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Cozy Crest Motel

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Review: I booked two nights at the Cozy Crest Motel, weeks in advance. When I arrived it seemed alright for the price (160$ a night). It was advertised that it had a brand new heated pool and sun deck, and that it also had cable, AC/heating and implied running hot water. They allowed me to check into the room, when I went in it was hot and dark - the AC had been replaced with a large box fan on the desk top, two of the three lamps were missing light bulbs and there was no towels nor toilet paper. When I returned to the office to request these I learned from another guest that the cable and hot water were also not working. I was told at the front desk that the AC, cable and hot water was being fixed and should return by the evening. I returned several hours later to find no improvement. I asked if I could checkout and be refunded and was told yes. I did so after reserving a room at a location with hot water (the only thing I could truly not do without on a vacation). I returned to the office and was told they could only refund one night because that was the policy, and that although they had advertised AC, cable and hot water, and not provided it, that was not enough of an extenuating circumstance to warrant full refund. They said I could be given a 20$ discount if I wanted to stay in the hotel, which seemed rather low for the level of inconvenience. I left the motel, having to pay 160$ for a night I could not spend there, as the front desk operator yelled that he was "trying to please me" all day trying to get the water fixed. I felt very cheated, but could no longer argue with him over the money, as it had taken up far too much of my short vacation at that point.Desired Settlement: I do not make much money as I am working myself through Graduate School, I know that to some 160$ is not a lot, but for me it truly is. I had no intention of booking a motel and then leaving it, as I understand that leaves the motel unable to fill a room last minute, which isn't fair. But I would never have stayed at the motel if they had alerted me of the issues they were facing. It does not seem fair that I should have to pay for a night that I could not stay since the motel was lacking the basic creature comforts they had advertised and failed to inform me of this until after I was checked in and had paid by credit card. I was also put out by the fact that the owner made me feel as though I was the bad guy for wanting to leave and asking for my money back. I do believe he was trying to get these issues fixed, but he was not going about most things the right way. Thank you for your time.

Review: We booked the motel for June 19-21 on [redacted].com. When we arrived the motel desk clerk took our credit card information and license and charged us the first nights amount. Then ran our card again for the next nights amount. He then gave us room 101 key. We entered the room to a room that was dirty (had feces on the toilet seat, not to mention food from previous tenant in cabinets, a beer in the freezer, and filth between the stove and the cabinets in kitchen), unsecured (no lock on door, just door handle lock), and mold on the wall in the back bedroom. I knew the amount to rent was cheaper, however, we rented from Howard Johnson's last year for the same amount for 4 days; they were booked, thus the attempt to find anther motel. After going back and informing the clerk that it was unacceptable, he asked us to try room 105. This room smelled better but had a great many of the same issues, we were traveling with our three children, one of whom has special needs, these accommodations were totally unacceptable. We went back into the office at which time they asked us to check one more room out, 107, my husband went in to check this one out and as he opened the door a cleaning woman was inside and would not let him in to view the room. We went back to the office at which point the clerk charged us for the night and partially for the next day, and we left. I can not imagine that this is an appropriate way for a motel to run. It was unkempt, unclean, and in our opinion a health violation. I highly encourage someone to look into the motel's accommodations and business practices. There is probably nothing that I can do to get my funds back and I am okay with that; however, if we can save someone else from getting ripped off, or sick it will be worth the complaint.Desired Settlement: I would love a refund; however, just satisfaction of knowing they can not do this to someone else would be greatly appreciated.

The original [redacted] was for $158 for two nights plus tax.

They billed us $78 for the first night plus $101 for the second night when we arrived. They also required us to write down our credit card information on the desk card.

They credited us $90.06 back the same day.

This hole ordeal lasted 43 minutes.

We left and went to Atlantic City and rented a hotel room for $214.76 for the two days.

Overall, I'll accept it as a lesson learned, but it was a hard lesson learned.




Customer has reservation for two nights by [redacted].com and as per reservation he checked in our hotel in scheduled time and he is not satisfied with room which we allotted so that we shown other two rooms too. But after than showing three room he is not satisfied with any room and came to office and refused to stay. So as per [redacted].com policy we charged only one night and refund all amount of second night.

Still we have good filling with our guest and ready to give one free night stay in feature on (by phone call)at our hotel.

Review: We were supposed to stay at cozy crest for three nights. Well needless to say we left a night early because we could not stand it. It was advertisedon their website that there were cable tvs in every room, well only one of ours worked and when I had said something to the manager he said yes that only one will work. Why advertise it that we will have cable tv in every room with hbo when there wasn't. There was also mold on the shower curtain, our stove was busted and didn't work, nails sticking out of the wall, no covers on the outlet in the bathroom or on the fan in the bathroom. There was a hole in the wall in the kitchen area as well as food between the stove and counter. I said to the manager that the stove was broken and he said yes it was broken for a week that we should of told him we needed a stove. I told him we wanted an apartment for the stove of we didn't want a stove we would of just gotten a room. He then gave us a key to somebody else's room and told us to use their stove. I saw a roach in the one room and the one nightstand was missing a leg and was leaning up against the wall. Me and my family including my five year old had to stay there I'm that condition. A lot of people walked out, I would of but there was a no refund policy and I didn't want that money to go to waste. That place is disgusting! I have pictures to prove it as well!Desired Settlement: I believe they need to have some major changes or shut that business down because its filthy and it doesn't seem they care about it.

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Address: 7210 Seaview Avenue, Wildwood, New Jersey, United States, 08260


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