the lift kit install The water pump and these bushings would have been more money in your shops pocket, not to mention possible other sources of the oil leak and other things I also asked [redacted] about some electrical problems with the truck and never got a response Point is I bought this truck expecting to spend between $15,and $25,in restoration and customization costs When I first brought my truck to your shop and spent $3k it seemed like your shop wanted my business and was happy to have my business but when I brought it back for them to fix the mistakes [redacted] always made me feel like I was in the wrong and he was doing me a favor by looking at it again, just as you have here by saying the truck never leaked oil while in your possession or making excuses for the shotty work 'You want something done right, do yourself' [redacted]

My name is [redacted] and I am the owner here at Cowboys Auto and I wanted to assure you that it is in our best interest that our customers are surely 100% happy and satisfied I have kept up with this job since the day it came in, when we worked on the lift to the oil leaks And I personally have seen the truck laid outside in our parking lot with a cardboard laying under the truck to track any leaks that you may have after the work has been done And there was no leaks after running the truck and no complaints from you to us Any problems that has occurred you brought it back and we resolved the issue according to your non appearance or call to any of our salesmen or techs about a constant leak We are not obligated to drive each car a certain amount of miles for insurance regulations, and if we did that to each car we wouldn't have enough time in the day to fix them Now considering the year and miles on your truck, there is no guarantee that all the leaks in your truck will ever be fixed Simply because if you seal one leak which then sends the right amount of pressure throughout the motor will start to leak out from the weakest gasket/seal With all that being said I would like to invite you over to the store to diagnose the problem and depending on what we come up with, will be the overall fix There will be no full refund on the work whatsoever The customer never called in and tried to resolve this problem, I am willing to work with you on getting your truck fixed But we simply can't make the impossible possible on some certain situations.Thank you, [redacted] *** [redacted] ***

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