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**and *** ***,
I sincerely apologize for the delay in my response to you and that we are communicating through this medium It was never my intention to not contact you after concluding our investigation, however an allegation this serious needs to be handled with
appropriate action We first needed to contact our attorney to find out how best to proceed with an investigation of this magnitude With his recommendation, we interviewed the other two employees on your job to see if they had witnessed any inappropriate actions from Edwin Neither of them recalled any inappropriate instances We also interviewed multiple other employees throughout the company, including our femaie employees, to see if they had witnessed or encountered any inappropriateness of this nature from Edwin After this thorough investigation there has been no evidence of this type of behavior from Edwin Edwin has been employed by our company for over years and we have never received a complaint of this natureAfter the other interviews were completed, we brought Edwin in for an interview and discussed the alleged incident He denied any purposeful wrongdoing A disciplinary action report was completed, reviewed and entered into his file If there are any further allegations towards him it could lead to immediate termination of his employment at Craig Van Lines.
I would also like to apologize if my response did not sound sincere in speaking with you on the phone I was taken aback because in the years that I have been involved in my family business, we have never had a complaint of this nature My response was a result of the shock and may have been misinterpreted as disrespectful In no way was it meant to sound that way We take matters of this nature with the utmost sincerityAgain, I apologize for the length of time it took for our investigation and why I hadn't responded to your husband as of yet, however this was a timely process to ensure everything was completed appropriately, and we just completed our final interview with Edwin yesterday morningRespectfully,
Fred C*** ***

Review: I should have stayed away when the owner of the company said the following inside my home "Don't look at the all negative reviews online, you can't control everything". We ended up using Craig Van Lines for a couple reasons. They were local and they have been in business for three generations. I'll start prior to moving day. [redacted] Craig (one of the owners) is almost impossible to get ahold of. Not only that, when items were damaged (i'll get into more detail later) they were on vacation and would not handle any claims. Once the movers arrived, it took them 12 hours to load my house ( I unloaded it with 4 guys in 7 hours). They were extremely inefficient. Once the truck was loaded, they were going to call me within 1 hour of delivery. I never received a phone call, instead had to call myself. Now, prior to unloading the driver informed me that my bill would be $4900.00 rather than $3,700 due to weight. I refused to sign and the driver called the office. The movers were then cleared to unload (so I guess they couldn't scam me for another 1k). Two weeks later, upon unloading my storage unit, they had destroyed a 2.5k dollar oven and 2k dollar entertainment center. When I contacted them, they were on vacation and informed me to wait until they got back. I insisted someone help me. [redacted] Craig (one of the owners , I'm assuming) was so displeased that I bothered her on vacation, she kindly sent me email that said "take it up with your homeowners insurance". This was the worst business transaction I've EVER had in 37 years........Desired Settlement: Repayment of damaged items



See Attachments

Review: I used Craig Van Lines for a 3 stage move on 10/21/13 (moved half of my belongings into storage), 12/5/13 (move the other half of belongings into storage) and on 12/14/13 (move all my belongings from storage into my new house). At the end of each move, I received the invoice for the hours and materials and used my credit card to pay at the time of completion. On the last move, I received a call about an hour after the moving crew left from one of the crew members saying that I owed another $140 and that they were going to charge my credit card for that additional amount. I explained that they could not do that and that I only authorized/signed for the amount on the contract (I have a copy) and that I wanted to talk to the operations manager immediately. They explained that I needed to call back on Monday to discuss. In the meantime, they went ahead and charged my credit card for the additional unauthorized amount. In addition to that, I also had 4 items damaged (3 of which were broken that I had to throw away). For the last two moves, the crew arrived completely unprepared with a truck that was not adequate requiring us to do two trips (which cost me money). The move on 12/5/13 took two days (which originally I had only scheduled for one day) and I had to cancel a flight to [redacted] because the move took longer than expected.Desired Settlement: I want a complete refund for the third move.I want a refund for the damaged/broken property. The company should be evaluated for fraud - how can they charge unauthorized amounts to people's credit cards?



On the day of the move the driver forgot to charge [redacted]. [redacted] for the travel time. The driver called her when he go back to the office before charging her credit card to let her know that the travel time was not added to the final amount of her bill. When she call the office on December 23, 2013 and brought it to our attention in good faith we refunded her $140.00 for the travel time back to her credit card. As for the size of the truck that was dispatch to her storage unit [redacted]. [redacted] contracted with me for 1 truck and 3 men on that Saturday. The truck was a 26 foot straight truck and there was more stuff than what she has told us, but the travel time to her new residence from the storage unit was only 7 minutes. The movers did the job in a reasonable amount of time. As for damages to her items during the move she opted for standard carrier liability of $.60 cents per pound per article with a maximum of $50.00 per article, this also carries a $100 dollar deductible.

We did not commit fraud; it was a miscommunication between the driver and our office. We apologize to her, and we thought we had rectified this misunderstanding. If you need any more documentation please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

Sincerely, [redacted]

Review: In response to a flyer I received in my mail, I called Craig Van Lines to come and give me an estimate for my upcoming long distance move. The owner, [redacted] Craig, came to my home at 1pm on July 8,, 2013. He appeared to be taking notes in preparation for an estimate he promised to email me later that evening. HE COMPLETELY WASTED MY TIME BECAUSE HE NEVER RESPONDED, SENT EMAILS TO ME, NOR ACKNOWLEDGED MY PHONE CALLS FOR MY ESTIMATE> VERY POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE!Desired Settlement: ALTHOUGH I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING EVER IN LIFE, I WANT THE ESTIMATE FOR CHARGES THAT [redacted] CRAIG PROMISED.



To Whom It May Concern:

Complaint ID: [redacted]

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced in respect of not getting the estimate from us on time that was sent to you by email. At Craig Van Lines, we take pride ensuring our customer’s satisfaction. Unfortunately, we did not meet your expectations. [redacted]. Bryan was a large job and we would it have love to have gotten your business.

We did an in home estimate for [redacted]. [redacted]. After leaving her home on July 8, I did work up her estimate and sent it to her via e-nail. Unfortunately the email address was wrong. I did not receive any call from her that I’m aware of this was the first contact I receive since receiving a complaint from the I have sent [redacted]. [redacted] a letter which I will enclose a copy of the estimate to the correct email address.

If you have any further questions or comments regarding this matter, please feel free to discuss it with us.

Thank you for your help in this matter


[redacted] Craig

Craig Van Lines, Inc.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because I telephoned your office several times after you came to my home: a couple of days after you left and I hadn't received your promised email; a few times after that; when you were on vacation for a week, etc. I also called the day that I filed the complaint. I left messages with your people. You need to get after them if they did not give you your messages. But I do not believe you. When you knew the email address was wrong, you should have called me. Your actions demonstrated utmost disrespect and I am highly offended.




To Whom It May Concern:

[redacted]. [redacted]

I promise you there was no malice in not getting your moving quote on time; it must have been just a miscommunication. We would have loved to have gotten your business and if we had not been interested would not have wasted your time or mine to have come to your house. I am not sure who you spoke to in the office but if you were leaving voicemail in my mail box I am so suddenly in the office I could have missed your call.

Again I would like to offer my sincere apology to you.


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