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The email I received from said to email if anything else happened with this caseCraig had said he'd give us a partial refund (half of the storage fee and the towing fee- because they were going to charge AAA again)Weeks and weeks have passed and we had given up hope, but we FINALLY received a check in the mail for $So we're only out $now.Thanks,Allyce ***

Below is the original message sent to the customer after we talked with her boyfriend (mechanic) and after we help her insurance company with the investigation. The customer was on scene when the vehicle was pick up and dropped off. The customer also took pictures of the vehicle when our
driver was loading the car. The vehicle was in there possession for about a week before any damage was notice or reported. When we first talked with here boyfriend(mechanic), he is the person that was working with us, he mention the customer *** thought someone hit her in the parking lot of a store where she first noticed the damage. As for the tree that was allegedly hit, the owner of that property was not on scene during the tow and was not witness to the supposed event. He just agreed that there was some damage to a tree on the edge of his driveway, which again was not noticed until several days after the tow service. I would also like to note that the customer gave our driver a cash tip, if they felt he was not professional or knowledgeable why would they have given him a tip. ***,I do apologize for the waitThis time of year with the cold weather is very busyWe talked about this with your boyfriend (Mechanic) DaveHe told us when he first called the office that you guys were unsure of when the damaged occurredYou where both on site when the vehicle was picked up and dropped offYou even took pictures of our driver loading the vehicleYour truck was in your possession for several days being repaired and drivenDave informed us that you noticed the damage in a store parking lot several days after the service, and after your vehicle was repairedYou guys then came to the conclusion that our driver had to have damaged your vehicle, even though the vehicle had been in your possession for days, when something could have happenedOur driver informed us that he didn't drive down the driveway in questionIf it was something we did we would make it right but even your own motor club did an investigation and determined that we were not at fault

The email I received from said to email if anything else happened with this caseCraig had said he'd give us a partial refund (half of the storage fee and the towing fee- because they were going to charge AAA again)Weeks and weeks have passed and we had given up hope, but we FINALLY received
a check in the mail for $So we're only out $now.Thanks,Allyce *** have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]Regards,*** ***
I am unsure of when this "original message" was sent to me, as this is the first I am hearing from Craig's TowingI have received nothing by mail or email before thisAlso I would like to know exactly how they helped my insurance company with the investigationI spoke with my insurance company daily and they said the same thing that my mechanic said, that whoever thy spoke with at Craig's Towing was very argumentative and rude, not letting anyone finish their sentences before coming back with how they were not at fault
Secondly, the vehicle was picked up at the site, I did stay there until it was loadedThen told your driver how to get out the other side of the road and he said his GPS told him he had to go back out the side he entered, therefore HAVING to back up into the only place available, as the road was too narrow to turn around in, was said driveway with damaged treeI did take pictures, as it was the first time I had ever had to have my vehicle towedI treat my truck very well, mechanically and bodily and that is why I myself investigated this situation once it was noticedI however, once it was loaded, left with my mechanic to go get the cars out of the shop to be ready for the truckSo I was not there when it was turned around, via the drivewayI do know for a fact, that a large truck like mine on a flatbed, can easily be backed into a small tree and the driver may have not even known it, if the actual flatbed never hit the treeWhen the truck got to the shop, it was unloaded on the street, with the driver's side facing the shopDamage was in the rear passenger side, so it was not seenNor when it was pulled into the shop or worked onYou get in the driver's door and the needed fix was the water pump, so no one ever had reason to be on the passenger side
The driver was tipped, yesI was not fond of the idea but my mechanic gave him a couple dollars because he works in that industry and believes in kind customer serviceDave said he tipped the driver because the damage was not seen at that time and although he did not know his job or how to run his truck, he was polite and friendlyHe was willing to allow Dave to assist him and thanked him for teaching him something, So Dave thought he was doing him a favor by assisting and giving him a few bucks for being friendly and explaining he was new and hadn't had the proper training
And then we get to where you state we had the vehicle for several days/about a week before damage was reportedI reported the damage to Agero and your company hours after the Tow truck driver showed up on sceneI did notice the damage at the mall parking lot hours after the damage occurred, yesI picked up the truck and never went to the passenger sideThe way I was parked at the mall, it was obvious when returning to my truck what the damage wasI did initially think it happened there, until the tree branch was seen sticking out of the paintIt was dark at that time so the very next morning I went to see the siteThere was a freshly damaged tree that the owner of the property states was not damaged prior to this incidentThere were tire tracks backing up to the tree. That is when I contacted everyone about the incidentWhich by the way was investigated by a third party and the investigator concluded that Craig's towing did back my truck up into the tree and damage my vehicleAgero, the Roadside Assistance company has paid for the claim and fixed my truck So obviously the fault is theirsAnd it was not nearly a week before this was reported
There is much more I'd like to say, however there is a time limit on this siteAnd I do not want to lose what is writtenI did allow my mechanic to speak for me, yesI work overnights and sleep during their business hoursAnd after I heard how unpleasant speaking with them was, I did not want to talk with themI was upset enough about my truck being damagedDave also offered to meet the owner of the towing company to verify that this happenedBringing the truck and loading my truck on it would have told the story and saved much timeShe then also would have seen her driver was lying and there was no open fieldHowever, she did not care to see the right thing done and refused to meet, even though they were less than minutes away form the site. And lastly, I did have rust fixed on my truck after purchasing itAnd anyone who knows body work, like the owner kept saying over and over, would know that ground down metal from previous repair, exposed to salt spray can rust almost immediately
Lastly I'd like to say, it was found by an investigator that the description I gave was the truthWhether or not Craig's ever had to pay anything, I do not knowBut Agero did pay to have the truck fixedI would hightly recommend never ever using Craig's towingEveryone can make mistakes, but the way we have been treated and their flat out unwillingness to even see the right thing happen is the WORST customer service I have ever encountered

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